Monday, July 18, 2011

Can’t sleep

Heat frustration is keeping me a-wake or perhaps I could blame my insomnia on my lack of enthusiasm for a last evening’s heated supper. So, here I sit drinking a glass apple juice simultaneously whittling away at what I thought was my childhood’s called long horn cheese. The rejuvenated cable service has Hugh Grant entertaining me. Now would he be Cary Grant’s replacement? No, can’t be, Cary Grant was a contrived name. I don’t know about Hugh Grant’s? Both gentlemen still fun to watch!
Bro’ and Shane started early hauling alfalfa, about time, off that field. Me, I was out on the road gingerly advancing down the road for the shop. By the time I had Dumpy just tucked in the shop door I found I had one working brake. And a well noticed rear brake line leak.
Putting the brake matters on a temporary hold my first concern was easing the comfortable ability to shift the truck through its four on the floor heavy gears. I safely jacked truck parked up four strategically placed jack-stands. Then, I had gotten down and got under, as some of these old words had described motoring in the earlier years. With room to work, a 4”x4” for a pillow I had the oxidized parts needing adjustment were out and down. A vice, a wrenches, and a wire wheel, all the parts taken apart and cleaned it was a very simple matter putting back together where they belonged and primarily adjusted, while I wanted to try the shifting I went back to checking out brake attention needs.
Pulling the left front wheel off going straight to the problem, no messing around I ordered another brake caliper to go along with the new rubber brake line. The parts will be delivered come morning. Al least this side of the truck looks like an easier one day fix.
Dumpy temporarily put back together I used it going for lunch. I wanted to try out Dumpy’s modified shifting action. ‘Twas beautiful, freaking beautiful. ‘Twas a pure pleasure running through the gears. The clutch peddle worked so much nicer, it was near unbelievable. The second gingerly driven mile up the road this time. The clutch linkage going to see a little more taking up more the slack. That modification was a good call. (my head swelling, shoulders widening here)
A cold lunch, and it was another gingerly driven two miles down the road. Dumpy up on jack-stands again is where it’ll remain until more brakes are added to truck’s full stopping’s power’s use. Did an improvised temporary stop gap repair…..I rigged up plugging one rear brake line until I’ve figured out removal and installation a new line in a very cramped restrictive space between load springs and brake backing brake.
An Admission NOTE:
Okay, I modestly claim I’m a big tough indestructible guy. However, the excessive heat and humidity had humbled me to the point I had thought my mind had turned to pudding. More than a half dozen times having to walk from here’t’there I seriously forgot time and again what I had gone there for. So bad the off weathered effects upon my person inside’n’out I near broke into tears. I don’t know how many times I had sat down, gotten a drink cool well water, washed my hands and wrists, dampening the back of my neck. Along about 3:30>4:00 O’clock I had to give up on it.
My idealistic quitting time was hardly ideal as some stiff winds and some pounding rain descended upon the shop. The dumpy truck wasn’t coming down off it’s jacks this time. It was looking like a wet walk home time. It would have been if it weren’t for my cell phone. The right call Terry was going to bring me home. Rather than wait, the rain easing up I took to walking. I made a half mile, bringing me all the closer to home by time Terry pulled along side. Bless his heart!
My rattlers drowned with a rush of cool tea awhile ago I can look to making me supper in a few moments. I think I’ll nuke me a can of tamales. Quick, easy, just satisfying, need little more attention than a can opener. Gosh, am I ever looking forward to a cool refreshing pint of milk.

I posted this bit of dark humor on a board or two this morning:
....Canadians are taking USA heat at the border warms the cockerels of my heart.
Seeeing TV weather maps predictions and records its almost unimaginably temper's my soul.
It's gonna be a shady work shop day for me today with a couple salvaged cheap squirrel cages for moving air-conditionen. I've got my fir 4x4 block for my laying down under the job piller. I'm near set to go.
So, absorb some shade, drink plenty water and move slow.
Burnen Fernen

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