Friday, July 29, 2011


Checking my rain gauge we’ve gotten another inch’n’a-half or better rain last might. That makes near three inches rain the last two nights. The farmyard’s creek water’s even higher and there’s been no receding the barnyard recent mud lake muddy waters.
On the road I picked up a quarter what was sent of a dozen protein tub order. Another elevator owner manager having walked, he commented it was the same with them, his complaint, he sometimes wasn’t even getting partial orders. What’s going on?
Returning home to kill time in lew a pending medical welfare appointment I checked fences. Was surprised Cushman hadn’t got stuck fast somewhere. Fence did need tending and I picked up a few downed tree limbs.
Here’s something new. Frieda and I have been visited by a (va-va va-voom)* Hospice social worker today. Rumor has it we may need a little help making/keeping us comfortable. Primary issue repeatedly coming up Frieda’s denied portable oxygen equipment yet she’s on oxygen 24/7. Some of us are of the mind if she requires oxygen 24/7 why doesn’t this include the equipment so she may leave the house? The original denial has been her body’s oxygen level isn’t low enough to warrant fully portable oxygen equipment. I don’t know?
Morning all but totally ruined I had an early lunch before hitting the shop and continue Ugly repairs. I had my time with Ugly. Damaged parts replaced, I set about re-lashing all the valves. I confused myself the over first round through the lot of them. Then I ran through them a second and a half times before I was satisfied I had them right.
Along about 3:00 PM I hit my wall. The next two hours were a touch couple hours trying to finish up the Ugly repairs. Fact, I quit working on it short two special washers and my mind rattled enough I figured it better to wait until tomorrow before starting the engine. Besides, needing those washers installed and the last eight bolts need tightened before going any-way further.
Home near 6:00 PM I needed to wait an hour before taking my rattlers, then another hour before my supper. I uh had let myself be talked into a piece blueberry upside down cake. Hmm Good!

*(va-va va-voom): my unsolicited silently taken look upon the pretty young lady’s appearance. I remained the old phart gentlemanly self all the time she was here, and saying nothing after she had left. (grown) All this, knowing full well where I hung my hat.

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Paula said...

Yep better watch your manners Mr. Fernan.