Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8-6-2013 I’m sick, sick,…..

…..sick and tired of rain. Trying to make hay isn’t easy. We’re having to ct late one day, bale and wrap the morning next. To make it even worse we miss two two-day periods do to machinery breakdowns. The rain days aren’t lost my using them to work on Dumpy truck. Take today for instance Sneak and I slipped into Flint. There ordered a torsion spring for truck’s emergency brake handle. Get this; the part cost $4.32 plus 6% state sales tax and something over $9.00 to drop ship it UPS to me. Outrageous! The thieve’n postage is still cheaper than my running back into Flint, gas money plus lost working time expenditures.
While we were out running about Fillip picked up another set of job resume’-interview papers. We finally got me an enima bottle at Walgreen’s only to take it back later finding another just like it for a 1/3 the price at Meijer’s Thrift Acres. Stopping by the Salvation Army Store I shopped for and picked out a number of clothing items for my Frieda making her happier than a clam in a clean saltwater backwater.
Raining everywhere Sneak and I traveled the showers missed our last worked hay field. Some leftover windrowed hay down we managed to bale it and haul it in. Bro’ and Fillip had it wrapped just before another deluging rain shower tried to wash us away. Rained so hard before hard blown winds I was lucky to stay dry between the shop’s roof leaks. While sitting between roof leaks, I did fit some tin and layout a couple more fitting cuts to the truck’s body under Dumpy’s driver’s side.
All said and done I had even surprised myself with all we’d gotten done today; our into city travels, making three/four shopping stops, baling, hauling and wrapping hay, plus some real time put in on Dumpy.


Paula said...

We need rain so bady but then it seems south Texas always does.

Paula said...

I think today is your birthday Fernan so where ever you are hope you had a good one. June 2014