Saturday, February 28, 2009

Darn it all, my nose has been running all day, got this persistent cough, and been hit with an ample supply the severest headaches. I haven’t had them like these for about three weeks. I know what I’d like to take for pain. Only, doc has told me they are habit forming.
Dish towels or select rags hemmed about that size dish towel size would work for me. Good Idea.

Friday, February 27, 2009

So busy

Early morn:
Thanks for the interest, Sid.
What's going on here, I simply haven't even been able to keep up with myself. Medical appointments shortly after sunrise for myself, middle of day for Frieda. Then trying to get something done on this farm during the in-between's Then, there’s Indy Ollie’s batteries going to hell, my having to warm and charge them for an hour before that tractor’s daily use.
Also fitting in time either paying-back or paying-ahead neighborly favors. Still got two days work on one project a couple miles from here as the crow flies. Not sure where I stand, I've likely received more favors than I've paid back. A just one of them things a guy should do given the opportunity.
Maybe Saturday I'll get back to the urinal, when I've the pre-day's time and I ain't dragging my arse back in at or after dark. Thus far I've been lucky I ain't fallen asleep in my late night's suppers.
Still getting treated three ways for headaches. They are still with me, only nowhere as sever.
One thing has come to light, I've got to be more careful when, where, of whom, and how I ask some neighbor a question. Using old daily backup method filling thermos these busy days. At least until the storms pass and the whether settles.
PS: Have seen some more pretty gals in my travels. All of them bothering me, my inability to find enough words to describe their individual beauty's.
PS2: Note: I didn’t say “To busy, for some interests!”
Just afore lunch:
Walked out onto slippery mess here. Frieda having wanted to see Doc George, for a blood check for her thyroid gland, she changed her mind. Likely just as well. I slid down the ramp, slid out the driveway and all the corners I had to negotiate to Otisville.
Sluffed off after leaving Physical Therapy taking some time for myself when I got home. Had coffee, relaxed. Headaches hitting again took a single prescribed barbitchuet, feeling like it were one of those days I needed something strong. Feeling guilty had an early lunch and then headed out for shop flyng lightly my foot on Ugly’s accelerator. Wee!
Early evening:
Spent all of afternoon wrenching wrenching JD. Felt good. Leaving doors shut going inside felt warmer than the outside I was leaving behind. Some hours later leaving inside for outside temps have dropped even further. (Brr!)
Damn tractor, for feeding, has refused to start. Grand! Chores could go into dark. Hope I needn’t jump it. I dislike using jumper cables. Always a chance a spark could blow the battery up. That could make it a nasty end to a beautiful day.
The Ladies fed by twilight’s middle light, I was in before total darkness. Now that I’m in the house, gosh darn it my nose is running freer than Butternut Creek at the top of it’s banks. With eyes uncontrollably rolling, my sinuses are over producing strong sneezes. I’ve about had it. Tissues so small I stooped to using table napkins for snoot rags. This keeps up, I may dig into some of the rag bags for making some interesting material cuts, either Frieda or I’ll then be hemming some edges.
Backing up a bit for the weather, we’ve had a a good rain last night before the temperatures dropped giving us our morning sleet and snow showers. We’ve had more than enough humidity to fill the running creek across the driveway all day.
Tonight’s supper Chili for main course followed by apple pie. BGKC.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I know how to seek help.

Having taken Frieda to the mall I saw an attractive young lady to whom I had to speak, “I seem to have lost my wife and I can’t find her. Can you talk to me for a couple minutes?”
Seeing the concern in her eyes for my plight, she said, “Of course, Sir. Do you know where you last seen your wife?"
"I have no idea where that might have been,” I answered her, “but any time I talk to a pretty young lady such as yourself she appears out of nowhere every single time.”
Another ho hum day; physical therapy, a stop by the county your ride office, to hopefully straighten out a misunderstanding. I guess its taken care of with our senior citizen ride issues resolved. Getting home feeling a bit under the weather I had a coffee. Before long I was looking at lunch. Lunch over it was time for a social service nurse worker for the ageing coming by to see us. We qualified: Frieda still not running up to speed, myself loaded down with so many illnesses and medication. Was determined neither one of us is all that dependable on the other. Ouch! That hurt. And, the headaches are still plaguing me. Not as sever yet still more than often enough debilitating. We’re being lined up for safer driven rides we need for medical appointments to get me off the roads where I’m no longer comfortable driving.
No crap! It took two days shear will power and canned fruit to get me regular again. Oh what a relief it is!
Headache’s back, tired, and slipping on my oxygen bottle for ten minutes. Got to call it a night. BGKC.

I want to talk Bull

Let me introduce Spats.


This is what comes I’m left alone talking to Bull yesterday and today.


2-23-o9 Read a horseman.

I wrote………………..
Dear Bob:
I appreciate your fondness for draft horses. I remember riding some, working around them as a kid. WWII over they started to become unfashionable with the exception of the old timers who'd become so attached to their teams. No way could they give them up for a smelly tractor.
I've enjoyed reading your adventures, your descriptions, and will return again. Right now I've got do breakfast and gt out to tend out Shorthorns.
Get well soon and be warned, should you be seen catching up with the nurses you'll be getting kicked out.
I write a daily blogg; some times interesting, some times humorous, some times instructive, some times adventures, some times a total bore.
Fernan of Michigan.
Bob may be found here. Cut and paste this, Enjoy.
Today was a near bust. Was up and out early enough. Packaged our trash and put it out. Went down the road and introduced myself to Spats, our new herd bull brother had brought home. Holy Baloney, he’s four years old and looking bigger than a locomotive. He could easily tip the scales at over 2100 pounds.
I came back, took some time for a rare read across three boards and the lovely ladies I enjoy reading. I wrote some enjoying my topic. I’ve got to remember to go back to edit making any necessary changes or additions until I made it absolutely clear in my mind’s eye.
A cold day I had cringed at the thought of wrenching. Thinking about it, thirty-five years ago, I’d had an pleasurable thought and gone wenching, be it a school day so’s I’d plenty time to practice salesmanship with the lady of the house. But alas, that was then, this is now. Was it this I wrote about?
Home early, three bales hay to the ladies, I had plenty of time to move firewood into the house, unload it before supper, and I had. Then guiltily thought about the house keeping I hadn’t done what still needs more of it. Written out, its feeling like bed time……

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Can’t wait. I gotta share this with some body.
Daylight, Frieda up, each of us our medications taken it was time to don my flight gear and climb aboard for my very first solo flight. Frieda standing by as ground control I went down my check list. It weren’t very long. Where my feet clamped down. Taking control of the dual controls I eased myself onto liftoff. Smooth it was. This first flight a test flight I put the flyer through its passes. Up, up and away I flew. I took it so high my eyes lost sight of the horizon. What a machine, While I wanted to stay up there, I didn’t stay any to long, it was supposed to be a quick flight to see if it could be safely handled, I came right back down to earth. Post flight check I found a couple miner adjustments I could/needed to correct. It was marvelous no longer than the excursion lasted. I shorten the control chain for automatic limiting the immediate future flight heights.
Preflight checked out again, climbing aboard I made certain the foot controls were adequately fastened down. This flight’s flying timer set for a longer liftoff I was prepared to go again. The runway clear, myself cleared, it was a smooth take off. Up, up and away I flew, leveling off at the predetermined ceiling clearance, I laid back and enjoyed the relaxing attitude the machine had taken. Flight time coming to a predetermined end for me to set down/step down.
Only something had gone wrong. I couldn’t bring it back down. I had lost my ability to see the horizon. Flying blindly, I reluctantly contacted ground control to assist guiding me down. Frieda throwing her weight onto my problem brought my feet back to earth. Wow, what a flight. Although, it needs another adjustment, I’m ready to go again.
The home inversion table actually works. Only one criticism, a night shirt is a might drafty, even worse if it’s drifted over one’s face, for prolonged flight wear.
Now, for how well it works, only time will tell. All I can say for it now three minutes on it felt good.

By gum……

I got in some shop time today working on the JD 4020. Made for a pleasant day’s feeling I’ve finally accomplished something. Plan is I try to get in as much time on it again tomorrow.
Cold temperatures holding beautifully delaying the onslaught of Spring’s muddy season. I know it’ll come soon enough without pushing it.
I see calves are bouncing in Texas.
Learned trails started out in St Louis, Mo.
Read a whole bunch of clukes gather for a show southeast USA. I’m wondering how many roosters it took to wake up the morning?
Alice is dressed for going through the looking glass.
It’s either a one sided family reunion on Loopy Acres or the vittles are mighty good.
Our snow easing up, cause I been trying to send just as much of it to them folks in the Catskills can take.
Mel’s still silent, though I’m watchin’.
This is all I can think of rat now. BGKC.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woik Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was going to make it a woik day in the shop. By the time I finished this’n’that this morning, I had had enough cold for one day. Snow’s coming down steadily on an averaging east wind. We could well have a substantial accumulation by morning. This could mean plowing snow a third time this heating system.
For my afternoon’s trick I managed to procrastinate a couple jobs I was going to get well into. Maybe even completion already.
I found something on the net titled “Favorite Things…….” The trick is to download the WHOLE article for a good read. Believe me. It’ll bring a tear for sadness, for joy, for utter amazement.
Late bulletin: the old coot has managed to finish assembling his home inversion table at 9:30 PM this very evening. Use instructions suggest not going over to far the first few times. Most impotently it’s best somebody is standing in case the participant gets into trouble. So, the old coot is going to wait till morning to try it. Then if the old coot gets into trouble she can call the fire department to get the occupant back out of it. “Safety first.” I always say. BGKC

Friday, February 20, 2009

I’m so embarrassed

I don’t even want to tell myself about it, its so embarrassing. Just the same, here I go. I’ve often mentioned my sight is nowhere what it was fifteen years ago. Further I’ve slowen my driving in recent years to the point where I’m always up front leading a parade. Ever safety conscious I’m only driving as fast as may react to a situation within my safe operating stopping distance. This said, yesterday was a day I don’t want to talk about. Writing is an entirely different thing.
Yesterday morning, leaving the house, I walked right out into a snow squall what was bitching cold blown white stuff horizontally all about me. Having to keep my therapy appointment I drove slower than normal in that white-outing stuff all the way to Otisville. I walked into the therapy clinic right on time. On time I suffered an hour under threes females each having her turn with me. For what I have to go through under all these lovely ladies hands I’m doubting I shall want to recover any to soon. Regardless, my one hour treatment when came out of the clinic it was snowing even harder, wind chill felt about 4*below , visibility’s best was the width of a football field. Having stopped by the druggist’s, coming back out I was dreading the drive home. The snow having increased, the winds as strong or stronger as they were over an hour earlier, I bravely slide behind the wheel. Going to Otisville on second class roads. Slowing even more I was an even slower half fast driver to come home third class roads. Visibility limited I visioned snow drifts eighteen to twenty-four inches deep on the roads, the occasional car or truck breaking the drifts keeping the roads open. Snow moving everywhere when was the weather ever going to stop and top off.
This morning’s drive the same roads as I did yesterday for my therapy it was clear I hadn’t seen all the snow drifts I registered in my mind; yet, I could have sworn I saw the snow coming down, piling up, drifting dangerously over the roads, and even one lane stretches in the deepening snow on the back roads.
I’ve got it! Mother Nature had played one of her tricks on me, my eyes, my mind. I’m sure I swear I shall be right at least one more time!
While I was in therapy Doc’s office had run my whereabouts down and called for me in therapy. That was my next stop before drugstore. Going to his office I was relieved he hadn’t seen me nor asked me any questions. Whew! I might have had me committed. Actually, He was calling informing me Frieda’s outdoor scooter had arrived for pickup. I left a prescription by the druggist’s and enlisted Handy’s help to move the scooter.
small scoot pic
Copped topics:
Seems I’m destined to work until I die. I can’t think of another way living my life. We’ve nothing to retire on as I haven’t had a decent money making job since 1970 and 1973. Because workman’s compensation roles tag back injuries is a forever more denied employment no-no. I have been tagged for all these years. A single medical coverage insurance plan for the whole nation regardless the illness or injury makes more sense to me. I’d not been penalized for an on the job injury as if I where a criminal for having gotten injured. Bottom line, I’d much rather be making a taxable income than what it’s been like these last 35 years. Besides I’m living in paradise and not eager to give it up. Here I’ve fresh air and responsibilities to meet me everyday’s need to rise and shine.
It has been a real drag my not seeing my buddy skunks all winter. If they’re a hibernating animal I would have thought them to be out a few days ago with al that warm spell and sunshine. Since we’ve had a winter’s snow thaw the deer have contained themselves in the ravines and wood lots where perhaps that thaw had uncovered some food. Almost twenty inches snow on the all winter level I’m wondering how many wild animals haven’t made it through the winter. Oh, why do I like the skunks? They is the best little old grub diggers helpful ridding a lawn of them nuisance moles and shrews. No grubs in your grass rootes the moles ether starve or move on.
What a time to follow a job having to pack up your home and move. The old place will be hard to sell and another house will be difficult to finance. Folks in these straight’s might contact that nation wide advertised associate realtors what talk about house trades. I wonder if Craig’s list could be of help?
Shucks, I’ve got to lay it down

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The behinder I’m getting

I don’t see myself catching up any time soon in the immediate future. A surprise grain grinding earlier in the week, three early morning med appointments thrown in, helping Larry The Elevator Guy wire the electrical system and straighten out a 540 Case ignition system including resetting the distributor and timing it kept me busy the last couple mornings, going for shop time, shop time’s been coming up short, plus chores are taking longer to do. Although it has been thought I haven’t been feeding these ladies enough, we went to feeding three bales a day. Started this schedule three days ago. Three round feeders were still half full. Feed and days examples, new way 3+3+0=6 or or my way 2+2+2=6. Enough of this.
Watching this morning’s heavy snow forcibly blown sideways by more than a stiff wind I witnessed snowflakes so large passing under the an entry’s overhanging protection they tripped the drug store’s automatic door‘s.
Have I mentioned I’ve been busy? I’ve had my home inversion table for two weeks this Saturday and still haven’t managed to put it together. It’s after sundown now and to cussed dark for my eyes to adjust in the dim light of the evening to bolt it together. Yet so anxious to see and try it I’ve been plagued with other intervening interruptions unable to make any more house cleaning progress since last Sunday. If it is any measure of house cleaning progress I had put out fourteen containers instead the usual four. There’s been the ashes to take out two loads wood to bring in. Cussed stove can’t be fed near enough to appease it’s burning soul. BGKC.

2-18-o9 we’ve got snow

Right it this 6:00 AM moment looks like there may be a whole new inch snow on deck, may well remind me of '73. Similar weathered snow forecasts then, I could see my lawns sleeping grass leaving the house for work that morning. Two hours later, having gotten half way to work, turning around in a white out, going back home, pulling into my drive in a single inch of new snow, entering my happy home I sought out the warmth of two bodies to share body heat, and an hour later looking out the window I saw a foot of white wet stuff. That was the last day I could drive our jeep for something like a whole week.
The next day, car unseen and pickup cab appearing as no more than a lump in the snow, I wore snowshoes to climb off my porch to snowshoe the mile to alternatively continue work on our then only recently purchased Victorian Christmas house.
It’s still the AM as I write this jotting down items jogging my memory from the net and Frieda. Damned if it something new ain’t nailing me, turning again me, the memory loss my vocabulary. This isn’t one of them now and then word thingies. This my trying to string a whole sentence loaded with words together just to explain the simplest of a symptoms as to how I was/had been feeling. The worst I’ve experienced in years, it being the terriblest and most embarrassing when I was in the U of M University Hospital, trying to express myself. And, I’ve already forgotten what Frieda only moments ago had said? BGKC.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2-17-o9 to tired….

….last evening I didn’t even make an entry. Being 7:30 PM when I walked in I had had enough and I’m afraid it is going to more of the same tonight. So, here’s something extra for my amusements this story not to far from the whole truth.
Seeing Doc the other day I must have looked as worried as I was for Doc asked if anything was troubling me. This on and on going memory loss problem getting worse everyday, it’s beginning to get to me so I wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t had a problem. Dumb question, I thought.
So I told him, "Well, to tell you the truth, Doc, I seem to be getting more and more forgetful. I can't remember where I have left Ugly, or whether I paid a bill, or where I'm going, my going to my tool box, what wrench did I want when I got there, what I was going to do with it once I got back -- if I get there! I need help. What should I do?"
My wise ache-er Doctor replied in his straightest face, "Pay me in advance!"
My left wing contribution for the day………….
Roosevelt’s new deal didn’t work. Bull-shit!
An older gentleman I picked up with a few years after my dad had died becoming my union work mate, as well as hunting and fishing buddy, he’d had worked the CCC camps in northern Michigan. The CCC’s planted 1000’s upon 1000’s acres of trees, cut forest highways and trails, built roadside stops, camp grounds. This required logging and building picnic tables and out houses. It was that experience that had prompted him to became a journeyman carpenter. He remembered it was required to send half his pay home. It was that CCC money sent home that families bought hard goods* putting factory people back to work which helped rebuild the 1930’s economy.
Frieda’s telling me this morning her father worked the WPA heavy construction for money. The money paid for his booze while she and the rest her family were deprived their needs. Their living in the country, at that stressful time, the neighbors gave her mother fruits and vegetables; milk, butter, and eggs; chicken, beef and pork at slaughter time, and hand me down clothing made from feed and floor sacks.
Government financed work programs trickled money down to a lot of money reestablishing pride and contribution to neighborhoods, in all manner and sized communities.
My old man made his move in 1939, building and moving himself, mom and I into a tar paper shack. Happy days were on there way again our never dreaming of war across two oceans.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2-16-o9 Mad Doug

Writing this time as the day goes on……
If this is what it takes, to get Her Mostess off and on, I’ll become the biggest badest mad doug act she’s ever met up with descend upon her. She ain’t ever get her strength back if she don’t walk and do. Sit, sit, sit, ain’t going to do it. She’s “I can’t wait until its nice weather and I can walk down the road.” She’s had her both shoulders and most importantly a knee replaced. She’s had physical therapy supposedly up until the time she was ready to be on her own. She’s had exercise’s instruction for her continued healing progress. I have not asked a lot of her lately, buy to try. I’d have liked seeing her try or I would not be so animate had I caught her in the act let alone over doing it. She exercises?
Yeah sure! When nice weather gets here she may not make the mail box and ruin somebody’s grill just cause she couldn’t get out of the way. It’d be about right I missed seeing her roasted to a turn.
Good Lord, her Lord she’s active this morning, sitting down when she needs to. Having me take her BP. I find her to be running cool. AND, she looks like she’d had some fun even to just sitting and sorting treasures! You know those things our issues’ call crap and throw out. Gooood, I’m feeeling so much better!
Well, we were making headway until lunch got in the way. Then phones calls in and out. The one coming in Frieda’s getting an outdoor Omega. She’s excited. I’m somewhat reserved. I want her walking not riding. I accepted it only so long as somebody else didn’t need it badly. I don’t want any excuses for doing or taking the easy way. What if destiny tags me first to leave this wonderful life? Who’ going to take care of her when my spirit’s departed?
Then I had to near jump through hoops to get the “Your Ride” here whatever its called if it serves your area. She likely be picked by bus and transported going and coming at $1.50 each way in the county. That’s a bargain compared to driving Ugly any distances.
Shazbot! Ladies should have been fed an hour earlier than they were about be, when modifying my manner of dress for going out to see them, I’m hit with one of them 80% headaches (Excedrin #79). One more try taking only a couple moments I better try the oxygen again. Holy smok’ems, I’m taking 6 ML for a timed ten minute time periods. I don’t think I want my eggs boiled that long.
Late afternoon
The ladies were ready for my appearance. Having the hay movers switched around moving these heavy bales is much better than all the trouble I’ve been having. HA! The high lift is alo damaged and unless it becomes a panic situation that repair will wait until warmer weather. And the shop apron has been cleared of snow and ice.
Evening went rather quickly when I got back into the house. I had to take care of trash for tomorrow’s pickup. I put five tubs and seven bags trash out to the edge of the road. That finished Frieda and I were both finished while it was turning dark. We had had enough cleaning and sorting for one day. She did good today by golly, and I told her so. A few minutes rest I got supper out of the dungeon freezer and she used hot irons bring it up to submission. She even rustled up a couple brown cows (chocalote ice-cream under root beer) for dessert.
I sat a few moments wanting to bring my still unseen packaged furniture into the house. I couldn’t resist it. I walked the cardboard package into the house, un-package contents in pieces and see what it looked like. It looked as thought would be sturdy enough. No fancy finish as I was buying cheap. Looking at the conglomerated mess in open box I found the assembly instructions were wrong in assembly order. At least in my mind. I have any trouble, I’ll consult the instructions again later. BGKC.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our house keeping had finally come to a head Friday. I’m usually an east going individual and our union has lasted over the years my overlooking her weaknesses and accepting her plusses. Take for instance she’s severely handicapped in letting slide housekeeping. Her pluses are many beginning with she’s a wonderful lover. I’m not talking just about her attentions toward me. I mean the love she’d given all our children, grand children and great grand children if she’s ever given a chance, so many of them a couple hundred miles away. One day she witnessed an elderly gentleman take a tumble on the side walk passing our house. She immediately ran out to him insisting he come intp our house and rest awhile. He stayed, likely seven/eight years, her taking him into her heart. It was a time she took more interst in animals. She was even an unpaid volunteer at our local animal shelter every once in a while bringing home a lost cause. She welcomed all manner of critters: a curbstone sitter, a 57 variety hound, a dukes mixture plus many more dogs over the years. This was a mile walk each way. She’d brought home cats; one had even selected Frieda her friend and keeper, Judy Poo, taking on the rest of the household as a price to pay. We’d had a guinea pig Happy, who‘d been kept penn up tight less than a square yard, she gave this guy a real instigator the run of the first floor. . Parrots what talked a mile a minute driving everybody nuts man/animal/mail man/any knock on our door. One was a real hoot, saying, “Open the door. Let me out of here!” Whom perplexed a lot of people coming to the door, when no on was home, trying to help knowing no better once or twice calling the police, the police knowing about the parrot. That bird was good fun.
Our early years in our honeymoon cottage about 3:30 PM Frieda had fresh baked cookies and fresh made fruit drink made for our kids, all kids, served off our front porch the half hour kids walked home from school. Winter’s turn key kids gathered around our table and she loved them enough to make them complete their home work before play. Nobody’s had a bigger heart.
So it is, our house keeping has not only gotten behind, it has gotten out of hand. “What do I save, what do I throw away. “Why did we keep this? “That’s something we may show a great grandchild, they’ve never seen.” “I thought you said we needed blankets. I seem to have worked my way into a whole mountain of them.” I’m sitting here thinking, I almost made this end of this room. By gum, I’m going to get some planks and build two book cases for my end. Well have nore room both ends making the middle wider. I’d be good to if I did my art wook for the book, and get all the art stuff out of here. But I like stringing words together for a story. Maybe these words will do that some day?” BGKC.

2-15-o9 Journal’s SUNDAY report
Nothing like advanced notice, I’d have to grind grain, today. Elevator’s closed on Sunday. It’d had been nice could I have already had the supplements handily loaded easily handled off my truck bed. But no, I’m note told until this morning. This meant a whole new set of circumstances. I was given the golden opportunity to get a good workout this AM. I’ve got supplements kept on hand for just such emergencies, only, They always give me a damned good work out getting them lifted out of the vermin proof steel storage barrels. Then there’s the toting them across the barn to lay them on the back of the truck to move again emptying all those bags later. Whooppee, I pressed (so I stretch the truth a wee bit) 700 pounds weight today in 50 pound bags 14 times today, half of them from low down.
Oh, I put in some time today not so much cleaning house as I did clearing away rummaged debris. I’m still clearing away rummage, Oh, whom ever I rely on, me, give tomorrow to really burden this weeks trash pickup.
Boxes pilling on the deck filling with snow, some for trash some fore shop. Old clothes hanging on the handrails. I hope to have the place tidied up before the neighbors start thinking us Gypsies. We’re no even Bohemian.


Good Night’s submission written after dark at 10:00PM here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

2-13-o9 Friday the Thirteenth Fun

Herr Mostess woke with a running nose, while mine was stuffed up. So, here’s one more truth, opposites attract. We both slept all night neither one of us waking to tend to the fire or any other personal matter. So, here’s one more truth, compatibility makes for a lasting relationship.
Yup, it’s FrYday the thirteenth alright. Was always my mom’s lucky day. Well for meself, my monitor has just gone on to new monitor heights. And, I ain’t expecting this backup to last much longer. The viewing part is off center (hey, that’s just like me.)
By chance, I may repeat myself, my home inversion table is in the neighborhood. Excited I’ve got to get it today, along with an egg timer, and a new monitor so’s I can see more than this 11” lopsided mono eyed teaser to write all about it on. So small only my good eye seeing print more than too small my right eye’s trying to cross to keep up.
Today, last Physical Therapist day this week, and I’m off. Trying to get away from here drivers were coming up short again. First one neglected to call back, she might have had something else going. During that hour’s wait the ladies got their hay early. Closing the chores early I cell Chip. He was for it. Besides I like riding his Chevy pickup, rides like a Cadillac and visibility‘s good for all riders. While we a-waited our chauffeured limousine we cheated and scar-fed up some lunch.
On the road Chip driving we dropped her Mostess off at the Clio Senior Center, so she’d gleam info for her interests, While Chip and I drove on for mine.
What a time to go shopping. The egg timer wasn’t any deal, nor over priced either. A new monitor was liking 30% off. No markdown on the printer ink short the package deal. Cart filling up fast, traveling light, we just happen to be at the pickup window for Internet ordered merchandise. We entered and immediately I got lost. Nobody at the desk going through an unmarked swinging door I was shortly informed I was where I didn’t belong, “Go back outside and ring the bell.” I heard it three times. Why couldn’t one of them just get me my package? Oh no! It had to be officially done by a designated Associate! About time we found bell button sat a few moments putting on my best face looking like I knew what I was doing, Skip snickering, I gave it up for a lost cause. Timing couldn’t have been better. Here come the clerk.
Paper work, ID’d, package prepaid. Ugh? Checkout, rest shopped products scanned and totaled, check written, more ID’ing, excused, on our way caught at exit for more ID and paper work for prepaid merchandise, we were allowed outside. Making good time for truck we wanted out of there before we started a parade of colorful lights running through Clio traffic. ’Sides, we had to pickup Frieda at the SC. That SC would never have allowed me to leave her there anyway.
Getting home Frieda and rest of truck unloaded, letting the boss lady in the house the mail box made clear who was charged for the prepaid home universal table’s price, me! BGKC.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rain’s benefit

I wrote and posted the immediate following on a couple web sites. (or something close to like it.)
“Go……Salma Hayek…….Go
Lets bring a perfectly normal function of life out into the light of day. For privacy or modesty's sake let the mother put something over her shoulder. Let the freaking prudes look the other way. This isn't something needing hidden. It's life and life support if I've ever seen it within my own home. I see this production of milk as a miracle.”
I don’t know how many opportunities I had had bringing our newly born to our bed just as the sun were coming up. I could but not enjoy the view to something I could not do, bodily nourish a child. I loved it, I loved them, this was an act that brought us all closer together. Seven children, I had a good many eye and heart full’s making stronger a family home.
Don’t know where to start today’s living? Frieda said I seamed rested. That’s good, so did she. However taking my temperature I running 97.5*, sweating my butt off and freezing to deaf. Other than that she said I looked all right. Had two slices milk toast. I’d rained more last night. Had my physical therapy to go to.
Oh boy. I had three wonderful women looking after me this morning, as well the ho-hum head administrator. First girl looked after the neck’s heat packs. Second girl massaged my neck, back, and some ultra sound treatments in the neck area. Third girl took particular attention to working out the knotted neck muscles. Her fingers were magic as she showed the second girl how she was doing this. Lastly the administrator worked on tractioning my neck and upper spine. That felt pretty good. Only, for some untold reason I’m feeling my spine’s treatment will continue to need attention of the girls more nimble fingers. I feel so ‘oh” badly having to put myself into their lovely hands.
By time therapy was over rain had stopped and winds had picked up, already drying up some the mud.
Next stop was drugstore for the Vick’s vapor rub I wanted that we didn’t have three nights ago. I learned a replacement for another prescription had finally been approved. I may(?) have this last new one by tomorrow’s mid morning or Monday sure. Plan is I try it on medication period. If no improvement, drop it and next three refills.
Leaving pill pushers I drove right on by my road for Sixguy’s Farm. Wanted some help that JD constant velocity hydraulic valve for Case Plow’s need. Taking pictures of it on a late model bean and wheat planter I may well nail down one of these down in a few days. Secret, It wasn’t of JD manufacture!
First purpose my driving that way was for a supply of corn. No one was on hand for a few days last week. They were taking some mini snowmobile vacations up north on designated park trails.
Having gone around the block for weigh slip, I pulled that load straight up the primary driveway. I wasn’t taking any chance burying anything in the lower drive unmaking it over the drives crown to park across the drive way for unloading. Up the main drive, ugly and I we cut a couple ruts in the sod parking the load half past the kitchen window. Well, it’s home. I may have to grind for last Sunday’s short load.
Late for lunch ahead of schedule I climbed down everything. I needed lunch. Not wanting to be out all day, after morning’s businesses I still had my afternoon chores to do get them out of the way. So, I took care of ladies needs and then got back to my own.
Down loaded pictures with editing, an explanation the pictures and info copied off pictured part, all e-mailed to brother. Now we’re both looking. Somebody’s got to have it a fairer price.
Now, I’ve got to quit this and back to researching missing parts replacements. BGKC.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taken it easy…

…..Or as easy as I can.. Ho boy, am I sick. Coming last night for the last time I wanted chicken noodle soup…regardless…what Frieda had cooked up. I didn’t make half way through the soup when up it come. I managed to swallow it back down twice. The third time I was holding, embracing, the kitchen’s universal kettle.
Trying to figure what brought my illness on? Was it stepping out of my tuxedo the last few days? Frieda’s suggesting my trying to adjust to so cussed many medications.
I’m running no fever. I’m nervous and jerky. I’ve got the shakes part of the time.
I should not have driven Handy to the store. Returning home I ran over a curb, and nearly run somebody, in my right hand blind spot side off the road. Am I taking to much oxygen, I did experience a cheap drunk the other day. Ho boy!
I don’t know other than one thing sure, I’m doing no more than I may handle today.
I didn’t either, although, I had to hay the ladies. The fresh air and gentle breezes felt good to me. Note, not overly dressed in the first place the few busy minutes I was outdoors I came back in sweating up a storm. Still no fever. I’d sure like to figure out what’s going on?
I near left Shorthorn country to itself today. BGKC.

2-10-o9 The fun begins

Waking up was so hard to do. I know I was moving all day Yesterday. This then was so unreal wakened by a Charlie horse, in my right calf, before daylight even. What’d I do that was so athletic, I should have stretched out after yesterday’s all day run. Yuk!
It didn’t get any better. Only middle of the night show I hadn’t seen was on. The Partridge Family movie was playing. This viewer along with millions of other’s could continue living without it. Before I run out of predawn light I got to say I thought Susan Dey was a charming young lady in spite the movie’s suggested put downs. Oh, I thought the dog was real for all it’s twenty seconds or less it scampered about the ___ set. Then I ran out of words to say.

This is the creek cutting through ice. I’ve often referred to in my journal, flowing along for three/four days, with melting ice and snow water flowing west though the barnyard.

This is another view same creek with the morning sun behind me. Stooping to take one more scenic shot of the creek’s meandering a snow drift. That was fun enough. Trying to re-stand I had me a walrus like time getting back to my feet. That's something a walrus hasn't no hope of ever doing. (snicker)

Went to my physical therapist as prescribed Doc. Put into a room of my own so’s I could un-dress the top half my Athletic Atlas physic for treatment. Afforded privacy to protect the masses (4 wimmin patents, 4 techs) I settles in my room, First young lady would come and go my room with instructions, heat pads, encouragement she had asked me, ”Is there anything I can do for you?” That was a loaded question if I ever heard one……..trying to casually look as looker up……(sigh)……..looking down her…….. Oh, never mind. I better not go any further there. Hubba Hubba!
Putting some time into the shop having to clean the mating surfaces the 4020 JD block and head I had the head ready to go. Going next door I had chop come over to help me guide head into place. Once the head was set I I has to excuse myself, thanked Chip for helping me and went home. I had been getting sicker and sicker the last two/three days. I had had enough, I headed for home. Sick or sick, while I had abandoned JD at 3:15 PM I still had things to do. Chores as easy as they are to do for a few more days (it ain’t mud yet) were naught but trouble. I managed to do everything wrong unwrapping them. Oh well.
Getting into the house, taking to sitting a spell, Handy cells me, Can you take me to VG’s (local Crossroads grocer) I don’t deny him, His 86 yr old mother, 11 yr old son, and himself all on medications, I worry about them my even though I don’t know her all that well (a recluse), her and I share a common respect for each other. Sometimes only allowed second hand taking an interest in another person is all what may be done. BGKC.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I say Safety First

I say Safety First
Our little bit of paradise was bathed all night in moon light. But wisely I didn't go back outside even after sundown not taking any chances on getting a moonburn. I figured firewood on Ugly could wait unloading until this morning.
Looking outside just before sunup, the firewood was still where I had put it just before chore’s evening.
There's no such thing as doing a farm chore any to safely!
A busy morning it was. First thing out the door couldn’t fine Ugly. I wasn’t in either the two places it usually parks in the driveway. I looked down to the barn where sometime packs down for unloading. Starting to worry about some unseen shenanigans in the night, moonlight enough for anybody to get away with anything, I headed for the front door. This door was the same one I had come out of only minutes ago. Why I was looking for Ugly, all I wanted out of it was my “Northwood’s Shirt.” So, heading back up the frozen custard snow packed driveway, turning to walk up the ramp there it was. Proudly standing with the same firewood I hadn’t carried into the house last night.
Odd! It’s absolutely amazing how may things just seem to happen under a full moon?
Time out for this taken from the Home Board:
“the thaw released all of scooby doo's kills....yup that pup found them stinking carcusses before I did, and then ....he rolled in them total of 4 chippys, 1 rabbit, 3 mice and a wonder he wasn't eating his dog food, he had a outdoor buffet goin' on!”
loopy at loopy acres
I answered something like this, I'm gonna start calling Loopy mutt, 00K9, agent licensed to kill. He’ll likely introduce himself, “Doo, Scooby Doo.”
I doed today: Lost Ugly as splained above, unloaded firewood putting wood in house, gone by elevator for fixings. had to explain how to rewire gas case loader tractor after ignition switch had gone bad. Then continued on to other end to bring empty ground feed wagon back here. Picked up my messes down in barn today. This so I could bring out the recently fixed tractor and feed grinder.
I’ve such a terrific memory, Frieda says, “You ground feed before you had lunch.” After lunch I delivered the ground feed. Having to keep moving I headed back here. I’m cell, “I need help feed hay out back. So, I turned back. Why wasn’t he ready, why’d he wait until after I were gone to decide?
Getting back home, I unburied the snowed over tarp I had started the heating season out with covering the first half the food pile. This warm spell had near finished thawing all the snow off it. Abandoning the tarp for now, I had other things to do. Hauled our trash out. Fixed the trash in the tubs to keep the cats out of the bags. Anybody want any bagged cats?
Unloaded and loaded more materials moved in and out of the lower barn. This time leaving Ugly parked down at the barn, where it’ll be easier to find in the morning’s driveway. And wrestled that second chance tarp completely over the primary winter’s wood pile, weighting it down. Just in time before rain’s start. Just what we need. Rain to muddy up Shorthorn country.

Break the rules.
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably. .
And never regret anything
that made you smile.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It got better….

At least I think so! Three out of five starters are ready for use. Taking down Ugly’s starter, solenoid replaced, and put back where it belonged. Starter work well done! Ugly’s spewing new enthusiasm every time I ask it to go. While we were in Mikes garage I enjoyed the luxury of his ultra-smooth floor to make some kind of fix Ugly’s right side exhaust system. I managed to get two manifold bolts to accept some nuts. The whole exhaust system having few days left in its future I didn’t worry about the sloppy job I did bolting it all together as well as I should have. The right side’s entire tail pipe assembly must be lying scattered up and down Frances road’s entirety. Mean while I added a factory hanger to muffler’s outlet. Both ends assumed bolt in I used bailing wire throughout the in-betweens. Shorthorn country repairs always require nothing but the best in obtainable parts and professional workmanship
It was just another day up here on the farm only much fuller than yesterday.
Ugly's morning was filled with fix.
My afternoon I was down road unloading Ugly's spare parts and extra tools into shop. Chip and I took Bro's wood burning stove's chimney down for cleaning, the chimney was amazingly clear. The cap was dangerously plugged tighter than our economy. I fed the ladies, loaded Ugly down with one tier wood. Still needing to bring in wood.
Supper’s main course contributed, from one of Nature’s best pantries, I had this evening tasted well fed on our corn and alfalfa.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

….3:00 AM a savage daylight headache had riled me. I toughed this one out drifting back into a deeper sleep I know not when. After an obvious spell I re-awoke at 6:30 AM with a variety of backaches behind me. Then doing what I can do best when given a chance I bug Frieda for 4 hours.
Speaking of books.....
Current and projected book list:
I'm into GARRISON KEILLOR of Prairie Home Companion of public radio fame right now. It's worth the read.
Next it will be "On The Road" with Charles Kuralt."
I don't buy books, I'd rather helpfully taking them off the hands of those having no other means getting rid of them.
This just one of the favors I do for other folks.
Ugly’s update
Any body’s been following Me and Ugly’s journaled adventures know from way back, ya’ll know just how naturally ugly Ugly looks. Today when I found out Mike was going to be home I managed to worm my way into a work space in his shop. Glory be I managed to repair three starters out of four sorry a$$orted basket cases. One starter’s inability to function any more, in its reposed state upon it’s death bench gave up a number of its internal appendages for the sake of three others requiring these contributions for Ugly’s continued useful life right here in Shorthorn country.
At the point of being recyclable that first starter had given up a single brush, it’s back plate, and the working piggy back solenoid. Out of all the new shopping bagful of parts I had used the four pc brush set, one back plate bushing.
Three starters tested good setting on the floor, I was later than late for lunch. Did lunch, my chores, worked on new project a spell, dark coming on with clear sky and near a full moon on what snow’s left it were one them romantic moon’s of old what got me were I am.
Even before I had spoken my vows, my mother a good white witch had already started to teach her spell to my fiancĂ©e. I never stood a chance. My bride’s vampin’ agenda ahead of her plus witch training under my Mom‘s tutelage. I had no chance. Two women I loved had laid out my future in front of me, an innocent soul. (sniff)
Break the rules.
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably. .
And never regret anything
that made you smile.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A better day….

….could not have come at a better time. I needed a break from the ultra cold exposures to the recent weather trials. The equipment around here has finally given me a break.
For my first visit with my designated physical therapist this morning, it was not as happy a union (reunion) for me as I had looker forward to.
My bother had this guy ten years ago, my brother finding this guy short of even useless in his administered treatments. From Bro’s description this guy came by for Bro’s home care visits. He’d come in have Bro’ hold and/or press a couple dumbbells. Bro’ was doing more gaining his strength back than this guy had offered in any help.
My loading and unloading Frieda for her knee treatments three years ago. This guy had her lay down on a table, gave her maybe a weigh, maybe not, told her how many repetitions she was going to do, then walked away, instead of staying with her to count repetitions, offer encouragement, and support.
Meanwhile, expecting this guy to at least hang about he was gone. While he was gone she never bothered to count, most of the time she was wearing herself out nor changing speeds nor modified the motions. She had not been ill treated in such an ignored manner before as she had been treated by this therapist.
I knew of what she spoke as I had seen him through the therapy clinic windows ignoring her from his taken seat some steps from her at desk.
So here I was (one of us) in his clinic again. Some hands on examination, he sure as hell couldn’t find a soft spot in a black ripened banana; and, so it was he couldn’t find the tender spots in my back. There might yet be some fun here, maybe even raise some sparks to say the least.
Shorthorn country has exhausted me….
Break the rules.
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably. .
And never regret anything
that made you smile.

2-5-o9 ….set off again.

The title’s correct! I’ve been “set off again.” This rant starts with my inconceivable bluntest eavesdropping on a couple “Ladies.”
One lady is suggesting all perverts inclusive all sex offenders. She’s suggesting the most unreasonable inconceivable killing campaign of all time using guns and ammunition. shooting all sex offenders for their acts of irresponsibility and lack of forethought.
Another Lady suggested introducing certain party’s to some compulsory forestry study plus field topping them with sweeteners what’d encourage certain insects (perhaps even some wild animals) into a festive feasting’s party.
Myself a practicing agnostic, I’ve got to use that well written old line (only slightly modified), “Let any person without sin cast the first rock!” to save whole lots of misinformed people from themselves and uncivilized evil deeds, I want to add an little known note what should be of important interest when any of us take to talking a whole lot about subjects (so called criminals) this time without knowing all the facts.
As far as I know a great many them so called sex-offenders were kids, one of the maybe just old enough getting caught doing what was a consenting act with somebody but a year younger. Think about it if we jailed and shot every teenager caught committing a new found pleasurable act in the back seat of every car looked into by a cop, we’d have birth control evened out shooting every seventeen/eighteen year old boy and girl all across the nation. We could most easily become world renowned barbarians along with titled war mongers.
Woke up for an hour at 2:00 AM it was -9*. At 7:45 AM when I was awakened and got up for good the temp had gotten all the way up to -8* below.
Whenever at whatever I worked at yesterday my fingers got so totally cold they hurt like everything, that damnable old frost bite had come back to haunt me.
Things to do outside, and wanting to up-chuck, and bottom line cold (-9*) 2hr past sunup, “Please Mr. Custard, I don’t want to go.”
I’ve even looked out side my window and I hadn’t even seen a Potawatomi, Huron, Chippewa or Ottawa Indian!
I goofed up again! Should have taken the day off for real and done what Annette had suggested, “Call me and I’ll have Mike leave their Yukon home, I want to go yo Frankenmuth also.” She been wanting to go, but not alone, Mike likes holing up in his shop on weekends. And what a shop it is. I was surprised he didn’t have a couple automobiles under construction when we had pushed ugly into it.
Then again had I goofed? The way this day went I was needed right off the bat. Ugly was trouble from the get-go. The started refused to roll Ugly’s engine over. It’s battery tested good, but required warming up just to turn the cold starter over.
Myself busied right away, off the bat Handy had celled me. He had appointment with Doc later into the morning. I kept his need in mind while I went back to whatever it was I was likely screwing up.
I remembered Handy sure enough later and delivered him to Doe’s office right on time, then did some running while I waited. I gassed Ugly, raided one of them “Auntie “M” machines what dispense money when one’s in trouble. I found I had needed some cash to pay for that gas.
Having visited Aunty M my needing buy parts for more Ugly weekend repairs I went to local rural parts store. Inside I asked the counterman for an 1980 Chevy starter parts: two sets bushings, a set brushes, a new starter drive, and a new solenoid. After he found all that I had asked for, he brings out a fancy looking brand new starter in an even fancier picture covered cardboard box. He says, I can fix you up with this rebuilt starter for only $42.00. That’s only $22.00 more than you’re going to pay for all these parts.”
“Nope.” says I, “I’ve got six starters what need fixing. Even if I only get one working for my Ugly truck, two more to put in some old boxes for my shelf, and one for my truck’s host. I’ll have me two extra starters for the next three years, all for the $20.00.
“How is it you wear out a starter a year?” he asked.
“All day stop and going working three farms plus additional crop lands.” I explained it.
Everything totaled including some extra exhaust system parts for Ugly’s unseen underside, I was out of their. I got to say an upstanding country boy such as I am I‘ve got to warn my country neighbors a body has got to watch them fast talkin’ city slickers. They’ve no other mind lest to sell another body more than he needs. What was I gonna do with that fancy lookin’ starter in a fancy box for the extra money alls so I had to take it apart to fix as many good starters what only needed a little bit of tender lovin’ cuddling each with only what it truly needed replaced.
The Ladies needing fed sooner or later beforeing dark’s start I went home, my knowing’s how them Doc appointments go. I headed the 3 mile home. Handy could call me when he were done.
The Indy Ollie started easy enough. Whew, it needed coaxing the day before with 2 power cords and maken me wait. While the Ollie’s engine was running my assuming it’d get warmer my face felt the meanness such breezes driven leaving the barnyard’s protection behind. I had turned into the hay-yard crossin’ most of it alright, only about the time I neared the sought haylage bales, Ollie sputtered once and quit. Two tries’ it weren’t going to state again.
Taking a short cut out of the hay-yard I near swam over a couple snow drifts. I’d likely been better off had I walked the long way around rather’en taken the shortcut. I’d have expended less effort. Thankfully my tux had done well shielding me the deep snow’s cold.
Approaching the farmyard Bro’ had celled me needing help with his feeding. I go, I cut plastic wrap plastic twine, pickup both and depose of in the trash, open and close gates. So I goes and while helping him and during the in betweens while I were there I dug out and picked up and loaded the five starters plus some related parts out of the shop’s pigeon holes and put them in a 200 pound tub for movement.
About the same I time had finished the other end Handy cells me. He’s ready to go home…. I was on my way.
Picking up Handy I explained my dilemma with Indy Ollie stalling out on me. An easy man to get along with he rode with me back to the same parts store where I‘d been earlier. Knowing what I had to do I still sought advice over a frozen diesel engine. It was all the same from proprietor and patrons, “Frozen fuel filters.”
The counterman didn’t have them but could have them in about a half hour delivery. That was good enough. I hadn’t had lunch, and asking Handy if he’d give me a hand, he needed to change into more clothing.
I dropped Handy off and went for lunch. After lunch Handy with me picked up fuel filter and approached Indy Ollie. Each of us taking a tractor side to replace a filter it didn’t take long, even to having go down road for one more filter wrench. Handy adding two more cans fuel to the fuel tank the added fuel put a heavier head on the fuel supply it didn’t take long to bleed and prime the fuel system, and we had the tractor running with a bit of extra battery charging from Ugly. This made Ugly feel exonerated and its important helping out, even in spite all the trouble it has been giving me.
The animals fed hay and protein enriched molasses tubs, tools gathered in truck, we were off to fill Handy’s prescriptions. Quarter past dark I had finally gotten home finding Herr Clink had been indisposed my trying calling for her shopping list she hadn’t given me earlier.
What a Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Doc George made a number changes and additions to my try at living healthily yesterday. My explaining UM’s Doc Cheng’s thoughts upon my pains coming from backbone arthritis nerves, Doc George has signed me up for body stretching physical therapy. Doc George had also found an acceptable substitute for Doc Cheng’s denied prescription. Turn’s out it was just another acetaminophen laced with another opiate. Okay those drugs are all set. Doc George while he hasn’t taken away the heavy hitting Butalbital drug He himself had prescribed for me. His explanation, “That stuff can seriously become habit forming.” Well now, the remainder of that stuff is safely tucked away out of my reach, unless I should really need it, need it, need it, need it…. Having had some trouble the last couple months avoiding burning tobacco, I took my case first to Doc George, then over drug zar Tom’s, to even over his assistant’s head to himself and he replaced my Welbyuterall(S?) mind altering drug. He counted out the pills remaking, “Why’ve you only taken two of these in the last month?” I told him, “They’re stinking so strong I couldn’t get them by my nose long enough to drown them in water.” He repacked them in a bigger bottle with a dehydrante. A “dehydrante” bag keeping the pills company while I consume them a couple a day at a time.
I got up this morning thinking I was in need a bit of help with some ideas as to where I might look for one of these…..
Without the girl! The Inversion table at a reasonable used price for a used machine. My thought is with this rocking table’s five minute help a day it very well could alleviate some of my back pain making life more comfortably easier. New costs: run from a low $179.00 (even a lower of $149,00) up to $2,199.00. I would like a good one at a fair price.
With some new equipment suggested prices I was armed with some suggested places to look thus far: gym’s for used equipment, Senior citizen centers, physical therapist clinics. {All this activity was this morning.}
This afternoon however, while I was trying to figure out the ugliest internet paperwork of all mine time. I received in the middle of my challenging paper work with Wal-Mart; a most interesting telephone call from a Mason Dixon Line dancing gentleman a most entertaining phone call. I must say, his calling being of poor taste on his part has to have all his ancestors rolling over in their graves before this day‘s end. But such is the way of sums our wayward lives. It sure was good hearing from the kid. We talked some-awhile before I had to get back to my on line paperwork for the very purchase of my sought after introverted home activity table. I figured it all out without loosing a single brain cell. The machine’s referencing name change comes after one unsolicited reaction from one ladiy I had encountered over my afternoon’s product hunting expeditions. The first one was over the telephone my enlisting the aid of a very charming young lady in one of my favorite grand super markets’, Michigan’s Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Having this store’s young lady taken my call, and after exchanging introductions, she asked, “How may I help you?“
“I told her I was looking for an “home inversion table.”
She was suggesting, “I’ll connect you with our furniture department.”
To what I had quickly replied, “No, No!” hoping she had heard me.
“Not the furniture department?“ she’d asked.
To what I applied, “No. It is more likely found in the sporting goods department.”
“My not understanding what you are looking for, Sir.” She admitted, and assumed, “Is it an entertainment center?”
To wit I envisioned something in the way of totally different physical fitness employment by say(?) two participants………… When I had finished the table’s body inverting properties, we were okay. Only, Meijer’s carried it only on special order for more than twice the price. I passed for the moment???? {:^((
Later I shared this telephone encounter over this equipment search with an neighbor just down the road whom serves some of the best coffee west of me. I told her my encountering tale with the Meijer’s girl and she smiled and snickered without any further embellishment {;^)) upon my part. {;^))
Have found Ugly’s battery to be strong. Current hard starting issues likely with the starter. About to check with Mike, I’ll grab all the starters and parts off my shelves and see to them which ones are worthy fixing and those contributing parts. Perhaps a couple new bushings, a set of brushes, a bendix, plus a couple solenoids. I’m thinking maybe a look at them all and could likely box up a couple rebuilds ready to go later plus one mounted on Ugly’s heart.
My pickup has always been hard on starters regardless what it was I happened to be driving at the time. Stop and go all day long on a farm tends to eat them alive.
My boots don’t last long either. The urine eats up anything coming in contact with barnyard animals residue. Take it from me, there ain’t a boot made of any material better or worse. Regardless of price or boot value they all break down over the same given/exposed times. Just thought I’d throught that last in. BGKC.
PS: The new rock a belly will be here about weekend after next.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unsolicited Doc day

I swear the harder I peddle the be-hinder I get.
Temps supposed to improve in three/four days. Going to be welcomed comfort levels for shop working on equipment. Baring unexpected new parts I should be able to reassemble JD 4020 in a week.
Darned medical establishment is beginning to make me feel either like a criminal, or a burden upon society, Some of them are even complaining I ain't anywhere to be found one of them wants to burden me with visiting nurses and therapists to look at me liken I were a specimen under glass bubble any time of the day or night should one of their kind want to come by here and look me over. It gets so bad I'm beginning to get real crotchety about my supposed un-patriotic dutied behavior to just sit around listening to my arteries harden while waiting all these yahoo's decide my medical future for what (I’m thinking) may be financially bled out of it!
Ugly’s behavior is beginning to become reprehensible Having a 7:00 AM appointment up at the barn to load out the last steer for the year’s 2008 harvest, Ugly got notional and just barely started for me. It played this (I don’t want to go.” crap three more times over the day. Every drive I made included the power cord and battery charger. Only once all day did I get away with a start without the powering battery charger. Okay, this was Ugly’s all day contribution to fun.
Getting back home nearing 8:00 AM I had Frieda’s prepared breakfast with ”Reggis and Kelly.” While I was drooling in my oatmeal over Kelly (I bet if we shared a day together, wherever that day was shared, the scene would never be the same again). While I ate, Frieda was standing nude, looking at herself in the kitchen mirror.
She was not happy with what she saw and says to me, "I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment."
Who was I to deny her, I said, "Your eyesight's damn near perfect."
Saved by the phones bell. I was informed the morning chores had not been done, missed up to the barn. Just fine and dandy I got to go back up there again. Getting home again I fed my ladies. It was almost lunch when I finished something else. Must have had to been important my having had to forget it already.
Close enough to lunch time, Frieda decided it was my time to eat. So nice I didn’t have to worry about it, She’d decided for me.
More in a moment! Here’s today’s second knee slapping installment.
At Last, I got Frieda in to make Doc’s worries over her legal. Whew that’s a load of my mind. She’s been all caught up for the next six months. Then he turned his attentions to me. Listening to my lungs I was breathing to well for an experimental oxygen bottle. But I suppose I could still try it for $248.00/per month. Pizz on it. How long would a trial period last? One/two/three weeks. My little old emergency bottle could more than handle that little use, and I’d still have that bottle for any more serious event should (Heaven forbid) cripple either one of us. Bunk. It is time I start setting my decidedly money depleted foot down to the high minded servants(?) being set upon this old and handicapped ego(?)maniac.
Any way, Doc having gone over UofM’s Doc Cheng’s medical reports, Doc George, substituted another drug the tight-assed Medicare insurance had denied me. Doc has also lined me up with two weekly visits with the physical therapist next door his office, to stretch my spinal column.
Me, I’m thinking an at home Inversion Table would be more beneficial to me my use at least five to seven minutes at a time any time handily here at home twice a day.
Any body got an idea where I could pick up such a device for my home care, I’ll be greatly appreciative.
Sun going down our pulling in driveway it’s been a gloriously snowy ending to another Shorthorn country day. Specially having been occupied in Doc’s office. After supper, after an evening flick, after mother had gone to bed, after I had already answered the phone for four good deals, low life peoples (selling everything), I answered a last most interesting gentleman. He said he’d be seeing me and second best part of his call he new where there where two more even smaller oxygen bottles He’ll prepare for me my personal use. Halleluiah. (he he he) seems I’m putting my medical needs together in true Crooked 101 educational’s time. BGKC.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I’ve had a thought….

Butt more on my title later. Meanwhile sure nice looking out my window seeing Ugly standing by, clearly proudly ready to serve already loaded backed up to the porch with firewood. That was the same firewood I hadn’t unloaded last night. Seeing as how I had shorted my ladies on hay last night I had then covered with two bales first thing this AM.
Doing my thing down in the barnyard University Hospital calls me, wanting me to go on part time oxygen. This turned into some sort of a circussed routine. Doctor Cheng wants me to try tem minutes oxygen at onset any headache. I can’t legally use Frieda’s equipment. Besides its set up for her. So, lining supplier name up with Hospital, Hospital lining up with supplier, Supplier calling me, without breathing eligibility first test for second eligibility test before I’m okayed by some a-hole’s having set the standard all the way from Washington. So now I’ve got to see Doc George for my breathing test. AND my getting all over, Her Mostess, she’s going with me tomorrow to make her prescriptions legal (wrong word). Oh, as I already have an oxygen bottle I had come across some time ago it no longer fit’s the size standards used these days. Problem, I can’t get it refilled……so it’s considered an Ill-legal. Bottom line? Somebody can’t make a buck off it nor me.
When I was reaching for the first pieces of split ash, Handy celled me. His son was called sick at school (or was more like son was sick of school). I think’s I had it closer. Any way I took Handy and brought the imp home.
I finally got to Ugly’s load toting it into the house, before lunch. I guess we’ll keep warm for another week. Lunch scarcely over I was off down the road with the Indy Ollie having to move the ground feed wagon. While I was at it I cleaned off ice and snow and retightened the cover that nobody else seems able to manage.
Getting back home it were late enough for me to call it a day in my book. Besides there weren’t that much daylight left to get excited in deciding what I didn’t want anything to do with. Bellying up to my puter I started either writing journal or another story. Don’t make much difference which as I’ve time to time switched back and forth between both.
Gloriously having a good time I was called. Bro’ tells me we still have half a steer to sell. Hey what, I wasn’t finished enough writing I wanted to leave it. However as the evening shadows started to lean towards dark I was best I get off my duff and on the road. Seeing neighbor I sold the last half beef we’d for sale this year until next Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. hopefully done before Jan., Feb..
…..”thought” was now that Ugly’s got lights. Maybe we can sneak away on our own running the back-roads all the way from here to Frankenmuth. Got to do it next three days if a at all. Even without heater I can bundle Frieda up in combinations two/three blankets and quilts to beat a pre-spring thaw \in the forecast. Gosh, it only seems like it were yesterday when Her Mostess and I used to generate a whole lot of our own kind of heat. BGKC.
PS: Deny. Deny? Deny! I’m embarrassed to mention it let alone think it. Ugly’s humiliating trouble refusing to run a few days ago? It’d just possibly might have run out of gas????

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love month’s 1st Day

Doc said I should start feeling a difference in about two weeks. The nerve blocking medication must be worked up to gradually. Big pizzer is this revolving Medicaid or Medicare senior health care medication insurance. Latest BS, I've been changed insurance companies again with no regard to my interests. Latest BS company says I can't have all my latest prescriptions.
Looking like it's coming around my getting on the phone time: the insurer first. Then the state insurance commissioner, Senator’s Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin. These last three individuals like hearing from me. The last two good responsible tax paying Democrats.
Out and a bout earlier than early, I meandered down the road to Mike’s place. He hadn’t gotten up yet but did so when he’d heard me in the house. I explained my Ugly problem and when he’d had a friend come over, his friend and I went came home and brought Ugly to mike’s heated garage and pushed it in. While Ugly languished in a nice clean heated shop. I helped mike throw, tote, and pile a cord of wood in his basement. When he’d finished that I had to sit it out for a few heart pounding moments, and then when I caught up with them younger whipper snappers in the shop they had already had Ugly running. Then I received an interrupting cell phone call. Bro’s 4H help had abandoned him and so he needed me to open gates for putting out bales. I didn’t appreciate his uninformed idea I could move a hinged gate through a twenty inch wind blown snow drift with in a blink of an eye. So it took us a bit longer than the few minutes Bro’ had so underestimated again as usual. Skid-steer implements changed a couple times so’d the gate could swing we managed to dispense the hay bales.
When I had finally gotten back a couple hours doinh hay and another hour lunching, walking again over to Mike’s he was almost finished with Ugly. The heater motor having smoked it has been found to need a replacement. Mike having had fixed my lights Ugly may stay out after dark now.
Making a deal with Mike, I suggested his cutting his three/four cords wood needs per-year off my place for a couple of the likes my emergency situations per-year such as I had this week with Ugly. He liked that idea and we’ve a fair trade agreement.
Oh what a relief it is. Ugly’s backed up to front porch with a load of wood for the house. I’m near ready to lay it out having suffered but two bouts to lightening headaches today. BGKC.