Monday, August 17, 2009

I’ve Been Reprieved

I’m oh so tired, I don’t believe it. Started Tuesday last with initiating a second cut. What was supposed to start out with two mowers and two balers was reduced to one working mower day one and one baler day two and three. Didn’t help dealing with a frozen bearing, broken chain, rust and broken connecting rod. Thankfully Chip was able to give us a hand hauling some of the hay in. How many bales this second cut thus far, I don’t know? Wrapping this cut we created one better than 1/8 mile long white plastic caterpillar.
I’m going to take it as easy as I may today. Right now Shorthorn country is being delightfully covered in a border to border soft water rain. I may even step out on the deck later for a warm soft water rinse.
Got to’s replenish shelled corn supply. That’s a drive around the block for two elevator stops. Before that, need drive over to the Crossroad’s for an Ugly gassing-up. Fair starting today, having forgotten to buy myself an advance sale parking pass I may just sneak in among the cessionary’s, through their back fence‘s gate. This has worked for years my usually using the Cushman putting on my most official face. I’m only interested in how well the kids are doing with our 4H calves. I’ll leave all the walking the fair grounds to the younger sets.
Three things, yup! Gasoline, fair, shelled corn, and ride the back fences. It’s been a hectic week since the fences have been fixed.
Some of the upsides my casually cruising the hay fields my seeing a many a deer: does, fawns and bucks; plenty of turkeys and them hippity hoppity cotton tailed long eared critters I used to throw wocks at when I was a widdle boy.
Now that were finished with this rush, the equipment already fine tuned for the next cut, maybe, just maybe I may rest up a bit for the next one. Two 50/50 grass mix fields to go, maybe over 50 acres Sudex nearing maturity for harvest. Oh lawd, to pooped to even pop a top. BGKC

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Paula said...

Well I'm glad the widdle boy didn't shoot the widdle rabbits or could you kill them with a rock? We hardly see any anymore and I sure miss them even the jack rabbits.