Sunday, November 20, 2011

At Last

Date Line Sunday Foxfire farms:
Fillip and I, taking all day have finally gotten the engine, transmission, and transfer case out of the Ol‘Blue truck. While the power plant was just starting to hang about the shop, so glad that part of a miserable job is done. Now thinking how do I want to handle it next. One thing sure, I’d like to have it power washed as clean as I can muster before opening it up, or as in taking it all further apart, and hanging the block on an engine stand.
Poor Ol’Blue is once more sitting outside with the most forlorn look about it. Will be bringing it back in for some more dismantling it for parts: front and rear bumpers, oil cooler, heater core, heater blower, tail light assembles, whatever, plus the outside mirrors. Fillip see’s them used on a couple tractors.
Was supposed to have been a short day. In spite the fact my body and mind insisted on shutting down along about 4:00 PM with Fillip’s encouragement we accomplished all I wanted for today. Now should it rain I’ve a couple three shop projects to work on. If its nice be it clear weather on bare or snow covered ground I can cut’n’split fire wood Heaven knows we need a bunch.

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