Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Summer?

Fall three wks away It’s just to cold for summer’s last days.
I had a time picking out my wardrobe morning last. Extra cotton flannel shyrt didn't do it. Fleece lined shyrt definitely to much fo it. Lined wool shyrt still to much. Simple wool flannel was good for an hour or two. Had even entertained idea looking at barnyard tux.
Don't know about today? With variable winds, working fields from on tractor back, sitting on my aorta with no exercise its gonna be another cool day in the shade.
I’ve decided there has to be a summit meeting day around here. To many people want me in their corners all at the same time. Frieda needs me, her breaking into tears every other time she gets to her feet. She needs driven to and from physical therapy three times the week. Bro’ needs me setting him up time and time again so he can do all the work. Nobody services the equipment around here as completely as I do. I’ve likely got my last and longest weather window to get in this winter’s hay. And, Chip’s complaining he’s cutting wood for three households. I never asked him to, he also wants my undivided attention.
My only two week lightened work load time I had all summer, I got to waste it upon a dog Frieda just had to have, biting me leaving sitting in a healing mode for that two weeks. So I got not one door replacement need taken care of. And I’m saddled with more and more housework everyday. Some how, some way, some of my priorities need addressing.
While it’s the AM I’m writing these words of encouragement for my urinal. It seems anymore the only peace I ever enjoy anymore it’s from the seated top backside of a tractor where on I can neither hear the ringing or feel the vibrations my cell phone nor am I having to deal eye to eye with everybody else’s top priorities. I’m looking forward to another crappy day I haven’t talked about in the past. And now that my dark side is coming out without so much as smile on even one lip….. Anybody don’t like it…..
A mom’s a mom, a mom
Having finally taken to brake into the sudex, in the hollow, my first pass around the field I had seen the head of a dear each time it had leaped after leap to cross the width of the field. That was only the opening scene. Having made two full rounds, into my third, the racket my machinery was making frightened and started a faun to bolt out of the uncut sudex ahead on me. The poor creature took but liking a couple airborne side steps before it darted into sudex standing on the larger part of these fields. I made another round and again a faun jumped out of the sudex ahead of me, a second faun I believe, this time running left, stopping confused, turning and running the other. Stopping it looked back, caught sight of my machinery and jumped into the standing sudex as this one or another had done so only minutes before. I made two more rounds and here come a doe, had to be mom to my suspected twins. Paying little attention to me she hastily move back and forth between the very places the fauns had jumped out from. She had a look of calling, she had a look of concern, she looked as though she’d lost her valuables. My closing the space between us she ran ahead of me eventually to disappear within the brush adjacent to Handy’s home. I had seen her three more times before I may only assume she’d given up looking for her off-spring until after I’d be gone. I saw rabbits bounding about in varied states of bewilderment, hopping this direction and that to escape my closing or frightening horrors upon them their safety of life and limbs.
Getting home I spied ever increasing numbers of geese taking up overnight accommodations on our pastures. A nuscience really save for I could enjoy a couple filleted breasts. There were more goings on to day. A trip to the scrap-yard for a$.07/pound salvaged steel. finding my tobacco pouch in Cushman down in the barn. There was the finding a short in the log splitter’s electronic ignition to have fixed. And a mired number of other little inconsequence activities. While I was rotary-conditioning sudex I remembered where I had used my ¼” drive socket wrench set. Plus while I couldn’t get them all together, so individually I had a number of smaller summit meeting with a few of the principles. BGKC.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

50 degree wakeup

Deck’s wet with overnight showers, sun’s cracking the eastern horizon’s dawn. Guesser told, seeing, like a pretty day a coming.
Guessers are also suggesting frost freeze warnings.
Taking a chance on all my circuits holding been thimking I could sure use a lighter weight windbreaker like type barnyard tuxedo without going all the way down to an unlined coverall. Only I don’t know where to look?
Darn it, researching e-net all I find are quilt lined heavy poplin, poly-insulated, fleece lined offerings. When I finally find one suit merely lined, it’s unavailable.
Slow……....I've just realized a Will is a dead giveaway.
And, something else, when I bring up the subject of a 500 pound memorial stone, all Frieda says, "Just make it about ten carrots."
Cruising the net a few moments while the grass dried I found myself unable to comment DW’s “…Me” journal. Been happening a lot lately. Good Luck girl keeping your Asian spammer out.
With every intention to mow as much sudex for hay silage today as I could handle baling in a couple days I had to decide where to start. This sudex in the hollow was to wet when I wanted to set in upon it. The far field was looking the better choice the open country advantages for breezes to help dry and blow the humidity away. I started there. Ihad an idea as how to mow more sudex if I approached the crop in a somewhat different manner.
Normally I’d go around the field six times (or rounds) then run the length of the field with plowed direction. Only this involved driving upon the previously downed crop on head lands packing that cut down into the sudex stubble then making that driven on grass difficult if at all to be picked up and baled.
The solution was a simple one. I divided the field into four parts then treated each part as an individual field breaking each one in in-turn making al least six rounds each theoretically without driving down any previously cut crop.
This cut will likely be baled and wrapped in three days. In between I’ll break in the field down in the hollow. Plan is doing something with the hay every day this week as long as the weather holds. May the saints preserve the energy to bring this late summer crop harvest home.
This evening I came home to a warm house, and a much warmer wife. Supper was last nights leftovers. Hmm, not bad…, was better last night. Weird hey? BGKC.

8-29-o9 Sexy?

My head gear. Sexy?
Hmm, While I’ve never owned up to being sexy, I will admit I’ve had many ladies follow me in droves. Can’t tell how many times it’s been a curse though?
Weather's changeable here. woke up to deck drying off last night's rains. Worked inside shop packaging bulk motor oil in smaller handier cans. It's been cold and damp all the time I was inside. That job finished ready to do something outside the weather's changed. It'd changed to a cold rain out there.
Got my butt chewed on (so to speak) twice by the ladies. Had forgot to deliver vittles to the mob down he street. These backyard guys out here called me a Svengali, when I tried talking them into fresh pasture, instead of checking my words out, all their mouths open they wagged their tongues at me. I didn't get a single ThankYou for getting anything right this AM.
Frieda’s decided she’s cold. Wants a wood fire in the wood stove. Yeah sure. I only’ve got an idea where the woodstove’s at. All I got to do is follow the stovepipe down from the ceiling. Going to be nothing to it? What am I saying? It’s still August, not September! Could be she likely become Herr Clink if I’m not exactly timely in fulfilling her wish?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Somethin I said?

3:00 AM
Wide a-wake and in no hurry to get going. All I wanted was more sleep. I’d earned it. Desperate I did a first when I had at last had become oriented to the acted I had been slapped a-wake in my sleep. I popped a brewed hops top. Thought was it relax me so’s I could sleep.
Wish I could remember exactly why I was slapped in my sleep.
So dead tired of the pressures, on demand repairs, and long hours to save and bring in a hay crop saved, I just might have talked in my sleep. I hate doing that. I don’t know how many times it has gotten me into trouble up until now? Anyway…..
Fast asleep dreaming within the good feeling caresses moving up and down my back, I’m thinking I might have had wrongly said something. “Gosh! That feels almost as good as when my wife does that.” I believe it was about then I suffered an un-crowed reality wake up slap. Had to be a slap, the stinging sensation left felt upon my burning derriere. How is it I know it’s going to be cold shoulder day for breakfast, lunch, and supper.
Rains been forecast today through the weekend. That’ll slow done the sudex harvest. Regardless, I can use some eased up activity affording me some even lighter activities measure of rest. Checking afternoon forecast prediction’s 100% rain today. Regardless I braved the wet day’s elements emptied the cargo box. Mostly it was full of lost dunnage. Putting all that stuff away made bigger the box’s emptiness. What I didn’t put back into the box I’ll get tomorrow and the next day to put away rather than to collect. Been lookin’ for another hay wagon wheel. Ain’t found one at all handy around here.
It has come to pass around here slower driving is the rule these heavily foliaged roadside days. Been either slowen or stopped for deer and turkeys crossing our local roads all to often lately.
Holy smokem’s somebody reached into my Ugly’s inter-sanctum and made off with my crutch bag of papers, mini cigarette roller, and pipe tobacco. Worst part I’ve got an idea who it was. Looks like time for another neighbor to neighbor discussion with his dad.
Doing our laundry… I have many days in the past only this time it also included my Gilligan hat. And, always shrinking thrown in the past’s clothes dryer. This time her Mostess insisted I find something in my head size to pull the hat over rather than thrown in the clothes dryer. Fortunately I found the ice-cream bucket just the empty relative right size including the red strap handle an assistant chin fit holder-upper.
Now it wasn't easy pulling that Gilligan hat down when I couldn't see what I was doing; and, the crazy woman sat there and laughed watching me. I get no respect.
off centered hat
That hat taken care of still had more laundry going, while she continued to laugh her a$$ off. Proof, I get no respect! BGKC.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ding Dong

Grass and alfalfa done for now.
After a bout of stubbornness between the baler and myself I had finally worked its constipation out. Finished these field’s baling. Then hauled and wrapped. Pretty well filled my day.

Grass and legume's harvesting going on hold for a spell. This has been the most phenomenal hayfield for 25-30 years. Planted so long ago nobody remembers the year. First cut this five acres yielded 42 5'x5' 50/50* hay bales (recent record cut). This second cut has yielded 22 4'x5' 50/50 hay bales. Glad this is over, for now.


All this baled, hauled and wrapped today after working out the goofy baler's constipation.
About to start allover again mow-conditioning sudex in a couple days. Just as soon as we can figure out the weather patterns. Will need three-four days dry-down time to 50% moisture before silage wrap.
*50/50 meaning half grass/half alfalfa mix hay.
It's got to be beer:30 even in Shorthorn country, Just as soon's the chores over. BGKC.

8-26-o9 Sucked

My whole day sucked and it sitts right out here in the front west pasture waiting for me. Balderdash!!!!
Yesterday started out okay, I a-woke for another one. And it covered with more rain. Whooppee! Frieda had a eye check-up appointment we both forgot. Doc called inquiring our health. Bottom line she could still get her in if we picked it up a little. My thought? Her parking lot was about empty. The Michigan economy so bad people are going longer stretches between eye glasses. Michigan Medicare has quit paying them. Ouch! That was a hundred dollar and change bite for her new specks. Leaving there it had quit raining. Swung by eastern satellite hay field for load hay. Loading went well. Drive home lost unknowingly lost air in a rear most wagon tire. Never felt the let down. By time I rolled in drive had an unrecognizable tire wrapped around rear axel and one worn down rime. And no spare. Borrowed tire/wheel assembly from neighbor. To finish bringing that load in. When wrapped, Bro and I set out with implement trailer and wagon in tow for satellite field. Fourteen bales on implement trailer, hay wagon loaded eleven bales another on the loader forks these bales were brought in. That 8x16 rim is going to be a bugger to find. While driving about the country have had several thoughts where may have one either farm scrap yard or implement dealer. Hanging around long enough to load again plastic wrap aboard the bale wrapper. Chip filling in for me, I split. Primary reason bringing hay home I needed loader for feeding the ladies in the hollow. And another then, more rain forecast, I needed to bale last presently cut hayfield outback. Half the field baled the cussed baler became constipated. I worked on it until fading light made it difficult to see and I had my chores. Soooo, in a few minutes I have to get back out and finish working out the baler’s relief.
While doing all the afore mentioned, I had to put up with goose hunters bugging me for permission hunting slips. I don’t want to be bothered. Three gates to get anywhere. Livestock in any one of the pastures. No time to oversee nor check upon sportsmen behaviors, I haven’t either the time or inclination to be bothered. My days are already full enough without anymore favoring. Kid down the road who was supposed to clean up an area and stack my firewood. He did half the job and thought I should have been there to pay him right away? Hmmm, when he finishes the job???? Plus having to slow or stop for deer crossings. Goose counts and turkeys strutting their stuff down the roads and across fields. If I had anymore to do???? And, I’m already burning daylight. BGKC.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One wee goof

Goofed off a wee bit one Sunday afternoon and now a-feared I'll never catch-up? Must convert rotary-mower over to sudex cutting-conditioning. One last hay field to mow with mower conditioner. Must check on Clover field, bale if at proper 35% moisture levels, immediately haul in and wrap. Otherwise like yesterday I’ll be looking for something to do.
Oh yeah, yesterday I Cut, baled clover sampling, baled a brome grass field, hitched a ride home for ugly and wagon, got distant neighbor to load my wagon with day’s baling, hauled 11 bale full load in, wrapped it, and momentarily checked out last Friday’s yard sale $1.00 (buck) debt via inflation had grown to $5.00 (sawbuck) by Monday. Seams we got our own banker on our Shorthorn country road.
Saw biggest individual yard sale ever equal to department store preportions. I saw everything sept grocery’s. I saw tables with snacks store personal were obviously consuming, I may only assume we’re biting deep into yard-said profits. Business brisk: cash and carry, layaway, and credit sales have kept the fun’s rolling in. I saw clothing, books, electronics, sporting goods for old Duffers, motorized estate equipment, two passenger go car transportation, furniture, glassware, and much more. I may have seen essentials for framing and hanging relatives. And, its been said justice isn’t always equal?
Quoting Bob Barker, “Come on down!”
Now onto my Shorthorn country day:
Neighbor kid came to house early to earn some money stacking my winter fire wood what’s been scattered all over the front yard since Spring’s first thaw. Must have been to much for him. Less than half hour later he was gone without so much as a, “By your leave.”
Myself not hanging around to see what was next I was on the road for the shop to reconfigure the rotary-conditioner for sudex. With Toms help it took no longer than usual. But was nice having somebody else to blame all my failings on. (snicker) The machine reoriented I thought about a sandwich. Turned out to be two hard boiled eggs, a roll and cookie with milk chaser.
On the road agin other direction I near had thirty bales rolled up before Tom had first wagon loaded and out of their. When Tom had finally taken off Ugly ran out of gas turning into Bro‘s yard. I asked, “Been sight seeing?” We managed one more load. Three more to go come morning. Second cutting these fields better than the first. Pushing 40 bales. Go figure? Finally got home 7:00 PM. Been a long day. Still one more field to bale. My evening’s my own after chores. 7:30 Supper time. And preformed a fruitless mouth to mouth necessitation on a fuzzy navel. My effort semi-rewarding from my view point it still finished its last day’s existence an empty hearted dead soldier. Quarter to nine, my sleepy time. BGKC.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 8-23-o9 Another laid back day

Three fields cut: one clover, one grass, and one alfalfa; all of them rinsed off over night. Argh!
Need to sharpen mower blades for last alfalfa field's cuts. Then start baling (supposed) clover and grass cuts, haul and wrap?
Otherwise it's just another laid back day. Or was going to be. the rain has changed all working plans.
Neighbor reports four non-forecasted rain showers since 5:00 AM. Shame she wasn’t up at 3:00 AM to count one about that time. Deeply depressed my thoughts have been turned to winter preparedness. First things first on my list winter wear to keep our body and soul warm. Last winter a colder than average one, I expect the weather will be up to either matching or better’an the cold of last winter. I’ve taken it upon myself to look into furs to keep my spouse warm first seeing to it she comes first. Maybe something in possum fur?
“Did you ever wonder why?”
I see words "love" and "like" preceding my comment. My thinking about answering this question puts me on a very different plain. Unattached to worldly things what hold no value to me, life is the most precious gift givin’ any living soul. My use of the word “like” I use as in I like it best either getting or coming home. My use of the word love to me is an undivided devotion to my soul mate. For it was in finding her I knew within hours for why I was born. So deep is this emotion in me I love only her as well all our children we raised. I like ice-cream anytime and I liked a particular truck I had driven over a half million miles for 25 some years. But it is in my precious Frieda’s life I love for it is whenever/wherever we are together at any given time/place we’re home. So what it is I like most is coming home for the universal love I share with mine one of a kind Frieda. BGKC.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

over slept

I must have bad a busy, no make that a hard, day yesterday. I over slept by near better than an hour and a half. Ho-boy, I got to scrap my crap together and ready myself to meet the day on its terms again today, hopefully it’ll be a dry one as I took the weather imagineer at his word. The same one I took at his word yesterday who’d let it be dumped a quart inch on my city cousins just ten miles south of the hay field as I was cutting it. It’s no wonder these weathered guys loose so much respect when their words are so often misconstrued.
7:00AM. Let’s see if my prediction will go as I’m suggesting for today’s enjoyments… I’ll let the Cushman join me for changing the ladies pasture over. I let an anxious Cushman help me take up a fence standing along side a dead stand of ash trees to be knocked down for this winter’s wood. This ash tree fellin’ part may or may not happen today as all these trees felled leaning over water will have to be dragged clear the water for processing later. And next to lastly, whatever lastly should be, I need to second cut an adjacent hay field. I’ll get back to this writing later to see if the author can uphold his worded end?
9:00 PM I did all I wanted to do today without interference. No ash has been cut but there’s time for that. About the time I had the time for making like a lumberjack my mind and body had inevitable hit that safely getting anything done wall. I rolled a smoke and had a beer, and prepared for supper. By the time I had finished my chores I was more than ready for supper. And before I called it an evening I down loaded some pictures off my camera for a later day’s showings. BGKC.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The rest of my day

Rain forecasted for 10:00AM I had my wake up duties cut for me earlier than the usual. I had to grind feed again. This’ll be the third time this week. It’s almost becoming habit forming. Our physical therapy appointments set for morning I called in and managed a 3:00PM postponement. The delayed PT appointment worked out rather well my lower back having the days activities soreness massaged out.
On our way home I took Her Mostess by to see that good looking gal Wilma I’ve mentioned seeing several times. Every once in a while I let my Frieda see her computation, one more of my competing girl friends. Wilma a trim sleek looking lady isn’t hard to look at for a perfect swine in her pink of life. Reminds me of Kermit’s Miss Piggy only without all that the paparazzi hubbub initiating celebrity status.
Frieda was impressed with my choice of a pretty female. She was also impressed with Wilma’s mate Curly Butt. Hey, I didn’t name them. I/we just enjoy seeing/watching them. BGKC

My life’s management

I've had all the tests, had all the doctors and fishy sturgeons, and had all the cross sectioned pictures taken without and with of-course a couple different additives.

I've had my medical history questioned/recorded, I've had my medication history questioned/recorded, I've had my life’s accident/recovery’s questioned/recorded I've had my rather different lifestyle questioned/recorded, and it has been Her Mostess who's observations what have been closest to the mark a many my ills.

Then take all what has been questioned/recorded in the immediate proceeding paragraph being ignored by all but one doctor I’ve been repeatedly medically overdosed until I had my medications and habits totaled totally gone over by my original cornered care giver and a pharmacist’s pharmacist together analyzed and cutting my medications by 2/3ed’s was I set on a better/easier going life living path. The buzzies were gone.

Okay, I’m on routine daily explosive nitroglycerin, on a daily rat killing poison, and a high detergent extract slipper-ing additive; my O2 carburetion has been (questionably) taken care of. As for the head and body pains the main frame alignments and suspensions studied most clearly by Her Mostess’s observations and end resulting suggestions have relieved me my pains. A bench dropped sacroiliac chiropractor alignment and a notched cushion under my seating has relived musculer sent massages aching my head.

Why I’m still here? First by the grace of a wife who wasn’t about to loose a perfectly good husband (her words), while I impatiently looked after my physical fitness life styling, she’s looked to my oat filled, wheat lacked, diet. The oats have cut our bad cholesterols to near most manageable medication free levels, through oatmeal hot cereals, rolled oat cold cereals, and oatmeal breads. Glutens cut by eliminating white wheat breads, pasta, polished rice, pastries. What consumption’s have been quietly beneficial? Includes a ‘E’ vitamin rich in Lutrein to save my sight, the bee’s honey replacement for sugar plus a tied on surgical mask have drastically relieved hay fever symptomatic‘s.

If any bit or part of this is of benefit to anyone, it was worth my time to write it.
Sorrily enough I’ve resigned myself to about to loose a son to his insane compulsion to drink Mountain Dew around the clock destroying his stomach, and intestines. I tried bringing him up right having had to give up any control over his life the day he moved out refusing do anything around the house his first job laid off unemployment insured days.
Independently wealthy on the dole he’ll leave nothing to his widow and children. How the oldest son will ever suport his dope habit is beyond me?

8-19-o9 What a Grind

What was only going to take roughly an hour to do took us (Tom and I) near all day to complete. Setting up the grind his hog grain went a normal. Starting the grinder mixer into motion all was going supposedly fine until I noticed a most unusual vibration taking over the entire machine. Sound effects added to the mix, all of a sudden Tom and I were running to shut things down.
Machine stopped shelled corn flow stopped, we started looking for whatever it was that was coming apart. I visioned a major breakdown involving major repair. Whew, it were a simple slip of a sprocket upon a drive shaft missing a simple woodruff key. Whew! We commenced to take things apart. As the machine was partially loaded, our unable to take the repair links apart in the chain drives we opted loosening take up sprockets to slip the chains off. Needing more tools than available in the field tool box required a part and tool run.
Even with more tools we run up again the need for a bit of heat to remove one of four stubborn set screws. It was in my mind, “To Hell with it. We just took the whole assembly down to the shop. The tractor could stand a servicing anyway!” One thing leading to another we had to loosen the entire grinder-mixer drive train. A pulley-flywheel bearing had slipped out of place when I hadn’t been looking.
Before we were done we’d checked fluids filling where needed to proper levels, all of them! Greased and oiled where necessary the g-m and tractor. The tractor ignition switch has been giving me some trouble. To fix my home made key, it merely needed a bit of filling to clean up its use.
After being out in the airless day in the sun all day, It was a well heated hour past my rattler time, ipostponing supper until sundown. I was so over heatedly pooped more’an a couple hours past beer thirty, while I had one late it didn’t go down as good as I’d have liked. So, this was just another day in Shorthorn country.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bro’s Birthday

Frieda preferred to stay home. Likely just as well. Handicap parking was no closer than an 1/8 mile walk to any supposed perimeter next to including exhibits of any kind: open, livestock, 4H, commercial, and/or midway. Frieda would never have made it to the closest anything be it an elephant ears, a big mouthed show barker, or the glitter of costume jewelry. I took a condensed walk-up the midway, making many stops both ways. I didn’t see anything particularly exciting. It was all ho mum.
Seeing just a few things I was sure I’d forget I fell in talking with an red mix concrete supplier representative for the other side of the county, from our home places. Nonetheless, Central Concrete courteously supplied me with pen and paper so that I might make notes on what I had seen and talked to. Having gone along for the ride I saw he kids display their calves and place. I talked to two our three people I’d run into along the midway. The best gossip opportunity was sitting in the 4H barn show chatting with neighbors young and old. Amidst the young I had commented how I had watched them all grow a little bit more each passing year my seeing them there. The best or worst part of this, one year they were yet children and the next young ladies and gentlemen. Any opportunity I had for gleaming some real dirty gossip the conversation managed to slip around about onto the subject of new field tools/implements, their operation, wildly expanded limitations and surprisingly improved operation and maintenance.
So, to my list. There was a kids 8, 9, 10 year olds recruiter hawking a County Youth Marine Corp Unit. Is this something new? Americans teaching grade children how to be soldiers? Whether I’d gotten the implication right or wrong, I’m appalled at such flagrant out and out sneaky brain washing our children wasting their growing time learning _______ What?
I even saw a portable ATM machine, people lined up to see it dispense cash. Wonder of wonders!
I talked to an old IH farm implement representative I’ve known for years. He tried talking me into a 105 pto HP IH-Case (Made in England). Only $76,000 more the improvements over any Ollie we got what included a cab, heater and air conditioner, plus an all new generation cup holder.
Looked at a New Holland 90 HP class tractor. Same over all improvements: cab, Heat/Air, clove box, and bottle holder, for only $56,000 cash this August month only. Wow!
Keith going to show us how much better a Black Angus is over a Shorthorn, the poor critter came in last. Grand Champion home grown steer was a Foxfire bred Shorthorn. The Grand Champion rate of gain steer was another Foxfire bred Shorthorn steer.
Michigan’s economy Genesee county’s Fair exhibitor entries are halved. Gate recipes could well be likewise poor. And the best part of the Fair? My coming home. BGKC

Something extra
When yet a child my folks had two milch cows, I remember the milk milking be it in the barn or in the pasture. I remember up to the house filtering, the separating and finally the pasteurizing.
Mom almost brought the milk short to a boil at 158* for ten (I’m guessing) minutes on her kitchen range. At from any higher than and beyond 161+* the milk could scorch. When that happen the hogs got it. Therefore I remember mom religiously standing over that pot watching her hand held thermometer turning a burner up and down.
Shortly after or about the time we left the farm, automatic for home use milk pasteurizers came on the market.
A couple links for thee

Bro’s Birthday

Frieda preferred to stay home. Likely just as well. Handicap parking was no closer than an 1/8 mile walk to any supposed perimeter next to including exhibits of any kind: open, livestock, 4H, commercial, and/or midway. Frieda would never have made it to the closest anything be it an elephant ears, a big mouthed show barker, or the glitter of costume jewelry. I took a condensed walkup the midway, making many stops both ways. I didn’t see anything particularly exciting. It was all ho mum.
Seeing just a few things I was sure I’d forget I fell in talking with an red mix concrete supplier representative for the other side of the county, from our home places. Nonetheless, Central Concrete courteously supplied me with pen and paper so that I might make notes on what I had seen and talked to. Having gone along for the ride I saw he kids display their calves and place. I talked to two our three people I’d run into along the midway. The best gossip opportunity was sitting in the 4H barn show chatting with neighbors young and old. Amidst the young I had commented how I had watched them all grow a little bit more each passing year my seeing them there. The best or worst part of this, one year they were yet children and the next young ladies and gentlemen. Any opportunity I had for gleaming some real dirty gossip the conversation managed to slip around about onto the subject of new field tools/implements, their operation, wildly expanded limitations and surprisingly improved operation and maintenance.
So, to my list. There was a kids 8, 9, 10 year olds recruiter hawking a County Youth Marine Corp Unit. Is this something new? Americans teaching grade children how to be soldiers? Whether I’d gotten the implication right or wrong, I’m appalled at such flagrant out and out sneaky brain washing our children wasting their growing time learning _______ What?
I even saw a portable ATM machine, people lined up to see it dispense cash. Wonder of wonders!
I talked to an old IH farm implement representative I’ve known for years. He tried talking me into a 105 pto HP IH-Case (Made in England). Only $76,000 more the improvements over any Ollie we got what included a cab, heater and air conditioner, plus an all new generation cup holder.
Looked at a New Holland 90 HP class tractor. Same over all improvements: cab, Heat/Air, clove box, and bottle holder, for only $56,000 cash this August month only. Wow!
Keith going to show us how much better a Black Angus is over a Shorthorn, the poor critter came in last. Grand Champion home grown steer was a Foxfire bred Shorthorn. The Grand Champion rate of gain steer was another Foxfire bred Shorthorn steer.
Michigan’s economy Genesee county’s Fair exhibitor entries are halved. Gate recipes could well be likewise poor. And the best part of the Fair? My coming home. BGKC

Something extra
When yet a child my folks had two milch cows, I remember the milk milking be it in the barn or in the pasture. I remember up to the house filtering, the separating and finally the pasteurizing.
Mom almost brought the milk short to a boil at 158* for ten (I’m guessing) minutes on her kitchen range. At from any higher than and beyond 161+* the milk could scorch. When that happen the hogs got it. Therefore I remember mom religiously standing over that pot watching her hand held thermometer turning a burner up and down.
Shortly after or about the time we left the farm, automatic for home use milk pasteurizers came on the market.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I’ve Been Reprieved

I’m oh so tired, I don’t believe it. Started Tuesday last with initiating a second cut. What was supposed to start out with two mowers and two balers was reduced to one working mower day one and one baler day two and three. Didn’t help dealing with a frozen bearing, broken chain, rust and broken connecting rod. Thankfully Chip was able to give us a hand hauling some of the hay in. How many bales this second cut thus far, I don’t know? Wrapping this cut we created one better than 1/8 mile long white plastic caterpillar.
I’m going to take it as easy as I may today. Right now Shorthorn country is being delightfully covered in a border to border soft water rain. I may even step out on the deck later for a warm soft water rinse.
Got to’s replenish shelled corn supply. That’s a drive around the block for two elevator stops. Before that, need drive over to the Crossroad’s for an Ugly gassing-up. Fair starting today, having forgotten to buy myself an advance sale parking pass I may just sneak in among the cessionary’s, through their back fence‘s gate. This has worked for years my usually using the Cushman putting on my most official face. I’m only interested in how well the kids are doing with our 4H calves. I’ll leave all the walking the fair grounds to the younger sets.
Three things, yup! Gasoline, fair, shelled corn, and ride the back fences. It’s been a hectic week since the fences have been fixed.
Some of the upsides my casually cruising the hay fields my seeing a many a deer: does, fawns and bucks; plenty of turkeys and them hippity hoppity cotton tailed long eared critters I used to throw wocks at when I was a widdle boy.
Now that were finished with this rush, the equipment already fine tuned for the next cut, maybe, just maybe I may rest up a bit for the next one. Two 50/50 grass mix fields to go, maybe over 50 acres Sudex nearing maturity for harvest. Oh lawd, to pooped to even pop a top. BGKC

Sunday, August 16, 2009

8-16-o9 I know it’s Sunday?

Backing the tractor up here. I baled hay morning, baled hay early afternoon, broke a baler connecting rod, hauled hay late afternoon, rod fixed baled hay evening until dark yesterday…...
As I was going to bale hay I got soaked to the skin in rain in-stead. Rain cleared for the first time I set up for a short grind. Why a short grind? I only had so much grain. Did lunch. Hauled in more hay and wrapped it. Then went back to hay baling, that finished, loaded and hauled the last of this week’s haying effort and wrapped it.
Day’s accomplishments; I’m so tied even my face hurts. Tried wearing my back brace this morning only to have it come undone and fall down around my knees inside my bibs. Revolting! Still later while wrapping the hay bales one foot stepped on the top end one folded weed my other foot moving forward catch that weighted down weed I tripped on crashing myself to the earth. What a revolting development that was. Sure glad to get in this evening. Had I had to walk a sober straight line, my swaggering dead beat tiredness in my way I’d needed a drink to have even tightened me up. BGKC.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Look at this......

....I don't even know what day this was?

There, Last four days caught up.

Behind will likely go on next three days. Many details are missing in my writings. Some thoughts I hold within me remain unwritten. So shall it be for now. BGKC.

8-15-o9 Day felt longer heat felt hotter.

Pulling into the yard earlier tonite than two past dark liking last nite, I saw the signal. The porch lite was on. Hmmm… Did that mean I weren’t to come into the house before dark? Last nite it was a baloney and cheese sandwich washed down with a glass milk. Tonite it was a bottled beer, fish dinner, ice-cream, and some grapes for regularity.
This morning opened with my hauling in the in the last of yesterday’s baled hay for wrapping. Parts drop shipped here for the old mower conditioner, it is fixed. Now for some truth, If I’m not making any sense that’s cause I’m tired…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8-14- such a long day.
Made physical therapy. Repacked grease in wagon hubs. Baled, loaded and hauled hay. Got in two hr’s past dark. Hand's healing good.

8-13-o9 Wednesday as a long hay day

"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art." Stanislaw Lec
We were supposed to have used two mowing machines, yesterday. I was supposed to start out first with a small ill-shaped ten acre turn-around piece. Bro’ was supposed to move onto second field breaking it in ahead of us both mowing parallel to but toward each other to finish the field in an easy time. Yeah right.
Taking off with the old mower-conditioner for the ten acres, I found the first round still wet with dew before 1:00PM. Called Bro’ with my finding, went to lunch. Went back to mowing ten acres at 2:00PM. Mower started squealing. No, no, no, I knew what it was. There was but one bearing in the whole machine what made that noise. No, no, no, it could not be. Halfway through the third field braking round a drive chain had came off. That machine was done. I traded it for the new rotary-conditioner. The ten acres started earlier I had to finish it before moving on.
Going onto the second field we were both supposed to mow together I started alone breaking it in continuing on alone. About the time it were between afternoon and evening I needed a break. Getting ride back to shop for Ugly. Ugly and I picked up Handy, and we all went to super market. Bro was already there. Seeing him was interesting three guys picking up the groceries the need to eat, and buying gas down the street, the shopping spree short was over. Getting back I took up mowing from where I had left off and did so until the magic hour the evening dew had set in. Bummer, It turned out not to be the mowing ending I had seen us plan. I was all done with but eight acres to go.
Home with daylight to spare I bottled the calf and grained the mama cow. Coming in I grabbed a beer. Remembering the laundry I had tended twice already I put it in to dry. Then the beer tasted oh so good it getting dark before I had finished it along with my supper.
And my healing hand, having favored it all day on the tractors steering wheel, it is now sorer than all cramping Hell at 5:00AM this very morning. The swelling havin’ gone down it is still a bit sore and still not all that comfortable to try and squeeze and rub the cramps out of it. Uuu eee, ahah tig tang alala walla big bang, I is hurting. Not the kind of hurting enough for a valium and to early for another beer to close to the last, I guess I’ll think about all the terrific sex we enjoyed in the past. Uh, la la!
Thursday is going to be longer hay day. BGKC.

8-12-o9 A-Okay back to farming

Got fog here also. Okay for tractor speeds. The kind what worry's how fast's the guy driven behind me? Durn fog, I haven't located my cup yet.
Got a few joints to grease, a couple chains to oil, and I'll be cutting 26 1/2 acres by about 1:00 PM. Brought the old mower-conditioner out for the second cuts. I shouldn't need a face mask today cutting lovely green alfalfa. Balling dust could be another matter in a couple days.
Hand's doing okay. Need to wear a glove to protect from dirt and grim. Need wear gloves to protect hide from sun anyway. so, no big deal anymore, only…….
I’m planning me a great day…..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My makeup am what I am

Good Gosh, The one great thing about the internet these days is in all available help and direction offered from so many directions of the compass to include philosophical, mechanical and most importantly people person to person. We're so blessed if we should open our minds, let us open our hearts to all the well beings.
Let me speak a minute moment about myself. When I suffer loss or the inability to openly help out-wardly I tend to withdraw for the inability to express myself(?), my feelings(?), my heart. A word may suggest a common sense environmental, or animal injustice and my ire may be lifted then my heart opens for speaking upon issues what can not be spoken for themselves.
I'm far from perfect and am as I am. It may go all the way back to my inability to understand my school lessons, particularly reading and writing. The good and bad in my personality's problems might have been born and polished by the seat of my pants on an oak bench I think was set in a hallway across from the principals office for a being such as myself who innocently suffered still an unnamed dyslectic kid.
What most I learned in that fifty and over student to teacher and crowded school, I'd never be bigoted to another human being reversably learned the beaten and stomped treatment I suffered for having the furor's sir name during WWII's war torn years. So, keeping the whole world’s population in prospective; regardless, a man’s color or creed we all bleed red and dream under the same blue sky…
Called after my son a couple times today before getting him on a land line. He sounds terrible. Two doctors differ in treatment. One wants him well cleaned out for another colonoscopy. The second physician wants to feed him a soft food diet and build some strength in him first. Lastly, and in my mind, the best yet a Psychiatrist. This kid has had a need to have his head examined for years.
The rest of our children along with us, shudder whenever it is announced they’re coming for a visit. That means either locking everything up or nailing it down. My DIL is lite fingered as Hell. She’s had the nerve to go through our rooms, drawers, picking up this’n’that and having the nerve to wear it her next visit to one of our homes. And if this isn’t already bad enough her churchy mother thinks her daughter’s misunderstood by the rest of us. It is one tough situation.
Put in some late afternoon shop time. One bringing attention to a fork lift implement. Secondly I parked an 1850 in need a couple hours brake cleaning work. Thirdly I brought the old mower-conditioner out of the weeds to service for second cutting hay tomorrow Weather man says we got four days. That means 26 ½ acres are getting cut tomorrow.
My hand worked reasonably well today. I’ve got three fingers and the thumb working. And, keeping the little fingers out of the way of any contact on anything, ouee…. BGKC.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Did you ever….

“Ever wonder where the daylight sparkle in your head light went when a cop has pulled you over to tell your headlight’s out. Personally, I have always wondered where it went?”
And, I don’t want anybody telling me not to get philosophical these warm weathered days. Save it for under the snow.
My rebuttal! What’s a guy to do nursing an infected wing he don’t want to get dirt in all the ventilating holes he’s had punctured a dog’s hard way? So tell me!!!
Ding Dong The Bitch Is Gone
Sandy, Holly’s kennel mistress has come and taken her angel from Hell back home with her. Whew, I’m glad that’s over.
Hearing nothing of son I called his hospital today. He’s better in one way, loosing ground a couple others. I’m not sure what to think. My Hope for his recovery is my/our only option. Not making sense anymore, I had better quit. BGKC.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life’s given injustices

It’s a chuckhole in life when a parent may only watch and wait out a child’s pain. It’s happened again my unable to take hat pain away from our child. While we grieved the expected losses of our parents, that was different. They’d lived their lives giving and preparing us for ours. But a child at whatever age is still a baby to a parent. Case in point, my Mom gone forty years, once more I’d like to hear her speak out to me, “My baby.” Can’t be helped there are situations we may never outgrow.
The simplest explanation I’d ever heard to the my questioned “Why?“ from a great grandfather, he had said, “After we have given you your parents, we must die to make room for you your children.” I wish there were as simple an explanation for our children’s sufferings. Thus I guess is the times given for some lives lived. I know this doesn’t lessen the pain in lives’ left to go on.
A few years back on the I-Net I read the words of one individual tagged “IDF.” Our lives so paralleled each other’s I knew and felt his every word. While he and his wife didn’t raise my numbers of children the descriptions those of his own read like mine. There were ambitions, learned good work ethics on one good side his hand; and, then the bad other side it consisted of petty larcenists, pot heads, knar do wells, laziest’s living off the dole. There were good marriages and a bad. The bad included everything included the bad other side description. Ho boy, have I got one of those, and openly blatant about it. My numbers doubling IDF’s own, that’s the way it has worked for us/myself. IDF sadly has already passed on not to witness his families further degradations‘. Me however have been blessed with an extended life span to perhaps witness some my issue going before me. Is this a blessing or a punishment?
It were an almost continuous roll of thunder and lightening over Shorthorn country all night long. Still nursing my left paw. It is healing nicely. My thinking it is dragging on, it is most likely doing better than my patience can tolerate. Such is my life in the fast lane. My fast lane is walking it at eight mph anymore, my not raising to much dust at that either.
Unable to procrastinate any further into the day one of the first things I did was check the rainfall amounts poured over Shorthorn country the last 24 hours. We had received at least four and a half full inches rain water. The Goober Creek flowing through the Shorthorn barnyard is over its banks in the drive’s ford.
As the day nearer’s coming to a close, my left paw has healed some more today. I’ve managed to avoid hitting anything paining with it nor experience any heavy pained hand washing moves.
The doors closed, staying in out of the heat I’ve spent some time on the internet looking for some switches and relays for making fix an old GE low voltage house wiring system I had put into the Honeymoon cottage close to some fifty years ago.
Worst part of the day has had my mind dwelling upon my son’s illness. While I can’t help loving him, I’m still aggravated with his lifestyle that has brought him to this trying stage in his life. Whatever happens, it continues to sicken me, he’s brought it all upon himself. I got to get out of this. BGKC.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got tough news

Number three son in hospital in bad way. Ain’t nothing we can do for him. His compulsory hypochondriac nature is killing him. Neither one of us including the rest of brothers and sisters have ever been able to get through to him. He’s married, between himself and his wife they know more than any medicine man he’s ever been to see. He flagrantly ignores doctors orders. He’s become prescription drug dependent. He sees multiple doctors for multiple prescriptions. He has drunken enough Mountain Do Do to destroy his organs. There’s a rumor he’s about to expire via cardiac arrest. He likely started this one himself. Frieda and I have been helpless to help the kid for years and even more so these, perhaps, last days.
Meanwhile, I’m wondering how Frieda and I may travel. I can no longer be trusted behind the wheel for more than a few miles and light traffic.
Holly’s gone down the road with daughter Fillis. She’s good as gold by last reports, minding and telling Fillis when she needs to go outside. AND, she ain’t biting me. Della the cat has become a bit chummier. So, it looks like until I bring a dog home my own size and tend him around the clock we won’t have a dog. And, then it’d be a work dog.
The swelling in my left hand has gone down some. The two fingers beside the thumb have become moderately useful. I no longer need a bench vice or channel lock pliers to open my medications. Whew. BGKC.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Slow goin’

This morning was a late slow going what lasted all day. Accomplishments as I want to chalk them up were few as I took everything on single handedly. Sheesh, loose one wing sure makes it difficult flying let alone taking off.
For starters, I spent the entire morning bent between PT, drugstore, and piled high chores. The loco barnyard standards out of the way, I was down the road to the little place in the hollow. Taking a hay bale with me (per-standard procedure) I left it at the gate Deere John and I going on alone to move the hay ring. Well, I got it moved, without emptying it out. I wanted to empty it out. Curses. Well I at least got the feeder’s bottom drags stirred up recreating new interest in the previous bales leavings. Accepting even a small accomplishment I brought in the bale I had left outside the front gate, them had a difficult time making my way back to the (moved?) hay ring (control feeder) To drop the new bale in it. The Cushman and I ran the fences prior to changing the ladies pasture. One obstacle remained. What was I going to give the continuously demanding mom in sickbay?
As I had had a brunch like breakfast having run late all morning I finally made my way to the shop. While driving I, sort of, come up with a feeding the cow hay solution. That have to be later. Meanwhile, I took up trying to fix Fillis’s lawn mower. Well I could try. What I needed was a carburetors’ gasket. Not knowing where it get one without an all day road trip I had decided to make it. A diamond shaped 1 ¼” x 2 ½” gasket with five holes in three different sizes. Was a challenge for a two handed mechinneck let alone a nixed hard and soft handed old galloot. For starters I placed and rubbed a piece of writing paper over the machined surface the gasket’d fit to establish a gasket pattern. The pattern made, I laid it over the gasket material and commenced to use varied punches to make the clean holes required for bolts, and fuel and air passages. May I say some punches were of the legitimate holt and adapted throat hole punching kind and another one a leather punch for the smaller fuel passages. I must say the repairs went rather well everything nicely going together as the machine should have previously. I dislike having to do a supposed bonafide repairman’s job over. Argh!
Having missed lunch, tiring easily, ready to come home, Bro’ comes up with a bunch of crap for me to do. I’m hungry, tired, mind slipping and his garage door opener needs a fixing. Cheese and crackers, his need is critical, only take a moment. Soooo, I’m On the ladder removing bolts in order to take the door opener’s drive down. Everything taken apart my merely needing the replacement part, it hasn’t been gotten out nor even made handy. Darn it, this ticks me off. Regardless I support the machinery while he fiddle-fumbles with what should already been out. By the end of my extended shop time, his eating up my well being we loaded out me a wagon load of hay. On that load was an even better solution to my haying the sickbay cow. Not all was lost.
Gad’s getting home I belatedly lunched. Feeling out of it I laid down for just a short nap. Over four hours later I wake sundown leaning on me. Evening chores otherwise light I still hadn’t settled the cows hay issues. Combining bottling the baby, graining mom, the cow busy I hayed her yard. All was good…except all those envious ladies outside the sickbay area demands to be let in fell upon my very selective ears paying absolutely no attention to them while I doled out the grain. (hehehehehe)
It’s late now, alls good , Shorthorn country’s at peace, my rattlers finally taken, and doctoring my injuries, I ain’t in the least missing that bitchy Holly having left us this afternoon rather than waiting until tomorrow. And, as it has worked out the Fuzzy Navel hour has closed precisely on time. BGKC.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

fouled up good

It was like this. Chores done of-course, drove to PT, went Doc’s office had only to come back 3:15PM, stopped druggist for more peroxide their giving me dropper and smaller bottle so’s I’m not wasting the stuff, and went out to breakfast.
Sitting in Arlene’s restaurant-ee window I think I saw more late model Jeeps than all the other makes of Utility like vehicles combined. These ones kind-a make think of that sorry looking H3 with all the fat door and window post so thick a passenger can’t see out. Not so these Jeeps from wherein a body may see the passing world as it rolls along.
Home we bathed my hand with droppered peroxide and wrapped my paw in an Epson salts socked hand towel covered with a bread wrapper. A little soaking and we were on the road again. Frieda was going to give blood. “Was” is key word here. While her blood was fine last time, she was denied participation this time. She gets nothing out of these sacrifices but a comfortable feeling she may have helped keep somebody alive. Denial reason, her association with me. Wow! The Red Cross sure knows how to hurt a guy. Just because “EYE” had hepatiteass (hepatitis) almost 50 yrs ago, her extract is no longer good????? Was for years. Even a few months back! Now if she wants to contribute she must get an un-deferment from RC headquarters.
Went TSC for milkreplacer, cat food, inner tube, SMV sign, and cat wormer. Getting back it was more dribbling peroxide on my hand’s punctures and wrapped it in a nuked Epson salts soaked towel. Got to wait a while till Doc’s ready to take us in. Meanwhile just breathing upon left hand it screams abuse. I know it hurts, I’m attached to the other end of it. It’s to bad I can’t vulcanize them punctures.
Made Doc’s office on time. We sat in the waiting room for only a few minutes. We were just making a couple new friends when we were called in. Let it be known when we go Doc’s office together it’s a two fur deal. Shown our cubical we got to sit for hours. Actually Frieda sat while I laid out on an adjustment table. That passed me a couple easily slept hours. Cheapest place in town where a fellow’s room rent’s Medicare paid.
We’re eventually looked at. I got swabbed. Both shot up, I in my arm, Frieda in her heel. I’m given two prescriptions one the insurance company denies payment. Frieda’s also another prescription her insurance not yet activated isn’t paying for. Now, I’m waiting to see what tomorrow may bring? BGKC.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work load lightened up

Just watch current work load lightened up around here, become real heavy I start a project my own, something will come up to help foul up the rest of the normal farm routines. Like I need maybe three days to make physical door changes front of house, something else will come up. Never fails. Taken my time this morning analyzing the sitssheation over another cup of coffee, I might better make an announcement as to my intentions.
I gotta be careful voicing any intentions, I’ve learned the hard way. Last time I did that without even opening my mouth first got me a life’s sentence. I’m knowing the hard way even just thinking can get a feller in trouble. Kind-a like all those seductive scenes stepping up behind a purrty lady; some breathin’ upon an ear, a little nibble upon an earlobe, a lite lip’s caress upon a neck; one thing leading to another for one more trouble making starter.
I been studying behaviors all my life, to finally ascertain it isn’t any harder to get into trouble with an old girl as it was with her as it was when she were a younger one.
Holly’s on her way out of here. I’ve had it, specially last night. She’d been outside for some hours. The moment she came in she id everything on the floor. I go to discipline her and I’m bit multiple times both hands. This morning my left hand looking like a baseball glove. I hadn’t said a thing. Frieda’s decided the bitch has got to go. I’m sure glad of that. Her former mistress is coming to pick her up this coming Saturday. While I hadn’t said a thing when I was out of her sight I did do a wee bit of a jig.
Today worked out to be a real grind. Making cell calls a couple the 4H kids gave me a hand handling the equipment, supplements, blocking up and chucking the wheels on the ground feed wagon. That’s about all I did today. Hands already infected I laid off getting them dirty. Tried soaking them in hot water before moon. Seemed of little help. Poured hydrogen peroxide over my hands all the afternoon into evening. They’s beginning to feel better. After Morning’s PT, Doc next door is getting two visitors. Frieda, cortisone shots in her heals, antibiotic’s for me. I could sure use another Fuzzy Navel, only I’m afraid I could get addicted to those things. I’ve already had more than my share a bout with alcohol when I was still classed an up and coming drunk on my way up to alcoholism some years ago. I guess it’ll have to be a caffeine free root beer.
A disappointing day from beginning to end, I’m tired. BGKC.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

and life goes on

I went alone PT. Insurance all fowled up, I had to pay for Frieda’s meds. Fed the ladies. Did my chores. Had short chat with an attractive neighbor lady. Tuned in the internet for a short spell. Wrote my piece about my fondness for BEES. I put the Polaris Ranger up on stands. Tried again to fix Fillis’s dryer. Parts man wants more info than machine has printed on it or I’m missing something. Major Bummer! Went shopping with Fillis. Had good time in Crossroads VG’s Supermarket.
Saw smoke rising north by northwest of us. Fillis and I started chasing fire engines. Never caught up with them. Stopped by friends house for his business card. I could have been hanged for having forgotten his name. I remembered part of it in time. He gave more as we shook hands. Fire still some distance away we dropped our chase hearing engines running the roads just another mile from our stop. Had to have been a whooper of a fire they had to use tanker engines to haul water into Clio. Getting home Frieda said it had come over the news, Webster & Garner was on fire. I-carumba, They’s our farm and homes gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and propane fuel supplier. Holy smokes, what’s more, they’s a local tank farm among other things. Warehouses, retail outlet, propane supply depot and filling station.
AND, lastly opened me a Fuzzy Navel. I’m not sure I know what it is. I sure know it is tasty and smoother than soda pop. BGKC.

Opps PS: I'll add more to the Bees statement another night....hic
Oh yeah PS: Woke up painlessly and remained so all day. Beginning to wonder can life really be this good? I wish Frieda could join me!

In defense of BEES

I want to rant in defense of genuine bees. Let somebody get an insect sting of any kind it seems 90% of the time a bee is the receiver of another bad rap. SO THIS NO RANT! I'm merely a friend of BEES, some hornets and yellow jackets, yea and wasps as well. I have to deal with all these guys everyday-everywhere I go anywhere/everything I either pass or come in contact with. BEES, I leave alone. they're just making a living like I am. Hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps are everywhere. We as humans must be aware, become aware. Where there is one there’re two and more. I get along with wasps, my moving slowly about them. There’s no way I can possibly kill, murder all of them I come vicinity in contact with them. They hang under my eves, mud dabbers build their caves in the rafters, paper wasps either build large communicable housing, many looking for a better way tie what looks like a ball in or under things.
I see one stinging insect, I back off and watch until I have a real sense of the area of who, what kind of arse stabber I got to deal with. Bees I let them do their thing, however do they hover within a blossom is beyond me. I haven’t got anything I can move as fast as their wings. Okay, I ain’t got wings. There are ground bees and wasps. Wasps I back away from leaving them alone, unless? Ground bees are those great big jumbo sized bumble bees, I’ve shown my children how to catch and hold in clasped hands for their palm tickling antics. BEES are so easy to get along with! Just don’t pinch them!!! We need Bees and honey BEES. The rest of the critters with the fire emitted there disturbed arses I have to live with. Their everywhere, under the house and out buildings eves. They hang out under the varied undersides of farm equipment. I’ve provided them with scenic mobile living and travel using the tractor wherein they’ve taken up residence in or under the hood, implements too. Up and down the roads, fields they’ve been my traveling companions. I simply can’t wear quicksdraw holsters packing both short ranged or long ranged aerosol cans of insecticides.
I may also not want to see harm come to any these insects, as they assist real bees pollinating the blossoms from hence our fruits, vegetables, and other foods come from. It takes patience to stand and let some of these critters check/examine us, often times looking for drink the moister our bodies perspire. And it doesn’t help if some folks don’t like these hot arsed guys will wear the damn-est bright colored clothing imitating the look of blossoms: or, How about all those sweet smelling people who rather wear a stinking cologne as to being just plain cleanly washed. Perfumes and toilet waters smelling like flowers is an open invitation for all these a-fore mentioned insects to simply come and check these individuals out.
Now for you guys super sensitive to these a-fore mentioned stings, keep you medications and benedryls handy. Fro the rest of us Adolph’s meat tenderizer made into a past works dabbed on the sting bite draws well. Have been put onto toothpaste more recently. Works well also and a durn bit more convenient.
So.....Until this evening…..when I regularly post.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Different wake up

I arose without a pain this AM. Well almost. Just a wee bit of discomfort over the left eye I managed to massage down and out alleviating a temporary sinus condition.
What to do today? Maybe some of that what was spoken of yet left undone yesterday may be done today?
“Loving without kissing is like fishing without bait.” author unknown to me. J And how I do like kissin‘. J
Whatever it was I did today I had finished it by 8:00PM including supper. Now let’s see, I ran the fences and gave the ladies another pasture. Researched Fillis’s cloths dryer, copied numbers, checked internet. That was a near loss. Whirlpool is the best at offering home repair advice. So far the rest of the manufactures suck. I could be on my own this repair job? Took look at Fillis’s lawn mower. Today Yup, it leaked gasoline, as reported. Took note from area leak was coming from. Gasoline drained. Started dis-assembly. No visible leak found. What was found was gobs of silicone and a badly beat up carburetor gasket. Don’t make sense. Gasket is between carburetor and air-cleaner. But then there’s a priming bulb in the air-cleaner. Could be damaged gasket off center some five holes as culprit. Best part is the worst part. The cussed mower’s a Craftsman with a Tecumseh motor. Now there is a total loss product straight off the sears retailer floor. BGKC.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Made it a lite day today or whether that was my intention. Doing what I did here then it was off to the shop on the other end. Making it a more fun activity I brought out the Cushman. Hooked the lite implement trailer on to it, Loaded my tool box into the Cushman, Loaded my chainsaw plus its attending paraphernalia.
My intention was to bring brownie back with me for Fillis’s use on her lawn. Then while she mowed I’d take her drier apart for parts list.
At the shop the Cushman having backed its trailer into the ditch for Brownie’s easy loading. Then walked out to the shop for Brownie. Only Brownie was in a…, no go mood. I tried jump starting…, no go. I swapped out another battery…, no go. Finally fed up with the goofy under chassis safety switch, I commenced to take it out. That was fun. Had first to remove sheet metal. Two self locking nuts to hold hood two bolts to remove engine clip. I was where I could see the safety switch. Yup, I could see it. I don’t believe the manufacturer had any intention to make it an easy removal task. Undaunted, becoming back handed, in lieu of double jointed, with the aid of the ¼” inch wrenches and a long extension I managed to remove that ornery switch. Check out is continuity I found I couldn’t get rid of it!. Balderdash! The wiring harness loosened and rerouted I decided to screw the safety switch down a-top the dash. While I was continuity testing it had never failed it’s switching purpose once, not once. It was a much better place for all concerned. First, second, third times Brownie started as it was supposed to. Suddenly, repeatedly the battery had come alive. I loaded Brownie on the lite implement trailer, packed my ¼” wrenches and headed for Fillis’s. Sure I would need flashlite I came home for my old reliable. Caught, Frieda wanted to go along.
At Fillis’s I immediately went about my task of looking at the dryer as the women caught up on everything they hadn’t said on the phone earlier. A quick survey of he dryer wondering why it had a pipe fitting sticking out the back and a 110 volt power cord fed out of the clock area, I discovered I’d be hard pressed to replace an electric element in a gas dryer.
Time to unload brownie. Trailer backed into the ditch it started as it should additionally pressing in dash safety switch. Fillis having had used this machine and others similar, the control run down was easy enough merely adding relocation safety switch info.
Somewhere in my day I had made two extra runs up and down this road moving hay, feeding ladies at Fillis‘s and again check gate post inventories behind Fillis’s same place.
Meanwhile while Fillis mowed I checked on some seamstress work I had let out. Checking on it popped a top while discussing important worldly gendered matters with Juan. By and by Frieda and Fillis joined us as did Jeanie also. Next thing I knew we’d been invited to stay for a Mexican cook out. Yum! I excused myself to drive home for rattlers. The evening passing slowly I had to run home to let Holly out, bottle the bull calf, corn feed the mama cow, to have Holly get loose and run away from me. The rest of the masses had no idea all the fun I was having. Understand, Holly no longer hates me nor seeks my blood anymore. Just the same she hasn’t totally warmed up to me yet. So I sat on the porch steps giving with the best coaxes I could muster from memory upon Holly’s female sex. I was soooo good I’d never had caught her if it hadn’t been for one well placed foot upon her passing leash, Youser…. BGKC.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August already

Holy smokes the summer’s sure over half gone now. With the end of July, it’s official with us kids. Think of it, the year‘s over half gone also. Our county fair ain’t but a couple weeks away. But I will survive.
Shucks, what’d I do today? The usual chores that’s always for sure. Nothing exciting here to get into I went down to the shop. Finished putting that soundly running derelict lawn tractor together. A spring I hadn’t the slightest idear how I was going to ever get it back on, it came to me. Start one end just as if I knew what I was doing. Then I gathered up a piece of electrical conduit about a short 4’ long. I put on end on the spring’s unattached end, leaned on it, and before I realized I had done it the odd end out was secured over its hanger. Everything else was elemental. Moe “ele” than “mental.” Last thing up was the mower deck. That took a little more persuading also. Not like that spring. With the machine hanging 45* off the ceiling, say, I employed the old alligator jack slipping it under the hind part of the flopped deck. A little coaxing this-a-way’n’that I theoretically got it hooked up to the chassis my way. The belts were they should be the heart of the machine was looking good. I lowered it to the floor. Put the battery in it again. Climbed aboard an it started. That rusty looking poor old contraption aught to have a name of it’s own. I’m thinking Brownie. Should have done that naming part a long time ago. I just didn’t see it then.
About the time that tractor’s engine came alive here came Chip around the bend. And he had promised to faithfully help me earlier this very morning. I scarcely pulled my LT out of the shop Chip had his LT moved in and hanging right where moments ago I had taken Brownie down. {:^) he did a fine job BS-ing me. As long as his great big fancy LT was but hanging around then he’s wanting to use Brownie to mow all the lawns. {:^)
The broken hay wagon fixed, reloaded, and brought home, the 4010 taken down the road for second cutting preparations, the trying to make fix a four way switch failed, the factory new assembly installed on tractor for baler tier, and my bringing the 4020 home with hay in tow helped rounded out my day as I did my evening chores.
Now it is past my bed time; and, I wonder where did the day go? BGKC