Saturday, January 5, 2013


That’s what the weather had been all day today. An unreal 34* the snow melting’s hidden under our just watching the snow cover settle. Chores right off of course. Then it was picking up after the post furnace fix. Did lunch. Fillip tried to fill me full of baloney, before that meat spoiled. I also noticed he’d chosen instead peanut butter sandwiches for himself. (hmmm)
Shop time did some more sorting and condensing multiple boxes, baskets, buckets, and free roaming odds and ends. We’ve more and more flooring showing all the time. This to even uncovering the last Cushman Haulster what had followed me home back when. Now that it’s become more visible, I’ve got to do two more things for it. One, temporarily find room for it down in this barn. Secondly, invent or improvise a safe method of bringing that machine up the road safely, its bakes unpractically nil and void. The finding the room is going to have to be not only imaginative but also heartless our perhaps having to sacrifice some once thought to be meaning full junk. Truth be known, “it is what it is.”
Did chores twice today. Including dropping off some woven plastic feed sacks to a lady making such an ambiguous request. This act was better than throwing them away if she’s use for them. This good turn costing none of the involved party’s nothing.

1-4-2013 An unintended full day

First things first. It was north we had gone for a short distance laying myself out under the bone cracker’s skilled hands. Then It was our off and running an near to burb (burb’s) for simple furnace parts. I’ve got to admit it ticked me off my going where the furnace had originally had been purchased they no longer carry parts for the firry beast. So it was another run into another burb where in I bought the principle extras for the next tune up. The second stop the merchant infored me oil furnaces are obsolete, for insurance reasons, they no longer work upon them. They even questioned whether they’ll be able to even get the simpler parts the likes I just purchased. (grrrrr)
Well the furnace got tuned up plus another late afternoon run into still a third burb for a piece of 3/16” copper pipe to field make a replacement between the furnace injector pump and the furnace nozzle’s fuel oil delivery carrier.
It was one long day our getting in after dark. Tomorrow we’ll pick up our tools, scrap (was some), left overs, draining’s, the new designated furnace parts box, and it’s added list of the tools required for the next tune up including a next time helpful flash light.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We’d a coffee crisis!

Have run out of all kinds coffee yesterday. Means we got to hit the road hard. to get the usage out of the petroleum liquid energy we'll consume, we're gonna make lot-a of stops.
My chiropractor gets 2 patients today; drugstore for prescriptions for 2; grocery store for at the least regular and instant coffees plus catfoods; filling station for gas; hardware store for a couple flashlite bulbs; electrical shop looking for an easier first initial romax wire strippen operation; and, public library for Chevy truck how to fix transfer-case info (got 2 to fix). all these stops finished by noon, hopefully. Otherwise, "on the country roads again" it may be a slow day?
I must be suffering from a vitamin deficiency? My using Herr Clinks hair brush this morning I think it went away with more my hair on it than what was left on my head.
Much later same day…..
Returning home we made six connections out of seven. “Twas not to bad a morning.” The Library was a dead end stop; although, I did manage to write down some several words for renewed Chevy transfer case repair info. I guess we’ll look into the bone crusher’s offices tomorrow morning.
Shop time somewhere between the better late than never I didn’t last long my fingers miserably near cold frozen up to the second knuckle causing me to want to go home. Additionally between the beginning and end my afternoon shop time, looking over some shelves to see what more in them pigeon holes I could get rid of I spied a couple oil filter canisters. Seeing them things just a sitting up there on their shelf reminded me of the oil furnace tune up I had promised I’d do today. Nuts! So stopping by the domicile where in that particular firry dragon resided I checked that miserable beast’s canisters for their numbers. Seems when I’ve finished with the chiropractor I need to be driven into one of the burbs for filters and chimney pipe elbows. (Whoopee!) So this was another one of my grand mind boggled days in Shorthorn country. Here’s hopping I get it ALL right tomorrow?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brrr Cold All Day Tractor Rides

Out ever so shortly after an unseen sunrise I was on the road, two hours, with an unheated cabbed tractor making a shelled corn resupply run. After a deserved short warming up coffee break I was on my way again on an open stationed tractor ride to pick up An empty ground feed gravity boxed wagon. Along my way this trip west I found an open neighbor’s door for a finger wrapping around a hot coffee stop over to warm my nose and hands. The wagon in tow my tripping east I stopped over the feed supplement supply elevator for an added supplemental needed face warming stopover. Half past the lunch hour’s arrival home it was absolutely time to seriously supplement my body with heat generating food before feed grinding. Belly filled the afternoon feed grinding was more comfortable. I wish I could say the same for ground grain delivery making it one long drive without a stopover. While the afternoon was still reasonably young, putting it another way while we had the time enough Fillip assisted me in driving three fence posts. The first two were easy enough. The third post required the use of the digger loaded to break the earth’s six inch frozen crust. Then it was getting on time to make the trip back home. No warming break during the afternoon I made one more neighbor’s priceless coffee mug hand wrapping stop. A two fold stop I was also curious as to whether he’d found the open circuit problem that developed evening last. I made a couple suggestions and seeing the time had filliped by I had to get on the road again home before it turned dark on me over the road. It was officially sundown when I pulled into my farmyard. The yards looking good for all night feedings, I unloaded what required unloading in the twilight of the advancing evening. As it’d been cold one it was an otherwise good productive day.
Temperatures reasonably close to 20* normal it wasn’t too bad a day. It could have been worse with some very directional breezes. Tomorrow’s going to be busy so I’d better me making me a couple lists. One a shopping list, and a second for all the required stops for this gasoline expenditure saving circuit drive

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s Day

The day after the night before, may the saints preserve me. We were invited out to an Eve party last night. Herr Clink lasted until roughly 10:30 PM. Then breaking my personal party indulgence, I brought her home, and going back I continued on until about 3:00 AM. I awoke just a little while ago totally exhausted. I’ve been up roughly an hour, taken my rattlers already, and wanting to go back to bed. Nuts! That won’t happen. Rat now, I got to get myself fed, dressed, my carcass fed out of here and the animals fed. Whew, so back to reality’s farm life.
We made some new friends, rubbed shoulders with until last night mostly acquaintances. This group with patience and pour sense taught me a new card game “UNO.” I was supposedly the evening’s winner sort of? But all in good faith I might have been lax upon hitting the card box which in turn might have given me an unfair advantage. Playing this game, comradory is of a very delicate nature. So called friends and foes may trade places at any time. It’s purely a game for one’s self, while delicately playing against the rest of the table’s populace. What a game! Loaded with fun the evening loaded with laughs. “Twas great medicine for almost any ailment. I personally put away to bottles wine, small bottles. (grin)
Happy New Year everbody!