Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mich Medicaid-care

Going to talk insurance for a moment. Lets start with the aged. When it was finally determined I needed help if I were to be kept alive and truly incapable of holding or keeping a job with certain expectations I could in no way go like a piece work dynamo all day long having suffered liver, heart and lung decease for years I was finally granter Medicaid, a state sponsored healthcare option a bit better than my expected option of rolling over and simply dieing for the betterment of lessoning societies burden of at least keeping a mind alive. Now that I have reached SS benefit age that Medicaid has been totally cut out of Michigan’s sponsoring budget. Look at it this way, it’s saving Mich. money. Okay the feds have supposedly picked up the slack. Haha! For one thing while Medicare was a help for some time, it’s backing off also. More and more benefits are being rolled back. Myself declared legally blind an eye exam is pd. For any glasses that migt help me see any better are not covered. I look at this problem as what good’s it I waste my time for an exame if there’s no hope I may see any better later. That’s one example. For another example, of the arther’n’ostio-rightasses I have three of them. To definitely define them research them to find and help or comfortably-ing treatments I’ve been delegated to have all these fancy dandy MRI’s, Kat Scans, Doppler exams, and (others there fancy names escaping me). Then I’m sent a bill. Oh I had been warned there might be some cost, but I didn’t know I was making a car payment on someone’s Escalade limousine. The nuttiest thing of all them evolves my Frieda figuring out the causes for my varied stabbing (ball batted) headache pains. Personal research into what the upper echelon medical experts may know and keep to them selves, different parts of the brain are ever so closely a-tuned to precise areas or parts of the body. Why then aren’t these secretly know facts being shared more widely than they are with the front line family caregiver physician.
So looking at another facet all this health caring business It’s been suggested I join and HMO. My first thought, “What it this going to cost me (us)?” I get all this drippy mail in my postbox (the cover’s fallen off) to enroll and pay through the nose for additional insurance coverage for what medicare doesn’t pay for. My next question is from where in Hell do I come up with such premiums? A couple facts I seem to remember One of them we’re experiencing no inflation. Ugh? Those two bags groceries I paid $5.00/@ for just a decade ago are more liking $50.00/@ anymore. Come on, get real. Gasoline has doubled in the last decade already hitting $4.00/gal here and expected to go to $5.00/gal before Summer’s over. From where do I gleam the extra funds to even stay warm this next winter let alone finish paying for this Winter’s heating. I’m even running out of firewood as I write this.
Now, to once more show my reader I know what I am talking about…What was the question???? I almost hate seeing my mind drift as I do wading through mud. My hands shaking I have suddenly come to realized I’ve three hates: 1st, mud; 2nd short memory forgetfulness; 3rd, these infernal shakes (give me a jar of cream I could likely churn it into butter). Arrggghhhh!!!!!
Dab-gum-it, I’ve forgotten my rant for sure…. Catch ya later.
Break time. I’m having another hot tea heavily laced with a big-a teaspoon honey stirred in. Yum!
Had to take advantage of a great bargained shopping extravaganza. No truck I climbed aboard the WD45 and brought home four bushels of all manner of goodies. We’re going to eat good this next month starting tomorrow. Mmmm Yum. I think I’ll go make me some peanut & jelly samitwitches on whole wheat bread. And chase’em with a glass milk.
By time I got back taking the slow round trip drive to town I skipped for today work on Ugly truck. Did opt however for backing WD45 down to barn for off loading Truckster’s firewood onto wood-hauler. That is the absolute last of my dry firewood.
Truckster will only want to start on the engine primed. So, I looked up Nebraska number an ordered several parts. What’s neat about this, what one Cushman wont use the other one’s standing by to fill in. };^)

3-30-2011 Still got snow

At least we still had snow trimming the trees at sunrise. And that is the way it was here this morning‘s waking up. The snow’s gloriously ever so slow going away. This said this AM, by this PM the tree trimmings were finally gone.
My running to late to get into the shop this AM I picked up and package some of Bro’s trash as it has surface form under the receding snows. I neglected to count the repacked recycled seed sacks I filled. I only may surmise they’d make over a half pickup load. Trash collectors ought to be happy with me my making sure they’d have something to pick up his place tomorrow. (grin)
I finally got ugly into the shop after lunch and commenced to take the left front hub apart. A ¾” air wrench had difficulty removing the lug nuts my having to stoop to ¾” breaker bar plus an added torque converter. The Spicer shift able 4x4 free wheeling hubs required my making another tool for use with a hand impact driver to remove some very suborn cap screws. When I finally got into the hub I couldn’t move it. Seeking the only books we’ve available for a ‘76 k Chevy. Of-course the ‘80 has to be different. Myself about to give up on it for today Bro’ came out, looking at it with better eyes than mine he saw and caught a couple my problems, one of them a missed second snap ring, just one more my taking it truck apart problems. I still called it quits as it was getting late enough into the afternoon, chores needed to be done. Nonetheless I’ve brought the books home and after I’ve settled in for the evening I planed on an attempted use of the E-Library for more detailed info my Ugly truck‘s fixing.
While I tried I fell short accomplishing anything. I guess I continue on my own. I do believe I’m building a fond dislike to Mr. GoodWrench!

3-29-2011 forgotten entry

So busy enjoying the wonderfully beautiful elements. Let me put it this way. Our snow melt looking as if it were o in slow-motion, it is mindful watching vegetation's leaves slowly emerging form tight dripped buds. Good lord watch Spring’s winter elements slowly expose the warm earth underneath is a show worth watching the happening. I know the earth is warm for just three days ago I stood a fence post in six inches of snow and drove it into that earth under the snow with ease. All I may additionally add is, enjoy.
Good josh Mary Dee, I had a whale of a good day yesterday. I started out collecting the last of the varied parts required for Ugly’s front axle assemblies repairs (I hope). Then in re-passing I grabbed some paper work from beside the ‘puter going to town to make Ugly legal road worthy. That was fun.
Stepping up to the Sect Of State’s counter found the most recent proof of insurance sent was for the last vehicle, not this one. Thankfully, a phone call and an almost instant fax my paper work was handily taken care of. Plus a big plus while I were at it wit the help of AunTy-M I had the cash I needed to take care of next year’s legally revealing tags.
Additionally, the cats about to starve wasting away down at the barn, I took in showing myself up in the near next door Save-A-Lot market for their wasting benefit. Entry was easy enough the second stop but mere meters away from the first taxing stop was an easy same mall walk to take. Additionally it were an easy store entry the most painful part caught up with me at check out. I mean as I walked the isles from the front door to the back for the pet food isle I passed through a dangerously mind-filled isles with unconscionable irresistible goodies: apricot preserves, sliced peaches in lite syrup, A couple tins emergency tamales, a misrepresented can sloppy joe sauce (opening it later it was but spiced tomato juice), some diced ‘mators, requested sugar by the same old bag, wiener dog buns, some numbers of cheeses, a sweet onion, and the single bag cat food. I mean why should a simple bag cat food cost so much?
Next stop getting on late in the afternoon I delivered a damaged hay ring feeder ring to shop and acquired a promised use of the shop for the next couple days for Ugly fixings. Near lastly I finished the afternoon feeding ladies the up and midway down this road only minutes late for my rattler timing. It had been a reasonably tasty good day. Then it was second time sorting out an accumulated mountain of papers and bills needing some sort of an immediate action for some known desperate medical practitioners. Gosh, I worry about all these people. How do they ever pay their income taxes if I should ever fail to send them payment their demanded outrageous bills?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

clear Sunny filled sky

A late morning continuation last night’s sleep or was it, a continuation really? I mean, or was it an early morning nap? Well I’m up now and up to stay. A most invigorating stepping from my bed. The house chilled this morning I felt it, feel it al the way to and in my bones. So, checking the stove there’s a bit of a fire in there. Stubborn as it was I poured me a up of crank case cup a-oil and threw it in over stove’s uncooperative filling’s. The flickering flames accepted it this contribution with a rousing Standing ovation of flame’s hungry greetings. I felt warmer already just seeing the accepted gratitude. Running on to late I took to my chair to sort for the whole day and drown my morning’s rattlers.
I turned on he ‘putor and once more attempted to down load photobucket. I had lost it when the ‘putor had crashed. Punching away ot my keys I finally had managed to find a safe word the net would accept. Then I’m wondering what it was? Will I ever get in again? Still worse, after I got in they whole photobucket format has changed. So, to try it out I thought I’d down load a couple pictures to share: our season’s first calf and Spring’s first snowfall. I failed. I see a whole lot of restless evening figuring this (?)latest improvement(?) out. Believe me! Maybe I’d be better off looking for or finding another simpler photo host?
Having waited the required time between my taking my pills the hour ‘till I may partake of breakfast I was hungry and ready to fashion me something to eat and drink. It was to be rolled oats cold cereal with a couple gobs of honey dribbled over before adding my milk, plus a cup of hot teat with another gob of honey stirred in. Yum! Carrying in my vittles to chair I checked the wood stove. Still remaining stubborn putting out any real heat I liked in again. Oh wholly crapola, the contents had itty-bitty flames this corner and that. I poked around in there settling what high and aired wood to settle upon the hearth’s floor. Then slipped in to the reassigned woodshed for a couple select pieces of cherry firewood. Now, only a moment ago I heard the fire crackle. It has finally decides to burn and meanly turn all my gifts into dirty ashes. That’s gratitude for you! Well, anyway the tea is tasting extra delicious this morning, or was. Checking the stove once more, bending to take another look inside, I felt a crick in my lower back. My waking ambition was to chop and cut firewood. That may be out. Had I over done it yesterday such pretty day I had reveled in.. Regardless the pain, I shall give it a go anyway. Further developments to be reported later.
I had my choice for lunch. A take it of leave it choice. That finished I was on the road with the WD45 with wood hauler in tow. I was about to make a masive dent in my wood cutting for next year. I trimmed limbs off the wind fall first so I could eventually be next to the tree’s trunk for some eventual serious big-a wood cutting.
Some of the limb trimming went well enough I cut most of them into genuine firewood. Trying to pick up limbs was another question. Their outer limb tibs a many of the jammed into the earth before it had taken on a winter’s freezing, they were in movable. But I didn’t come home totally disappointed even if it weren’t may be a half a load.
Home I brought a few pieces in the house to see it’d burn. It does that I’ll just bring it in saving at least on extra piling. This could be an up side. Then there was a down side a muscle spasm in my neck. Oh moaning pain. But then there was an upside, I experienced no lower back pains. In my recliner I’d opted for some of Frieda’s tlc before I started feeling worse. I’ve taken two heavy duty Tylenol for the return of some stabbing headaches , My neck’s wrapped in a three pound rice nuked in an extra long foot soak. This soak supported by a one open sided whoopee cushion. Sock-la-blu, I’me ffeeling slepy an thinking nap to further escape the head and neck pains.
He nap do me wonders. Woke yawning wide enough to catch flies if this were July. Thankful it wasn’t July yet I might already had a mouth ful of supper and lost my appetite. The house was just warm enough and even better a beef roast a cooking slowly on the fire filled my nostrils with the wishen I‘d gotten up earlier to have taken my rattlers on time. Here I sist setting down words so dull killing that time ‘tween th pill time and suppen.
Sun seting already hiding its face down behind the western tree line while saying good night I reflect the good hours of my day. Well rested my mind is thinking as short of the day I had used to some minor wood cutting advantage. I enjoyed myself as long as it were safe to do so alone for only three rasons. 1st the trees downed extremities were frozen down in that barn yard area where the ladies and their off spring had kept the snow so trampled the earth had its frozen grip upon that tree‘s earth binding grip in it’s tired and weaken sitting. 2ndly If I should make a wrong cut, even should I see even about to tobble I’d likely not move fast enough to get my slow bones out of the way. 3rdly for the second reason I; not taking any chances missing my brown eyes. Bottom line we haven’t yet finished our first fight going on all our combined many years. I gotta hang around long enough if it only comes to my thinking about the closing’s end. Enough of this turned morbid written thoughts. I only got ten more minutes waiting for supper, it’s sure ‘nough smelling gooder all the time. And, when supper was done, so was I. That nap has surely rested me up for a good night’s sleep.

3-26-2011 Evening last

Whew , It is 2:30 AM. I’ve slept eight hours. After supper getting up from my chair for something or other, likely a library stop, I found myself in some difficulty? Other than experiencing some sort of off-balance-ness I grabbed hold a handy walker, kept centrally located leaning against a masonry chimney wall, to keep myself up right to continue making some steadier progress just as through I were normal. whatever that normal might be? Upon nearing my chair I opted in stead to lie down. Mysteriously I can not remember my even closing my eyes. I remember nothing those last moments drifting of those last moments before a sandman’s influence had taken over my mortal existence.
So today will be a new beginning another first day the rest of my life. Tummy satisfied I had put an orange, a fresh piece of pumpkin pie and a glass of milk on it. I am the fatted bull ready for a little nap before sunrise. Nite, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Belated “Rainbows.”

Friday, March 25, 2011

A welcome day

The morning shadows long nto the west covering all of thw western pasture, a moment or two later the big red sun dressed in a yellow-orange was a welcome sight clearing the eastern tree line but just a couple degrees north of do east. I was warmed by it’s presence even before I stepped out or door into the elove freezing truth. My walk down to the barn was an extra crispy sound beneath my feet. What snow’s didn’t cover heavy amounts of frost made seen colors look like lace scattered over the standing machines and tractors around the yards. I bright brisk morning the cats fed, the ladies slow clearing their plates, my replacing one, then relocating both hay bale feeders until much later into the day.
Back up to the house I commenced to carry fire wood into the house. There was no worries about over heating ones self this morning, my even dressed in one my barnyard tuxedo’s.
My morning’s plan included portering in enough fire wood it’d look like I been busy. When I had toted enough would be time enough to take a break moseying myself on down the road. It might take me 30 to 45 minutes to walk to the shop but it be better than waiting three hours fo an instant ride around here. Besides a neighbor may take pity upon me and give me a ride? Well, that was the plan. With the all inclusive hop I drive Ugly home.
Not yet noon, I’ve been foiled gain. Backache or no backache, it were towards the last, every step I had taken towards the front of the wood-hauler it seemed that conveyance had given up more of its load with every step that trailer had allowed my to step closer to its front. Even when I felt like taking a breather, a longer breather, I saw buy few more piecs to pick up. With that resolve I had emptied that vessel it’s contents into the house. Only forty-five minute before the legal noon hour, I bided my time to perhaps eat an early lunch before I were to set out on shanks-mare in my most immediate and continued quest to once more enjoy the traveling company my Ugly truck.
Halleluiah! The shop well air out after the gasoline spill day before yesterday, I finished my exhaust pipe repair. Re connected fuel pump hoses. Turned on key for nothing. I had to make a couple electrical adjustments, poured some gas down the carb, turned the engine over and walla Ugly’s running once more. It’s been something like eight months broken down. Called my country auto parts merchant, he’s ordering in everything needed kit to rebuild Ugly’s front axels and hubs. The idea is when I start the repair I’ll have anything I’ll need on hand without having to go after it. If I should run into a snag, he’ll deliver whatever I need. Whatever I don’t use I may return later. Now, this is a parts supplier!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy busy-Day

Unlike yesterday I was offered a ride. The driver (Bro’) had said he’d be right along. That was three hours later. During those three hours I plugged in the Leland and fed the ladies while I waited. I shovel of the deck, ramp, and steps turning around to sweep them while I waited those three hours. While I was shoveling, I cleaned the snow out of the wood-hauler during those three hours. I uncovered, untangled, and commenced to fill the wood hauler while I waited those three hours. A reasonably dry load of wood in the trailer I moved up to the deck while I waited. Shucks I waited so long I had even had lunch while I waited.
After lunch was given ride to shop where there was no free time to spend inside. Ugly sat all alone for another day. Now, I’ve forgotten what I (we) had done next. Hooking onto empty feed wagon we were our upon the road again, this time headed for Elevator and supplements. Arriving home, Bro’ dropped wagon, I unloaded supplements onto nearby orange plastic pallet, and I went on to other pursuits. I put the JD to the wagon and drove it out of the way, walked down to the barn a number of times, for this‘n’that. The tarps loaded with heavy wet snow several straps broke on feed wagon letting the tarp fall in. I had needed the box scraper to pull all that snow out of box. It was time for grain grind machinery. Leland started, all going well I set it all up for filling, grinding, and discharging. The grinding completed, machines shut down Some tops straps in pace to hold tarp securely tight over the wagon load, walking around the wagon for the other side, I found I had I had freaking well messed up. I had forgotten to close the wagons unloading gate. I had a monstrous ground grain spill to have out done them all well this day.
To Hell with it I backed up the Leland, secured the worm driven chutes and put the machinery away. Picked some additional seed sacks a neighbor had dropped off, and arranged some long handled tools for picken and tidying slippery my absent minded created mess.
Having shoveled for a few minutes the shoveling was winding me. I was in need of help. About this time Bro’ had wheeled in with a couple requested gallons of milk for us. He got on the horn and a young neighbor teen Brandon soon joined me. The heavy shoveling reloading the ground corn with a minimum of snow picked up in it, I brought out some pails for the final sweeping , filling the bucket with the mixed snow and corn sweepings for this evening’s immediate feedings.
Starting before 9:00 AM, finishing after 7:00 PM, wit a short half hour lunch and two fifteen minute tea breaks This was my day. Coming in I had had it
Got to add it was one beautiful sunshiny day hovering right around/about the freezing mark. And, I did it all in my shirt sleeves.
“Sharing Rainbows.”

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I found more ways….

….to do it wrong, get it wrong, and have it come out wrong. The weather’s been no help either taking a Spring time dump a-snow all over us. But it‘s pretty.
To chilly to take off walking this morning, I did what I had to do around here and waited. While I waited I had me an early lunch. And was ready to go whan a ride had finally come to take me to the shop.
Ugly still not running I crawled under it with a trouble light to look at fuel lines. Will likely do it again tomorrow also. While under there I found an exhaust manifold bolt loose. So loose I took it further apart, found what I needed o fix it and left it. Switching gears I brought out an adjustable low air regulator fitting it to the gas line coming up front from the feul tanks. Turning it on set it at about 8#’s or so I thought so I could hear of the air by my ear to the gasoline cap openings. To cut to the quick, while listening, and getting little or no responses to my induce feul line air pressure, I went to flipping the floor mounted brass fuel valve through the detente stops in that valve. Right away I found I thought I had a plugged fuel line. This wasn’t to be so. As I made flip from one position to another I found the left side gas tank. Flipping the switch more and more I found the right side. Here I had a a very big opps. BIG OPPS! The right side tank over full the air pressure pushing, I had gasoline come gushing out all over the shop floor. Oh balderdash! Disconnect the air as quickly as I could, run for the sawdust we use for oil dry, and scattered it everywhere I could broadcast it and then some. I turned off my trouble light putting away. I went and turned the air compressor off. Then commenced to move some items out of the way for more saw dusting and eventually started sweeping and shoveling up my sawdust mess into emptied twine bale bags. Four bags full when I had finished. Then it was time to run everybody out of the shop for safety’s sake for a thorough floor drying and over night airing. It was time to quit rather than accidentally strike a spark that’d light up the evening sky here where I often put in a whole safer day’s work.
Tomorrow will be my magic day getting my Ugly truck up and running. I just know’s it’s about to happen.
I got to tell it. We’re getting snowed on as I write this this evening. That white stuff is monting up perhaps over 2”’s worth.
Oh yeah, we’ve got our first calf of the season born to us this morning. Whooppee!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

last day’r’first day….

….of the difference between Winter and Spring?
Unemployment running ramped around our Michigan neighborhood, Herr Clink is continually locking our door behind me, my way out that door. I do wish she’d give me a chance to more easily come and go by my own very free will without being so astutely shut out. This situation must be addressed. And, there seems there are only two ways to convince a woman, and I don’t know either one of them.
Setting the scene ladies having been scattered all across the area they are in for the last couple days, taking an interest in the greening grass under foot. All of them getting a taste of/for the future, one of them seeing me, my checking the lot of them out, she picked up her head, gave me a look-see, lifted her tail, straightened her back and came at me in a trot just a carrying her mail. Myself within her sights, at about half way the original distance between us closed from where she had started her move, she opened her mouth and started in on me as if I were Merlin the magician. I knew what he expected of me, an instant ability to magically grace her pasture with lovely tall green munch-able grass. It weren’t but a moment when one, two, three more bovine souls watching her decided to join her. I was about to be thoroughly set upon. Oh, I knew them and their bawling ways. Seeing what was about to turn into an impossible confrontation I immediately knew what to do, I tuned and cowardly scurried away just a quickly as my old bones would carry me from out the their sights. Whew, and Amen.
It didn’t rain. Took the 4010 down the road to move a six bottom plow to make changes onto it for its use behind an Oliver. Had so much trouble with that job left it undone this afternoon as well. Did manage to unwrap Ugly’s fuel pump, and that was that.
Hayed the ladies here and half way down the road. By the time I finished my necessities it was to late to go back to the shop, and it was coming on my rattler taken time.
Settling in Frieda made dinner. I started a new batch laundry and baked a pie. Played some solitaire, wrote this and gone arranged to go bed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great fire balls

Yesterday’s starting a Spring morning’s fire a fiasco, I did a much better job of it this AM. This act my be my entire claim to doing anything right all day today.
I moseyed out about 9:00 AM. No part had been delivered. The ladies still have what’s left of two half bales. And, at 28* the mud had stiffened up to much for the little ford to move or grade the ruts out of the drives.
I took and used the Ford tractor with back blade to fill in some ruts. Then no ride I waited for nobody to show up. A daughter come to see us bearing a potted plant and strawberries for Frieda’s birthday gifts. She gave me ride to parts store. I paid for the feul pump that wasn’t there. Along about 3:00 PM the fuel pump was finally delivered the deliver had gotten lost. I-via! A timber buyer stopped. Tom showed feeding his ladies forgetting mine. I forgot them also. But they’d have made it through the night. The grass is just starting to turn green. One the ladies so concerned for a fresh diet followed me down expressing her desire I turn her loose on some magically grown three or more than four inches new grass. Wow, is she ever a dreamer, an optimist, and potential innocent gate crashing critter becoming a pain in the arse! I might better be planning on setting up one them robot gate openers.
Supper was biscuits and gravy, strawberry short cake for dessert. Was good.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another day, whew

Yesterday a long one I slep like a gray log all night the long. Hey, it got up to snow country short sleeved work day topping out our temps at 69*-70*. The weather was wonderful overriding all the gone wrong disappointments Murphy laid on me all the day long. Weatherman’s rain forecast never developed. Had ugly been left outside it likely would have. I do believe that is how the weathering actually works. It’s liking now just one more fix and Ugly will be willing to run as good and bad as it had way back once upon a time. (grin)
Backing up to the weather, yesterday’s nice day contribution to our psyche’s It was a reminder some those earlily practiced Mr. & Mrs. hikes we had enjoyed the preseason’s beginnings some thirty-forty yrs ago sneaking away after a breakfast out and about while the kids were in school and my starting another construction job. Back in those days April first was ground breaking day for our commercial and/or residential building projects.
Spent most my day keeping company the Ugly truck. Took the fuel lines apart an found nothing plugged including filters. Two mechanical fuel pumps failing to work have decided to go with an electric fuel pump. Perhaps engine camshaft lobs for the engine’s fuel pump have worn off. The fuel pump will be delivered here sometime this evening or early morning.
The goofy Ugly truck beating me something’ fierce in traffic yesterday, I decided to just do a temporary dual exhaust fix. About finished it this afternoon. 5:00 PM rolling around and last night’s fence fixes to checkout I closed up shop eventually getting a ride home.
Intervening tasks include running the road with a hay bale. After lunch Bro’ gave me a ride home. Stopped by Tom’s dig’s to pick up milk they had gotten for me while doing there grocery run. After lunch took off for the long walk to the shop. I didn’t make it to the first neighbor’s place, the comely resident from there-in giving me a ride to the shop. I’m gonna have to chat with her again and perhaps more often.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty’s Day

It is a great day for the Irish. Sun’s shining, the snow‘s half gone, there is a hint of green somewhere (and I’ll brag about it hen I find it), and the mud is hopefully only half as deep as it may yet come to be. My colleen is up and wearing a bit of green. Lovely she is in it also.
Good Gosh Molly, I havn’t half the heart to tell ya…I slept 10 ½ hr’s, and the house so warm I neglected to keep the fire up all night. On waking the house felt as comfortable as a house caught up in a summer breeze.
Having had a good time on the internet yesterday I was seriously thinking I’d bend my own exhaust pipes. That was last night. This morning thinking about energy costs involved heating the right hand exhaust pipe alone I opted instead to seek professional help. That seeking of sorts had to wait of-course until after I had moved a load of dry hay from here to the other end. Getting on the road taking my chances, keeping myself as alert as I could muster, I took to the traffic to cruise through two ‘burb’s to have at least one of the pipes custom made. Calling ahead fr place and price I was soon on my way figuring it a half hour drive. I never made it. Ugly gegeed out
A mile and a half short my destination. Durn, double durn phooey! As Ugly started telling we weren’t going any further the closet thing I could see to steer Ugly off the road was a bank lot not to awfully far ahead. Ugly never made it, seeing it a lost cause about a hundred feet short that lot I put Ugly up over the curb doing my best get it o f the way of traffic. Well, was off the road enough approaching traffic could see I was having trouble. By and by a good Samaritan stopped by offering me a tow for ten bucks. I explained I had someone coming and I wanted to more’r’less stay were I was. But I’d give him something for a tow into the bank lot getting my truck out of a traffic lane. He had to go get a chain. (I yet hadn’t put all my emergency paraphernalia back into Ugly’s tool boxes.) I gave him a saw-buck getting me off the road, then he wanted to sell me the chain he had towed me with for ten bucks more for gas money. I couldn’t really afford it, but his hard luck story was better than mine. I wished him well and suggested his luck was about to turn for the better. Checking out the chain after he’d left, I found it was a good one, tough, strong, and part of a rigger’s apparatus at that. I don’t think I can begin to put a dollar value on such fine equipment?
The cell Phone used backup was on the way. Bro’ was coming after me bringing everything we need to take Ugly on tow. Humiliating as it was drawn down the road on a yellow strap, I was more liking the best gas millage I ha ever gotten with this rig. Thing about the problem and cause, me thinks my trouble’s in a rubber hose from the truck frame gas line to the fuel pump.
Ugly pushed into shop, about to call it a day shortly after 5:00 PM, Bro’ needs a hand feeding his hay. Not even finished with that he sees a fence in dire need of fixing. Durn, double dog durn burn it anyhow ! It were after 2 ½ hours the fence was operational. Making three broken fence wires the whole of the electric fence circuit was dead. Disgusted I went up to house for reinforcements. Bro’ was waiting for me. Giving him the wheel I rode shot gun while we started cruising a (the) fence lines.
Bro’s eyesight supposedly better then mine (myself considered legally blind I spotted all the dead shorts in the fence this second go around, for three more dead shorts. And the trouble had started weeks a go on the back of the forty when a deer had jumped a electric fence not quite clearing a wire knocking off an insulator causing a short going back before the last snow storm.
Supper was gotten to somewhere around 8:30 PM finishing in time for bed.
“Rainbows.” (yawn)
Fernan zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ugly fixing

Spent most my day fixing Ugly’s front drive shaft. Moving onto exhaust system, found exhaust pipes rusted out, leaving nothing to put new mufflers on. And, lying under truck, by my observation, I saw that the front axles need rebuilding as well.
Looking for help to find r make exhaust pipes I found some pipe bending info. This should be interesting my making my own exhaust pipes. While driving Ugly noticed transmission slippage becoming worse. Am wondering if a 1988 transmission will trade work into a 1980. Why? Cause it’s paid for! This about cover’s my day. I’m out of here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Interestingly enough, we’ve something else going on in my little corner of Michigan. (The land of foreclosed homes) this is only the tip of some new goings on's. Neighbors are calling neighbors whenever somebody's going supermarket or mall shopping. It's becoming a regular sight to see other families ganged together shopping expeditions sharing good buy money stretching shopping tips, trips, and rides.
Some businesses had better be waking up to truthfully answering their telephone inquiry's. Let one of them tell a potential patron they've something the haven't got, those businesses are talked about and boycotted. Gas becoming such a valuable commodity folks around here aren't taking being mislead any too unkindly.
What is your cure for insomnia?
Last night I could not go to sleep to save my soul? Sooo, I reach into the frig for a Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel (so hard to find, I grab some when seen) Must have been one swallow left and I was on my way out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lately seeing so many pictures of babies reminds me of waiting for the first one of my (our) own (I had better share the responsibility) my bride always so impressed me with her fashion sense. It seemed when I reached for one of my wool flannel shirt’s she’d get after me, she was wearin’ that one today. They were cozy, warm, comfortable, and most importantly during that time I was just her size. (grin) Best of all when she’d sit in an easy chair she’d often enough nap just long enough to show me what peace was. (laughen) Ah yes, those were some days! (grin)
Seemingly unable to find sleep last night, I’m fighting it tonight wanting to make it through supper with going to sleep in my barbecued ham.
Now let me see if I can hit the farming’s highlights. I spent most the day assisting Bro’ in rebuilding a hay ring feeder. When I rolled it out of the shop, good old generous Bro’ suggests the shop is all mine. What? At 3:30 in the afternoon? I was already hitting my wall. That wall where upon my day’s strength has been sapped out for the most part, and my mental capacity to do it correctly is sadly short if not missing. It’s that time of day I like an monotonous activity where in I may still be productive accomplishing something without having to think or make a judgment. I managed to put ugly into the shop. I found some cardboards laying them of the messy floor Ugly had made coming in on its own power, routed me out a few tools, a trouble light, slid myself under the truck and removed the front driveshaft. Bringing it out from under the truck I placed it upon a piece of plywood laid on a barrel’s instant work bench stand. Feeling it, its sloppy rattling about like behavior every bearing in the universal joints was shot. It is a wonder that this multy pieced loosened part was not thrown loose by the trucks own power. Any resulting damage would be difficult to image. The damage could have been so sever this truck would had been turned into instant (clapper fodder) junkyard scarp. I’ll perhaps take to replacing all three cross-bearings (universal joints) in this driveline part tomorrow.
Chancing repeating myself here I are even if it be again repeating myself.
More'r'less surprising Her Mostess I saw to it she had a whole morning's good time yesterday. Even to trying one them Dollar General stores a couple mi beyond the Crossroads for her some yarn. What a joke, my seeing nothing of much anybody doesn't need.
Yep, as long as we were going by the elevator the delightful Miss inside had brought with her to work for us a gallon jar of honey I'd ordered. Her husband helping his 92 yr old father separate and pour the honey he'd brought ours home, she brought to her work place, I picked bees sweets from there saving us all some time and me some gas.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy BirthDay Frieda mine

Sparing no great expense I took my beloved out for a special breakfast at our loco Connie Island restaurante. Making a special stop I made doubly sure I brought my honey safely home.
When I’ve emptied the jar, I take it back for a bee keeper’s refill.
While motoring over to the Crossroads I drove us a couple extra miles looking for a new kitting/crocheting yarn source for Frieda’s projects. Only lead I had gotten didn’t work out. Sooo, her yarn needs will have to wait until I have to make a run into one of the bigger burgs.
After a slightly early lunch I mounted the WD45 with wood hauler in tow to bring back a couple cattle panels from the other end for the farm in the hollow. I brought back three gates instead to hold the calves in particular out of the loading shed. That place has turned into an orfal filled swimming pool. I had even tried to plow a drain of sorts out of that shed, only to meet an icy curb frozen into the soil unprotected by the roof. For filling in entertainment I put assorted goods away.
Thinking I could put Ugly into the shop I found the freaking shop filled with another project. When I complained (nicely of-course) Tom admitted he’d moved this one. I asked, just how long must I wait for shop use? My Ugly truck becoming another junk for no needed shop’s use in the end. II guess I might better be making some phone calls for Haulster wiring supplies. That scooter already in the shop I’ll cross up the masses getting it going.
For supper had a soup in a bread bowl dish I had to cut with a knife. And finished off that bottle wine I had left unfinished a couple nights ago. I think I’ll have some of that pumpkin pie I had baked last night. Wonderful pie, pumpkin. As close to destroying it in an extended oven’s used heat. Well, it had still come out tasty. I’ll admit to nothing else.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Man’s Moment

Woke up just moments before the 2:00 AM time change to watch a I-net supported time change to take place. Laying there the electronic clock counting the minutes away the 1:minutes I saw it register 3:00 AM the next moment. What is it why for we need a time change. The goobberment says it saves energy dollars extending daylight. I can’t se the wisdom in such an act. There are so many hours light in any ay regardless a persons attempt to try and change nature’s own clock. A silly thought in my mind. The ladies don’t care just so long as they see me bringing on their food. And that same food won’t dry any faster rushing the clocks. I still can’t start or finish a field activity until nature relates the land or crop’s readiness for my human activity.
Regardless Up so early or late in all how another body may look at this entry I’ve got no idea as to what to write about? Should I expound some words upon Her Mostess, or maybe continue my kitty cat story. My fixings should just about have my readers bored out of their skulls. Oh well, such are the ramblings of a gray haired old man.
Ahem, I am going to speak of a very old tradition what has been going on between my honey and myself for years. While it is customary for most couples to share their times together on supper dates, my bride and I seemed to have got it lovingly wrong for some very obscure easy reasons.
They are:
We’re often very hungry after a long night’s sleep, especially if that sleep might have only an hour’s real rest.
There’s never a long line to stand in.
Reservation’s not required.
No need to fancy dress for these occasions. It’s most often a come as you are outing.
No need to tip a matradee.
Easily participated in, partaken, after all our children had gone to school.
A good breakfast doesn’t cost an arm’n’leg fortune.
Last but far short from least, this meal usually served in the (our) daylight, it is much easier to see and be eaten without being hidden under candle light.
And, the company is in all ways exemplary.
Whew, I’m glad I remembered and all this….
Well now Howdy Dowdy, I made the whole out-around-about motoring shopping spree without incident even to the far reaches I had to go driving even down the village Clio’s main drag. I skipped one item on my shopping list as it wasn’t needed that badly as I had made it as far as I had gone for the mufflers. In all I made six stops, one more than I had originally planned, that one for a supply of batteries for my mouse, camera, and three flash lights power cells. Getting back home carrying in my swag I put so much of it in the freezer by the time I was through, I had to set a case of wine on top the freezer door to hold it down. I found out why the drug store’s always out of milk, the up the street supermarket’s milk is priced more than half the price more, at $3.59. Sheesh, if that weren’t bad enough, gassing up Ugly the 1st stop fueling the right side the price was $3.39.9/gallon. The 2nd gasoline stop it was $3.79.9/a gallon I had put in the left side. Outrageous!
I be damned if I don’t get to work on the 2nd Cushman in my spare time. It’d be one way to cut some my fuel costs running between the farms, saving required fuel for the tractors.
Lets see what else happened today? I finished up some laundry another basket load already starter. I fixed our supper putting together a beautiful pizza, plus making fix baking a pumpkin pie. I thought the pumpkin pie would go good with some vanilla ice-cream. Yum!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Couple small Accomplishments

The humidity so heavy upon my face and neck today it might just as well been raining.
Hokem smokems! (I like these two words. I’m not sure if I heard them somewhere or dreamt them up) the obstinate Ugly truck is running again. The new junkyard carb, a brand new TSC battery, and some varied wrenching’s making a couple adjustments Ugly took to running again after it’s long hiatus sitting around/about the farmyard. New Ugly mufflers will be in Clio tomorrow morning. Ugly must have them if I am ever again to hear myself thinking when I am aboard.
I’ve finished toting in the firewood once more. Wood-hauler trailer’s empty for other chores. It seem’s a saint has finally come to my saving aid.
While I was ahead, it was a good time to break for lunch. After that taking up my bravery, haven’ made no calls for an expected need for back-up to boot, I backed down to the barn, and loaded up almost all the everything that I had one way or another brought up the road for use in my barn. So there it was Ugly loaded, my throwing all caution to the winds I took off. The Ugly truck ran well enough cold started. One these up coming warmer days I’ll attempt to fine tune it. Returning home I got right on the phone calling around for a couple mufflers. It’s bad enough I’ve got them nuisance crickets creaking in my ears, I don’t need those cussed cherry bombs roar to lullaby me (if they could. They‘s so loud I don‘t slow down passing a cemetery for fear Ugly‘ll wake the dead.. Calling around three parts shops I acknowledged a pair be-coming available early morning in Clio.
Already making a new shopping list it looks like I‘ve already got three stops planned, One of them twice so to fuel Ugly’s two gas tanks. Now, that is going to smart.
Supper wasn’t to bad. Having eatened we settled in to watch “Snowwhite.” And, during one the commercial breaks I refilled my milk and brought back to my chair with me a tin of Danish butter cookies. Yum!
Wow! That Disney film is as good now as it ever was back in the late 1930’s. Bah! One of them' brown eyed brunetted wimmin can sure enough destroy a free and happy man every time. Here this princess ruined seven plus one. Got-a watch'em for all the good it'll do? };^)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey, More Snow

Seems Winter’s not through with us yet. I’m used to these weather changes. No getting away from them as I’ve often seen snow in April. Hence, “April fools?”
Turning TV on seems this old Earth is kicking ass with an earthquake and a tsunami in the Pacific rim. Watching those TV pictures, the lives devastation, property damage, and clean up is all so unimaginable. It’ll all take time for these lives to get back to order… I feel for every one of them.
I’ve lost my touch. Her Mostess complaining she’s cold. I just can’t seem to compete with a stiff north wind holding it to her tighter than I can beat a heat out of the wood-stove.
Shoveling and sweeping the deck and trailers tailgate off got to several pieces of chunks of cherry wood. Some those pieces thrown into the wood burner, we’ve got heat now.
Hokem smokems! The county has plowed our road. My word, is this the county throwing all financial coffer cautions to the winds cleaning off a 4th class road.
There comes a time in every man’s life he’s dumb lucky his soul has been saved by an innocent act dating back to his youth. For me it was only as far back as the weeks I had met this potential bride and had saved for who knows what reason? It happens Her Mostess decided to clean out my top dresser drawer for placing there in my new personal undergarments: where in she come across a Birthday card she had given me for my birthday at that time we had only started to do our courting dance wordings. So tickled I had saved that card had indicated to her my feelings for her way back before the admitted truths, which I still deny to this day. I was but a babe back then(grin) Sooo, I am back in her good graces again. By sheer unadulterated luck.
Meanwhile, while carrying firewood into the house, I’d seen Terry going home and walked over there and gave him some cash to pick up Frieda’s prescriptions tomorrow. This is working out well he must pick his up also.
My back getting sore my only carrying in over half the trailer load of firewood I cut my painful loses. I’ll finish the firewood toting tomorrow.
Supper was beans and franks wit cottage cheese and green’n’ripe olives. Had popcorn for a different evening’s dessert treat.
3-10-2011 Phooey Rain
A-wake at 5:00 AM, grabbing a few pieces of fire-wood, looking out the front door, I saw the deck was wet and I could hear rain water dripping off the eves. They’d be no cutting wood this day. If this melt is going to be so seasonally persistent I had better move a load of fire wood back up to the deck before the snow melt. I’m afraid the next few exceptionally warm days could turn the grassy area around this house into a tire churned muddy moat.
This chore must now be ideally attended to while the wood-hauler is unoccupied by another farm or home matter. (sigh) This is just another one more heavy burden making decision!
Out doing the day’s chores earlier today here and half way down the road I believe I came back in just as wet inside as I had socked the outside. The heat felt good. Got another load of wood backed up to the deck. And…..
I’ve got to write it. It is so icy out here in these farmyards my pulling the electric fence wire gate handle to the right, to close the gate, my feet were sliding to the left.
A quick lunch after I had loaded the wood-hauler and backed up to the deck. I was ready for Sir William’s lift when he had arrived to give me a lift about a number of shopping sites. Made fives stops in my shopping circuit having to repeat one to have TSC make good a discount coupon. We brought home parts for noth Chevy trucks, briefs’n’socks, groceries, and some initiated help with some money matters at the bank, the bank taking on AOL...
The best (disgusted) part had to have been my getting this unholy urge after returning home; my unloading, putting things away, and my settling in the house. Her dingbat, she tells me I need to pick up her prescriptions. “The urge to kill!” Argh! As hard as it was to find an able bodied person healthy enough with a free afternoon to cart me around; I’m gotten this primeval Mr. McNasty urge to kill. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
Well now, seeing what luck I’ll have with the weather and giving the Ugly truck another try I’ll see what happens with it. (Grumble, grumble, growl, growl, ding’a’ling, Ding Dong!?!?!?) it’s is no wonder my hair has turned gray.
I should kick her butt out the house and promise I’ll leave the door unlocked until she’s completed eight mile round trip walk. (grrrrr) This has got to be another new height of thoughtlessness!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What else?

If there is anything that may go wrong, it will. Before I announce another disappointment, I had a good long night’s sleep. I hadn’t stirred even once, not even for a water haul. I had turned my computer on and there was an unusual long length of time for it to respond to any my wants. I’d even been denied my haunts. The cussed mouse has given up it’s light. To scroll up’&’down, side’2’side, had given up any hurried navigating functions. It is with patience I may write anything at all. Oh well! With another grind today to put in another empty feed wagon I got something to do around here taking my mind off a shopping expedition’s ride. Meanwhile, I get to add another item to my want list. (hehe) One more addition to my want list I’ll either have to write the next one in the margins or start another page. If it were a safe thing to do I’d cross my fingers for a tomorrow afternoon’s ride, very busy friend perhaps fitting me in then?
By noon I was frozen for the second time and ready to thaw my fingers out also for the second time. All the tractors I used yesterday were poised and ready to go again today including another load of supplements for today’s grind.
Dam, a movie Roman Adventure came on at noon. Myself interested little in the story the travelogue parts of the film were spectacular. Well worth wading through the rest of the film for the scenes. Swiss scenes were almost out of this world. And such beautiful art every where the principle characters took us. Darn darn double dog darn, I had grain to grind. Oh the architectures, the peoples costumes, the stone and metal art works, the street scenes, and country sides. Some of the dialogue when I (we) caught it reminded us of a certain young couple from long long-ago; a tall blue eyed gentleman and a particular dark eyed even darker haired breath taken beauty, the calculating hussy!
Giving up flick for anymore scenery I step back outside to grind. Everything about ready I drove all 3 tractors with their tows into position and let the shelled corn flow. I was an hour and a ½ in time from this grind’s beginning to end all the machinery working flawlessly. Some barn and wood-hauler picking up taken care of, let rain and snow already. A tea break delivering the ground grain wagon, feed my ladies, come in to warm and dry out.
Checking tomorrow’s weather forecast it calls for rains ending. Thinking perhaps wearing chore boots tomorrow morning to cut some fallen trees up for splitting lengths later into firewood, until dinner time. I‘m continuing to hope my busiest neighbor can still chauffeur me through near-by burg and on into the city and back tomorrow afternoon.
My day finely finished I had started out earlier gotten later. All the same it was a great day. Tux near soaked through from the outside rain and inside perspiration. it felt good just getting out of . A few more moments and it’ll be rattler time. Now before I glue my derriere to my favorite chair I had better check my laundry and bring it up.
This then was my lovely lovely day!
A very late but an interesting bulletin just the same.
It started with last night’s rain thawing away all the delightful snow that had covered all the ice covered driveways around/about the place. Looking back to this morning exiting the castle I believe I had managed to build me an unsteady physical problem. Carefully walking about the machines all my working day my knee silently took the abuse it would let me know about this evening when I decided to finish up today’s laundry. Down and worst yet climbing those dungeon stairs I was aggravation’s enlightened my limb telling of their abuse. Once agin done delivering to Her Mostess the laundry basket she may finish the sorting, folding, and putting it all away. Meanwhile, I have relegated my limbs to an evening of elevated rest.
This evening weather forecast the rainless day has been taken back. Arrggghhhh! I’m guessing I might better turn to loading the wood-hauler moving up to the deck before next weeks suggested heavy thaw making the front lawn a potential mud bog in the waiting.
This morning’s first writing was:
Good Morning……
...Good Morning! I'm was up and at it although doing it short on the means. Now the computer mouse is taking a dump. The Lazar light going out, it's had telling how long I'll be able to write or even cruise my electronic savings. Well, until I can either get some help or get away from here for the shopping bright lights of the city, I've plenty to keep me busy. As like yesterday I've got another grind today. After that I'll be working imaginatively getting into the next bit of trouble. Sheesh, like I've red and herd it before, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd not have any luck at all."
So! I’ve repeated some of my words. Get over it! };^))
PS: I don't know what made me do it? I got one of those wrong numbers today on my cell phone. She sounded like a young lady calling wanting the elementary school. My answer, "With a Moo-moo here and a Moo-moo there this is old Mac Donald's Farm." She apologized, laughed and gone.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Neighbor’s Okay

A good friend has had her knee operated on doing as well as may be expected. Her pain management next hurdle. I’m wishing her well! It remains a mystery as to how high she'll be kicking some asses when she's given free rein?
Story time:
As we’re talking knees:
Many years ago, before Sneaky Pete (3 or 4 yrs old) was to go to school, Frieda taking her brood shopping, the center of town only about three blocks from home, they all walked. In the first block Sneak tripping on sidewalk crack fell down. Getting up Mom asked Sneak, “Are you alright?” “Uh ugh.” was his answer so they continued on. Shopping taken care of, returning home, Mom gets a good look at Sneaks knees, and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me you had hurt your knees?” Sneak answered, “You would not let me go.”
I don’t know, seems there are times as parents we can win for loosing.
Backing the walk up, after al the shopping had been done with one exception Frieda had run out of money enough for one last article of clothing for Sneak. Frieda beside herself as to what shall I do? The older children needed those purchases up to that moment for next day’s school. Turning to the proprietor she’s says, “May I put this suit in lay-away until tomorrow when I’ll come in and pay for it?” The proprietor’s answer, “Sure, “ he smiled widely, “Whatever! After what all you’ve purchased today you may do anything you want!” Next day when school had let out Sneak and Mom went back to the store. While Frieda pickup a few more things, Sneak had put the jump suit, he’s wanted, on tags and all and was ready to go when Mom had caught up with him at the register, indicating to the cashier and that what this boy was wearing she must pay for also. The cashier knowingly smiled widely with my son and his mother.
I now know, seems there are times as parents for loosing we still win.
Hallelujah, After 4 days working, tinkering, and ragging on Leland tractor it's finally started noon today. No time for a celebration's drink, got-a grind, haul in more shelled corn, and feed hay up and down this road before sunset. Then I'll likely be to pooped to hoist even that well earned one.
It was a fun day today when all three the tractors I was and on were behaving properly. Traversing this side of the block I made my rounds to two elevators. Finally had gotten to blend those supplements that had been sitting covered five days on the back of the wood hauler. More fun coming up tomorrow doing a bit more than half what we’d done today.
Wore only my common everyday clothing when dressed for travel from home the house today. Wore no more than a heavy shirt working outside all day. The weather just hovering above freezing sure is a pleasant change from what we were blessed with all of only a month ago.
When the wall clock rolled around to 4:00 PM, I had had enough exercise. Oh, and, the tools? I can sort them three ways in short order come morning. I saw it as quitting time while I closed up the barn. Yup, the weather is changing as the service door on the barn is again working without sticking. ‘Tis time to open a tall bottle vino. I’ve sure enough finely (grin) earned it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


That is what the day was, Busted.
Temps started out in the minuses as in -0*. Brrr, cold! So cold I delayed moseying my way down to the barn. Besides I had to await the arrival of the starter. The starter motor checked and found to be in good working order I put everything I had taken apart back together again. Re-cleaning all the terminal ends as I went from bolt to bolt. When I had finished the electrical system as far as the starters function was concerned didn’t work again. Trying a boost, I got what sounded like a 30 caliber starting gun going off. My next suspicion the battery was shorting out. Bro’ and I commenced to twist and turn the battery from it’s cradled location with in the depths of the tractor, (this is no exaggeration).
The battery taken in it was expertly found to be in good proper working order. What now? I guess its back to the tractor chassis and its cable connections all over again to perhaps include a couple new battery cables. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find the magic to make it all work together.
Getting back as we did, with one stop for me some milk and candy putting the battery up we called it a day. Already given the starter problem some thought I’m making my new list of supplies tomorrows efforts to make it all work.
OMG! The Wintergreen candies I had purchased and brought home are I believe the freshest I ever had the pleasure to let melt in my mouth, there containing the realest of bites in them. Melting two of them away I’m feeling as If I have been medicated. Weird?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Looking through the before light the morning window, we’ve had a 2” to 3” accumulation of snow what had changed from yesterday’s morning rain into afternoon’s and evening’s snows. Some Spring tease the last three/four days had been. The temps dropping back into the 20’s it were warm enough long enough to even hear a Spring sampling of Spring’s sounds. Once again denied a full thaw. The snows north wind delivered and spread across the landscape as it were a cake have given everything in sight a fancy cake frosten. Sure is pretty again.
Yesterday’s lazy afternoon will have me today, tomorrow’s catching up making me a busy fellow. Yesterday’s laid back image is going to be left back thru today and Mondays busily planned schedules.
The WD45 with wood-hauler in tow I’ve brought home the empty ground feed wagon in tow behind the wood-hauler. The Leland plugged in only a short time I feed the lady’s to kill time. Ladies taken care of the 4020JD is parked behind the house out of the way for now.
Scads of vessels containing tools, parts, fluids, and etc. cleared away it was time to start Leland and bring the grinder-mixer out. Turning an ignition key, the Leland refuses to respond. Checking battery connections I eventually get some noises for what little they do. Nothing’s turning, least of all the engine rolling over as in about to start. For three hours We worked on it Tom, Bro’, and myself ending with the starter removal for a pro’s checking it tomorrow. Meanwhile I’ve left a battery charger in a slow charge mode upon the Leland’s battery for the night.
Tomorrow’s ride isn’t looking good. Sickness abounds around the neighborhood. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what transportation I can muster up tomorrow.
Ah to heck with it. It’s more than late enough to pop a wine bottles top and guzzle it in celebration my disappointments.

3-5-2011 Snow for a change.

(This is my journal entry I didn’t post evening last.)
Early on, looking out, it were freezing raining. Yesterday I was informed I had to grind today. Making a call, “Which gravity box?” of the two? I‘m told, “Don’t have to grind until tomorrow.” I say, “I still have to get fixing’s, the elevator’s closed tomorrow.” So he says, “Yeah but, we don’t have to grind until tomorrow.” Okay so he’s said, I say, “The elevator is closed tomorrow.” From the other end of line, “Oh, I lost a day.” I know what he’s saying, my own thoughts, “Gosh, I know what that is.”
Venturing out the deck, the ramp, the driveway are all slipperier than what‘s healthy for any poor soul endangering himself trying to walk upon it. One’s taken his life to far for granted in a slip and slid harms way especially a day like this one had started out to be.
Having gone to the elevator in the rain, I returned home in a new snow falling. Thankfully this new snow was just the wet ticket enough it changed the slippery face of the earth into a safe to walk on landscape. Whew, I had happy feet again.
Humidity high, a cold wind out of the north, The house is difficult to heat or keep heated. There seems to be a draft chilling one us from every direction. Frieda’s adopted a method of keeping the house warm on an even keel. She’s practically sitting on top the woodstove slipping a piece of wood at a time every fifteen moments to keep this stove just a jumping with spewed out heat. (LMHO) she;s a sight to see this day. Plus only 1:00 PM and she’s put away her third meal already.
Oh oh! When ever I either felt that good or confused I questioned WTF was going on. When I've been medicated beyond reason making me feel stronger and surer than, Man Mountain Dean, my thinking beyond reason I can do anything beyond my known reality's strength. Cognoscente enough I backed off before I've physically fouled (damaged) myself up real good. I was once upon a time over dosed with Valium. More recently my primary care giver having written me a Nitrate prescription plus also sent me to two specialists, each of whom had duplicated the first primary medication I was screwed up but good, my head and body experiencing all manner of wild and weird sensation placing me in to an unrealistic state of confusion in mind and body. I don't like going to specialists anymore. I’m (I’ll say it) frightened of them, as I doubted either one of them had even looked at their requested lists of my medications. Somebody tell me I’m wrong, this feeling?
Watched whatever was on TV last night? Had gone to bed by 8:00 PM, asleep moments later. Woke twice in the night. Refilled the woodstove and hauled my water the first time. The second time I woke it was that time I wake 90% of my times. Filled the stove again and settled in to sort my rattlers. Then checked my internet haunts and emails. Nothing much going on tuned in a TV movie on one them out of the way channels.
Now, since I kicked us off the first level the premium movie channels there is only one channel advertising free to us anymore. So anything other than an old MGM flick, they come with buco bunches of commercials. Holy cow Fat Man I didn’t know what I’ve been missing. For something rare and different I guess I’ll be checking out an occasional $3.00 DVD flicks in those in the middle of the isle wire displays right next to the candy bar, flashlight battery, magazine rack, etc leading to the supermarket’s belted check out lane.
So before I loose all credibility I’d better hang this up.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What the?

Starting with morning writing going on’s:
Hey! I woke up at my right time. Not early nor late but right in that little 5:30 AM window I so find ergonomically beneficial for(to) me.
Yea! Loosing getting nowhere interest in my fix the dual wheel tire airing chuck evening last, it’s fixed this morning. Do any the masses remember the use of baling wire fixes of so many years ago? Well, I didn’t use any of that handy old timey fix it material. In this modern day and age I used 17 gauge electric fence wire this morning working it in the holes from both ends. This was more easily done this shortly after waking while I sat here as this morning’s tears washed the sand out of my eyes. I amazed I could clean that tool out this morning where I I had failed evening last. Anyway, it is readied for use.
The weather people are talking all kinds of weather informing. Looking out my window and door I see nothing significantly different from last night’s winter scene. Reports of freezing rain coming from the near north and the near south, there’s none of that misery here. Deck and ramp continue to remain dry while all this forecasted weather crap has been befalling the country side all around us. Don’t get me wrong, this is of no difficulty to me. Sheesh, here they come and go again, with I-75 and I-475 express ways are closed do to black ice accidents, for just some of the all around the area. I can handle it by staying home. Hmmm, such is today’s Michigan weather. Schools and other public facilities are closed and/or closing just to the near south and near west of us. It could be if I can’t play outside today, I’ll have to play with the Cushman inside the barn. And (this time) make a compressent want lists for my on going repairs and grocery shopping.
Seems everything I touch needs just one more thing-a-mo-bob whatever to continue the last fix. Then thinking I got it made, here it goes again needing another thing-a-mo-bob what's-it to finish it up for sure this time......? Really....? These field fixings, that's about what these on the scene fixes amount to, as everything is so much handier elsewhere, for any contingency if the job's been moved to the shop.
Sheesh, all this fixing I been trying to do in reasonable amounts of time reminds me the first four yrs my bride and my union what motor vehicle fixing back then I had to do those days out in the mud'n'muck'n'mire. Is this just another prelude to my drifting into my second childhood?
Well, afternoon rolling aroundI got the dumpy truck moving and unable to stop it. Coasting it a quarter mile down the road I had to walk back for the 4020JD and a tow-bar putting the all pieces altogether so’s I could bring that sick Dumpy truck back home and park again where it’d set off the side all the winter. That caliper needed replacing regardless as I had a whaling the devil out of it time to get it off originally. I called my local parts supplier and I’ve likely got more than a bag or box full of brake line parts a coming in Monday morning.
I guess I might better be making a couple shopping lists, so’s I’ll be prepared if and when I shall ever get another ride. Not only in need mechanical parts, another battery, but also some grub replenishing‘s. Maybe even a stop by the bank to once and for all again try to get AOL internet off my back!!!!!
There autobee something else written here if nothing else how about posterity but I’ll be hanged if I can’t remember what it was now.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

an empty melodrama
It’s quarter to 6:00, That’s AM. My nose is running with no place to, m eyes are itching and all I did was shovel the ashes out of the woodstove. The crickets that aren’t there are flooding my ears with non existent rubbings of their hind legs. How do I know this? I learnt that in forth grade science, from some of my rural teacher’s ramblings. Back to the case at hand my eyes are itching. I know not why? Wood smoke maybe cleaning stove out? I swear there is no advancement worth wearing one out celebrating with all the endured back sliding’s to get there. Oh crap, it’s rattler time. Well I had better, for if I should drift off in a flury of Z’s I’ll be prepared for an instantly pour out of a box cerial drowned in a half pint milk. I’ve got some serious mechanic-ing before the predicted rain move over me this afternoon. One good thing for today, I’ve no invisible appointments to keep today. Thus I can spend more than 10-15 minutes in the shop before I have to race back here to keep a forgotten appointment. Darn it, I think I’ve been saddled with two more dead batteries yesterday. Oh Crapola, is this the year of the battery replacements? Oh where have all the dollars gone when I need one more battery? I’m thinking I’ll worry about that after I’ve replaced Ugly’s carburetor. It sure been nice if I could have gotten anyone of these projects into the shop. Shop continues to remain tied up with a Bro’s two day project that’s had to one beyond two weeks. And that includes personal defrosting after each measured moment chilling out in the shop.
On the road with the WD45 once again turning my body to the left (south) I had the wind to my back. SOG, Bro’ finally got that two wks of two day project out the shop and immediately moved his new van inside. So where’s mine, still sitting outside. Oh well, I instrument meter tested a couple batteries. One is toast, the other one I’ve got doubts about its all out useful strength. It may not continue to even a turn a small lighter four cylinder gas engine over, yet it may work a couple more years powering a remote controlled gate. Going for what I went for I loaded what I thought I needed for today and headed back. Half way I found a welcome oasis drenched with cold body comforting heat to beat back the chill in my bones feelings half way between the farm stead’s. Why I even enjoyed a hazel nut flavored coffee at Loopy’s home (the oasis).
The air chuck I grabbed and brought home with had failed to work early on so I’ve still have one un-aired tire. I think some bad bug had crawled down inside and nested it’s next season’s replacement its kind of offspring. I removed the caps put them with the air tool’s body with a wire in a tall plastic bottle for working on this evening. I opened the brake bleeder and because I’m watching gravity has quite bleeding in the system. If I weren’t watching it, the fluid would be running out all over the place. Getting nowhere with Dumpy truck I moved on to Ugly replacing the carburetor with what is supposedly a good sound working one. Putting on the engine had made one mistake that a few moments later bit me. My truing to correct that, my sitting my butt on top the radiator, legs spread either side the engine I experience a cramp the likes I haven’t had for sometime. Paining my once, twice and about thrice I decided to get out of there before I’d need some outside help. Ugly’s gonna have to wait for me. Darn, and I was near done. When I’ve figured a new approach, I’ll get back to it, hopefully yet today. It were time for a body warming tea break. Holy headache fat man, when I entered the house my head so cold I had an immediate headache. Already on enough medications I choose to tough it out. Doing so I felt much better mere half hour and one cup-a-tea later.
Almost quitting time for a cold country day. (brrr) Checking again and again the status of the Dumpy truck’s brake bleeding it had finally made it perhaps a half hour or so before the last check. I’m pleased that is finally done and all on it’s own. Using Frieda Ugly truck stepping up stool I could reach that last carb fitting replacement leaning over the fender. Getting just late enough to late to start something else I fed the ladies here and half way down the road. Chores done, parts and tools put away, and the barnyard gate I had earlier forgotten to closed. I was only minutes away from rattler time. All my activities could not have been timed closer.
Once I was in the house We were watching a bit of TV when dancing night club singer came out doing her entertainment think. The young lady wearing a strapless sparkling white (or silver) gown with a slit halfway up the skirt, Frieda commented that this singer’s gown didn’t leave much to the imagination. I looked up and noticing little I suggested she had it well down how to move it. I don’t if that were the right or wrong thing to passingly observe. Herr Clink hasn’t commented since.
Supper was a hit and miss affair raiding the refrigerator it’s leftovers. The woodstove merrily putting out the heat I’m still feeling cold, chilled maybe. Add to that my right inside thigh blessed me with a mysterious cramp earlier. A few moments ago my left calf was acting up pretending as thought it may let me down. Having checked the stove adding more wood and throwing a couple pieces of encouragement on top the stove continues to play tricks upon my person. In my mind there is this insistent’s I’m cold. I think it time I make myself comfortable and curl up in my blanky as it it were my winter’s hibernation’s cocoon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

facts of life!

First think before I got out of the box a neighbor nicely called and took my Frieda with her for a shopping expedition Taking all our plastic with her. It was only a question of what time she’d ever gotten back?
Having already left Frieda missed my putting my barnyard tux on this morning. To zip it up the front I'd finally worked out a full frontal solution. Bring the zipper while I suck in my stomach until I've moved the tang half way. Then I let my breath out and zip it the rest of the way. As much trouble I've been having lately with this closure somebody certainly could have been nice enough to have shared this solution with me months ago. (grrr)
By noon I’d been to the shop for air, more tools, and materials for mechanic-ing around here. I’d also made it home in time to see and visit with an attractive young senior citizen social worked nurse. With Herr Clink overseeing the scene I could but only complement the already taken young lady her beauty.
Hallelujah! The Dumpy truck’s engine is operational, Started right up on first try. One the flat tires air up. Brakes not quite finished not brought home a 7mm bleeder wrench. Other tire needs another dual tire air chuck to air it. Likely before I’m done those 2 tires will require inner tubs. (phooey). Even managed to air truckster tires.
My tea is becoming harder to buy. A second supermarket has run out of what I like. What is this? Is tea only a seasonal American drink since the Boston tea party?. I’m not sure I like this kind of thinking over this product. I can’t help it my mom was half English decent.
Watched a dukes of hazard original movie. OMG, If Frieda wearing shorts had ever crosser her limbs over mine, neither one of us was safe from that moment one for some time. Whew, I’m rattled just bringing back the memory.
And whatever else I was going to write, I’ve forgotten it. I’ve just have to find a small ring like note book that’d fit in a pocket. Seems I can’t even depend on me as much as I used to?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2-1-2011 Sum Facts of Life

“A reprimand……without it…..I would be disappointed,” he‘d said.
I red this and so help me I hollered at Frieda to listen to me read Jozepee’s personally pointed rant. With all do respect I all but ROFLMAO. I couldn’t help myself. There is a very old adage. “Laughter is the best healer.” You must take my word for it. You’ve made my getting off my dead ass today a lot easier. Sorry about this old friend (if not in longevity, be it in our personally combined ages). Answering you I found myself near writing a three page explanation (upon my computer screen).
“Please to……red me”
It seems I must explain my inability to command the help of so many loco friends, or should that be local; no, I had it right the first time, “loco.” I must explain I’ve got around me in my midst two kinds of volunteers, and may they be heaven blessed for knowing no better than to ever be in the position to be seen with me.
One group, are people with lives, duties, and responsibilities they are truthfully to busy to help me (us, as I must include my brother, for we are a truthful couple (mob) severely caped handicappers). First of all nothing is really done without a trade. I’ll explain it this way. One idiot, His wife will know who they are, he works 16 hrs on 8 hrs off. He’s no time for us but he’s done 2 things for us. He misses seeing us or things moved for obvious activity he checks on us. There’s been times when he was the only person available he gave up his time and sleep to help us out of a sticky situation. Others like himself are neighboring farmers, knowing the value of an extra hand now and then. Again we trade, those trades going so far as if we’ve something we can’t use, we rent to the other nothing down nothing a month to own.
The second group are individuals liken our-selves’ so handicapped they shouldn’t be doing what they do. I think most these folks come around to be entertained, and when we can grasp them one way or another we use their talents as far as comfortably safe and just helpful, they needing their rests and personal life responsibilities taken care of. Seasonally, most these folk their help is invaluable when it comes to their merely healthful ability to do no more than drive a tractor harvesting to bring in a crop, running the ladies home or through the chutes. All these people aren’t in much better shape than I am, worse a couple of them so, I may not take their help beyond their physical bounds. We’ve one neighbor keeping an eye on the ladies, the moment he sees them out wandering about, he’ll approach them and worry them back home where they belong. Another I daren’t call on him but for a sitting or lazy approach to a fixing or a welding what I can no longer see. Still another gives me a hand when his shop is empty, (dead of winter) his dull season, his shop his second self employment job. And other’s, it’s is important we all know the limitations, ours and theirs. Quite honestly some of these people are purely bored and this farm, an around the clock busy enterprise, most these guys are looking for something to do they needn’t pay for. Some have suggested as busy as it periodically around here: tractors running the fields, livestock running our husbandry responsibilities; this place is a Disneyland. So busy children from up and down the road are often visitors to either see what’s going on or just plainly enjoy the animals. Often time they’re where they may see a life’s beginning, growing, or another one ending. It’s sex education upon the hoof. Around this place there’s a good laugh just the other side the next fence post. Often times it is a zoo requiring an extra bit of attention to keep it running smoothly.
I must stress we’ve many more unsung friends, and volunteers, some of them helping us for exclusive hunting rights our fields and wood lots sharing the sets and stands.