Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No disappointments

Even before I awoke I did not hear any winds howling through the attic or whistling under the eves. I knew before I looked outside it’d be pretty and a shame to spoil it with this man’s foot prints making muddy black pot holes contaminating the scene.
But sadly looking forward there’ll be the dark side, I’ll leave behind, trudging through this first snow footprints reminding me of the mud underneath. Sadly this first snow wont last. It’s beauty will wane in the next dew days and this first given teaser of what’s to come it’ll be gone.
Now for the facts of life I woke at 3:00 AM. Made a water haul and looked for a snack to appease my stomach for a satisfied feeling for a return to bed and continued snooze. Unable to find a thing to eat we’d brought home from the market I settled for a banana. With banana peeled half way back a bite taken I looked out the door. Saw all that lovely snow whilst taking another bite and got the bright idea to take a picture even if it were a night time partial affair. Then I down loaded the photo to ‘puter and the start of another journal entry. Then I took to even put in a KP stint doing a couple sink fulls of dishes. Another hour gone by my rattler time had come around again. Those sorted and taken the rest of the household had started to stir. Coffee made, tired of looking for the goodies again I realized I hadn’t finished my banana. I took to looking or it never finding it. When the rest of this households souls were up and around I asked if anyone had seen where I had laid my banana. I got laughs. I get no respect! Fillip up I confronted him with my need of some solid nourishment. Where’d he hide everything? He gave in and had soon dug everything out. And nobody else had still seen my banana.
Light enough to see the landscape beyond the deck’s gates the Sun as coming up and the snow had painted a spectacular picture the changing wind direction placing snow dressing up’n’down the trees east’n’west’n’north sides the trees. Limbs sagged heavily under the frozen loads laden upon them. Some of these heavy weights had even brought down a number of trees. The morning’s Sun made a Gillian numbers of sparkles twinkle under the rising Sun’s influence. It has been a wondrous day to take in and enjoy the beauty of our season’s first snow fall.
Three to four inches wet stick fallen snow it was make scrap time the deck’n’ramp. Then for an extra laugh I wrote a note sticking within the shovel hand placing it where our meals on wheels deliverer would find and read it, I wrote, “Willy, will you mind shoveling our snow!”
Shop time found us picking up, cleaning up, putting away tools. The expired transmission and transfer case were loaded on a pallet and parked upon Ol’Blue's cargo deck. Sawdust on covering the shop floor use to pick up spills was swept up and deposited in the trash.
Breaking for lunch, no one had yet found my half eaten banana. What I did get was more irreverent laughter! (cretins‘) to go with my lunch….
Time rolled around, fed ladies, gassed 4020JD with three 5gal cans gas. Then for more shop amusement I filled old juice bottles with used motor oils. Filled a lot of them. Still have more to go tomorrow until I’ve run out of bottles.
To go along with the afternoon’s fun I was ambushed again as usual. I put Fillip off onto the task his needed assistance with Bro’s chores. After that the trash was eventfully packaged and put out for roadside pickup. An hour from quitting time It was cold footed time to give it up. A body can only take so much. Besides tomorrow is another day. Meanwhile I’m more than pleased with today’s efforts We had accomplished all that I had wanted to make it a completely satisfying day. And, still no-one has found my banana….

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another day…….
….of continued rain to dampen our souls….er….soles. On rising looking out the doors the stuff was steadily coming down, a soak-er if there ever was one. A soak-er Weatherman’s suggesting it’s a light one. He isn’t looking at it from the same angle I am. So, looks like anther good day to hole up in the shop. Been informed Tom had welded some nuts to the damaged crank bolts, removed the flex plate (some still call it a flywheel), and mounted the engine upon an engine stand, the 1st one I had already gotten out. I’d like to package the remaining heavy parts on a pallet and find a place to out of the way park it.
Of little interest to anyone else, I’m supposing, I awoke at one of my usual times. On a day the likes of his wet one the timings okay. Thankfully I needn’t have to be on time for an off the farm job. (smiles) ‘Sides I’ve plenty to entertain me today as in any other day I wake up to. I must have a satisfying one yesterday. In a quarter hour before the cloud cover Sun had gone down, an earlier than been usual supper eaten, an early snoozer, even earlier to bed, I had forgotten to get the trash out. Likely just as well. Our packaged trash could very well fall apart today in the paper sacks I normally use. They’d be plentily twine tied packaged for this morning‘s land fill contribution.
About 1st accomplishment for today I’ve set in motion the WiFi’s instrument all tidily hooked up and hopefully working. A mc-button pushed there’s least there’s a light on. Only one more step to go. That’s reading the operation’s disc. DamnedifIknow where it’s at, particularly after Sneak had spirited it away?
Dreaming just before waking up I was visualizing Frieda away back when we were visiting Mom’s house one earlier Easter. I could visibly see her sitting in one of Mom’s chairs quietly napping in my mind‘s eye. She was wearing one of my bulkier plaid wool work shirts.
She was so pretty, totally unaware, my enjoying the vision of her quiet beauty carrying our first child. I don’t know what it was? It seemed to me there was an aura of satisfaction about her while at the same time. My Mom’s advice those moments, “Leave her alone. She needs her rest.” as if I were, a wanton-lover, a slave-driver, wanting to see her busily doing something too. (me?)
Today’s single accomplishment:
Fillip and I managed to repair all off Dumpy’s lights. The head lights a radio light the only working filaments yesterday. Finding a combination short and open circuit in one tail light I declared in an assertive voice we’re replacing these poorly working tail lights with new ones. Hardest part was getting the old ones off.
Having to go to town, not to sure the lights, our plan was to be home before dark. Surprise, on the way towards town the lights all seemed to come alive on their own. Knowing we had turn signal and hazard lights again to town by time we got to town we had tail lights. Leaving for home after the last stop we had dash lights and the heater blower was working. I’ll take these small accomplishments without question.
Backing the truck up I had two disapointments today. First one was an accidental discovery the Ol’Blue’s transmission case was cracked near ¾’s the way around the bell housing. (Big time NUTS!) It was a good thing we had power washed it yesterday, or I’d never seen that crack. While in town conferring with one of our parts suppliers I was informed the internal parts this newer 700R transmission weren’t fit-able in the older 350 GM automatic. (feeling low major disappointment) However, finding right supplier the right 350 GM automatic overhaul kit can be had for $89.00. I can cut that. Oh well, I might just as well take the 700R apart for the scrap to satisfy my own curiosity as to whether there are any salvageable useful parts for the old 350 GM trans.
The drive home I had to let Fillip drive us. Darkening much earlier than usual under heavily overcast skies my vision had drastically diminished. Pulling into the driveway we were just a moment ahead of a freezing sticking combo wet sleet’n’snow fall. The ramp was turning into a continuously slipperier toboggan slide as we carried in our Save-A-Lot groceries. Expecting to come into a warm house, disappointment took me over the winds howling about changing direction, the house was doing its up-most to shelter us, let alone broil us. This was what I got for wanting extra warmth after a cold day facing the elements.
An hour passing since I had taken my rattlers I felt cold. So cold I imagined my only option was to dress down to my usual comfort level. Taking care of the laundry first that is just what I did. Then snuggled in under my wrapped-around pulled in tight blanky while I listened to Fillip fix (he’d said it) a ten minute supper. I’m so hungry my jaws hurt. When I’m fed I see an early evening in my immediate future.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Can’t take much more…..

…..this! We (I) purchased one them inter-net WiFi thing-a-ma-jiggy’s Maybe over a week ago. Not in the mood morning’s to want to think about IT to pooped to take an interest in it, and with other things on my mind it had laid around unopened until day’4’yesterday. . Directions talked about all these cables we were supposed to plug in, only they weren’t there. Two/three time’s Sneak and I viewed this gadget unable to make sense of the directions. Last thoughts we needed more stuff to go along with it. That was last night.
Waking this morning I experienced a new deeper thought-out revelation from within my sleep‘s sub-conscience state! I had finally figured it out. Everything’s here. Now I can’t find the leftovers (the whole boxed contents of the thing-a-ma-jiggy) save for the confusing directions. What Sneak’s done with all the hard (E-term) stuff I don’t know. I wish he’d wake up so’s I can display my new found brilliance. It’s only moments away from use’s plugging oodles of more wires into the tangled mess continued piling higher behind my ‘puter stand. Then we can take the lap top ‘puter anywhere our laps, conveniences, and/or hearts desire dictate. Just think of it, we can ‘pute even while sitting on the throne working other lower level matters out! Hallelu-loo*-iah!
AND another thing. While I’m reluctantly domesticating myself to the riggers of homework (housework) I want’s me a masculine like type work apron suitably designed to signify my man-kind’s changing way in continued positive male‘s way doing stuff. Okay, perhaps I used to many words but I feel as though I’m troubled trying to put just the right ones together to ‘splain my ever growing position (including responsibility)!
And, AN another thing, While Fillip’s braggin’ about all he does around here including dishes “and one thing or another,” me holding my hands up please clearly note the one who’s got the dishpan hands. (grin)
Up, the woodstove enlivened again, coffee on, the thought of breakfast just a creeping into my mind, there came a heck of a pounding on the front door. One of Fillip’s neighboring farm colleagues was here to see where I wanted some sand and gravel he was going to haul in upon Fillips request. It’d be shortly randy was bringing us three loads sand and gravel I’ll use for filling various holes around the farmyards. Okay up and out early while I’m spotting the dumping sand and gravel site, my cell vibrates. Ho, Ho, nuts I’m informed I need to grind grain today. Again nothing like being well inform in advance any upcoming task. Sand and gravel coming, no grain to grind it looked like what I was looking forward to a great day was already going down the tubes. Oh well, I’ve been getting to heavy lately anyway, Only thing I’d had to run my aging bones frame on was the coffee I had made earlier. I had to run through two elevators, one of them a second time for a weight slip. Obviously my dishwashing‘s interrupted for what seemed like an all morning’s drive to ring all the needed elements together for the feed grind and delivery. Readied prepared to put it all to use I stopped all progress. Eat out of my breakfast I wasn’t about to find my lunch postponed.
My belly filled, the trailer loaded with our furniture I moved it outdoors. Then brought out the grinder-mixer and set up all the elements and had thought this chore’s running smoothly enough. That was right up until the tractor needing fuel the fuel was water logged. Ducky, just freaking ducky. Screens in the bottom of the funnels we’d used both doing what was expected of them, plug up tight catching’n’holding the water preventing any contaminated fuel’s entry into the tractor’s fuel delivery system. The grind completed, the feed spotted, the truck freed for Frieda and Fillip’s use to keep medical appointments, they were gone. Left to my own devices I got into moving some sand and gravel. Sand around a fountain here, gravel down in the hollow’s driveways. That was just up to quarter of 5:00 PM. I had a fence wire to put up, the Cushman to put away as I needed it to jump start the Ford loader-backhoe earlier.
Other than feeling pressured early on this morning I had finished the afternoon in a much more relaxed manner. I did enjoy my day for all those wee little exchanges between myself with a number of momentary exchanges with friends and neighbor encounter’s my travels.
*loo: an UK English term for restroom. Now aren’t you just ecstatically glad you tuned in. (grin)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A gray Sunday

We all awoke to a heavily overcast sky what seemed liken it were darkening ever more as the day wore on. Rain was falling most noticeably off the eves out side our windows. We all took the morning easy brunching about an hour or less before the noon hour. Fed Fillip and put in shop time splitting the engine/transmission left hanging high’n’dry those few days ago. This was interesting fun. My first concern was cleaning the whole miserably dirty mechanic off.
The power-plant set down on Dumpy’s deck We moved dumpy out across the driveway the load deck higher in the front than back the back for drainage. The power washer brought out we took turns getting wetter as it had continued the rain while we blasted away the dirt, grease, and crud off the donor parts.
Back inside the shop we commenced unbolt the pieces to divide them. The engine stand brought out didn’t find use today as we could not remover the flex plate off the engine’s crankshaft. The next best thing, I hope I haven’t screwed it up, I heated three stubborn crankshaft bolts. The last act of the afternoon in hopes by the time they’ve cooled tomorrow they’ll have cooley shrunk some making them easier to turn out. Nothing more we could do on the engine I called it a day. So we let the engine down off the truck’s deck onto a barrel still hooked to the steadying chain-fall overhead. The transmission much lighter Fillip and I muscled that part down onto another barrel. I can’t stress enough how handy a half dozen steel barrels kept around the shop make such handily instant work benches: today two for the divided power-plant components and one a tool stand.
Supper was Fillip’s home-made Yankee chili made with beans. Yum! Sure tasted good for a typically low pressured weathering bone-paining’n’head-aching day.
As of this writing desert neither decided nor additionally even thought about it isn’t looken good. Do a couple bit sized mounds nuggets count for anything?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A bit of this’d’that

I woke up to a warm home this AM. Frieda and I slept well. In-spite of the fact I was up early. I followed Fillip to his work see the varied ways those semi’s he dries, their hoods hinged forward for engine servicing. While not one of them inspired me as to the way I’d lean for hinging my fiberglass clip on Dumpy. Seeing them was no waste of time I assure my reader.
So from here on out in no particular order these were some of my day’s highlights. I saw Butch (a body frame specialist) for some thoughts on hinging the clip. After explaining an idea he showed me how to improve on it. Later seeing Mick the race car builder body specialist (in his field). He also showed me another improvement over an idea I had for the clip’s rear of the fenders open’n’closing modification.
The ladies out here breaking up another hay ring I was obliged to load and haul it to the shop for another rebuild. Luckily a spare standing by I put it out for my ladies dining use, then fed them. Bro’s Turkeyday drive into Detroit his college buddy loaded Bro’s pickup up with all kinds of goodies: almost all the metal to assemble a yard barn or shed, a well water storage tank, and a well pump with a new motor on it.
Again I had to hold Tom off his volunteering to take my donor engine and transmission apart. Personally I’d rather like to power wash it before dis-assembly. Then put the engine on an engine stand for more Greeny truck development work later during the snow covered winter months.
Lunch was supposedly a short easily fixed quick samitch stop over what was only going to last a half hour within itself; only, what followed anther oop-ed half hour nap. Finally getting all this good stuff out of my way Frieda helped my into my new chaps and I went wood cutting. Proud of my efforts I think I had gotten a lot done. My next trip to the hollow will be handled with the wood splitter. Oh yeah, my getting back home and in for the evening Frieda helped me back out of the chaps. She’d commented something about how she’d enjoyed taking my cloths off some years ago. Hmmm, That was then, this is now this scenario ain’t the way it was back when.
The chainsaw giving some trouble, sharpening it twice was of little help. Taking a calculated chance I turned the bar over and the saw behaved much nicer. It could be, there’ll be a new saw-bar in my near future. Remarkably the saw is still using the original saw-chain. The Dumpy clip is almost sitting up again the house so’s the wind wont blow it golly-wampus away or otherwise lost to a wild element’s weathered over us fling. Yesterday’s firewood harvest is stacked upon a pallet just off to one side the deck. While it appears dry it is just barely green enough to slowly burn over night. My thought is or for two pieces a long cold winter night, this firewood may just be a welcomed warmth to keep our home cozy all night.
While I was making like I looked like I knew what I was doing (sawing) I was mentally inventorying all my projects. Sheesh! I’ve sure got a lot of them: Find some ‘79’ or ‘80 Chevy doors for the innards my new doors, the relevant thought is to clean new doors inside’n’out and give two coats paint, complete door and window hardware and interior’s finish, making them instantly mountable the day come I may replace either one or both; Good Golly Molly, I want to get back onto my quadra-cycle project, it’s practically only a manner of assembling it now…er…with merely a couple to do modified parts; of-course the engine put on the stand will need Greeny’s kaput engine standing along side for swapping out the sophisticated Vortex engine parts; and, I mustn’t forget the two tractor mounted bicycle racks for next Summer’s haying season. S’posed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Last night we listened to thunder boomers all evening long and never saw a rain drop.
So, this has been my day.

Friday, November 25, 2011

MY black Friday

A-waken from a good night's sleep for a must-do water haul do, I’ve discovered somebody had changed the TV channel, I felt the woodstove’s cold and knew no-bodied put wood on the fire, and Fillip’s gone. Checking the stove further it was an opportune time to clean out the ashes. So, without a red hat, still continued looking a-bit like Poppa Smurf, taken a look both-ways out the door seeing no traffic, which wouldn’t have made any difference, I darted down the deck’s steps, across some crisp grass, and retrieved an empty steel bucket with an equally steel lid from under the ramp. Then when readied I had a new fire laid upon some saved potential coals. I headed for the coffee pot remembering there was some leftover and put it in the instant nuker. About to run me some rattler water the phone rang. My wake up call had come just about two‘n‘a-quarter hours late. Still I answered, grabbing my broom when conveniently passing it. So, while I talked with the Lady on the other end of the wire I swept the floor what I hadn’t gotten to yesterday.
The Sun’s shinning. It’s 43*. And I’m driving no further than a ¼ mile down the road for another firewood load opportunity. I don’t want to see any traffics other than what I may encounter in a couple farmyards. Frieda’s complaining continued shortness of breath. I feel well rested and ambitious as Hell my (dreaming) knowen I’ll get a lot done today. Well, I can dream can’t I?!
End morning’s writing…….
…….beginning evening’s writing:
Oh crap! Seems I’ve inadvertently lied my day’s plans before I had even gotten them started. Alright let us skip right on along to just before noon, Fillip busy hauling combined corn into the farm silos to be dried and stored in giant steel storage bins spotted some interesting Chevy truck body parts and cell phone called me. He told me what they were along with there location. I thanked him and told him I was off and running. Oh lawd, what a fined! Fillip’s find was a brand new old stock fiberglass front fenders-hood assembly. Holy-Leo-Jay-Horse-A-Fat! No funds in my pocket, I’m not sure whether I had flown low over to the Crossroads bank before or after lunch. Which ever way if was I was back on the product scene, backed up to the whole one-pieced thing and loaded it by myself. Then just as I was walking around the house to put the asking price into an envelope wit a note and drop it all through a mail slot. Almost there the estate’s boss lady was coming around the house to meet me. The good’s paid for, some friendly conversation, I’m gonna promise myself we should all get together over coffee for some far stretched tall tale swapping. (grin) Looking it up the net the price paid was one tenth the product’s retailed selling price.
One adventure down a second one to go:
The Chevy clip loaded on Dumpy’s back where I’ll leave it for a day or two until I’ve had some mounting short-cut advice I took it home. Going to see Butch for one kibitzer, and Mick for a second. Fillip’s invited me along with him come morning to witness some the tilt clips on the semi-tractors he’s driving.
Meanwhile, backed down to the barn Cushman out, more door opened I hitched the splitter to dumpy, loaded my forestry tools and was off down that ¼ mile to cut’n’split firewood. I didn’t get a lot done today, but I’m happy with it. Enjoyed the whole day Worst part was getting home putting tools away at dark:30. Darkening quickly at 5:00, pitch dark at 5:30 PM. I was not only home, I was in! Fillip coming in an hour later served up supper and has invited me to go along come morning to see the varied whole engine cover clips are hinged forward out over their bumpers.
I’m as happy as a seven year old boy who’s just unwrapped a brand new Christmas gift wrapped Lionel train.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I must admit I made a rather rash decision yesterday, particularly after following the budget like minded following of a very budget understanding do’s’n’don’ts of a retirement brought upon a lass in misery, her money matters better controlled than my own. Why, it was only a few days ago I had managed to bring my own budget problems under compete control. This latest crisis had come upon me out of the very blue my making three acquisitions yesterday for these three bodies languishing within these very four walls. I had compulsively purchased three “Forever Cuddlee“ snugfullest garments most recently spread before the weak minded shopper the like‘s of myself through an unashamed mind bending TV advertising campaign. What’s worse I’m very uncomfortably wearing one of the three outfits as I write these words to totally explain the issues of my unreasoned wayward expenditures. It was a good thing I did what I did for I had purchased the only last three garments in our sizes in our immediate area. Christmas shopping’s done early, Christmas gift giving is also all done and over with.
It’s 3:00 AM my uncomfortably wakened so warm I had kicked the very body heat saving blankets clear of my whole anatomy bed and sleeping space place. A call to nature had originally awakened me to attend to one of nature’s compulsive needs. I simply had to haul water if I hadn’t wanted a bed wetting accident I hadn’t experienced for shall I say for some roughly seventy-five years.
Now thrust upon me a totally new late night adventure not quite paralleling the outdoor adventuring a walk to an outhouse. My most recent habiting I’ve found the most satisfying in completing one of these walks I have found it rather prudent saving an all to eye widening flipping on a light I just let myself to comfortably sit down to make myself once again dryly relieved. This time wearing this strange garment. Why I call it strange? Well okay I’d explained it had an alternative escape hatch. Now this one has been rimmed wit a more modern, supposedly more fashionable zipper. There in laid a second principle problem I could not get it to work to my satisfaction, reducing me to an uncomfortable alternate method of relinquishing those waste commodities my body wanted to compulsively get rid of. I did however manage to take care of my needs by dropping the very top half of the whole garment below my waist down about my knees to relinquish said fluids and/or solids as the need have been. To this end, in another once upon a time jundra, I seriously have missed the once well thoughtfully used emergencies buttons. I can honestly declare the buttons replacements with a zipper has been seriously inadequately field tested, outhouse tested, unheated indoor facility untested, a very serious oversight. But be it as it may I shall again have to adjust to another modern man’s most recent re-development. Such is one of life’s rearrangement’s I’d guess has been thrust upon the unsuspecting modern man?
I have since returning to my late last nights bed and sleep it come to my mind an alternative method of preparedness, I could leave the cussed flap undone a waving in the breeze; BUT, for two very good reasons one of them id be damned drafty all the time and/or I’ll be damned if I’ll leave my bare derriere exposed due to an unsightly half-masted garment worn to’n’fro to conveniences.
May your feast day’s be more congenially enjoyed than only a bit of this one around here. No having a project or work load to have to be attended to our turkey day’s involved with house cleaning, the whole immediate yard about the house picked up read up. So’s many displaced things laying about wont be the tools of wind piled snow drifts. These things as well as there’s more wood upon dumpy to put away.
Looking outside seeing all the frost, my telling Frieda, it’d be this afternoon before the frozen dew on Dumpy’s back would be drier enough to bring into the house. I’d also told her that the wood I had split and loaded yesterday I left it on Dumpy when I went shopping so the moving breezes would also help dry that same out some more during my travels. Then the woman laughed at me! I get no respect!!!!
Catching some the Macy’s day parade Her Mostess had suggested all I needed was a red hay and scarf to look like the Muppets Cookie Monster.
Now for the truth:
The house is still a mess inside’n’out. What firewood on the Dumpy I’ve brought side. I sorted out of tub full those bottles and cans the recognized local stores will cash in. I’ve cut up several sheets cardboard for fire starts enhancers.
Had joined in the day’s cooking fun my preparing the veggies for the stovetop stuffing. Then after dinner I baked an apple-berry pie for a late afternoon desert. Frieda washed dishes, I washed dishes, and fillip washed dishes. Its my guess somebody will still be washing dishes tomorrow…..
Picking up some the kitchen I carried out some turkey bones for my Sweetheart cat. Goofy think circling, darting about my feet, getting passing’s kicks. She meowed’n’hollared anxiously for the turkey tidbits she was about to get. And, then to add even more misery to my tender ears she yowled some even more when after I had emptied my tin plate into her pie plate dish. Goofus cat. That’s the thanks I get giving her treats. Yeah, she finally got to them particularly after I had taken my foot off hers, the complainer. Sheeeesh!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

slow start

Frieda hadn’t slept since about 1:00 AM, me on the other hand waking three’r’four times as the most usual I did manage to keep the fire up without totally waking up. I had a good night’s sleep.
For today’s excitement I motored right turned out the drive for the downed wood in the hollar. There I split what chunks had been last Spring’s cut, loaded it and come home for lunch. A couple quick samwitches I was off’s’running over to the Crossroads for some what I’ll call preventive Holiday shopping. Good thing too.….
Well first off Frieda wanted a new foul roasting rake for the roasting pan. Unable to find one on my own I asked one of the supermarket’s managers and he knew better where to look for one than I. I was a potentially happier turkey chef leaving the market. Next on my short list was finding some of them snuggle’s thingies advertised on TV. I know I need something new, my present night shirt frailly rotting away as I wear it. The way the sides keep ripping higher and higher the garment showing more and more limb. Now, understand me, I’m no slave to fashion dictaites but that old garment is getting a little to drafty for the long cold Winter nights we’re headed into. Luckily even, I found only two big enough at the drug store, maybe? Stopped by the dollar store for nothen! Then what the heck, hitting the road out South of the Crossroads for the General Dollar store a couple miles south, there I found one more Snuggie big enough to fit one of us, our big cans. Oh these things I’m calling Snuggies they’s are more like a heavy fleece pajama including, of all old conveniences, a built in trap door. No what I’d call substantial booties on these legged bag like garments, maybe Santa will bring us all some heavy duty hunting socks along with our lumps of coal. The way I look at it coal would be nice, it’d help keep the home fire burning.
Back home I had plenty to do, first off figure out a way to put the splitter back inside the barn. Oh boy, the quarter inch of rain we had here turned the outer barnyard into a sea of mud. I knew I’d never back that splitter back into the barn as easily as I had towed it away with Dumpy. It was going to be “Oh my aching back” a pushing and pulling on the big-a barn door a couple of twice’s. Also knowing that splitter’d be below eye level Dumpy’s truck bed, the Cushman was called to duty, and dutifully it did what was asked of it. The splitter’s put away as is the Cushman. The Dumpy truck’s backed up to the deck most of its scant load carried into the house, some in the acting woodshed and some damp woods stacked along side woodstove for drying. Some cardboards what had been in the way down in the barn now rest in woodshed until I’ve cut’em up for more easy speedy fire rebuilding kindling.
Finely taking my rattlers with the last of the twilight sinking away in the west, I’m to breathless, to tired, to make supper, Frieda’s heated a can of Progresso soup for herself. I’ll warm up some canned tamales for myself.
Fillip’s not home is still involved in harvesting corn. All in all, in spite of our aging frailties, life is good.
Opps: One more thing. Frieda’s already tried her “forever lazy” snuggie on and looking like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day over head flying parade entry. (grin) No strings attached.
Oh yeah, still one more thing, everybody have a safe and sane holiday feast in a loving atmosphere.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cats & Cats

Last night, long after dark, coming in he’d told me about seeing a couple cats: one a lynx the other a mountain lion. He saw both of them some nine to ten mile ENE of us. He’d also told me about some black bears about only about seven miles SE of us their hanging out near one them land fill dump sites.
A badger was trapped north of us in Tuscola county. That animal was skinned out just four miles ENE from here.
Fillip and I seeing deer out here in the morning sunrise or evening’s twilight almost every morning and/or evening. Terry has counted twenty-three coyotes within a square mile around our two homes. Seems we’ve a fair number of turkeys around the neighborhood. Except for their nesting these birds roost in the trees far and above out of harms way during the nights. Pheasants are practically extinct and rabbit populations have been drastically reduced. Scarcely see a fox anymore. Of-course I had done my best to eliminate some seventy raccoons over a two year period ending a couple years back. Wildlife populations have surely taken some turns by the numbers counted around here.
Speaking of wildlife numbers. While I was one the job this AM fixing to start a barn cleaning, Shane knocked off one five point buck early this morning.
An 1850 Ollie started easy enough. A Case 1816 was a little more difficult Carb float was stuck. Taking carb bowl off found it full of condensation. I don’t know how a bowl full of water could effect a float and needle vale but it did. That’ll remain one them mysteries I shan't worry about. However, had Noah only swatted those two mosquitoes….
I think we moved about 40 tons manure out to the compost site. Likely hauled in at least a tone of wood chips for lower layer bedding. On top this a nice cushy covering of shredded paper.
It was within the twilight of the evening when I had finished my day, tiredly abled enough to enter my home for a moment or two’s drowning my rattlers before I motored off to the market. (nuts) Had I made a shopping list for last night’s foray I’d not had to go to store again this evening. Oh well, I’m glad the Crossroads’ not more than four mile away. My coming out of the market it had started to rain. The same rain all of us a-massed handicappers felt coming onto us all day long.
Now perhaps I may get into splitting me-self at least one rick sized (1/3 full cord) load of wood for this house? Heaven knows this dwelling needs it!
Now, as usual, I’ve nothing profound to say, I’ll put this journal contribution to bed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What the?

I seem to have lost a day.. A-woke this morning with a rather loud buzzing cornering my brain between my ears. Once outside I found I had dressed wrong, but then who knows how to dress this time of year? Frost on everything skim ice on all the water puddles. By 10:00 AM my tuxedo was to much and without it to little. Tomorrow I’ve got to remember to carry along an extra heavy quilted shirt for the warmer breezes fall days as long as they last.
Right turn out the drive with chainsaw plus I drove into the place in the hollow. Sure as it be enough to do there’s plenty of wood down there. Dumpy parked I commenced to work on the last windfall. My intention is to cut and dump that green tree as far back from my door as I may comfortably dump it to dry. That first load should make for some fine burning at most a whole year from now.
A fair bit of cutting done upon my part, the saw out of gas, I took the time to start picking up my mess. Firewood on dumpy limbs and twigs into a brush pile. Wasn’t long and here come my principles pains in the butt. They decide to take over the saw. Both of them to leave the old-man to pickup and tote away the furl-wood and trash wood. First crack, “Your saw is dull.” Dull Hell, I lay it running on any log and to was cutting this tree as if it were made of butter. The second PIA took over the chainsaw and do to his vast experience he showed me a new method. Saw in position, trigger squeezed, He commenced to push and pull the saw to’n’fro as if it were a bucksaw. It just seems with these a-hole around I can’t do nothing right and they want me to give them my saw?
All the small stuff loaded on Dumpy I cut out for home only minute before the noon dinner hour. Home I used JD to carry back down the road to feed the yearling heifers wintering in the Hollow place. Had my lunch, then went down to the barn and moved and threw stuff into trash bags. This I did to find my way back to the log-splitter. It took me most the afternoon clearing a path, but I managed to move it to more handily sit by the door. Oddly enough in moving the splitter I even managed to make more room than I realized I had earlier wasted storing this mess. Before I can put it all back correct I need a hand moving a least one heavier piece.
(with finding all the extra space I’ve found where the splitter used to be, we’ve got a whole lot of new space to stack and forget Fillip’s stuff, he had brought with him. And boy, would I like to forget Fillip’s (aka. Sneak‘s) stuff. (big grin)
Well-p, While I had thought I was going to cut more wood tomorrow Farm-Boss wants my seated position in the 1618 Case to clean the barn stalls out. Tomorrow is already beginning to looken like it’s go-n-a be a crappy one. (grin)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

At Last

Date Line Sunday Foxfire farms:
Fillip and I, taking all day have finally gotten the engine, transmission, and transfer case out of the Ol‘Blue truck. While the power plant was just starting to hang about the shop, so glad that part of a miserable job is done. Now thinking how do I want to handle it next. One thing sure, I’d like to have it power washed as clean as I can muster before opening it up, or as in taking it all further apart, and hanging the block on an engine stand.
Poor Ol’Blue is once more sitting outside with the most forlorn look about it. Will be bringing it back in for some more dismantling it for parts: front and rear bumpers, oil cooler, heater core, heater blower, tail light assembles, whatever, plus the outside mirrors. Fillip see’s them used on a couple tractors.
Was supposed to have been a short day. In spite the fact my body and mind insisted on shutting down along about 4:00 PM with Fillip’s encouragement we accomplished all I wanted for today. Now should it rain I’ve a couple three shop projects to work on. If its nice be it clear weather on bare or snow covered ground I can cut’n’split fire wood Heaven knows we need a bunch.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My day fell apart

I had to grind feed today. It seems the troops needed it yesterday only they had neglected to tell me the day before yesterday. Nobody any to anxious to help me. I took my time doing it all alone. So that job consumed most my energy. Cleaned Dumpy’s box off’r’out depending how its looked at While it was empty I took Dumpy looking for some fill dirt to dump in a water walked out hole in front one the yard’s fountains. Did little good. Those mine operator guys were roughly about a mile from home and pit combining corn. Fighting off the disappointment my unwillingness to abide by an ordered command to cut wood today, I did minimally settle in’r’down in front of the barn with a wrong sized chainsaw file and went at it sharpening my chainsaw regardless. That done perhaps I’ll get into wood cutting Monday or even Tuesday.
Tomorrow, while Fillip has the day off I want his help hoisting the power plant out of Ol’Blue, period! I can cut wood by myself in the snow even this winter.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It’s noon, time for lunch.
To catch up yesterday I started my morning out wrenching some primarily loosening the transmission pan bolts for a little draining. For my afternoon’s entertainment I made fix the place’s fence down in the hollow. Some that fence fixing was more liken removing and replacing. I enjoyed all these festivities feeling the Fall temperatures drop all day. The home fire’s was a welcome feeling when I did hit my door a coming in in at dark-thirty.
Was a busy first light. Stacking three crates salvaged surplus produce for Juan to take over to the local food pantry in my stead. At 8:00AM Fillip and I were turning right out the driveway for his EEG medical appointment. Thirty-some wires hooked to his head face and body somebody either asked him a slew of standard examination questions or react on command some actions while monitored as how either his head or brain functioned. When they was all through with and released him after a three quarter hour session nobody told me nor suggested there was anything in there. (grin)
On our way home, on Linden road again, Fillip requested I stop by Meijer’s Thrifty Acres for him a pair gloves and a pound lunch meat. A couple miles up that road bouncing along not unlike I had done day’4’yesterday I spied a ways off on the right side the road a shopping an abandoned cart. The device needing but a moment to register in my brain I finally come to, too do a “U”y turn in the very middle that road fitting tat turn between the burbs, we were on our way back. Turning around a second time in a strip-mall parking lot ready to ready to assume command that cart, I wondered where all the traffic had come from? Sheesh, Let me find something good to get on and they’s all manner of onlookers surrounding and/or quaking at me. So, where’d we wheel in another mile down the road Meijer’s the very name on the cart’s handle bar’s. Ho boy!
I didn’t care who it (the cart) had belonged to? It wasn’t easy but it was loaded mine we shopped!
Temps still falling we continued on with our immediate plan, we went shopping. Fillip found his gloves, we found his lunch meat, We also found some cookies and the delicatessen where we could buy brewed coffee. Finding a table and chairs it was break time, finished we went through check out paying for all our got’s plus a savagely attacked or only half full donut box.
On the road again nobody askin’ nor carin’ the dumpy truck’s exposed load goin’ un-noticed or cared about. We motored on home. Already I’ve found that shopping cart a useful asset hauling all our groceries up the ramp and wheeled into the house in one swell swoop. More later……
….later, much, much later.
Lunched, ready to go, first thing I did was take Fillip back to work, we need his earnings. (grin) As for me, I had to feed the ladies taking them out a hay bale. Thinking the hay would keep them busy, Dumpy loaded earlier with some sweet peppers, bread from my house, and the last of the bok choy, I delivered these few goods to the ladies in their pasture. Sheesh, what wild bunch they were running around in circles, jumping up’n’down as they ran along side Dumpy, as well as throwing their heads back‘n’forth as they moved along sid. I’ve no idea what they were celebrating. The crazy dear’s scarfing down the goodies faster than the amount I had delivered, in their excited state’s they followed me-truck back to the barn’s front most barnyard to even fallow me out, passing the forbidden gate way, my hurriedly winding my window so‘s I could yell-out a few superlatives. My verbally sounding off had worked changing the crazed mob’s carried away combined minds. Whew for a couple moments I had thoughts of having to round them up a scattered mass all over the front.n.side yards, and road going both ways hay they stayed with me up the drive.
My chores finished at home, a newly made tall tea in hand
I went down to shop and removed all but two transmission pan bolts so’s to let it really hang and drain out. Hat took only a few minutes.
As I hadn’t finished fixing the fence in the Hollow Place I took Dumpy home for an exchange of work wheels. As I had down loaded dumpy onto the Cushman and the Cushman was better suited to belaying wire, that machine and I were off an running. A couple rusty wires plus a couple breaks I had decided to take up the old wire replacing it with new. While I did this Tom had come out and started on me again, the old wire good enough and he’d fix fence. Yeah sure! I ignored him as he didn’t know what he was talking about being good enough. Yeah sure! If the critters get out I’m the one called to round them up. Then when I have to surround them to push’em through one 20’ gate way to small for these dumb animals to see. My being to tired to explain the scene better, use your imagination. Regardless what’s left of the fence to do I’ll finish it in the morning. And it’ll have been sturdily done correctly. Gosh thinking it late looking at my clock I had 15 minutes of light left. Heavy over cast dark would be quicker this evening and it was.
Good gosh, once I had gotten into the house I hadn’t realized how old I had become. Once I had sat down I didn’t want to get out of my chair. I had even asked Frieda if she’d known anybody who’d worn a barnyard tuxedo for pajamas? I had to move, for I was getting what seemed like lightening bolt jots of pain running up m spine rattling my mind and sight shaken blind. Whoopee! Last night I had some restless leg syndrome experience even my comfortably seated in my recliner, my feet up I had at least three episodes my limbs trying to make in place some short sprints. Most annoying!!!.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mich. Deer Hunter’s Holiday

With a crescendo of open gunfire coming to my ears from all around my neighborhood shooters were celebrating the changing season’s with noisy sighting in’s their favored weapons. Today the 11-15th is Michigan’s grand opening the firearms deer hunting season.
I got to miss this morning’s opener’s fresh-air, snap crackle and pop crunching fallen leaves under my feet, the noe skipped climb up, up and away off the earth on a balanced perch in a tree meant only for squirrels to climb and birds to perch on.
Opening my dad is a quick two ladies round up. Had to appropriately button tag them their traveling credentials. Their windows seats have been reserved, their chartered transportation taking them to Dizzying World completed with a many an onlooker with shouts of encouragement agreeing to assessment’s numbers for their next individually traveled destinations.
Hearing Fillip, seeing him through glassed eyes he tended the woodstove and was gone at ¼ to 7:00. Me, I was outside at ¼ to 8:00 we’d had an over night shower, and glassing of ice laid on everything sitting still for it. The round up was a quick one, the ladies both willing to be processed for their unknown destinations. Then coming out of the chute I escorted each the ladies to their traveling places aboard the long long-trailer.
Ho boy, myself having gone out without gloves the wood heat felt good on my frosted fingers my re-entering the house. Plenty time for breakfast after the rattlers taken earlier, then I was on the road before 8:30 AM for my wrench first. Sheesh! Checking my lists I’ve got to reluctantly cover a lot of ground this morning.
I ha a good morning’s drive. 1st stop for wrench Sears didn’t open until 10: AM. That was down right inconsiderate of them. If I wanted that wrench it meant hanging around. So, went looking for my insurance agent. He wasn’t in, still transacted some business with out him with the office girl. Then mosyed over to HF where I picked up a much better fitting tarp for the feed wagon soon needing a new one. These last two stops all well with a 1/2mi radius with Sears I didn’t have to drive far out of my way.
I must report my driven Dumpy ride down and back up Linden road, a far west side Flint artery, the ride was like a hoped ride on a kangaroo’s back across an Australian outback.
Done on the SW side Flint I got on the I-75 freeway. Four lanes wide north bound, I pushed Dumpy to its tack red line max, I watched my mirrors the gaining hoards of traffic gaining on me, the speeding away ahead of me leaving me behind. Thankfully I didn’t have a day’s travel way to go. Off at Clio I hit Wally World with Fillip’s useless second pair three week old shoes. A very nice lady took care of me this time refunding the shoes worth with a store debit card. Then just for the heck of it I checked the shoe department again. Had I learned anything? Who knows? I found another doubled the money price shoes in my size. Having had good luck with WW shoes in my size over the last six yrs three times running (or walking in my case) I bought them wearing them out of the store. Comfortable they are over what I had settled for less than 4wks ago at Payless.
On Clio’s main-drag I saw my banker for advice. We laid out a debt controlling repayment plan my debts. Things are looking up. Next stop was for farm engine motor oil and 90 gal fuel oil to top off our heating oil. Because the farm is a good oil company customer, AND there was no hurry for a refill I suggested they top off the tank sometime when in their in my neighborhood anyway/anytime, business was taken care of both party’s happy.
Next stop TSC for paws’n’claws vittles. Would you believe I made one more stop for three gallon milk to wash these late evening TV snakes down? Still one more stop to collect some old age benefits, and I was on my way home. Home unloaded 1:30 PM I wasn’t quite late enough for a lengthy dinner postponement, My lunch was a welcomed delight to my hungry face.
Yesterday’s plant question? It is called Bok Choy, a Chinese vegetable. May be used in salads or stir fried in a wok. When I’ve time or need of a break I will look into this particular veggie eaten matter deeper.
I did make it down to the shop. Tried out that brand new wrench and it worked beautifully. That wrench was the one and only way to get that part of the job done with the proper tool. Okay, I’d cracked the transmission from the transfer case and got me a nice stream of red juice running out from between the two parts. Hmm, I’ve the feeling I need to loosen the transmission’s oil pan just a little and let it drain it with a controlled leak. When that’s either started or done depending how it is looked at, I’ve a fence repair to seriously look at. Then figure out how I shall want to fix or entirely redo it.
My mind quickening its running dow, it is time to close and call it a day. Slumber is inviting me my participation.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Read the obits and found neither one our names listed there. Frieda and I both slept well. Fillip’s been called to drive a farm semi. I managed without Stats (cat) help his possibly pouncing into my moment’s of sorting meds before I had gotten those same rattlers taken. Wonderful it was later to have found out he’d snuck out into the woodshed when somebody was adding fuel to the woodstove and had gotten locked out there.
I think this cat is making me paranoid. I’m always watching out for another one of his bounding upon me lap attacks. (sigh)
With Fillip gone possibly for the next twelve hours it’ll be interesting what I’ll get done by myself. May be a good day to rebuild a length of fence down the road at the hollow place.
I can’t say it wasn’t an otherwise bad or good day. Kind-a ho-hum, say? Right turn out drive I tried getting something done on Ol’Blue which for all impractical purposes didn’t work all that well for a morning’s start.
Okay, I’ve said it before I’d had that continued feeling Bro’ slipping this time I called on him to open his door and let me in. We had to talk, rather urgently upon my part for I had forgotten to pass along a message from Mr. Rogers in our neighborhood of the elevator. We had to immediately and if not sooner get our order in for next season’s sudex seed. Seems the drought conditions in Texas this last Summer were severer than ever and seed is going to be in short supply. Its going to be first come first served the earliest arrangement. That taken care of I exited for transferring my carcass to shop and the underside of Ol’Blue to see good old Tom had started doing it to again taking out the wrong drive line bolts, the ones what would have opened the transfer case. Getting this short sighted problem taken care of and managing to remove one more the correct bolts I was soon dogged for assisting feeding his animals: A couple surplus commodity boxes a couple hay bales, not necessarily in a more planned effort involving switching a couple material handling buckets back and forth with the involvement of loader forks.
Anyway by the time these mater had been taken care of plus my dumpy tuck loaded down with another pallet load produce lunch time was upon us. I went home.
Setting in, setting down, to my lunch here come Shane to help me coax and or catch this bovine mob for sorting two out going to Dis-knee World tomorrow. Shane gone but a moment trading his truck for a 4-wheeler, then we moved some the trucked produce out and around barn into the barnyard coral. This went much easier than I had expected. Maybe a ¼hr we had the two special ladies separated from the rest. The rest turned back out to pasture the two kept sequestered I watered, and saw to their feeding those in the coral plus all those gone back to pasture.
Getting back to my lunch while it had cooled some, yet warm to the touch a minutes nuken and I was chowing down. An hour’s lunch break feeling strong again, right turn I was back to the shop. Trying to remove last two bolts between transfer case and transmission was a no go pain in my lain on floor neck. Trying all the wrenches possessed form three tool boxes none could hold those last two bolt heads without slipping, either ASE or Metric. Oh, I could fit a socket on them without room for a handle. Alright I had the size, needing an end wrench like configured to loosen those last bolts. I’d have to make some inquiring phone calls, which didn‘t work out. No local wrenches available. Not to be without some thing to do I joined Bro’ unwrapping baked goods. An hour’n’half later one them pallet-ed 4’x4’x4’ boxes was emptied; and, I was ready to go home.
Home while the ‘puter warmed up I reset the fire in the woodstove. The house warming up as needed I set to taking my rattlers and searching net for wrenches. I tried searching Auto Zone…they were absolutely useless. Next I went to Advance Auto, their catalogue offerings were much better though short sighted. Not giving up unable to do anything (get anywhere) with either stuck up Snap-On or Mac tools I went internet to Sears on line tools. Found what I wanted. Called the local Sears store 35 miles away across town Flint, they’ve got it. I’ll have my reasonably priced wrench tomorrow. And without kissing anybodies arse!!!!!
Duffus cat: Sleeping in the woodstove’s kindling box.
Stats, is son Fillip’s cat. He’s supposed to be a good mousier. Brought home a mouse who’d gotten itself caught in a bucket. Showed it to Stats and he’d have nothen to do with it. Okay, so I showed it to my Sweetheart cat and she’d let me down also.
Got this food article this time in the surplus commodity load.
I have no idea what this vegetable(?) is called? By the unmarked printed packaging it was raised in Michigan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

almost but not quite

Had thought we’d have engine/transmission out of Ol’Blue. Didn’t happen. That rat truck’s so rusted’n’greased if ain’t dig through one it’s the other. Slowly making headway. Found looking over both Ugly and Blue transmissions they won’t easily interchange. Okay, will continue pullig Blue’s trans anyway. The internal parts I’ll need to fix Ugly’s trans many are the same. One part will be a reverse band, the others perhaps some the discs. Wont be the first time I’ve used two’r’three transmission to make one. Money outlay will cover new seals.
Just when we were making good headway, Fillip got sick. Had to come home. It’s alright needed an early day anyway. I’m doing dishes, second batch washed & drip drying, third soaking. Rattlers drowned’n’downed It’ll be a good night for pizza and maybe a fresh baked pie. Good night for Xmas flicks may settle in for tall and a bag a-popcorn.
Opps, Found I had better check weather forecast. May had to bring in more produce saved from a rain…. Forecast called scattered showers. Nuts! Plan is to share some fresh produce with the food-pantry.
Found myself making more lists. I need to hit the road again this coming Tuesday. If Fillip’s weathered off the corn harvest we can motor the highways. If not, my lonrsome motoring will be along the slower back-ways.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

busted up day

My plan was to woik on donor Ol’Blue. It was a good idear while it lasted. Started out with good intentioned, I wound up checking fences. Took awhile to find the solid short that wind blown wildly swing gate’s damage it had caused. Then it was “It’ll only take a few moments your time to help me put out bales.” Ye, Another hour later and all I had managed to do was walk by my work piece. Getting on to 2:00 PM I was developing a deep hole of the hungry’s. I finally split swearing it’d be different when I got back.
Dropping off some plastic twine by Miss Kathy’s, she’s weaving plastic mates for Christmas gifts, I talked to her men. I hinted at I could use some help removing the engine-transmission out of Ol’Blue. Tom offered me Shane’s help after I’d had my dinner and they had sighted in their guns for another up-coming deer season.
Under the truck I was burning off exhaust system hangers when they arrived. Shane’s youthful fresh help we’d gotten the dis-assembly far enough along we should have the power plant wildly swinging in the air sometime tomorrow.
It was a bit later Bro’ having gone to town had brought home another load of left over commodities. Only one box baked goods I found bread fresh enough dated only yesterday. Five loaves I brought home to trade out the older contributions from last week. The older stuff the ladies will devour tomorrow along with a pallet full varied peppers Bro’ had loaded upon Dumpy. I’m going to save some. Oh yeah, I managed to save a box of varied squashes the likes I hadn’t brought home yet. We’s going to eat well this Winter. Rat now I’m heating me up some leftovers. Say-la-vie!

Friday, November 11, 2011

lots goin’ on

Today’s Veterans Day. Thanks’ guys for my (our) freedoms.
The date 11-11-11 is supposedly magic to some weird folks. This is a head shaker if there ever was one?
Baby’s born “C” section all over the world so’s these babies are or have something special to talk about or distinguish them. Another head shaker. Can I suggest nutty moms?
Thinking somethin’ wrong with ‘puter I found it was the internet was slow. Had to give up research until later in the day. So glad I looked up the locations last night where I was going to today.
Here’s to hoping everybody’s had a good day.
It’s more than half past dark by the time I got in tonight. My motoring around about Flint in Dumpy truck went without incident. My first want was for a replacement sofa. The first stop no charm my next one was. Found us a much nicer my second stop for only double the money. I’m happy! Moving on to BestBuy I picked up Fillip his new lap top computer. That was easy. Walked in grabbed one, paid for it and was on my way. Third item shopped was a wood cutters safety chainsaw chaps. A nice mature type like lady helped me. Our thinking the only take it or leave it choice was o small I tried it on twice before it fit. She suggested, “Are you pulling in your stomach to get it on?” My response, “No Mame,” I answered, “Only because you’re here.” this response cracked the poor woman up appreciating my complement. Garment paid for my next stop was another eight miles closing my circle. Stopping into a battery shop and more, I was to be educated. Unable to buy a battery for Fillip I found I may have several battery packs around here rebuilt. May also find new battery charger for cordless power tools. Moving on I stopped by Home-Depot for a couple 1”x8”x12’ boards for a HM sofa combining/lift kit for my earlier sofa purchase. Getting back to home neighborhood I closed a gate at Bro’s place that had blown open. Surprisingly no steers either came or gone out? Then I was home 12:30 PM. Had lunch before hitting the road again.
Frieda and I on time for our command appearance in Doc’s office, he had his go a-rounds with both of us. Frieda’s BP’s the last couple days plus three pro’s taking it today was averaging 150/40 using three different interments and two or three cuffs. Doc even call Frieda’s cardiologist for an instant conference call concerning my lady.
Before we could leave Doc’s office had also lost all our State’s required Doctor filled out questionnaires. Must have taken us an hour to find them, to put them in the mail. Getting home it was well into dark. Wasn’t east seeing to hay the ladies. Something has definitely got to be done about some decent tractor head lights. This if I’m going to have to drive these machines in the dark.
While I never got o see Ol’Blue it was still a productive day. Plenty of Winter projects started. I should be busy all Winter.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hunten Season

Yup, another hunting season has been thrust upon me. Warm weather giving way to cold, continued frosts on the pumpkins, all manner of life forms looking for those special places to hold up or hibernate for the coming Winter. It’s time for all of them buggers to take to looking out for number one. And one of them have been insistent flies. Damned cussed flies. I’ve been on a daily safari searching and destroying the bugging pests with my rapid fire “Slywater.” There’s no end to this instruments ammunition as long as my elbow and wrist hold up, my hand’s fingers never loose their grip, my hunts success shall prevail. Three kills night before last, three more kills evening last, I’m on a roll. We should be a fly a way home free any day now. Oh! No license required.
It has quit raining overnight, the sun’s shinning, Sneak’s been called to drive. He’s even being picked by the establishment‘s boss lady. I miserably have another opportunity to work alone. (sad)rattlers taken, cereal eatened, chores done, I was on the road for the shop.
That old ‘88 Cheby’s the most miserable contrivance to ever been engineered to suffer the individual delegated to work upon it, me. One recipient nearly a decade older, the other recipient a near decade older, my looking foreword to some easier wrenching when I get to either them two. Such an infernal rust bucket. Every other nut’r’bolt seized up tighter than a witches grip on a tender child. Add to my slown wrenching misery my mind was near totally useless. Uncountable the mental lapses I thought I knew what I was doing wasn‘t conducive to making any speedy headway. An afternoon lunch and respite my return to the shop found me getting sick of sorts midway through the afternoon. I put in the rest of my wrenching time laying on my back under Ol’ Blue taking the exhaust pipes apart. Sicker still I moved outside to be freshened in a snow squall while I filled a dozen two quart plastic bottles with liquid woodstove kindling (used crankcase oil). If I’m a lazy cold morning fire builder liquid kindling makes for a much faster house warming fire starter. Bottles filled what were handy with all the dirty oils I had to fill them, that mess cleaned Up I joined Bro’ unwrapping more baked goods. That was until I had to get it home while I could still see.
I’ve a full itinerary laid out for tomorrow. I don’t know how I’ll make all my rounds and be back for planking Her Mosrtess’s along with my own derriere in Doc’s called office commanded appearance. It’ll be a wonder should I see some of Ol’ blue tomorrow. This is all of this for now. I’ve two travelin’ lists to make for tomorrow and next Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wood & Tea

4:30 AM I’m wide awake and maken tea in he heat of the wood somebody’s carelessly thrown in the stove turning this house into a boiler room.
I ain’t even wide eyed yet tears just itchen to gather and roll if they don’t dry up first. Between somebody pushen to burn my hard cut firewood and my running out of tea, it’s gon-a-be Friday when I have to run again. I’ll throw in a forth tea leaf refreshen stop some-where’s along this coming Friday’s traveled way. It could be I may just have to take to swilling more coffee between now’n’then than I want to too pacify some my cropped-up urges to snack away the calories.
Lookin’ outside I’d seen wet. Weather forecasters tellin’ us it’s going to be spotty kind of rainy day today. It’s lookin’ like we’re in one them rainy day spots. If sneaks got the day off it’ll be a good day either for cutting’ wood and/or puttin’ Old Blue in the shop for harvestin’ mechanical organ donation day’s. It is being told we may even see snow Thursday and/or Friday.
It’s up to five stops now as I want to shop for at least one pair safety chainsaw chaps, on Bristol Rd. I better be making a list of stops and wants.
Writing about list making, while I had to do some enriching a couple bank accounts I drove over to the Crossroads. Banked, had keys made and picked up my tea and banana’s. Because Sneak still required his medication my next drive’s leg was over to Otisville. There I shopped Denny’s for $3.00 pizzas and pies. Then hit the drugstore finding Sneak’s medical card hadn‘t been insurance company endorsed (if these are the correct words?). What the…? His needing them I paid the suggested completive Wall-Mart prices for the scrip’s.
Backing Dump’s motoring prowess up between villages, taking my stone road filled with a many a water filled potholes. Seeing a survey crew ahead I slowed down, of course, pacing my speed as slowly as I thought safe to pass them. These guy’s paying no attention to me my approach, my unbelieving eyes, the one with the measuring wheel ignored about to set off crossing the road just as my Dumpy truck was approaching them. The one silly a-who started stepping it off right near in front of me. Dumpy having progressed to late for a quick stop the a-who who’d started walking. In the middle of his third step Dumpy’s left front tire fell hard into a big-a water filled pot hole sending up an at least nine foot tall wave of water engulfing the guy with the measuring wheel. And to add additional justice to his stupidity the rear duals hitting the same pot hole once more sent up a lesser but quite close and equally efficient second wave drenching them both there all’s. I can’t help myself. I laughed then. I’m laughing again now remembering the sight of those wet arsed careless ignorant or arrogant fools.
This afternoons time Sneak and I opened bread wrappers, looked for some leaks in the JCB, moved some railroads locking in place the Old Blue, brought into use the solid double ended tongue, and pushed Old Blue into the shop. Blue inside Sneak and I removed it’s hood and spoke words of projected thoughts we’re going to do to take things apart. One thought was pressure washing the power plant assembly before laying a wrench on it.
Home a few moments ‘fore 6:00 PM it was near dark by 6:30 PM. Here’s one thing to the Sun’s disappearance is the physiological parallel to my hitting my wall. When it gets dark I’m ready for some big time hibernation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Good Morning
While I soundly slept last night my two living in companions (one wife, one son) were awake most the night watching me. I slept so soundly I hadn’t any idea I was a resting center piece of conversation. I just don’t know about some people?
This HandiHaler is almost something new. If I should by accident remember correctly I’ve seen them used in the movies some years ago to amplify some barker‘s voice.. Well. I’m going to write about it now. The name alone is a little fooler. Looking at the package what contains the Spiriva medication there in was a large but then again awfully small for an imagined haler inside it. A haler? Is it in kit form that opens out into an enormous mouth peace for talk at an ages ago crowd? Not at all.
Opening the package I found (not that this package or its contents were ever lost) a big-a sheet of finely (synonym (boldly) printed paper sheet approximately 18” high x 34” wide lightly printed both sides.
They’s more instructions on this sheet of paper than I had gotten with any my last three computers. To read this thing I had to turn on the over head schoolroom lamp on the ceiling fan, don my spectacles, and still squint to see what it had said both in pictures and texts. I must have been well over a half an hour deciphering the instructions for wildly sucking in the capsuled contents untouched by human hands. The manufacture must use some wisassed monkeys to put these medical packages together.
I’ve got to get busy and see if this stuff I’ve ingested is going to make me younger. Well, I can dream can’t I? More later……
Over lunch I’m putting to record my morning’s activities. I’ve been on the road, to elevator, to retrieving empty feed wagon. I gathered up the last of the bottled lemonade and delivered it to my drinking neighbors, finally getting rid of the stuff. I’ve learned one my neighbors is saving me their glass bottles and jars for home made wine samples. (grin, well I never) (snicker)
I had packaged our trash putting out with it a rotten pallet to hold it all down.
And then when the lunch hour was over I had best better to have gotten with it. Where with all the shelled corn in it’s gravity box, supplements on Dumpy’s back, the time had rolled around for the same old grind, the quickest part of the day. The grind finished it was coffee time, specially seeing as how I hadn’t had any until Sneak had made some for this infinitely small accomplishment. Coffee done, on the road, we delivered the supplemented ground feed. And approached the shop with Dumpy. Something had to be done with the clutch shifting linkage right’r’wrong oneway’r’another.
Truth be known Bro” had enlisted the volunteered assistance of a couple Shorthorn country deer slayers who from time to time put in little time for those hunting privileges. Truck jacked up and on a jack-stand I seen coming the troops to do the dirty metal bestest chimney cleaning. Had to show one of them what a ladder looked like and where it was, plus I expected it’s parked return. To the other gentleman I presented him with a wrench, wooden block, and a hammer.
Well as they had it down in good time they worked at as if they knew what they were doing. Unable to take the top off, while trying just the same to clean under the cap, the very top came off all the rivets pulled through the inner metals. Taken to the shop whilst Bro’ and his invited troops searched the shop for screws, instead of watching me, I ground the old rivets off (without leaving marks) and reaching up on a shelf brought down the screws. About the time ALL the hot shots caught up with me, I had but one of six screws left to run home and the lid was done. They could take the chimney away and put it back.
The chimney sweeps taken care of I could get back to my Dumpy truck. Sneak having worked on Dumpy’s problem, from his description his efforts, he’d missed the mark. It was my turn to get down and get under. Determined to get it done one way’r’another I wildly wrenched away far greater the numbered turns until I had put all the clutching workings in a bind. Then having Sneak a-top, the action he couldn’t see I gave’im directions as to the pushing and pulling the clutch pedal for up‘n‘down. By’n’by I had thought I had the adjustments as close as I could get it right’r’wrong I tightened only one nut down. The whole thing done I lowered the truck. Backed it out to lock up and ready to go home regardless. If it were right, okay. If not there’s tomorrow. Giving Dumpy’s shifting a trial going through, it was working just fine. I’d have to guess I got it just right.
Doing chores in the dark is for the night owls. I’m no longer near qualified enough to claim such a feathered ability.

*This is just another way Shorthorn country hunters earn their hunting rights around here. This also helps keep careless unknown trespassers off the properties.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Got-to get used to the time change. I’ve got no idea what’s in man’s mind why we got to try and change the Sun’s orbit around the earth? It can’t be my old fashioned country learnen that told me the world is round. What’s any sensible Gooberment what thinks it’s doing me a favor trying the yearly speed and then slow down the earth’s turning. These cussed changes upset my balance telling of time when the sun ain’t where it’s supposed to be year-round.
Meanwhile I was waken at 3:00 AM for a water dispensing call. Since then have eaten a fruit cup and a banana. And still not feeling sleepy enough to lay it back down Even seen behind a yawn I ain’t feeling tired enough to lay back down. Nuts! The house so warm, the stove blower going strong I had thought about opening the inside door. Be my luck if I threw another log on the fire it’d only make the house hotter. A body can’t win-4-loosing.
Another continued meanwhile, I neglected to finish my last journal entry. Another got-to go and finish it rat now. (a mid-nite watered eye fits well rat here)
Cats and cows fed, and down the rod I’d gone. Unwrapped bread for awhile until it were time to pick up sneak for a long ride across Flint town. Weren’t long at Sneak’s neurologist’s office. After some conversation Sneak was given two prescriptions. Instructions: taken them until he sees this Doctor for an EEG test in five weeks. Sneak’s Wal-Mart shoes having given out again, self destructing from the inside out. Watching along our way onto the Flint’s southwest side mall strip we spied a Gander Mountain Sporting Goods Store and found our way in. In this store we found him a well made new pair of shoes for 60% off these at the same price as the original crappy pair. Phooey Huey! This store didn’t carry my size. Next stop was as we come to it was Best-Bye. Money’s galore it’s hard to understand my credit cards were maxed out and nobody’d cash Sneak’s mounting pay-checks. Unlike all the other guys Sneak works with they’ve wives, girl friends, and/or lovers have the day light abilities to cash their checks for then until I convinced Sneak to give them to me. I’ve promised Sneak a postcard from wherever I land. (grin) Any way we did manage to bye a wireless router that nay computer in th house could use. Next stop Dunham’s Sporting Goods store checking on more shoes still looking for me. Was no good for me unless I want basketball shoes the likes I’d the play with Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, or any-other court star would chance their reputations against the likes of me. (hehe) This stop we came away empty handed.
At long last we were thinking heading for home. Decided along the way to check out the SA for our sofa needs. Found one not in the best of appearances condition but better priced this coming Friday, if they’ve still got it then. Some strong soap sude with the appropriate color dye in the wash water will do wonders for the sofa. Should we get It here. Next stops involved taking Sneak back to work. While he hauled soybeans I went to see Doc on our behaves, Frieda and mine. When he got done with me I was diagnosed with COPD, and sent home with another prescription. Whooppee! Next stop drug store. I eventually got my scripts. Was kept waiting and extra hour for Sneak’s prescription filling to be turned down. Nobody has ever heard o the Traveler’s insurance. CRAP! I’ve got to check on them again tomorrow. Good Gosh Almighty Hairy, I walked in my door at five minutes to 8:00 PM. At five minutes past 8:00 PM was eating a home made pizza main course with an all fruit pie ala mode dessert.
Was one Hell of a day today. No serious work done, but a few accomplishments either started or out of the way. One thing sure, what I either didn’t get to today I get to finish it either tomorrow or this coming Friday.

11-6-2011 Time change, Bah

Looking at clock, thunking I’m waking right on my proffered time I was to discover I were wrong. Nuts, I had forgotten to turn my Fall’s clock back. Okay, that finality taken care of I’m supposed to be ready for an earlier daylight start. BS! Instead I want to relate some only day’s old observations.
Day before yesterday motoring down the road, roughly a mile and a quarter west of here, I had to bring the Dumpy truck to a near halt whilst what looked like a confused turkey tried her wing at directing traffic in an area where there weren’t even a crossroad unless a near by driveway counted.
Rolling again, having progressed through the gears only a block ahead my passing a Loopy Mama’s abode I saw her, riding her still new looken JD burb tractor in circles fractioning more fallen dry leaves. Dully fashion dressed layer upon layer for Winter’s still coming season she was. So greatly dressed she was she had completely topped off her look with what looked like two knit hats pulled well down over her ears.
Taken yesterday, here’s one Fall line up picture of sorts.
Looking closely; one White 4-180, two 1850 Oliver’s, one 4wd 2150 , and a bit of a 4020 JD; may be seen.
The day was going relatively smooth. I picked up a hay bale to give the ladies and found their table broken (hay-ring feeder). This called for instant repairs so I put a bale on the tractor’s front forks and backing up to the previously loaded hay wagon (with hay-wagon-rakes) took both up front. Dropping the wagon, connecting it to Dumpy we drove out with it and loaded the broken hay feeder on it and took the doubly loaded wagon to the shop. The broken feeder unloaded on hay rake salvaged whole sitting it to one side Sneak and I dismantled the second saving some of it making kindly out of most of it. Another hay feeder all but totally destroyed sitting over the hill, we brought it up for repairs. We replaced that challenge with another previously mended hay ring and both of us were bushwhacked before we’d made a clean get away. Okay while Sneak helped Bro’ repair the first challenge we had unloaded I busied myself picking up after the three year abandoned Old Blue pickem-up-truck. Might say I was assaying it’s temporary re-existence for my (our) scavenging the engine-transmission donor parts for giving the Ugly and the Greeny trucks their individual needs for a couple prolonged useful lives.
Holly Smokem’s Summer shade lovers. Bro’ put me onto one of the surplus commodity boxes. There in two layers deep covering the bottom were cases and cases varied lemonade and fruit flavored sealed bottle drinks. His telling me he’s going to dump the whole lot emptying the bottles and trashing them before they freeze and break, I grabbed several cases. Anybody thirsty? Trying a strawberry lemonade, it was quite tasty. Nothing I’d buy; but, at these prices, it was worth my time saving some four different flavors for next Summer. All of what I’m savng for myself I put in one them two bushel tubs. If we should have a dungeon party, all that refreshment offering would need is a couple/three bags of drink cooling ice. Now, that’s prepared!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out of a mistake….

….came an interesting discovery. More below….
Waking the Cushman up, this morning, I unloaded it, putting the varied contents in varied containers for deliveries here’n’there. Haulster readied, taken down the road to the hollow, I brought home a Cushman load of damp box-elder this last Spring’s cut firewood. That made for a half a foyer (woodshed) filling. Then broke for lunch.
….via happen chance discovery:
Having eaten only half my carry out fish dinner evening last, for lunch, I warmed up the remainder forgetting to remove the dinner’s included coleslaw. The Styrofoam box when I opened it for the second time the fish and chips were nicely warmed. As for the slaw and tartar sauce their plastic lids were also nicely melted over the edges of there Styrofoam containers. Okay the fish warm it knew little difference whether the sauce was warm or cold. The coleslaw on the other hand heated was a whole new taste different upon my pallet. I enjoyed it, suggesting to Frieda we’ve got to do this on-porpoise* again someday.
*Intentional pun!
Having some heavy trees given me down around the corner I decided to have a word with one my neighbors about joining forces for a fall wood cutting bee. Yeah, well, it was a good idea as long as it lasted my drive over there. He’d just hauled in half his Winter’s needed firewood intending to bring the other half home tomorrow. I guess I’m on my own for my own wood cutting needs. This could well mean I’ll be doing my cutting in the snow. That’s alright, I hate getting over heated anyway.
Afternoon rattler time also break time. A few moments sitting it out time, I still had more to do. Put Cushman away, check ladies hay, find tarp for firewood deck stacked, and looking like an early sunny Saturday evening. Sneak’s even called, expecting an early evening quitting time. Three thousand acres beans have been harvested. Combine change over’s it be back to harvesting corn come next Tuesday, provided it don’t rain.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Had a hard night’s….
….sleep liking a log. Up only twice, neglected the stove, and woke up to the tinnitus sounds of leaking steam behind my back. I can’t figure what set these sounds off in the back of my skull. Looked like I was getting an extra early busy day to woiking to mask, shadow, or remove his aggravating sound out of my mind.
I don’t know it its just me alone or are the days growing shorter are speeding up? Seems like I’m more and more daily racing the evening hour trying to finish up my chores loosing this advancing season’s shortened useful hours. Arrggghhhh!!!!! More Later….
This is the way some of it goes in this house….. A few days ago (I don’t remember how many!) I sat down in my chair and found my bottom back side coming in contact with a Swedish army knife. I jokingly accused Sneak of trying to stab me in the back. Well, that was then, this is now. Obviously he’s side saddled up to the ‘puter, for this morning I found a pocket flashlite down aside the cushion one side the my favorite chair and a super large sized fire-lighter down the other. I had to ask him, “What were these? A spot-lite so’s I might see to lite excessive intestinal gas (flatulence)* for an extra flame source to help heat this dwelling?”
Sneaks laughs. Nearly historically!
His mother recovering first, Her Mostess chimed in with, “It’s a good thing we all have a good sense of humor!”
Ahem, While I may have had a smile on my face, I wasn’t out’n’out laughing. (chuckle) I’d much rather he’d loose large sums of money in my chair. The quieter linen impregnated folding kind of greenbacks enough so’s I may truly become accustomed to a higher standard of living. (grin) Nough of this!
Oh crap! Got another batch of forms in the mail yesterday I must fill out and return; and, get this, in a self addressed n stoomped envelope.
Who thinks up all this goobermint mumbo-jumbo up?
…..It’s later and I’m home and in. Been a busy day. I’ve finally finished the lower barn’s backside service door. Well, almost, Have to either find a key for that door’s padlock or cut it off. That key not on my key ring perhaps there’s key on somebody else’s key ring.
Desperately need firewood toted into this house. Both the Dumpy truck and the Cushman need emptying out. Instead of doing that with the near immediacy the carpenter work finished, Sneak had called worrying about what he was going make for his next week’s carried lunches. So I fed my ladies, took my pills and moseyed over to the Crossroads for but a very few groceries. What the heck, having driven that far one more mile I picked us up four Friday nite fish dinners. Those smells tempting me I stopped for Sneak’s packed vittles supplies, plus sugar and cookies for her Mostess’s wants. Then it happened….Darn, darn, darn, I had walked away for the cashier forgetting my wallet. A kindly young man had run after me giving it back to me. I thanked him and turned to complete my journey home. I stopped, stood in my tracks my mind having gone blank. Scary!!! It was! What next? My crashing into my wall sometime earlier had finally caught up with me? Empty headed I stood there almost on my way out through the foyer. Which way out my mind questioned my memory? Is this a first sign of a schizophrenic* mind? That foyer with two entrances, one left the other right, also had found I had also forgotten where I had parked Dumpy. What seemed an eternal moment gone by I thought I had remembered my coming in the door from he right. I had a direction to go right or wrong; but, I was on my way. I figured as big as my dumpy truck was I shouldn’t have had any trouble finding it. True to my thought there stood Dumpy but two handicrapper parking spaces from the door. I figured I was on a roll.
Comfortably seated in Dumpy, belted in, the beast started easily. Then refused to go into gear. What the? I killed engine the transmission shifting easily given a dead engines second chance and headed home. Making my driveway Sundown was but thirty minutes away plus an added ten or so fading twilight. Forget it. I wasn’t going to clear the cargo deck of any vehicle. I was shot in both mind and body.
I ate half my fish dinner, as did Frieda, and I had a couple cookies from my pleasured purchase some famous brand coconut macaroons. Yum. They’re all for me. (grin) Frieda doesn’t like coconut.
How about this? I had some doubts whether I could finish writing this entry I had started this morning. Hooray, I’ve done it! It’s written!
*(flatulence): vulgar translation; gas, fart.
*schizophrenic: I cold turkey spelled this word perfectly a little while ago. Unbelievable. A word like that normally had been good for at least an hour’s research time. (hat size had instantly grown two/three sizes larger).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It had finally come….

….to pass. Yes! That is what I had written! “It had finally come to pass!” I have eaten my very first soup with my fingers this evening. It seems while I was down to the barn putting in some more time on that cussed back service door, Her Mostess, was busily stewing a chicken. It had also come to pass she had simply added an assortment of fresh vegetables needing cooking them to make them edible-ly chewy, to wit she had also added some varied other assorted leftover (shall I say) veggies. Even though these assorted morsels were put together in salads with an odd number of ingredients strangers to this soup, or any soup for that matter, the finished pot come out tasting rather good.
Okay, as I’ve written, I spent my morning down at the barn working over a back door. Having gone as far as I could by noon, I had them put lunch away to fill der belly out. After that, I hit the road for the shop. There I gathered up those materials I thought necessary to complete my project. Them from there on I went over to the Crossroads for more materials from the loco hardware store. Everything I needed in glass jars from the shop and paper bags from the hardware, stopping back by the shop I had let myself be drafted as a part time gopher. The other parts of my time I pocked around under Dumpy’s hood testing the impedance of each ignition wire. Finding them all checking out good I still traded one-shorty off for one-longer out a back wall pigeon hole. All the ignition wires fitting tight and feeling much more securely parked by my fingers either wanton or tender approval, I finally had the Dumpy truck running like a top. (hahahohohehe) I had managed to make fix satisfactorily in my fashion rather than stooping to the combined suggestions between Tom & Bro’. I wish they’d stick to bumbling there own projects than involving me in their flaky ideas. Speaking of which I wish Bro’d finish up the rebuilding of an Oliver hydra-drive transmission. It is badly needed in two (really three) of the Oliver tractors sitting out the Winter here before next Spring‘s use.
Well, I guess this is enough of this chatter this evening. It’s way past my bedtime. I’ve got to turn it in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dumpy’s done….
….for now and on the road. Had my Dumpy truck running and moving before taking yesterday’s lunch. While Dumpy doesn’t shift as easily as I had hoped the truck shifts without those once awful noises from under the floorboards. Whew, this mechanical job is finished for now.
The normal everyday chores, setting and restringing one leg of a fence ‘cause Bro’ thinks some the pasture grass may still grow some more.
I’ve mixed emotions were this idea is concerned. Granted the Winter rye is coming up in minute fractions that doesn’t mean the tired out pasture grass is going to do some astounding growths since we’ve had several frosts and one good freeze. Well. Using the Cushman the task wasn’t to hard though time consuming.
My finishing up the Dumpy truck yesterday I can’t help myself but for taking an abnormal dislike to Tom’s sticking his nose into whatever I’m doing. Perhaps it’s my age? Perhaps it’s my acquired short time memory? But I’ve been quite capable to make my repairs for years. Now, these days setting my mind’s ideal-ed pattern as to what I’ve pre-planned my day’s activity whether it relates to my chores, equipment repairs (Dumpy fits in here), seasonal implement changeovers or other rearrangements. Bottom line, I don’t need the interruptions, unsought advice, and/or know-it-all suggestions; breaking my narrow minded concentrations to get my immediate job done. When I‘m interrupted, my mind‘s concentration broken, I often have to back up and go through my whole routine up to the present to be sure I hadn‘t missed or deleted a step. For example; some silly interruption causing me to forget to close a gate, not that there are any local bovine opportunists around here ready and willing to walk out on their owns.
His day’s forewarning society worried about our welfare I was notified a state social worker was coming by. I managed a look in the barn feeding the cats. Then waited for another few more minutes for the official visitor to come by and interview us. Forms in duplicate, short forms, long forms, tests to determine our mental capacities; even to individually access each of us outside the other’s influence; and still more forms to answer questions during our immediate leisure. That was three hours worth taking us into the noon hour.
This afternoon I fought Dumpy’s innate determination to run badly. I suspect one or two of the sparkplug wires had deteriorated either during the recent taking apart or putting it back together. On the back shelf I found two sets wires one old yet serviceable and another long forgotten brand new.
I re-hung the lower barn’s back service door. Unable to find my construction hammer I did manage to lever and hold the door near to the proper level for running home some lag screws with out my big freaking framing hammer minor adjustments could not have been made. I had also under estimated the barn timbers prowess to hold my poor choice of screws to short. So, it looks like while I finish that door hanging task tomorrow I’ll do it with a total number of all long screws.
I want to know where do such things as three framing hammers can disappear all at the same time? I do know when I immediately want a measuring tape or ruler not one may be had. Give me a couple days later I’ll have and know where all five or more had been gathered together, as if they were conventioneers. Figures!
Days becoming shorter every day we’ll get our season’s final acceptance of the whoopee daylight savings time cushion, this next Saturday night we all get to turn our clocks back. Nuts!
It’s 6:30 PM my sitting down and I’m feeling wasted, drained, shot, kaput, and caring little even whether I have supper I’m ready for sleep.