Thursday, February 19, 2009

The behinder I’m getting

I don’t see myself catching up any time soon in the immediate future. A surprise grain grinding earlier in the week, three early morning med appointments thrown in, helping Larry The Elevator Guy wire the electrical system and straighten out a 540 Case ignition system including resetting the distributor and timing it kept me busy the last couple mornings, going for shop time, shop time’s been coming up short, plus chores are taking longer to do. Although it has been thought I haven’t been feeding these ladies enough, we went to feeding three bales a day. Started this schedule three days ago. Three round feeders were still half full. Feed and days examples, new way 3+3+0=6 or or my way 2+2+2=6. Enough of this.
Watching this morning’s heavy snow forcibly blown sideways by more than a stiff wind I witnessed snowflakes so large passing under the an entry’s overhanging protection they tripped the drug store’s automatic door‘s.
Have I mentioned I’ve been busy? I’ve had my home inversion table for two weeks this Saturday and still haven’t managed to put it together. It’s after sundown now and to cussed dark for my eyes to adjust in the dim light of the evening to bolt it together. Yet so anxious to see and try it I’ve been plagued with other intervening interruptions unable to make any more house cleaning progress since last Sunday. If it is any measure of house cleaning progress I had put out fourteen containers instead the usual four. There’s been the ashes to take out two loads wood to bring in. Cussed stove can’t be fed near enough to appease it’s burning soul. BGKC.

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