Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mixed sleep’s

Frieda says she’d had a restless night. Me, I slept like a log merely rolling over twice. The weather having cooled off here (67*) there were no night sweats here. My not listening to Frieda’s comment “It’s cold.“ or “I‘m Cold.” I’ll remind her this summer night’s cool breezes pushed throughout the house.
I’ve already started reminding her, “You’ll be complaining this winter house temperature’s cold. A draft not to un-different from the breeze blowing through the house now will be a winter’s draft.” Oh yeah, I’m telling her and she’s laughing. I told her, “I’ll be reminding you of this date July 7th the year 2011.”
Today is the day I had designated to make my dumpy truck fully legal. Wanting clean clothes I didn’t have any. (nuts) So! Well, it’s morning my time to do laundry anyway. One hand for the handrail, one hand for the laundry basket with no hip to carry it on I gingerly made my way down the ancient steps into the dungeon’s laundry area. I emptied the washing machine into the drier and started it. Then loaded the washing machine out-a the basket. There they was coming and going all my bib’s but what I had been wearing. Now I’m waiting on my pants. When these loads done I’ll throw in my last dirty pair.
To fill out my morning nothing much left to fill out my bad shorts I carried out deposit bottles, washed a couple batches dirty dishes. Had to. Was running out of room to continue piling them once washed. The discovered problem finding enough places to let them drip dry I brought out the paper towels. The dishes upside down on the paper towels I needn’t have worried about washing off the counters. The same for washing out the sink full of juice soaking for washing out I didn’t have to worry about cleansing the double bottomed sick either.
An early lunch, 1:00 o’clock calling my poof of insurance to the license bureau I was on my way. A truck what only weighed a few pounds over 6000 pounds, I was sorry I had hit some speed bumps head on to knock off a couple hundred pounds of chassis dirt. The drive to the sec state office and an officially certified scale for all the paper needs Dumpy’s info needs, I seen a cop ahead of me, passed a couple cops off the side on me, and was closely followed by another cop rat behind me none of them noticed Dumpy was un licensed. I don’t know what all they were all doing? But with the crime waves the such as we have around here, these guys surfing or riding them they might have either been studying their swat-team manuals or looking for a designated practice OK Coral?
Home about 3:30 PM, it was tea time before I took on something else. Must put Schultz Ollie back together. Gee whiz, it only took me three remembrance episodes to gather together everything I needed to do this job. Now that I’m ready, it being a cooler day and all, I could stand a forth accomplishment. I was soon off and running using the little buggy loaded with all parts and tools down ready to go.
Oh good gosh, One of the neighbors brought Her Mostess one humongous sized box with a monstrous full load of yarns. Glory be, Frieda’s got enough crocheting materials to keep her out of what little hair I’ve got left for awhile. (grin) May this neighbor’s sub-samitch making heart be blessed.
And, as for the Schultz Ollie repairs, I managed to change the fan belt for one an inch shorter. It was such a close fit the only way I could put the alternator on the engine was with the belt on it first. Bolted on the fan belt as tight as I could manage it I looked into the voltage regulator. It was nice a clean looking like new inside. However I had a piece of 400 emery paper with me using a folded piece to clean the faces of the contact points. Starting the tractor, walla the amp-meter indicated the electrical system was properly worken.
A ride outback the ladies were where they were supposed to be in-spite a deer had gone through the fence. The calves showing proper respect for their elders they all got up and gave me a hightailing it demonstration.

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