Sunday, July 31, 2011

Month’s end

It’s 3:00 AM and I’m wise awake sipping an iced tea. Gosh another month has nearly gone. Am important month in our country’s history when many men with vision dared to start a new country governed by it’s people, rather than a potentate, signing one of the greatest documents ever drafted.
I look at the present mess over in Lansing and down in Washington DC and marvel at how complicatedly dumb the whole political scene is. We need to return real politicians back into the house and senate seats who know what needs to be done and done by the people who know how to do it. Term limits in congress may well be the ruination of us all. A continual turnover of want-a-be’s who’ve no idea how to do what they were sent to congress to do until its time they be replaced.
I didn’t hurry out of the house this AM. I sat with Frieda and watched “Washington Slept Here staring Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan.” What a hoot.
Once I got on the 9:00 AM road I was again inspired seeing the bikini-ed lass jogging the same road. My not only seeing her in my mirrors she steamed. This time it was along a portion that road lined with mailboxes.
Sunday morning roads remarkably clear of traffic hauling hay was a absent traffic pleasure drive. Wasn’t until my second trip did some speed demons pass me as if the Devil his-self was after them and I had perhaps thoughtlessly gotten in their get-away way. Such a hurry I could only hope they got there safely?
A Sloppy Joe with Bread’n’Butter Pickles for lunch I was on the road again wondering from where this trip would start my leading a second parade? … As it worked ou I hauled four ten-bale loads home today. Had wanted to stop by the village market for me some ice-cream. Seeing the bumper to bumper traffic on the State Road. I didn’t think it prudent taking slow loaded hay wagon up and down that pike to market today. There’ll be no ice-cream again tonight. One more four bale load tomorrow will make it 104 6’x4’ bales off those satellite fields.
While I should have been done by 6:00 PM I took a break my last drive home. Putting rattlers down by time I’ve finished this day I’ll be ready for taking it all off before supper. Temps hit 103* summer time temps the likes I remember when I was a kid. I’ve no AC and reluctant stoop that low. How would I ever get anything locked up in an icebox. I’d be a ruination to my getting anything done. I guess I’ll just tough it out up to what I can take them move onto something else.
Ha!!! Weatherman says our official temp only hit in the low 90’s. He should have been where I was. I think I drank 2 gallon water today and still lost a couple pounds. Sit time over, I got to hit it again.
Back out and about the little ladies hay’s god until tomorrow. Two more stops I came up empty handed for Chevy washers. Back I unloaded truck and wagon. It’s after 7:00 PM and the evening’s my own. No ice-cream, it’s gonna be a-whole little bottle red pop all my very own before supper.
Jut a few moments please and Ill see what’s for supper. Oh crap! What’s the vino doing to me? Up extra early before I wished it I’m already feeling sleepy. I’d better…

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I’m Up….
….already and maudlin. I’m in the mood for it. “To soon old, to late smart.” Setting here thinking about what I need doing…. When it was supposed to rain I worked on Ugly and all but finished that project just before I was mentally and bodily wrung out, yesterday and the day before. Bro’s more’r’less fixing to set the world on fire today. He’d warned me what he (we) were going to do today. (grin) Gonna see what really happens today. (morning observation)
Welp, morning’s come and gone. I was within command all the wild horses under Dumpy’s hood on the road before 8:00AM. Wasn’t easy suffering some eye strain having been able to have taken out five/six mailboxes had there been some, caused, my seeing an amply built charming bikini clad young miss jogging along the opposite side the same road, I had been on part of the same time. Coming and going it’s a wonder the glass in my rearview mirror hadn’t melted this passed babe looking hot. Oh well, had my thrill for the day. (sigh) Two round trips out to those satellite fields. Breaking for lunch I still hadn’t seen or heard from Bro’. When he had said “We” had he really meant, “You” meaning me? (noon observation)
Omelet, fried tators, and apple sauce downed, I guess I’ll see what happens next. Got-a hit the road again. “Say-la-vie”
All told, I brought home four loads ten 6’x4’ bales hay per trip. Each round trip taking about two hours each including loading and unloading. I quit early for a couple’r’three reasons the open all to myself morning road became middle afternoon cluttered with traffic. I lead more than one parade. In between loads three’n’four Bro’ got a hold of me. He’d been playing (a guess) with for most of his morning. Anyway, my getting caught he used up an hour of my time which wasn’t helpful my hay hauling. Then there’d been a double dosed stupid bull calf out all day refusing my early morning efforts to reunite him with his mother. So damned dumb I plain got tired of his bull headedness and left him to his own devices. So, I still had him to take care of, the ignorant critter taking up still more my traveling time. Picking up and taking Terry along for a few smiles we eventually worried that dumb arsed critter over the fence back with its mother. Only an hour’n’half daylight left I shut me down. I needn’t a late evening traveled problem to deal with while pushing against darkness for one more load. Besides I was tiring. Not like the last three days; but tiring just the same. What the Heck, It’s Saturday night and a little R&R is not out of the question. Maybe I can find a good TV movie to nap through resting up for a good night’s sleep.

Something extra my growing up:
Growing up on the farm, we used to dig varied pits (holes) in a sandy knoll between the house and barn. Potatoes, carrots, & etc were buried deep covered with straw and a used garage door laid over top. Cabbage was buried in straw roots up a garage door* over top again. Door moved made easier retrieving veggies under the snow. Guess who learned how to do this digging the first hole.
*Dad was called upon quite often to replace swinging garage doors with over head doors five, six, seven paneled over head doors were popular with gas stations and other commercial enterprises. Residential usages saw the introduction of one piece aluminum spring balanced over head doors.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Checking my rain gauge we’ve gotten another inch’n’a-half or better rain last might. That makes near three inches rain the last two nights. The farmyard’s creek water’s even higher and there’s been no receding the barnyard recent mud lake muddy waters.
On the road I picked up a quarter what was sent of a dozen protein tub order. Another elevator owner manager having walked, he commented it was the same with them, his complaint, he sometimes wasn’t even getting partial orders. What’s going on?
Returning home to kill time in lew a pending medical welfare appointment I checked fences. Was surprised Cushman hadn’t got stuck fast somewhere. Fence did need tending and I picked up a few downed tree limbs.
Here’s something new. Frieda and I have been visited by a (va-va va-voom)* Hospice social worker today. Rumor has it we may need a little help making/keeping us comfortable. Primary issue repeatedly coming up Frieda’s denied portable oxygen equipment yet she’s on oxygen 24/7. Some of us are of the mind if she requires oxygen 24/7 why doesn’t this include the equipment so she may leave the house? The original denial has been her body’s oxygen level isn’t low enough to warrant fully portable oxygen equipment. I don’t know?
Morning all but totally ruined I had an early lunch before hitting the shop and continue Ugly repairs. I had my time with Ugly. Damaged parts replaced, I set about re-lashing all the valves. I confused myself the over first round through the lot of them. Then I ran through them a second and a half times before I was satisfied I had them right.
Along about 3:00 PM I hit my wall. The next two hours were a touch couple hours trying to finish up the Ugly repairs. Fact, I quit working on it short two special washers and my mind rattled enough I figured it better to wait until tomorrow before starting the engine. Besides, needing those washers installed and the last eight bolts need tightened before going any-way further.
Home near 6:00 PM I needed to wait an hour before taking my rattlers, then another hour before my supper. I uh had let myself be talked into a piece blueberry upside down cake. Hmm Good!

*(va-va va-voom): my unsolicited silently taken look upon the pretty young lady’s appearance. I remained the old phart gentlemanly self all the time she was here, and saying nothing after she had left. (grown) All this, knowing full well where I hung my hat.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This one’s for Donna…..talking about urinary tract infections (UTI's)
Somebody around here had some such problems coming upon or within her shortly after her marriage. She saw the Doc. He explained it like this. Her body had to become accustomed to our biological differences. This problem would go away when her body had accepted my differences within her over a period of time. Her problem had come along with a husband, me.
Well, it was my custom I might leave her alone for several days throughout or marriage. Often I go on hunts and fishing expeditions, and then all her pregnancies deliveries and recoveries. Then she’d live and have that UTI thing all over again.
I remember the worst of those times were when heavy work schedules kept me to busy, sometimes wrapped up in my work I lost interest to properly take care of my bride‘s need. There were also the prolonged hunting expeditions to the mountains or deep forests that’d last a week, ten days, two weeks and more. The same scenario including leaving Herr Clink in So. Haven whilst I spend several weeks Spring planting and Fall harvestings. My having been away upon my return catching up our loving she’d have the same old UTI’s re-occurrence problem in need for more beer.
The worst of these times reoccurred those times particularly after I’d return home after a long absence. It was a honeymoon fortnight each and every time all over again. For it seemed we had so much wordless catching up to do. I say, there were times when the homecomings took a lot out of me.

The Good Samaritan

This is one embarrassing story. It happen evening last having gone to bring home another heavy load of hay. Shane took off with tractor with the hay baler in tow. He got as far as the nearest rural crossroad (a dangerous one at that) the tractor dieing plum centered the roads all four ways. Truck loaded, wagon dropped, I was on my way.
Upon arrival found Ollie had run out of fuel. Crappola! Best I could do was pull tractor and baler off side road out of that inner section. Was a tug but Dumpy handled it. My making a cell call for diesel a fellow pulling up along side asked if I needed some help. I told him we needed fuel. “how much?” he asked telling me “I’ll be right back.” He was too. Before the fuel poured into tractor was all poured into Ollie I was hand pumping the fuel, priming the fuel system. It took awhile. Had to also turn truck around for nose’to’nose jumper cables. We were a half to three quarters priming and charging before Ollie came to renewed life again. Shane was on his way, I thanked all the folks who’d gathered around for moral support, and particularly the good Samaritan bringing us fuel. He was also a farmer having been there, doing that. He refused my money.
I returned to the hay field only a half mile away. Found the wagon had been loaded. Wagon hitched up and ran into rain coming home. Goofy Dumpy truck having stood where I had parked for the battery jump, the tires had cooled off and when I had gotten back on the road those tires thump, thump, thumped before they had warmed up half the way to Otisville, the little village about half my way home. Thankfully nobody stepped forward to have showen me how to properly check a machine for fuel. (ark)

7-28-2011 How You Like…..

…..waking up to a Charlie-horse before you’ve swung your limbs over the side. It was an opening Valium situation if there ever was one. Oh yeah, I’ve got my Valium supply, but hardly handy. I’ve got them parked somewhere in the house. And, they might just as well be a block away depending upon the tightening severity. Up, I walked it out without the need for the muscle relaxant medication. Whew!
We’ve had thunder boomers and rain all night. While Frieda inventoried them I slept soundly throughout the entire window danced flashed image show and the varied pitched sound effects.
When I did get up and got going I found we’d had an inch and a quarter and better rain fall last night. The farmyard creek was full and running, plus the barnyard had gathered up a swamp’s worth of rainwater run-off. We’ve been re-rewarded with a barnyard lake of muddy waters.
I took out time to take a down’n’out neighbor to a food pantry. When it had come time for him to answer up, while I was talking to somebody else, he had just gathered himself together and had walked away. I went looking for him, not finding him. I don’t know. I could have better used my time!
I later found him. He had a good excuse for his leaving me with a red face. I immediately shagged him back to where we’d been earlier. I’d done my part. He could go it from there. I had other to do!
Lunched early I attacked the Ugly truck’s engine with the ferocity of a hungry lion. The valve covers wrestled off (out 0f the way) I started looking for engine parts failures. First thing to standout in my field of vision was one misplaced pushrod looking at me through a valve rocker arm‘s misguiding hole.
I looked at what I saw and thought, “What’ll I do next?” I removed the damaged parts as a pair. Making a phone call found the parts I needed for, two sets, for less than one pushrod’s cost had I driven to a burb. Then what? Heat’s humidity getting to me mushing my brain I had to think hard…. Bummer, this is no way to go through life. So, I leaned on Ugly looking the entire engine’s the top end what was thus far skinned back so I could study some its innards. About here, I laid down on floor about to slid under Ugly to locate and mark the dampener’s timing mark; I’ll need it for valve lash adjustment.
The cell makes it’s answering wants known. I answer it Her Mostess had thoroughly messed up my instructions for handling a potential visitor to our home this day’s afternoon. She’s decided she needs me home, rat then! The dampener still unmarked, I rolled out from under. At home I re-explain, for what little it did to pent trait a female mind. Oh well, I was getting hot and slow anyway. I got on the internet research information relating to my putting the Ugly truck back together again. By’n’by the phone call comes. The voice on the other having no idea what all she’s messed up including my tomorrow’s morning; I doubt she understand me either. A guy can’t win for loosing when he’s earnestly playing with his toys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Day

Yup! Tea day it is. Although it isn’t near as hot as it has been, it was muggy as Hell though. I moved and fully serviced 2150 Ollie. With Shane’s help we put the plows on the 2150 and made it ready to go and roll, roll earth that is. I managed to move Ugly away from here and it now sits center stage in the shop for instant attention when it starts raining. Lunch long gone, finished down the road and was ready to roll hauling the last hay fields hays home.

Getting it done in.
Dumpy on the right pushing Ugly on the left right into the shop. Let it rain, let it rain! I’ve got me an inside job.

Dumpy truck earning it’s keep.
And doing a grand job at it. Telling it like it is, last fall some wisenheimers made some almost lewd and obscene remarks about my dumpy truck‘s appearance. I believe it was implied it was merely a piece of junk. In away they may have been right. Taking stock the moneys I paid for it, the parts I put in it, it still came up a bargain. Such a bargain I’m not out a dime! It goes something like this. I bought the truck merely for its dumping parts. The running gear is sound enough. The body can be saved if I work at it with some home made panels over the winter and it’ll easily last another decade. That’ll be all the time I’ll need its use.
Having to weight the truck for licensing it tipped the scales somewhere around 6600 pounds. Scrap tin is paying $220.00/ton. What’s more for what I paid for Dumpy and the brake repair parts. I’m still money ahead.
Dumpy’s come up a sweeter smelling deal than all the wildflowers blooming all over these hundreds Shorthorn country acres combined. I ain’t laughing! But, I am smiling widely.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mixed sleep’s

Frieda says she’d had a restless night. Me, I slept like a log merely rolling over twice. The weather having cooled off here (67*) there were no night sweats here. My not listening to Frieda’s comment “It’s cold.“ or “I‘m Cold.” I’ll remind her this summer night’s cool breezes pushed throughout the house.
I’ve already started reminding her, “You’ll be complaining this winter house temperature’s cold. A draft not to un-different from the breeze blowing through the house now will be a winter’s draft.” Oh yeah, I’m telling her and she’s laughing. I told her, “I’ll be reminding you of this date July 7th the year 2011.”
Today is the day I had designated to make my dumpy truck fully legal. Wanting clean clothes I didn’t have any. (nuts) So! Well, it’s morning my time to do laundry anyway. One hand for the handrail, one hand for the laundry basket with no hip to carry it on I gingerly made my way down the ancient steps into the dungeon’s laundry area. I emptied the washing machine into the drier and started it. Then loaded the washing machine out-a the basket. There they was coming and going all my bib’s but what I had been wearing. Now I’m waiting on my pants. When these loads done I’ll throw in my last dirty pair.
To fill out my morning nothing much left to fill out my bad shorts I carried out deposit bottles, washed a couple batches dirty dishes. Had to. Was running out of room to continue piling them once washed. The discovered problem finding enough places to let them drip dry I brought out the paper towels. The dishes upside down on the paper towels I needn’t have worried about washing off the counters. The same for washing out the sink full of juice soaking for washing out I didn’t have to worry about cleansing the double bottomed sick either.
An early lunch, 1:00 o’clock calling my poof of insurance to the license bureau I was on my way. A truck what only weighed a few pounds over 6000 pounds, I was sorry I had hit some speed bumps head on to knock off a couple hundred pounds of chassis dirt. The drive to the sec state office and an officially certified scale for all the paper needs Dumpy’s info needs, I seen a cop ahead of me, passed a couple cops off the side on me, and was closely followed by another cop rat behind me none of them noticed Dumpy was un licensed. I don’t know what all they were all doing? But with the crime waves the such as we have around here, these guys surfing or riding them they might have either been studying their swat-team manuals or looking for a designated practice OK Coral?
Home about 3:30 PM, it was tea time before I took on something else. Must put Schultz Ollie back together. Gee whiz, it only took me three remembrance episodes to gather together everything I needed to do this job. Now that I’m ready, it being a cooler day and all, I could stand a forth accomplishment. I was soon off and running using the little buggy loaded with all parts and tools down ready to go.
Oh good gosh, One of the neighbors brought Her Mostess one humongous sized box with a monstrous full load of yarns. Glory be, Frieda’s got enough crocheting materials to keep her out of what little hair I’ve got left for awhile. (grin) May this neighbor’s sub-samitch making heart be blessed.
And, as for the Schultz Ollie repairs, I managed to change the fan belt for one an inch shorter. It was such a close fit the only way I could put the alternator on the engine was with the belt on it first. Bolted on the fan belt as tight as I could manage it I looked into the voltage regulator. It was nice a clean looking like new inside. However I had a piece of 400 emery paper with me using a folded piece to clean the faces of the contact points. Starting the tractor, walla the amp-meter indicated the electrical system was properly worken.
A ride outback the ladies were where they were supposed to be in-spite a deer had gone through the fence. The calves showing proper respect for their elders they all got up and gave me a hightailing it demonstration.

Monday, July 25, 2011

An A-Risen Crisis Loomen

I awoke this morning facing certain gut wrenching disaster. I found my laundry supply of baking soda dreadfully low, right behind was my speedy on the run instant Tea mix, I’m completely out-a root beer, milk I’ve got to have, but most certainly ice-cream for an evening’s nightcap to close a completed day any time I should choose, AND the Dumpy gasoline glutton truck will need more fuel. So there‘s my Dumpy unvarnished wanton explanation!
Weather’s 77% humidity boiled in 81* temp’s sure is an unsettling wake-r-upper. Far from that feeling of an old salmon swimming up stream to spawn, I’ve the notion some body’s nasty fingers have dropped me in a boiling lobster pot. …. Back to my pallet where perhaps under the ceiling fan I may be blown dry and find slumber.
Re-awakening at my usual time I hardly feel rested. One beer evening last before supper I continued drinking water all night long havin’ to repeatedly get up to move it.
A new Monday morning a continued fib it’s the first workday of the week’ If that the case I want to know what was that I was doing yesterday? Whatever it was I were doing I see a common continuation the likewise activities for today: continued delayed repair activity upon the Shultz Ollie’s charging system, moving more iron, rounding up some pre-major reconstruction tools and materials for a front door replacement, and one sure fired drive into the Crossroads for Dumpy gasoline and a supermarket stop. Perhaps, just perhaps I may take along seven bushels deposit bottles to sort and cash in during the heat of the day.
Weell, I got one of them early curtain calls. I was informed I needed to grind grain today, tomorrow even if I couldn’t get to it today. Weell there ain’t nothen like getting it out of the way and done with it. Only I had a couple questions pressing on my mind. How much gasoline had the Dumpy burned? The other did Dumpy have enough fuel in it to make over to the crossroads? Weell, there ain’t a nothen like finding out! So I set out upon my pilgrimage to see what or where it was going to happen. Just to be on the safe independent motoring side I found me a can of gas with a proper spout on it, if I should just happen to need it. Along my way I stopped by the elevator for some supplement fixings. Moving again drifting into the Crossroads first thing I did was gas up. Golly whiz, I only managed to squeeze eight gallons gas into Dumpy truck‘s fuel tank. Gosh, I had driven both ways between the farms for four days both way al least three times each day. I’m figuring Dumpy’s easier on fuel than Ugly. Took a rounded number 600 miles reading off the speed-o-meter. I guess I find out mpg a latter’s calculation.
Grain ground, belly fed, I’m a needen to hit the road. Got more that heavy stuff the likes I moved around yesterday more to do today. I keep plugging away at my brother’s junk I’ll have all moved before I know I’m done. Now moving my stuff, that’s another story, that ain’t junk. Thems are piles of possibilities I‘m hard working on, in my mind. They’ll be used in time. I just don’t like rushing into anything, project.
I managed to move two loads of varied implement parts one load saved the other one scrapped.
My hitting that cussed wall I had a time keeping it together to make of a load of shop trash to put out here. Trash contents: one paper feed sack household trash, One instant port-a-potty, two fed bags oil soaked drip catching cardboards and used oil socked first newspaper rags, and some several pieces cut up tires.
A Cushman drive out back the fences were sound, the ladies busily grazing grass, their calves lazily laying under a proudly standing line of oak trees shade.
Coming back to house, I made me a tall tea and forgot to take the rattlers. Frieda caught it a bit later. Supper’s going to be an hour later tonight.
I was going to go out in the cool of the evening a work on the Schultz Ollie. No brighter than my pilot light is this evening I’m forgetting the Ollie. Nearly exhausted bed’s going to look awfully good to me tonight.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Got Too

That’s all so right, I’ve got two whole motor vehicles drivable at my personal disposal. Dumpy truck four days ago. Today I drove the Cushman home. I must add along with that troublesome oil leak I have taken care of, managed even, to fix Cushman’s brakes to the point they‘ll lock up on a panics stop‘s command. Was a mater of digging out and blowing out accumulated dust dirt within the confines the Yamahoppy cart’s reused original braking system. Then the mechanics was generously bathed in ATF oils to penetrate and lubricate the brake linkages adapted to fit the Cushman’s now even better working brake needs. It’s a better day with two sets of rolling wheels at my disposal. Whoopdee-doo!
Mac’n’cheese for lunch, then it was hitching a ride back to shop. Got plenty stuff to pick up, pack up, move, and set aside I know there is a farm shop behind a lot of dropped rubble in front of all the shop doors. AND, fair coming up the wash rake will want to be used for washing and trimming 4h club steer projects. ….. I guess…..
To get down the road I called on Terry. Taking him with me I had him drop me off and had him drive my Cushman home.
I spent my afternoon over heated muscling away a assortment of heavy iron (a piece at a time) from about the shop doors. A good share of the iron loaded and stowed upon a pallet over the hill, the first trip was enough for me. The next load, tomorrow perhaps will be hauled out thrown into some assorted scrap bins. Like I’ve written When I had unloaded the first load making four stops I called it shortly after 5:30 PM. I was happy with my Cushman success and taking care of some salvaged future implement parts.
Finally making it home with the Cushman silently parked out here. Looking it over there were no old or new oil leaks. Whew. Satisfied I downed my rattlers and put the buggy away. I think I had done enough to call it a productive day and find myself entitled to some R&R.
So much for the peaceful safe sanctity of country living. It seems an individual doing no one besides himself harm was found dead a half mile west of us. A neighbor woman seeing some individuals wrestling a limp body out of a roadside parked automobile immediately called 911. Police from two TWP’s, County Serif dept, and State Police converged upon the scene on our area from different directions.
Moments later as one officer had just stopped to examine a corpse another officer evidently (unknowingly) closing on several some nervous individuals these individuals jumped into a car and headed east. Another office making for the crime scene just happened to be in the hastily motoring individuals way. Boxed in, these questionable individuals abandoned their car and made for running cross-country under a very high electrical high line. One individual was caught (unable to exit car) and taken into custody. Other individuals of interest were chased down and also taken into custody. Now depending on results of an autopsy as to how the man had died, had he overdosed (visible tracks down both arms) or was he beaten to death (his body covered in multiple bruises). While delinquency troubles had followed some of these people from generation to generation no children were arrested.
A cotton sheet thrown over my recliner, my back has quit itching. Throwing a cotton sheet over my head I am afraid won’t do a thing for my itching and watering eyes, although there is hope perhaps improving my looks.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cushy job

I been fighting the Cushman all morning and disgustingly enjoying myself. Even having to fix a fan flywheel bolt hole then worrying if I were going to strip all the bolt holes before I had the stubborn thing taken off? Well, I got the flywheel off and found nothing wrong with the front crank seal. No leak, nada!
Taking up to studying the sit-she-a-nation one side of the engine was covered with more oil than the other. My next inkling-nation one or two valve pushrod tubs ‘O’ring seals were leaking. Stripping away more and more of the necessary clutter bolted to the engine block for engine air cooling, a starter for rolling over engine for easy starts. A whole lot of necessary stuff out of the way the leak was easily found where gathered to it was a whole bunch of wild plant fibbers gathered about for the engine’s oozing sticky stuff. Gosh, I do enjoy discussing my adventures in exacting technical terms.
Taken myself to lunch I continued right on beyond the house. I was on my way to our rural auto parts store. Along the way I spied a lovely bunch of yellow tiger lilies aside the road. Lovely! At parts shop I (we) managed to find the required ‘o’rings I needed for my Cushman repairs.
On return drive, what the heck, I stopped to inquire if I might talk these folks out of some those yellow lilies flower bulbs this fall. There answer, “Sure enough.” Yup like comedian Danny Kaye had taught me, one never knows what the answer may be if the question were never asked.
(Damn, nobody warned me about marriage proposals.)
Along about 3:))PM ,y mind hit my personal wall. Since then it had been a concerted bite of mind over matter. It was a good thing the Cushman had continued to hang around in the shop, (I’ve got it hoisted off the floor om a chain fall. It can‘t get away.) I continue carrying on just as if I knew what I was doing. Biggest nuisance was taking a few steps someplace and havin’ forgot why I had gone there. But I persevered going onto something else until my forgotten thought had returned. In-spite the setbacks I finished all but installing the engine’s left hand exhaust pipe for it has a hole in it. I want to weld it. Something I may do better when I am morning fresher to the day.
Oh, what I had finally found wrong with the Cushman were two items. One of them operator error in failing to keep the engines hardware cloth covered intake air ways clear of weeds and grasses consequently causing the abused engine to over heat. I suggested two problems, the other was in the engine’s original assembly last August when the assembler had used a wrong (or inadequate sized ‘O’ring it had only been a matter of time before it leaked. Of course the engine overheating didn’t help matters overheating the motor thinning the motor oil. Well, I’ll soon see if I’ve taken care of the oil leak. The Cushman will be running again tomorrow.
Then it’ll be Ugly’s turn I the shop. Rat now I’m imagining Ugly’s engine has some broken valve springs. They shouldn’t take long to fix if they should be the cause Ugly‘s troubles.
Back to Shorthorn country:
A snap of yonder lower end hay yard. These dry bales have all been rolled into 6’ diameter high by 5” thick plus 5’5’ round by 4’ through. When they have completely dried they’ll dry down from about 1900 pounds average field weight down to about 1600 > 1500 pounds stored winter weights. Rolling them bigger there be less weathered damage, good eating hay loses. Nice and round tying the bales as tight as may be possible help make them a solider mass They become their own thatched roofs shedding the elements our loosing maybe up to 2” hay on the rounded outside’s the bales.
Backing up the ¼ ton truck:
I have one concern not knowing what’s going on with Cushman fix. I’ve one odd bolt left over and two others missing? It could be a sleepless high heat and humid night. I never worry about things. How’d I loose two bolts?

Friday, July 22, 2011


A brand new day, woke up in the pink, feeling refreshed ready to go again. Falling off to sleep late I got in one of my old fashioned sleeps constituting maybe five hours. Frieda was up and down all night. She’d said she had even set on the deck for awhile. Other than that she‘s good. She‘ll likely get in a nap or two today. An on going upset tummy she‘s found orange juice easiest on her stomach.
As for the rest of me, my upper back and shoulders continue to feel sun burned and itches like Hell. Frieda tells me I look alright. I‘ll just have to try and stay out of the sun and watch my heat absorption. My eyes itch and burn, and I haven’t internally drool over seeing an exceptionally pretty girl all week.
What to do today? Dumpy’s running good enough for staying close to home. Ugly needs some rather determined undetermined engine attention. Greeny’s engine to costly for a quick fix I should, get with it, rounding up major parts, liken another short conversional short block. Cushman really required for daily field excursions, the easiest repair challenge right now, me thinks its time to unload it, put in shop, take apart, and fix oil leak. Yeah!
Why, oh why, is there so much of the month left at the end of the money. Hmmm, if I were to trade in seven bushels returnable deposit bottles I might have enough change to buy the Cushman a new crankshaft seal. LOL at myself. (hehe) Seems all my wealth is tied up in empty deposit bottles. And gold is going for $1,600.00/ounce. I could sure use a working alchemy* formula rat now, on them empty bottles!
Took Cushman to shop. Luckliy had ride back home offer. It was an offer could not refuse. Fed the forgotten yearling heifers hay, and went back to shop for real unloading Cushman for dismantling.
When I had wrenched until I were hungry enough, had lunch.
On second return wrenching went well until I got to cast fan removal. Two trips over to the Crossroads for longer and still longer grade eight bolts was futile. I finally found (or realized) one of the fly wheel’s bolt holes stripped. Time for some steamy thinking. While the temperatures had tilted some it was still high humidity uncomfortable. A too brief a shower of little rainwater enough benefit, I was on the road again running into one of the Flint burb’s for a Helli-Coil thread repair kit.
An hour past rattlers feeding splendor time, I called it quits. I’ll make a steadier meck-an-neck come morning, be more on the ball drilling a hole and the heli-coil’s installation my being well rested.
Dumpy truck behaved beautifully for all my afternoon’s running. Drives like a winner. May even warrant a couple new inside/outside paired fender replacements. Hey, lets not get carried away!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Hot hot hot continues the Summer weather. Last night’s sleep was a restless sleep to say the least. Not just for myself, but included my Frieda as well. I was an all-night ice-box raider for cold self bottled country well water.
(be forewarned I may repeat myself in the following.
A cool breeze descending on us out of he NNW feel cool and refreshing I decided to go for a tractor drive. The Shelled corn supply gravity box empty I thought it prudent to have it refilled before the weekend. Last week’s grin was a three bag shorty, a week‘s orth at best. The WD45 teasing me we were on our way Boss Sixguy did the loading honors for me this morning, then the load was driven around the block for a weigh slip. By time I returned home I knew it just had to be iced tea time. If it wasn’t I made it official stirring my own brew with bottled well water out of the frig. Oh, that cold tea hit the spot perfectly.
As I sipped at my refreshing sweetened tea Bro had parked himself in my yard. Yaking on cells He talked me into my accepting a ride to shop. While I didn’t exactly feel comfortably ready to go I did anyway. Plan was I was going to look up some numbers I needed and he’d bring me right back. What the heck, Outside the shop scene I decided to stay and fix Dumpy’s exhaust system. Bolt cutters I had a 1st “U”bolt cut off. That part of the exhaust system needing my attention was free.
Checking out the back wall pideon holes I found just the right graduated repair part to reattach the exhaust pipe to the muffler once more. One clamp salvaged, two more used muffler ‘U’bolts off the shelf, one of them used, I had the exhaust system ready to go the danged parts are less likely off right away. Lastly I drilled and tapped some frame holes for license plate bolts. I closed the shop and went home.
I ate a cold lunch and hit the road. Washed Dumpy’s windshield clean inside and out. Cleaned it was my picture window looking out on where I was going. Gassed gas-can with me I headed for Otisville for gasoline and a core’s part return. Dumpy drove beautifully. It was while I were on the road I remembered last thing I had failed to. When this heat wave breaks, maybe during a rain, the shop floor clear enough I’ll properly grease Dumpy’s many scattered zerk fittings.
The last couple our’s Heel on soles my inability to walk a straight line half way through my motored trip I found I had better get my achy achy-soul, my itching prickly heated back with the whole body back home to some my life saving ice water. I’m where I want to be outside temps hit 102* 47% humidity it’s feeling liken more than 110* out there. House un-air-conditioned is 76* do to that nice NNW breeze blowing through the house. Attic insulation is paying off. Could be even cooler if I’d simply made a boxed fan powered gable end vent for an already existing glassed sash gable opening.
Some-a-twitch! I’ve got a free day and it is just to damned hot to even think about replacing even one front door. Balderdash!!!
Mid afternoon heat treat:
Like a couple or three days ago this heat wave phenomena tried its damnedest to get to me, with colossal amounts of immediate memory loss. Today without a known dehydration factor I became aware of but mind punishment just the same sort of noodle frying without the deep fat fryer.
Leaving here about 2:00 PM a lazily sitting on my derriere enjoying my Dumpy truck windshield cleaning efforts inside’n’out I was unaware any personal problems. Coming up on the first stop on my spur of the moment motored itinerary stopping for gas I found myself unbalanced. Without so much as an even accidental sniff of a cork was somewhat unbalanced. I stumbled out of the truck, I had a hard time with the store door. I found myself side stepping during my best efforts to walk a straight line. I hoped no-one, but nobody was observing me. Trying to tighten was useless. I don’t know what the prolem is with these Chevy fuel filling hardware’s‘. I couldn’t hold a steady grip on the dispensing fuel pump’s spout. Having to stoop and reach for the truck’s fuel tank was also an unbalancing stance. I moved on around the truck, brought a pail out of or off of the cargo bed, using it for an arse anchoring stool with steadied fingers my elbows resting upon my knees I gassed up the truck. Paid for the gas, bottle of pop, and a tobacco product and was on my way.
My staggering, swaggering wasn’t through yet. Comfortably sitting behind the wheel I felt back to normal. The next stop was but only a mile ahead along my way back home. I was damned, getting out of truck again I experienced the same un-stead walk having as yet not-leaving me alone. Again the unsteady wandered slithered walk. I could have qualified for a certified anaconda tracker. The core dropped off, some muffler clamps and some mini hose clamps, all paid for, I was on my way.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Disgusted with Ugly’s performance I run only long enough to move it out of the way. Meanwhile where Ugly’s concerned I could have used that 267 CI V8 Chevy engine in that truck the twp insisted I get rid of. No more, never again. Jerks! That was last night.
Limited use the Cushman and I checked and repaired deer damaged fence around what I call the third pasture. Havin’ come back to the barn yard giving out with yell, the ladies acted as the wanted me to bodily carry each one out to the grazing. That’ll be the day…..
Disgusted with rising heat that’ll be pressing upon my fluids and noodled brain before the day’s done. The Dumpy truck repairs had not moved smoothly. That was about to change with a well rested body and fresh mind’s approach to the repair problems. Most important and intriguing approach I went after some of the left side’s brake line replacement from the top. Taking off the radiator fan blade and lifting out the fan shroud, walla, there was the problematic proportioning valve in full view. Getting at it being able to see it worked out much better. The old line unscrewed the proportioning valve the other end chiseled off I’d made progress. The new caliper bolted in, new rubber hose bolted in, and new steel brake line nearly bent correctly (I hope); it was time for lunch. A little refreshing lunchtime rest the last part was supposed to go smoothly.
Had a can chicken noodle soup for lunch. I plan meat balls for supper. Well, I guess, I had better re-get with it. Going to have to retire Ugly’s use for a spell putting Dumpy truck on as the prime-line vehicle. The last 20” brake line replacement for the original 14” line was fun. I surprised myself making some interesting bends to stuff an over length steel line in a limited space. Better yet when I had finished wrenching nothing leaked.
My having been in, under, and on top the cab not looking to bad for solid. I’m thinking making a couple body rocker and door panels. A little fixing the Dumpy truck could last us quite awhile hauling around the farm.
A lunch devoured the afternoon went well enough in-spite of the heat. The Dumpy truck has brakes. Whooppeee!!! Gosh, I think it took more the afternoon to clean and put away tools. I’m surprised I finished what I did without any leftover parts to contend with. Dumpy’s still parked in the shop. I want to at least band-aid the exhaust system. AND, I’ve got to do the beast’s paperwork to make it road legal.
I suppose I could have looked at the mufflers today; but, then having seen a lot of blackened holes, the truck still extraordinarily quiet I’ll take them on myself sleep freshened and well rested come morning. My thoughts include bolstering the works before one of them embarrassingly falls off in traffic.
One more thing I’ve got to do tomorrow is (rain-x) clean the windshield. The rear-view mirrors so much cleaner than the windshield I can see better from where I’ve been than I may see as to where I’m going.
Sort-a off my feed the last couple hot days, I’m feeling hungrier this evening. Come on Meatballs.
I stopped by the Loopy Acres Estate’s today having seen the estate Mistress busy out in her driveway. A water hose in hand she’d been cool hosing down Scooby the Loopy Acres mascot, guard dog, varmint control individual, and official company greeter. I know it’s been extremely hot the last three/four day and this loopy woman was hosing down/cooling off her entire tractor, even. I’m telling it like it is, living on this road a body may eventually see more of it-all, all the time, or at any time. (shaking my head side’t’side)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two argh announcements

I’m seriously thinking taking up hating phones, all phones, landline and cell phones. There I was completely prepared for bed. He twilight zone is near upon us, my landline rings. “You need to grind tomorrow. And oh, a fence is down out back perhaps since last Saturday. Everybody knows I’m without wheels including the Cushman’s down. I checked the Cushman’s oil level. It’s up. I chance it, will she blow up, burn up, I didn’t care all that expected walking was going to be to much, and the troops damned well know it; yet, we’re going for a drive.
Driving along closing the distances my arrival on the scene, all the ladies are out. Checking the fence was gone, I mean gone-gone. Okay, my turn to get on the cell. So pissed, inspite my mind altering drugs taken I was hot more liking really pissed off. I chewed some ass. Voice on other end of the cell airline, “I’ll look into this.” What to do? I started my round up alone knowing full well these ladies are smart enough to out flank me at every turn. And they did.
I was getting nowhere as I knew these girls knew how to play me. Did I have a ball bat? I thought I remembered one. I stopped walked about the Cushman and luckily saw a yellow glint of reflected light off the child’s plastic ball bat.
Weaponed I charged into the about to happen one cattleman’s self perpetuated fray. I went for the furthest one out showing her my risen temper. The plastic ball bat wheel in the air via my left hand I slapped the Cushman’s left front rubber belt made fender, “Crack!” She heard the percussion message and turned into the direction I’d accept. One small success I head ed fr the other end this spread out mob and again slapped that fender bring up another resounding, “Crack!” I had some of their attention‘s. The in betweens non moving I drove the Cushman straight into them making a couple connections upon a couple fat asses, I meant business. Know I had all their attentions. And, just as I suspected, whatever head way I had made earlier heading them for home was lost as they had out flanked me wheeling the whole lot of themselves right back out from where I had originally started to move them off from. My 30 some year old alfalfa field. Left to the ladies they’d have it totally destroyed in only days. (I was Grrrrrr mad) The Cushman again answered my pedaled call for speed heading them off my adding in some well voice displeasure in their behavior’s a number of times along with the beating Cushman’s fender and a couple swinging derriere’s.
Looking good for a few moments I had them moving home…. That was until a leader cut off to the left walking into a semi wooded watery area the Cushman couldn’t go. This act had my deposition seriously slipping. Abandoning the Cushman, with the yeller bat in hand I charged into the mixed stew wood beating tree trunks, stumps and windfalls. I even connected on the bull’s lazy ass. If he was going to give me trouble the way I went after him, he wasn’t big enough and moved on towards home as I wanted.
My thinking I had them on the move, they started the immediate last trick all over again going right into a smaller swale hole just yearly wet enough it has remained unharvestable all the years I been here. They knew I couldn’t/wouldn’t drive in to it. The Cushman driven only a comparable long city block I was on foot again. I was going in after them even if I’d have to call a wreaker to pull me out of my bare footen boots. I was hot after them. This time I had them. No more hiding places. No more evading snags, They’d resigned themselves as to who was the number one outnumbering boss right behind the eighty of them and headed for home. When they had reached the lane I closed it. At the same time I see and hear the troops coming. They had it timed right, I had them rounded up and all home. Then came the classic question, “You’ve got the fence fixed.” Some of the walking having cooled me some that question raised my ire all over again, “What fence?” I had asked, tell‘im, “It’s gone. There’s nothen to fix…!” Me, mad as Hell the troops left before I got all over them.
Some time later darker than dark, I get apologetic phone calls. I was also informed carb for Ugly be back sometime today. It’s imperative I fix Cushman. And, I may get some help. Yeah, fat chance!
Now I’ve got to find a tractor to loosen and a trailer to empty and pickup an empty gravity box for a feed grinding. I doubt I catch cold today either!
No wheels for the road everything either laid up or still down. It was the WD45, the unloaded wood hauler, and myself were on the road again this day. Down the road I picked up the empty feed wagon, detoured for the elevator’s fixings and returning home received a go grocery shopping invitation along the way. (smile) No ordinary dummy, that invitation sounded like a good idea. I accepted the ride in that air conditioned car. We did need milk and Frieda was out-a something.
Gone only an hour yet back home to soon for lunch I forced myself. What’s a half hour between meal bites? Then I was off to snake the Leland tractor with it in tow grinder-mixer around the lazy monumented Ugly truck resting its front feet in the dry creek bed. Of course if I can swing the combined units within the reduced barnyard limits I might just make the machine’s trip the long way around the yards. (Why Me?) And oh, My Dumpy truck parts hadn’t arrived yet as well. (why oh why me?)
Havin’ taken the machinery around the barn, all's set up while I were doing this including the grind, the Dumpy brake caliper and the Ugly carb arrived. Needing a cool drink I made me a double iced tea, plus another a bit of time later. Sitting down for a few I’m just as soaken wet as if I had just come out of a sauna and then disappointedly wished the Winter’s snow hadn’t melted.
Side trip:
Goofy arsed TV news personalities are hawking air-conditioners as a necessity to life’s living. (Where from are they getting their kickbacks?) And, then there’s innumerable numbers of invitations for seniors to gather here’r’there until closing to take in the comforting or life saving air-conditioning until closing time. Whoppee! As if I’m going to go for that, and get thrown out into the evening heat. I’m not gonna ask how dumb go I look. Shut up, as if some smart-ass likely has an opinion….. Pucker-up! Yea-who! Pucker up!
If there’s anything I hate is beeing in anything other than the good mood I’m in rat now. Now need when I go hardware store to purchase another terlit grinder. Ours broke this morning. Hard telling when I’ll be going that-a-way.
Spent my afternoon in shop until my mind fizzled out with the heat. Thankfully I lasted longer today. I suffered no oatmeal brain mushing today as I spent most my time still taking dumpy truck apart. Going through saved truck parts in the pigeon holes on the shop’s back wall I found replacement brake pads Unable to take left side brake lines apart I feel a mad-on coming by morning when I’ll give them Hell tomorrow with a nasty hammer. Tain’t got enough room for swinging a BFH*. A nasty hammer will have to do. Hmmm, perhaps that ¾” x 12” cold chisel will be seen as to what it can do again.
When clock had rolled around beyond my usual rattlers’ time I was more than ready to call it quits. Besides I’d more than enough to keep me busy here at home for a couple more hours. Put fixed carb back on Ugly, move Ugly to open the driveway, unload wood hauler (loaded down with tools, leftover supplements, and a brake caliper core), and park that combined tractor unit out of my way also, and more. Need check Cushman oil level for another pasture’s fence check and let the ladies out on it. I later let this want slide. The ladies were happy for the moment and as I was seeing it as a rest’s blessing for an evening’s closure. Top of tomorrow’s to do list. Great, I’ll be fresher then and this task will be a a shortened one.
Hot again today it was some easier to take than yesterday. While the heat tired me, I lasted a lot longer today. At least I managed to keep my senses going for me. I only had one mental disorder having to go back for one tool twice before I had gotten it right in my hands. (a long low moan nicely fits here) & (grin)
*BFH: Big Folking Hammer …. A folking hammer is either an 8, 10, or 12 pounder the likes Dad showed me how to swing during my youth. A real honest to goodness old folk’s hammer. (grin)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Can’t sleep

Heat frustration is keeping me a-wake or perhaps I could blame my insomnia on my lack of enthusiasm for a last evening’s heated supper. So, here I sit drinking a glass apple juice simultaneously whittling away at what I thought was my childhood’s called long horn cheese. The rejuvenated cable service has Hugh Grant entertaining me. Now would he be Cary Grant’s replacement? No, can’t be, Cary Grant was a contrived name. I don’t know about Hugh Grant’s? Both gentlemen still fun to watch!
Bro’ and Shane started early hauling alfalfa, about time, off that field. Me, I was out on the road gingerly advancing down the road for the shop. By the time I had Dumpy just tucked in the shop door I found I had one working brake. And a well noticed rear brake line leak.
Putting the brake matters on a temporary hold my first concern was easing the comfortable ability to shift the truck through its four on the floor heavy gears. I safely jacked truck parked up four strategically placed jack-stands. Then, I had gotten down and got under, as some of these old words had described motoring in the earlier years. With room to work, a 4”x4” for a pillow I had the oxidized parts needing adjustment were out and down. A vice, a wrenches, and a wire wheel, all the parts taken apart and cleaned it was a very simple matter putting back together where they belonged and primarily adjusted, while I wanted to try the shifting I went back to checking out brake attention needs.
Pulling the left front wheel off going straight to the problem, no messing around I ordered another brake caliper to go along with the new rubber brake line. The parts will be delivered come morning. Al least this side of the truck looks like an easier one day fix.
Dumpy temporarily put back together I used it going for lunch. I wanted to try out Dumpy’s modified shifting action. ‘Twas beautiful, freaking beautiful. ‘Twas a pure pleasure running through the gears. The clutch peddle worked so much nicer, it was near unbelievable. The second gingerly driven mile up the road this time. The clutch linkage going to see a little more taking up more the slack. That modification was a good call. (my head swelling, shoulders widening here)
A cold lunch, and it was another gingerly driven two miles down the road. Dumpy up on jack-stands again is where it’ll remain until more brakes are added to truck’s full stopping’s power’s use. Did an improvised temporary stop gap repair…..I rigged up plugging one rear brake line until I’ve figured out removal and installation a new line in a very cramped restrictive space between load springs and brake backing brake.
An Admission NOTE:
Okay, I modestly claim I’m a big tough indestructible guy. However, the excessive heat and humidity had humbled me to the point I had thought my mind had turned to pudding. More than a half dozen times having to walk from here’t’there I seriously forgot time and again what I had gone there for. So bad the off weathered effects upon my person inside’n’out I near broke into tears. I don’t know how many times I had sat down, gotten a drink cool well water, washed my hands and wrists, dampening the back of my neck. Along about 3:30>4:00 O’clock I had to give up on it.
My idealistic quitting time was hardly ideal as some stiff winds and some pounding rain descended upon the shop. The dumpy truck wasn’t coming down off it’s jacks this time. It was looking like a wet walk home time. It would have been if it weren’t for my cell phone. The right call Terry was going to bring me home. Rather than wait, the rain easing up I took to walking. I made a half mile, bringing me all the closer to home by time Terry pulled along side. Bless his heart!
My rattlers drowned with a rush of cool tea awhile ago I can look to making me supper in a few moments. I think I’ll nuke me a can of tamales. Quick, easy, just satisfying, need little more attention than a can opener. Gosh, am I ever looking forward to a cool refreshing pint of milk.

I posted this bit of dark humor on a board or two this morning:
....Canadians are taking USA heat at the border warms the cockerels of my heart.
Seeeing TV weather maps predictions and records its almost unimaginably temper's my soul.
It's gonna be a shady work shop day for me today with a couple salvaged cheap squirrel cages for moving air-conditionen. I've got my fir 4x4 block for my laying down under the job piller. I'm near set to go.
So, absorb some shade, drink plenty water and move slow.
Burnen Fernen

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now I know why…..

……women have wide hips for live support systems to carry laundry baskets and/or babies.
Just coming back up from working basement laundry one hand for the stair railing and not enough hip to help the other hand with the laundry basket, I now understand more the female’s classic anatomy! (grin)
Waited this morning for the Cable fixer’s return. S-posed to be here between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. I wondered if he were out waiting me my mind’s input. Meanywhile, I’m bothered wanting my having to get out of here to do something even if it’s wrong.
Already checked brake fluid levels in Dumpy truck. The right front caliper isn’t in any hurry to self prime for me over night. May need a foot loose soul to doing me some peddling. Argh!
4020 JD loader tractor’s back. This a sign I should haul in close to home hay? Do need to check bring hay in off alfalfa fields for their second cutting recovery.
The Cable guy showed up within minutes after the scheduled time. He’d finished cutting and making new cable lead-ins inside the house. AND, when all had been said and done he replaced our cable box. We were even clued into how and where to look into free movies. The cable remote has once more become a late evening toy. (such fun)
About to give up on Dumpy bleeding its own front brakes on their own I checked the master cylinder, it was out of fluid. Darn! Darn double bubble darn! I closed bleeder, added more fluid to the master cylinder, then turn to think about lunch, while I hoped it’d re-bleed any might be air in the top line back up and out. Gosh, I’ve got to try truck out then to get a ride to bring Ford digger here and try hauling dirt.
Whew, it is one hot humid day. Cable man needed water intake as well as some poured over his head..
I don’t want nothing hot. Maybe a cold can pork’n’beans? If I can find one? …… I did, the very last tin I looked at!
Dumpy truck back down on all four‘s. Dumpy started right up, brakes and hoist worked. Checked out clutch linkage as best I could. Initial survey I found about half of Dumpy’s clutch linkage wasn’t even being used. I do believe there’s more than enough room for improvement.
But I need more truck elevated working room for oxidized part removals. Then take parts apart, cleaning, reconditioning them for adjustable use. Unusable or inadequate parts may be replaced or repaired or lengths usefully modified.
Lawd! The heat and humidity is to much for me today. Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel so damned abandoned here. A simple ride for another machine I could be doing something moving around here. What I need is either shop or tractor time?????? HELP!
Frieda took pity upon me and had me take a walk to return Annette’s borrowed books. Check on Mike his shop was relatively cooler than outside so I pulled up a chair and watched making one/each piece at a time his building another race car. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again he’s an artist.
Coming home, planning for tomorrow The day as hot as it was called. Inside I stripped to my skivvies and settled in to watch women’s world championship soccer match. Watching them play Mom’d never let me date one these girls, everyone of them to fast for the likes of her country boy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My believe it or not…..

… of the nurses who had taken care of Frieda during one of her hospitalizations remembered her and her farm residency. 'Tis Nurse had called our house some weeks ago inquiring as to whether we could take in a cat with kittens? One of us had said, “Sure!”
Seeing as how we can use a couple extra cats down in the barn checking rodent control we welcomed the call. The Nurses problem was two fold... Her neighbors complaining about the cats had threatened to poison them to get rid of them. A second problem she had to pay the animal shelter to get have them taken off her hands.
When the nurse had called way back when the mother cat had picked up and moved her family over night. Ah, suppose she heard or knew something was in the wind. Well it was mother cat who had mistakenly returned showen up with all five her kittens. She called again to make sure the assured old arrangements still stood.
Upon arrival depositing the kat and kittens down in the barn they were transported and released out of varied cartoons, two traps and a picnic basket. She’d also brought along bag of cat foot she’d forgotten to leave a big bag cat food, but she’d remembered to give Her Mostess $20.00 bill. She also walked Frieda back up the grade into the house.
Thus far they ain’t expensive to feed. I hain’t seen them ever since they’ve arrived and turned loose. I doubt this will last long about the time new arrivals have either decided to retake up eating they’ve died hopefully somewhere else. Then when they’ve started eating they never quit until they’ve died.
Enough of this, I gots to ready to go. A cable repair-person is coming to fix our TV reception. The troops are coming to fly-tag and worm the Ladies. I’ve got to get a-ride over to our rural motoring parts dealer for either a nut or clip to help me put the dumpy truck brakes right.
Sure glad I hadn’t cut down that blackberry tree* shade treeing my Dumpy truck work place, where I hopefully have put it all working properly back together.
With in the home front; Frieda handed me a clean new (Goodwill) shirt. Putting it on I felt as if I had put on 20 pounds muscle becoming Shorthorn country’s very own, Incredible Hulk. Then checked outdoors. Sheesh! The troops were already here. The ladies had been rounded up and only a couple had come through the chute and head-gate. I was still in time to get in the way.
The Ladies taken care of Keith took me to Otisville for the additional parts I needed to complete Dumpy’s brake repairs. On my return home I fed my face and got at it.
My afternoon went swiftly by. Dumpy truck was as back together as it was going to get here. Any more repairs I hope I’m nearer the shop. Rat now I’m gonna let the front brake bleed itself out for awhile. I’ve aired up the outside dual. By the time I’ve picked up tools, etc, etc, etc, my rattler time will have rolled around again. It’s also a good tea time. And, I must return Mikes tubing bending tool. That gadget was a real new brake line lifesaver.
Dumpy still needs a couple tires fixed. I’ve got inner tubes for them. The exhaust system needs some band-aid attention. Next big change on my Dumpy agenda, I’m looking forward to making the clutch a bit easier used for an old phart the likes of me to push in. Then I’ll be wanting to see what it can do. Perhaps if Dumpy behaves itself and properly helps with a few chores and jobs around here I’ll bend out a few body panels to make it look a wee bit neater. That’s just maybe? If all else fails for no more than I paid for the whole rig, it’d make one Hell of a farm dump trailer not quite braking even on junking the leftovers. And some of the masses had made fun of my purchase.
TV’s still screwed up. Cable repairman coming again tomorrow. I hope he gets it right this time. A couple the channels I like to watch haven’t worked until the middle of the night. Bummer!
Shower and laundry time coming up to wash off and out the stink, having absorbed all the dripped/dribbled brake fluid I’ve been bathed in all day today.
*the Blackberry tree is actually a Mulberry tree:
Had a city country gent want-to-be insist he knew what he was talking about. OKAY! To each his own I guess!?!?!?!? My last words…, ”Whatever floats his skirt.”

Friday, July 15, 2011

Different kind-a day

The waits and pressures following the weather and opportunities to bring in next Winter’s animal feed is off me back. Still have to bring all those hay bales home though. Meanwhile it might be said I’m taken a load off my back. Could be? Actually I’ve been sitting on my backside along side or slide under the Dumpy truck. That’s right, I got to work on the dumpy truck all day merely trying to change the right front wheel’s rubber brake line. Ugly’s carb out on the road somewhere having been promised going back to its rebuild I’m without Ugly’s heavily wheeled use. The Cushman experiencing a nasty front of the engine oil leak is more or less laid up. Having run out of oil the other day I’m not to sure of all it’s metals conditions. Oil pressure remains good. Still have yet to see what the cylinder pressures are. If it needs a total tear-down it’ll get it. If all it needs is a new crank seal that’ll be near all it gets. And, a one more change, for that re-breather hose coming off starting all this doubt, will see a new hose and surer clamps.
Dumpy truck fought me all day long. GM sure hadn’t planned for this brake hose any way or means to be easily changed. What wasn’t broken I dood it just to be contrary. “sides all new parts will be just so easy to replace even to making up and fitting a second steel brake line to reconnect to the new rubber one. Hammer and chisel it took o remove that old line. I’ve saved putting it all back together for tomorrow. I hate rushing into things. Therefore, I can’t be accused of ever rushing.
Had to hay the girls down the road. Ticks me off nobody else watches after their daily needs. Loader tractor taken mile away from here. I was blessed with starting up and using the 1850 Oliver gasser. Surprise, surprise, it stared right up with out so much as a jump after quietly sitting over to one side for so many months. Happily running it’s engine’s own smooth tune it handled moving a desperate hay bale from here on down the road admirably. The girls fed, they’re much happier campers.
Toting tools via wheelbarrow around my farm yard I had also given my ladies a bucket of mixed salts. One of the ladies found it. A bit later they had all gathered around it as if it were free candy.

A bit later after I had been down the road and back the ladies, some of them, were gathered around the water cooler. Myself to far away to hear their talk, I can only imagine, but I shan’t bore my reader with such trivial gossip.

Well having written about all there was I did today, disappointments, accomplishments, observations; good night my keyboard. I’m only a brown cow (it’s what I call (a chocolate ice-cream/root-bear float) away from my bed time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My 2nd Finish

Well maybe not second finishing but then again while I had finished the first hay cutting just a few days ago. Today I had finished baling the whole of all the first hay cutting experiences.
Broken belt fixed this morning. Cushman loaded with everything I might need: diesel fuel, motor and/or hydraulic oil, belt lacing, some odds’n’ends tools and a step ladder. In spite my ambitions are running a low esteemed low I plugged on. I finished my hay baling well ahead of time today thanks to not needing to rake a single hay leaf for drying purposes.
On my way home I stopped by the super market again for the tea I couldn’t remember for the life of me last night. Got me root-beer pop to sip on for my continued drive home.
In my rattlers taken, an enjoyed glass milk, some leisure time finding myself wanting to doze off I might better tidy up (put Cushman away) and let natures rest take me over.
I heard a witnessed report a whole family of five were massacred on Genesee Road this morning. Thems one mother and family of four raccoon youngsters I needn’t worry about. I also found myself under plenty of field scrutiny all day I were a field. Had to doses busy body deer come out, see me and immediately run for cover not realizing I had seen them. Mother Nature’s got her spies watching me from every-angle from everywhere. She had even enlisted the aid of rabbits, a woodchuck, and some squirrels, I pulled my hat tighter down to my ears. I’ve heard them squirrels go for nuts. I might better have worn my hardhat?
Yup! I think I had better just park it in the barn and let nature take its course. Gosh, I want another glass milk!!!
Back, I choose for myself a extra tall chilled tea.
How about this?
I had goofed the original rolling this bale. The large mass between foreground bale and tractor was as far as the tractor could push it rolling reduced half its size. From there to here I had pushed the bale out myself and then all the way out. Interestingly enough the second rolling the very same hay, a smaller tighter well tied hay bale came out of it.

Can you believe this?
Last spring making an electric fence in Bro’s backyard, stopping to take a breather and down some water, under Ugly’s tailgate our looking down, right there it was behind the bumper was some this five fingered stuff growing.
Today some ten miles away taking a catching my breath breather looking down, all the tall timothy and quack-grass hay harvested into bale, but what to my wondering eyes do I see? These little guys spread out over a good sized area. Here’s some more those five fingered plants. Ain’t no lie, this coming Winter my ladies may be on grass. (laughing out loud.) It’s everywhere. Sheesh if it were ever made a fully legal cash crop I might already have it with a wee bit of coaxing? (heehaw)
So worn I ain’t even got enough energy left to celebrate my accomplishments. That’s bad! Maybe a sammitch and that second cold glass milk. Got-a call it quits…..

7-13-2011 Rubber necked Exercise

Machines? I must have needed a beak. I likely had no more than an acre of hay left to bale and the baler threw a belt. My hay making day was done. And, the exercise? I (the exercising) was thankfully done also, at least for shortening one long evening.
Driving that Oliver tractor (a pleasure) at same time watching the baler (a neck continual busy menacing chore) it is no wonder I‘m worn out. It all goes something like this; although, the order of the operated maneuvers may change. Well now, making a hay bale starts out with a series of conjoined maneuvers; the steering of the tractor at a slowen speed, watching the slowen baler’s travel nicely pick-up the windrowed hay for a clean new bale’s start. This requires looking ahead continually steering the tractor to either keep the tractor over the windrow most of the time or wig-waging the combined units for a narrow windrow’s picked up start. Once a new bale is started a body musk keep an eye upon the baler’s motion progress, like the bale’s evenly rolled contents keeping the bale square to properly stand upright in storage until needed as feed. The baler must be monitored also to see to it the bale is rolled neither to big nor to small for proper transport sized, hauling ease, and winter storage, Thus is required a continual looking ahead for the Oliver’s steering and the balers loading, tying, and unloading. If my head was any less fastened to my shoulders it’d mot be a wonder if it hadn’t fallen off. Meanwhile such twisting and turning the continual use of the neck’s free flexing muscles turning status my neck has from time to time developed a few aches’n’ pains. My neck is experiencing a few of those discomforts right now with a few grizzly noises thrown in for extra measure.
This was most of yesterday’s day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finished 1st hay cutting

At last I’ve made the last cut the 1st hay cutting. Will bale tomorrow and rake hay OR rake hay and bale. As usual some the downed hay will be ready for baling by non tomorrow. Some of the cut hay will need turning while some I may just as easily wait it out. The hay I had cut today will most likely be dry for baling day after tomorrow. Well, that’s the plan?
Back to beginnings. I took carburetor off Ugly and put it on Bro’s end table (his roll about work bench) first thing this morning. Loaded up projected needs (oils) on Cushman and returned home. Lucky me the last poor thoughtless soul brought it back without refueling it along te way. Is this written I must get extra special exercise hoisting five gallon gas cans to keep my boyish figure? Any way the Cushman back in the barn was off with the Ford tractor with IH rake in two. On site arrival I went to finish the hay cuts. Almost finished the hay cut the Schultz Oliver’s hydraulic overheated had failed me again. I wanted to go home for lunch these machines my current mood of transportation. It was not to be so. Here then I opted to bale hay until Schultzy had cooled down. So after about four/five bales rolled lackst in my watching eye I plugged the baler. So I shut it off to conserve fuel. I unstuffy the baler, go to start the Tall Oliver and the battery goes dead. Nuts! Trying the Schultzy tractor’s hydraulics I can get the mower off the ground. Not as high as I’d have, but I wanted to get something done today. I was on the road again, gingerly, but on the road returning a machine we no longer needed a-field. And, better yet, I was headed or lunch.
Upon returning to the hay fields I drove the Cushman. It is a great battery jumper machine. Only two cylinders it’s a lot easier on gasoline than a full sized anything else.
The Tall Oliver and I finished the last bale this first field at 7:30 PM. I was not about to start another field. Besides the Cushman’s headlights are more easily seen than to see by. I’ve got to something about them blinder’s one these days. Home and inside my happy house it’s 8:15 PM. I’ve opened a root-beer and taken my seat to mellow out. It took awhile. Thankfully Not as long as the day I had put in.
Late news, Ugly’s carburetor has been loosened up. Soon’s I know how to un-stick the throttle plates again, I’ll have it figured it out while the carb is still off Ugly’s engine, with no need to remove the carb again.
It has been one fresh aired hay fevered day. I’m pooped.
Fernan zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crap-Shoot Day

Seeing rain coming, even by my calculations, I was up and out as early as I could go. I wanted to bale as much hay as I possible could before it got here. My shoes getting wet walking in the grasses meant I had to wait awhile. For a day’s opener I got the Cushman out, out of the way, for bringing out the Krapsman to mow a couple passes down the west side boundary fence for the hay-yard. Both the Cushman and Krapsman I had to fuel. Added oil to the yard tractor. Figured the scooter alright.
The fence line mowen, I go to start Ugly the throttle plate are froze and no moving. Bunk! it’s the Cushman to the rescue. I’ll drive it across the TWP to get to the mowing. Fine Two mile from home the Cushman engine starts laboring and slowing down. I pulled over off the road’s shoulder. The machine is out of oil. Ugh! Two farm houses later nobody home for borrowing oil, I’m on my cell phone. Three houses this time nobodies awake. EEOouuuu! It‘s on shanks mare I had better start hoofing it. Bummer! All the traffic what passed me none of us knew either one of us enough to offer me a lift nor hand. Half way home cell ringing Shane’s finally up and going to bring me a white can of oil. I found me a short fence post to sit on and waited.
By and by along he come with a one quart white plastic can of oil. Nuts! Take me home… Home I grab the funnel and the five gallon white oil can out of truck. The Cushman’s engine oiled it starts oil pressure’s good. I’m on my way. Nearing my destination I’m seeing a blue cloud of smoke following me. EiEiEi! I’ve messed up my engine but good? Destination parked. No fire! I go to bale hay. I hadn’t finished the first bale and I’m getting a warm Summer shower. End of Haying! Checking Cushman oil its low again. Not as bad as the first time. Still? While wiping oil off engine, looking for a serious leak I found none. I did see a loose hose. Now, where had that come from? It was the engine re-breather crankcase hose was off the carb intake. Ah ha! I put it back together with only my fencing pliers for a tool. Topped off the oil again. I was off. The motoring was good again. I mean it! As long as its raining I head for Doc’s. I can or can’t work in the rain. Already a wet arse Doc’s was on my way home. Need to get that out of the way anyway. Sheesh! What a time loosing stop that was. His present staff unable to get it together I cooled my heals in his office and cubicles for three hours. Crud! I got things to do rain or no rain.
Finally home late afternoon, I’m hungry. The ladies voicing are either on to something or raising Hell. I didn’t stand around long enough to figure out which, I came in and ate.
Whatever happens next happens!
A late afternoon’s lunch put away I was of to finish up the fences and change the ladies pasture opportunities. When I spoke earlier about their talk “they might be onto something“….that wasn’t it. Between “A” stupid bull calf and a deer them fences needed my checking them attention. And, that extra ed stupid bull calf it took me near an hour getting that ignorant critter back inside a fence where it belonged with his mother. Sheesh! Is a stupid trait common with all males of all creatures and varmints great and small? I undeniably wonder sometimes?
It’s 6:30PM and I’m in der house fairly well pooped and hungry. Perhaps I sit a spell and relax of some supper I’ll feel like taking the carburetor off the Ugly truck. Whether I’ll fee like fixing it then, will have to wait until I may see what and how bad the problem may be.
It’d sure as Hell be a boring life if I ever run out of something to do? However dealing with the variety of diversities I deal with everyday I’d not trade my position for any other. I’ve already put my years working the construction trades, went fishing for three lustrums also boatwrighting to augment our income at that same time, and eventually have gotten back to the farm from where I remembered my best informative real country years growing up.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I got-a Say It:
While this one may not count so early in the morning,, just for the record, I’m watching Ann Miller singing and dancing on a Turner channel….What a talent in such delightful packaging. She tires me out just watching all her seemingly unbounded energy. What an artist!!!
Back to the main event, Frieda had said she’d a terrible night’s sleep. Gosh, I was in bed before 9:00PM and didn’t wake until 7:00AM. Making but one water haul all night. I lazily laid on my pallet for a whole lazy-I-test forty whole minutes un-wanting to move. I didn’t even waste my time luxuriating in counting them. That hand cover face of an instrument hanging over the TV told my the times.
Another Time-Out:
I..I..I., seeing Cid Charisse in the same flick, her packaging wasn’t bad either. How any one’s body may be so back bending flex-able without breaking is not only near unbelievable but also envied of youth and her dedicated artistry!
Looking out my window it seems to look like the weather had decided to be cloudy at that moment. Now that some time has passed the Sun is (I believe) teasingly peeking through the thickening cloud cover. I’ve checked the professional’s and my own weather reporting and thinking we were all wrong.
Me who supposedly has to bale hay today, so why shouldn’t it at least threaten rain on my parade.
Our Sun and me:
Because I’ve got a heart condition Doc’s got me on coumadin (or warfarin) likely cheating a well deservent low down dirty rat an eaten passing off this earth. Meanwhile, the sun’s near burning my hide through my straw hat and sometimes flannel shirt. My hide gets so hot I think I’m burning and blistering. I was sounding out loud to Frieda, “My hide is feeling like incidental sand paper. Got me a lot of little pimples all over me.” And I let her feel me.
A while later I told her, “My back and shoulders feel like their peeling from the Sun. While I may not be bleeding but it feels like I am oozing a lot of extract from my itching pores.”
She says, “It’s prickly-heat what you’ve got.”
I told her, “I ain’t bleeding but sure leaking a lot of plasma while I‘m shedding my useless hide.”
Two interesting’s happened after four slices toast slathered under peanut butter. One, before I left home I had asked Her Mostess when it start raining here so’s I’d know how much time I had to seek shelter. I was barely out the driveway and Ugly was taking rain. I celled Her Mostess and asked he why she didn’t tell me it had started raining? ROLMAO! Second, arrival on the scene, I rolled one bale, checked it moisture content and wanted a hay wringer. Moisture levels gauged somewhere between 30% and 40%. My day’s baling was all done, rain or no rain.
To spice up my afternoon I prepare to pull into my drive and Ugly stops right there right smack-dab in the middle of the road. Traffic’s got to go around either side that ugly truck hogging the road’s center where they ain‘t no center lane. If one vehicle ain‘t enough trouble I brought the Cushman for its battery charging skills, it‘s presents kept Ugly company whilst I tried to figure out all‘s gone wrong. I tinker with Ugly‘s carb, got Ugly running, put the Cushman home in the shade, and Ugly never stalled once whiles I had expected it. So, backing Ugly back down to the barn Ugly‘s quit again its front tires stopped dead center the creek bottom. That was a waste of time. They’s no rubber tires cooling water in that dry creek bed.
A change of pace for an afternoon’s adventures, the Cushman and I took to the fields out back. I had three half mile electric fence post and wire segments to run, this almost finishing up the Summer pasturing fences.
Going on 7:00PM and I am to exhausted to fix supper. Maybe if I wait awhile, cool it, chill out, drink me a tall refrigerated water. I had hit my final wall at 6:30PM for I looked at my time piece. I sat there for a few moments and found I had but one swallow water left. I finished that wire run and called it quits.
Come morning I’ll check my fences hot wired connections and run the last piece wire down the west side the hay yard. When all’s well I’ll let the ladies out on another Summer season’s first fresh grazing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Day

I’ll be thankful I run out of haying time today. One them day’s like yesterday’s is enough for me.
Bests part of yesterday, my seeing deer. And, presumably my fixing the R-M-C. I also had managed to make quite a collection of my own laundry to do. Then before near all else I need to grind grain today. Have a hay wagon wheel to change.
It’s nearing noon my sitting down two ways, my derriere and these few mid day words. Parking Leland (UK) tractor and Ugly out of the usual straight way looking as though this operator had gotten them mixed up, had two part’s stop asking if I’ve had a break down. One of them I sensed he thought he was smelling blood. Ah ha, disappointment buddy! I more or less had the machines crossed so’s to fuel the grinding tractor power source. One unit receiving fuel from its left side the other also delivering from the left side. Checked motor oil, tractor needed some. Every thing a go I took the Ugly with its tow out and around the drives so’s to put the grinder in position. My grind was done half hour before noon.
A couple things I didn’t write about this week, I dug up some more roadside Tiger Lilies. It has been three Springs past I had dug and planted some scattered along the length of the ditch out front. Only 2 weak blossoms last year, have got a bunch of healthier multy blooming plants favoring us with some color. So darned steep I’m not mowing my side the drain. The other sided may be eased down into from the road I can handle. What it boils down to I’ve been becoming more clumsy lately and in no mood to slip and fall under a push type hand mower. So There! And, I ain’t gonna swing no scythe. So, I’ve got to get them planted. A couple more buckets full I should have a fair stand growing in a couple more years.
Ohh! I’ve been fairly well warned them “Tiger Lily” flowers will take over an area… I surely hope so!!! They’d be better’an looking at than a ditch full disgusting weeds.
By golly, the owner’s manual (or one close enough to it) for the Krapsman lawn tractor I had borrowed I had finally gotten it copied at the post office; at the same time I bought more them “lifetime” postage stamps.
5:00PM as hot as it has gotten today this was tea time. It was also close enough to rattler time I downed them also. Other than doing what I had to do this very AM, I more’r’less took it easy this afternoon. Kind-a like one of them citified weekend warrior times for doing something around home. I a sat upon the Krapsman mowing the home yard and then pushed that poor Krapsman in mowing some ugly weeds and grasses to make it easier for me walking if I should need to fill the stock tank with livestock water. Trying to dig a couple holes on the inside sides of the ditch were liking to chip away at concrete. Hard to believe only a week/eight-days ago the tractors wheels were still squeezing water out of the soil. I managed a couple depressions I hope are deep enough for those flower bulbs to hopefully catch. I might better share a bucket of water with them the next few days. Yup, I had dug up two clumps, I planted two clumps as best I could.
I unloaded those two hay wagons I brought home loaded the other day. Gonna take ugly out there and re-air that same flat tire again and take it to the shop for spare replacement. One these days some those bales sitting around the countryside will find their ways home. Even if it involves hitch hiking to do it. Darn-it, I need to go yard shoppen for me a working bike. Yup, I’ll have to buy me one. That’s what I get for cutting up four bicycles to start that quadra-cycle project. Tea gone, I’m off and on again thinken sooner I get back sooner it’ll be supper time.
6:30M Had pork chop for supper, mixed vegetables included black beans, sweet corn, and some unidentified pink substance (watermelon?), but good. Wildlife sightings turkeys and rabbits today. They’d been wabbits had I a supply of boyhood wocks.

How’s about some pictures:
This picture was taken of last pussy eye filled blinded kitten I had brought into the house for about a week. Uncooperative in the house breaking acceptable manners Kat went back down to it's life saving barn.

Those hay bales aren’t as far away as they look, but they’re looking good where they are. More will join them shortly.

The sneaky temporary baler drive-line (PTO covering) using an underground sewer drain pipe. This’ll work until all the correct relpacement parts arrive.

The snap at the tiger lilies I been fussing about. I wish I could find some doubles I remember from my childhood, and some yellow ones I’ve seen where I’ve got to stop and negotiate a couple/three bulbs to start my own growing cluster.
The deepest beauty in these flowers are their ability to cover and squeeze all manner of weeds and grasses out of their environment. End result I needn’t weed nor whip the road side ditch.

7-8-2011 A day that was.

Frieda and I both slept well. Up only once apiece.
To continue hay all I supposedly had to do was pick up cutting the hay where I had left of evening last. Yeah, sure? The R-M-C refused to let its header be picked up. Getting into it the easiest and least expensive thing to try first was replace the male end of the machine’s hydraulic disconnect on the tractor remote. Not interested in a log cross country parts run I called a very local neighbor. Taking my part over no one believed my part had failed. Truthfully, I hadn’t either. For a replacement part he had a compatible fitting just slightly machine in a different configuration. Final analysis the new part, it’s inventive design was to let more oil pass through it. If figured that could be an additional help.
Back in my home neighborhood I slipped on down to the shop for “O”rings, charged air tanks and an air nozzle. Figure while I had male end off I’d disconnect the other ends and blow them out making sure they were clear. They were. So assembling my mess, starting the tractor I had success. I had a third inoperative hydraulic component to throw in a scrap bucket. I was mowing a couple hours later, but I was mowing. What a job. Do to heavy Spring rains the ground cove was ext thick, tall and heavy. Odd figured fields the Oliver transmission dropped two gears It took me awhile to cut three additionally small ill figure shaped fields. Having to drive diligently it was a slow going mind taxing afternoon on into evening. Then it happened. Nuts, I accidentally took out a beautiful blue spruce tree. Now, where’ll I find another tree to transplant into its place?
Still plenty daylight left when I had arrived home I quit it for the day regardless. My mind and some of my body had had it for this day.
I settled into supper and went bed even earlier than usual.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disgusted Exhausten

Out early lubed rotary mower for travel and cutting distant lands. Did the same for Schultz Oliver. That was right after I took the kitten back down to the barn. Yellow puddles and tootsie rolls everywhere that kitten missing the sand box,she's been here that cat had to go. Della’s been thanking me all day. All the affection she’s showered on my today is more than she’s ever paid me all the last four years totaled.
Machinery ready to roll 12:00 noon on the dot, I was only going to stop by my house for sandwich and a glass of milk. There setting the mower down a hydraulic line blew. That cussed Murphy had followed me home. It was a hitched ride back to the shop for Ugly, rope and tools. The rope? Used it tapped onto one end the hose and pulled through the machine’s main frame. Bro’ taking the hose away for repair, I had my lunch. The hose tapped to the hose the rope pulled the repaired hose back in. Hose repair had lucked out fixed with about 10” hose cut out and two fitting placed on the new ends. I was able to roll again along about 3:30 PM. Murphy’s timing couldn’t have been better. I led parade after parade crossing the width of the township.
On the scene made my hello’s and went to braking in the field. Scarcely a 13rd way into the field the hydraulics started acting up. The oil over heated I had lost tractor steering and R-M lift. Hitching another ride home I also picked up repair cutting blades along with Hydraulic oil. Getting back I had tractor steering, still no mower lift. Curses it was quits.
Stopping in Otisville my prescriptions hadn’t been filled. What! So it was a half hour or more before I could roll again. Home I put 2 gallons milk in he frig. Put me a dinner in the micro wave poured me a pint milk, drank it and poured me another to go along with my supper.
Two of the nicest things I saw today one was a buck in the velvet I just missed it crossing the road right in front of me. The second was the hayfield I broke into, heavily grown timothy and quack grasses for hay. Crop so heavy I dropped tractor gears twice to cut it. My best most productive speed was 5 ½ mph rather than my breakneck 8mph speeds.
Whether this makes any sense tonight I’m tired enough I don’t care. Sweet dreams!
PS: I've hitched so many rides this last week, I aught-a be awarded a lifetime pass. Catch-up pictures another evening.... Zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I read the signs wrong. I just thought it one them 4th July weekend family get togethers. Myself busier than a three legged turtle trying to stay the Hell out of the way any Pennsylvaniass Turk driver’s wobbling wheels. This admission has nothing to do with not caring, but I’ve been busy putting 12 hour days regularly these last weeks. Been to busy for a proper social life…
His trouble started Thursday evening. His blood sugar started going up and up and up. His son called 911. On getting him to the nearest hospital. The staff desperately tried bring his sugar down. He went into cardiac arrest never regaining conciseness. 4:00 AM Friday morning, Handy, was dead!
The family had gathered around to comfort and console each other. I was making hay all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, I fix hay balers all day Wednesday. Feeling heaving my heart I finally stopped by the house Monday. No one home or all gone somewhere?
I searched the internet over and over again, miss lead a couple times until I finally found some word on the family, particularly Handy. My wanting to offer my condolences I was to late the funeral was already underway miles away in an area I daren’t not drive.
7:30 PM this very evening I finally talked to Handy’s son. I apologized profusely, . I gave him my number asked where he was living. He told me right there in grandma’s house. He‘ll take care grandma. Oh boy the son is 14yrs in highschool, grandma’s 86yrs on oxygen 24/7. I don’t know who’s going to take care who?
Home for rattlers off again to finish at least one baling, supper by 8:30 and I’m looking for bed.
If my reader happens o have few extra words laying around, put them up for this family their early May and December adventures.
Santa Clause
7-6-2011 OMG, I’m so Remiss!
Today’s title’s got it. I have been dismally remiss in reporting my mistaken, yet welcomed, the grand old elf’s identity, twice within the last week. All this recent attention has really put me on the spot causing me to watch my step, my mannerisms and of course acceptably un-bruised speech. I’m telling you, this is one whale of a lot of burden to carry. One such child is a neighbor’s grandson. Putting me on the spot with a nailed down North Pole identification. Best explanation I could make, “I’m in your neighbor hood making reindeer hay.” Which has become my last 16 years long standing loco presents excuse. Whew, if the weren’t enough, I run into another child at a petrol filing station yesterday who’d spotted me and laid that North Pole identity upon me, again. You’ve got to see these children. It’s seen in their eyes on their faces they believe they are right on “Honest Injun” got me dead to rights identified. And, if you want to know, they don’t care what I’m driving. Ugly’d convenient conveyance presents makes little difference in these kids young minds. They know what they know, and that’s I’m who they say I am.
Oh Lawd, if it isn’t enough I must say all the right words to the child, I must also please the Pop’s, Grandpop’s, Grandmom’s, and may only socially wink at their pretty Mom’s. But, I guess, if somebody has to do it, I must accept the responsibility. One things sure, those Newd Yerk City publishers knowing more than I do, for rthe stories I’ve sent them, tell me, ”Children have no year round thoughts about Santa Clause.” Those cockamamie Nuddle mind Jerk Publishers are a long ways from having a hand on the pulse of American children’ free thinking.
“Aurora Borealis”