Friday, February 27, 2009

So busy

Early morn:
Thanks for the interest, Sid.
What's going on here, I simply haven't even been able to keep up with myself. Medical appointments shortly after sunrise for myself, middle of day for Frieda. Then trying to get something done on this farm during the in-between's Then, there’s Indy Ollie’s batteries going to hell, my having to warm and charge them for an hour before that tractor’s daily use.
Also fitting in time either paying-back or paying-ahead neighborly favors. Still got two days work on one project a couple miles from here as the crow flies. Not sure where I stand, I've likely received more favors than I've paid back. A just one of them things a guy should do given the opportunity.
Maybe Saturday I'll get back to the urinal, when I've the pre-day's time and I ain't dragging my arse back in at or after dark. Thus far I've been lucky I ain't fallen asleep in my late night's suppers.
Still getting treated three ways for headaches. They are still with me, only nowhere as sever.
One thing has come to light, I've got to be more careful when, where, of whom, and how I ask some neighbor a question. Using old daily backup method filling thermos these busy days. At least until the storms pass and the whether settles.
PS: Have seen some more pretty gals in my travels. All of them bothering me, my inability to find enough words to describe their individual beauty's.
PS2: Note: I didn’t say “To busy, for some interests!”
Just afore lunch:
Walked out onto slippery mess here. Frieda having wanted to see Doc George, for a blood check for her thyroid gland, she changed her mind. Likely just as well. I slid down the ramp, slid out the driveway and all the corners I had to negotiate to Otisville.
Sluffed off after leaving Physical Therapy taking some time for myself when I got home. Had coffee, relaxed. Headaches hitting again took a single prescribed barbitchuet, feeling like it were one of those days I needed something strong. Feeling guilty had an early lunch and then headed out for shop flyng lightly my foot on Ugly’s accelerator. Wee!
Early evening:
Spent all of afternoon wrenching wrenching JD. Felt good. Leaving doors shut going inside felt warmer than the outside I was leaving behind. Some hours later leaving inside for outside temps have dropped even further. (Brr!)
Damn tractor, for feeding, has refused to start. Grand! Chores could go into dark. Hope I needn’t jump it. I dislike using jumper cables. Always a chance a spark could blow the battery up. That could make it a nasty end to a beautiful day.
The Ladies fed by twilight’s middle light, I was in before total darkness. Now that I’m in the house, gosh darn it my nose is running freer than Butternut Creek at the top of it’s banks. With eyes uncontrollably rolling, my sinuses are over producing strong sneezes. I’ve about had it. Tissues so small I stooped to using table napkins for snoot rags. This keeps up, I may dig into some of the rag bags for making some interesting material cuts, either Frieda or I’ll then be hemming some edges.
Backing up a bit for the weather, we’ve had a a good rain last night before the temperatures dropped giving us our morning sleet and snow showers. We’ve had more than enough humidity to fill the running creek across the driveway all day.
Tonight’s supper Chili for main course followed by apple pie. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh my gosh you and John are kin. He has taken to buying small hand towels for handkerchiefs. You don't leave them lying around do you? John does and thats plain nasty.