Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woik Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was going to make it a woik day in the shop. By the time I finished this’n’that this morning, I had had enough cold for one day. Snow’s coming down steadily on an averaging east wind. We could well have a substantial accumulation by morning. This could mean plowing snow a third time this heating system.
For my afternoon’s trick I managed to procrastinate a couple jobs I was going to get well into. Maybe even completion already.
I found something on the net titled “Favorite Things…….” The trick is to download the WHOLE article for a good read. Believe me. It’ll bring a tear for sadness, for joy, for utter amazement.
Late bulletin: the old coot has managed to finish assembling his home inversion table at 9:30 PM this very evening. Use instructions suggest not going over to far the first few times. Most impotently it’s best somebody is standing in case the participant gets into trouble. So, the old coot is going to wait till morning to try it. Then if the old coot gets into trouble she can call the fire department to get the occupant back out of it. “Safety first.” I always say. BGKC


Paula said...

I would like to be there to see this first adventure. I can imagine I would end up on my head.

Anonymous said...

Fern mah fren, I don't even want to be anywhere in close proximity of your house when you start teeter-totting on your newly assembled ultra stress relieving and blood pumping inversion apparatus. For, I don't know iffn I could stand hearing you yell, "GET ME OUTTA THIS INFERNAL CONTRAPTION".

But, I wouldn't mind if Frieda sent me a video of it....gfp