Saturday, January 5, 2013


That’s what the weather had been all day today. An unreal 34* the snow melting’s hidden under our just watching the snow cover settle. Chores right off of course. Then it was picking up after the post furnace fix. Did lunch. Fillip tried to fill me full of baloney, before that meat spoiled. I also noticed he’d chosen instead peanut butter sandwiches for himself. (hmmm)
Shop time did some more sorting and condensing multiple boxes, baskets, buckets, and free roaming odds and ends. We’ve more and more flooring showing all the time. This to even uncovering the last Cushman Haulster what had followed me home back when. Now that it’s become more visible, I’ve got to do two more things for it. One, temporarily find room for it down in this barn. Secondly, invent or improvise a safe method of bringing that machine up the road safely, its bakes unpractically nil and void. The finding the room is going to have to be not only imaginative but also heartless our perhaps having to sacrifice some once thought to be meaning full junk. Truth be known, “it is what it is.”
Did chores twice today. Including dropping off some woven plastic feed sacks to a lady making such an ambiguous request. This act was better than throwing them away if she’s use for them. This good turn costing none of the involved party’s nothing.

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