Sunday, August 2, 2009


Made it a lite day today or whether that was my intention. Doing what I did here then it was off to the shop on the other end. Making it a more fun activity I brought out the Cushman. Hooked the lite implement trailer on to it, Loaded my tool box into the Cushman, Loaded my chainsaw plus its attending paraphernalia.
My intention was to bring brownie back with me for Fillis’s use on her lawn. Then while she mowed I’d take her drier apart for parts list.
At the shop the Cushman having backed its trailer into the ditch for Brownie’s easy loading. Then walked out to the shop for Brownie. Only Brownie was in a…, no go mood. I tried jump starting…, no go. I swapped out another battery…, no go. Finally fed up with the goofy under chassis safety switch, I commenced to take it out. That was fun. Had first to remove sheet metal. Two self locking nuts to hold hood two bolts to remove engine clip. I was where I could see the safety switch. Yup, I could see it. I don’t believe the manufacturer had any intention to make it an easy removal task. Undaunted, becoming back handed, in lieu of double jointed, with the aid of the ¼” inch wrenches and a long extension I managed to remove that ornery switch. Check out is continuity I found I couldn’t get rid of it!. Balderdash! The wiring harness loosened and rerouted I decided to screw the safety switch down a-top the dash. While I was continuity testing it had never failed it’s switching purpose once, not once. It was a much better place for all concerned. First, second, third times Brownie started as it was supposed to. Suddenly, repeatedly the battery had come alive. I loaded Brownie on the lite implement trailer, packed my ¼” wrenches and headed for Fillis’s. Sure I would need flashlite I came home for my old reliable. Caught, Frieda wanted to go along.
At Fillis’s I immediately went about my task of looking at the dryer as the women caught up on everything they hadn’t said on the phone earlier. A quick survey of he dryer wondering why it had a pipe fitting sticking out the back and a 110 volt power cord fed out of the clock area, I discovered I’d be hard pressed to replace an electric element in a gas dryer.
Time to unload brownie. Trailer backed into the ditch it started as it should additionally pressing in dash safety switch. Fillis having had used this machine and others similar, the control run down was easy enough merely adding relocation safety switch info.
Somewhere in my day I had made two extra runs up and down this road moving hay, feeding ladies at Fillis‘s and again check gate post inventories behind Fillis’s same place.
Meanwhile while Fillis mowed I checked on some seamstress work I had let out. Checking on it popped a top while discussing important worldly gendered matters with Juan. By and by Frieda and Fillis joined us as did Jeanie also. Next thing I knew we’d been invited to stay for a Mexican cook out. Yum! I excused myself to drive home for rattlers. The evening passing slowly I had to run home to let Holly out, bottle the bull calf, corn feed the mama cow, to have Holly get loose and run away from me. The rest of the masses had no idea all the fun I was having. Understand, Holly no longer hates me nor seeks my blood anymore. Just the same she hasn’t totally warmed up to me yet. So I sat on the porch steps giving with the best coaxes I could muster from memory upon Holly’s female sex. I was soooo good I’d never had caught her if it hadn’t been for one well placed foot upon her passing leash, Youser…. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Maybe if you had brought Holly a taco she would warm up to you.