Saturday, July 30, 2011

I’m Up….
….already and maudlin. I’m in the mood for it. “To soon old, to late smart.” Setting here thinking about what I need doing…. When it was supposed to rain I worked on Ugly and all but finished that project just before I was mentally and bodily wrung out, yesterday and the day before. Bro’s more’r’less fixing to set the world on fire today. He’d warned me what he (we) were going to do today. (grin) Gonna see what really happens today. (morning observation)
Welp, morning’s come and gone. I was within command all the wild horses under Dumpy’s hood on the road before 8:00AM. Wasn’t easy suffering some eye strain having been able to have taken out five/six mailboxes had there been some, caused, my seeing an amply built charming bikini clad young miss jogging along the opposite side the same road, I had been on part of the same time. Coming and going it’s a wonder the glass in my rearview mirror hadn’t melted this passed babe looking hot. Oh well, had my thrill for the day. (sigh) Two round trips out to those satellite fields. Breaking for lunch I still hadn’t seen or heard from Bro’. When he had said “We” had he really meant, “You” meaning me? (noon observation)
Omelet, fried tators, and apple sauce downed, I guess I’ll see what happens next. Got-a hit the road again. “Say-la-vie”
All told, I brought home four loads ten 6’x4’ bales hay per trip. Each round trip taking about two hours each including loading and unloading. I quit early for a couple’r’three reasons the open all to myself morning road became middle afternoon cluttered with traffic. I lead more than one parade. In between loads three’n’four Bro’ got a hold of me. He’d been playing (a guess) with for most of his morning. Anyway, my getting caught he used up an hour of my time which wasn’t helpful my hay hauling. Then there’d been a double dosed stupid bull calf out all day refusing my early morning efforts to reunite him with his mother. So damned dumb I plain got tired of his bull headedness and left him to his own devices. So, I still had him to take care of, the ignorant critter taking up still more my traveling time. Picking up and taking Terry along for a few smiles we eventually worried that dumb arsed critter over the fence back with its mother. Only an hour’n’half daylight left I shut me down. I needn’t a late evening traveled problem to deal with while pushing against darkness for one more load. Besides I was tiring. Not like the last three days; but tiring just the same. What the Heck, It’s Saturday night and a little R&R is not out of the question. Maybe I can find a good TV movie to nap through resting up for a good night’s sleep.

Something extra my growing up:
Growing up on the farm, we used to dig varied pits (holes) in a sandy knoll between the house and barn. Potatoes, carrots, & etc were buried deep covered with straw and a used garage door laid over top. Cabbage was buried in straw roots up a garage door* over top again. Door moved made easier retrieving veggies under the snow. Guess who learned how to do this digging the first hole.
*Dad was called upon quite often to replace swinging garage doors with over head doors five, six, seven paneled over head doors were popular with gas stations and other commercial enterprises. Residential usages saw the introduction of one piece aluminum spring balanced over head doors.

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