Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brrr Cold All Day Tractor Rides

Out ever so shortly after an unseen sunrise I was on the road, two hours, with an unheated cabbed tractor making a shelled corn resupply run. After a deserved short warming up coffee break I was on my way again on an open stationed tractor ride to pick up An empty ground feed gravity boxed wagon. Along my way this trip west I found an open neighbor’s door for a finger wrapping around a hot coffee stop over to warm my nose and hands. The wagon in tow my tripping east I stopped over the feed supplement supply elevator for an added supplemental needed face warming stopover. Half past the lunch hour’s arrival home it was absolutely time to seriously supplement my body with heat generating food before feed grinding. Belly filled the afternoon feed grinding was more comfortable. I wish I could say the same for ground grain delivery making it one long drive without a stopover. While the afternoon was still reasonably young, putting it another way while we had the time enough Fillip assisted me in driving three fence posts. The first two were easy enough. The third post required the use of the digger loaded to break the earth’s six inch frozen crust. Then it was getting on time to make the trip back home. No warming break during the afternoon I made one more neighbor’s priceless coffee mug hand wrapping stop. A two fold stop I was also curious as to whether he’d found the open circuit problem that developed evening last. I made a couple suggestions and seeing the time had filliped by I had to get on the road again home before it turned dark on me over the road. It was officially sundown when I pulled into my farmyard. The yards looking good for all night feedings, I unloaded what required unloading in the twilight of the advancing evening. As it’d been cold one it was an otherwise good productive day.
Temperatures reasonably close to 20* normal it wasn’t too bad a day. It could have been worse with some very directional breezes. Tomorrow’s going to be busy so I’d better me making me a couple lists. One a shopping list, and a second for all the required stops for this gasoline expenditure saving circuit drive

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