Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taken it easy…

…..Or as easy as I can.. Ho boy, am I sick. Coming last night for the last time I wanted chicken noodle soup…regardless…what Frieda had cooked up. I didn’t make half way through the soup when up it come. I managed to swallow it back down twice. The third time I was holding, embracing, the kitchen’s universal kettle.
Trying to figure what brought my illness on? Was it stepping out of my tuxedo the last few days? Frieda’s suggesting my trying to adjust to so cussed many medications.
I’m running no fever. I’m nervous and jerky. I’ve got the shakes part of the time.
I should not have driven Handy to the store. Returning home I ran over a curb, and nearly run somebody, in my right hand blind spot side off the road. Am I taking to much oxygen, I did experience a cheap drunk the other day. Ho boy!
I don’t know other than one thing sure, I’m doing no more than I may handle today.
I didn’t either, although, I had to hay the ladies. The fresh air and gentle breezes felt good to me. Note, not overly dressed in the first place the few busy minutes I was outdoors I came back in sweating up a storm. Still no fever. I’d sure like to figure out what’s going on?
I near left Shorthorn country to itself today. BGKC.


Donna said...

It's going around, Fernan. Stay away from my blog until you're over it; I don't want your germs.

Paula said...

Why don't you and Frieda take a few days off and go somewhere? Listen whos talking here.