Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I ain’t gonna dig up my family to join in the festivities liken they may do in central America, but I’ll remember them as they were a longer time ago. (grin)
aWoke this morning right on time, sorted rattlers, headache hit me, forgit to take rattlers. Getting around to rattlers breakfast will be half hour later. 6:30 AM BP 140/89 PR 52. Lower number seems a wee bit high. Pulse low, I’m appearing relaxed. I’m using new digital Blood Pressure (BP) machine. It’s a sensitive little bugger (machine), daren’t sneeze, cough, nor blink an eye or machine goes out for fresh air. Temperamental little squeezer!
When the headache comes back now (if I haven’t already mentioned it) it brings with it baggage my whole face aching. Only cause I can think of, the cheek bones and jaws hinges are sympathetically joining in this noggin hurting business caused maybe by the likes of all the grimaced faces I’ve made under the temple’s pain spikes. I could likely give Frankenstein a run for the screwed up face looks tonight if it could be guaranteed I could walk straight enough line between “trick or treat” door knockers. GD it, the strikes are hitting both me temples this morning. Oh, shit, later? 7:40 AM here….out.
9:50 AM BP 139/83 PR 41 after quietly sitting eating rolled oats.
Hey Zeus “H” crispy crackers! I can’t remember what I started first the morning with. I know somewhere during the day I managed to start raking yesterday‘s cut hay this morning, mowed the rest of that same field this afternoon , baled what I had raked earlier this day’s late-afternoon, and then hauled in the bales this evening.
Spent an hour this evening machining (rethreading) a metric threaded mechanical arbor adapter into an ASE fine threaded arbor adapter. That was fun overdoing the writing the last sentence. “;^D
Haven’t heard any news one way or the other about young lady having rolled her car over. For now, “No news is good news.”
Finished supper a little bit ago. Now I’ve got to fast likely till tomorrow’s lunch time. No tidbits, no breakfast food until after my sugar tolerance test tomorrow morning. What a drag, I already miss my evening snacks. Kibbles and Bits with a fresh cow's milk chaser. BGKC.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Red lipsticked bunny

First thing up each morning I sort and take my rattlers. So cold hearted is my woodstove this morning, while I was sitting here under my favorite blanky, that iron dragon in the basement dungeon came on. I'm going to fire that God Damned parlor woodstove; and, snow's only a month away!
Something somebody has said “Red.“ I’m reminded a second New Year's Eve Square dance! At midnight some gal wearing RED strawberry flavored lipstick kissed me. I spent the rest of that morning kissing every party gal what'd let me...and everyone of them let me! I never did find her, her strawberry lips. What I did find was after Frieda had suffered a fainting spell; a couple women were suggestin’ she needed to consult a rabbit, a-kind-a making references without saying anything sure, and I stood there stupid faced and asked the all time classic question! "How'd that happen?"
PS: It took ten more years and six more kids before we figure it out and quit fightin‘.
This God damned woodstove is as finicky as a hungry wife if’en I ain’t feeding it all the time it just might go out without me.
Shop time, I finished drive chain repairs. What I was looking for was sit down work. (so much for that) My head’s undoing was having to unavoidably walk around. Had to grind rivets off a chain link, find a half link replacement among other things like tools and other miscellaneous parts. To much motion and the headache returned again deadening my mind’s working like remembering what I’m doing? Baler fixed I could legitimately come home for lunch. Frieda’s always saying eat something and your headache will go away. It was the sitting srill what did the trick.
Got out and down road mowing hay. It was nice to be out upon a field again enjoying the fall colors and wildlife scurrying hither and yond. In a sitting position keeping bodily movement to a minimum my head ache is lessened. A third of the field mowed I quit for today. Will rake and bale this tomorrow and mow again for the next day.
Getting back home it was chore time. Finishing outside I could finally put my mind to rest. Fixing to pickup the phone and call Doc with my first third day head report, Her Mostess had already called him and made me a Sugar Tolerance Test appointment for me come Saturday morning in Doc’s clinic. After sex….err….six PM tomorrow night I’m only allowed water. I wonder if I can use first making a ten gallon wine batch.
Only five weeks and a couple days more it’ll be Herr Clink’s champagne and my “plum weary wine” celebration’s night. I’ll deplore in advance she doesn’t need any more skillets. As for her limb’s physical fitness, her range of motion’s getting higher everyday. Rather than wait for that last moment’s protection I’ve already taking measures to protect my backside shoving a heavy-duty trash can lid into the seat o’ my pants.
Using a digital BP machine Bro’ hasn’t been using, my tonight’s BP is 134/70 p 61.
A local close call on our road over night. A shirt shirt-tailed neighbor relation has banished the grim reaper for the meantime. Trying to avoid a deer, she tried steering to the shoulder of the road. Her tires sliding on the road’s graveled shoulder she lost control, rolling her car over again and again perhaps even an end-o landing in a combination drain and deep ditch. She remains in ICU this evening wearing a stiff collar about her neck. Upon her face and body she’s sporting a number black and blue bruises complementing her Frankenstein stitches completing accidental look. She may be released tomorrow. The car’s totaled. A very lucky girl. I’ve always told mine, “Hit the deer. It’s safer than hitting a cross country tree.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stuff Done

I had an all night blissful sleep. Waking up as usual I feared for the worst, and “Yup!”, when I set up here it come again. I moved real slow, got out of the house and down the road okay. On arrival the shop Bro’ nowhere to be seen I headed over the Crossroads and wound-up coffee clutching listening participating in the usual contended ideas of the current political climate.
Topics today, vote yes to, “Banning stem cell research in Michigan.” Plus, vote no to, “Legalize medical marijuana in Michigan.” Me...? I’m all in favor of stem cell research in Michigan! At present if any our colleges want any stem cell research the answers for such research have to come back from California’s own legalized research. I’m also in favor of legalizing prescribed medical marijuana if it helps a patient who’s no other options left in finding pain relief. …..I’ve no such pitiful ideas for myself. I’ve got to much clear minded living left to do without the unpredictable comings and goings from any marijuana influences cascading through MY personal system.
Getting onto more important maters I fueled a couple cans to fuel the Ollie gasser later and got home in time to assist my Frieda’s wash/waxing (skipping the wax) and dressing before Chip’s arrival to drive us into Flint. Wow! Frieda and I were pleasantly impressed with his pick’em-up-truck. One ultra quiet fine easy riding extended cab ½ ton 4X4. Conversation could be made and heard from each and every seat in that Cadillac behavioral mode of transportation. I like that pickup truck so much, even though he’s half my age, I’d let him adopt me and leave that fine vehicle to me in his will.
Things went smoothly at the doctors offices. Both surgeons were pleased with Frieda’s recoveries healing and ranges of motion all her joint implants. Our arrival on time, we were hustled right in, x-rays taken, the doc’s examinations, and a tech’s removal of Frieda’s fence staples. Opps, just staples. I had to fix a fence last thing this evening.
On the way home Chip made two shopping pit stops for me within the same country mall. Here I started getting into trouble trying to hurry myself along so to keep Frieda and Chip’s waiting for me to a minimum. Moving to fast I brought my old headache back upon myself. Got so bad when I had to fill Frieda’s last shopping list order, I knew I had to look for Benidrill and my mind and eyes got stuck looking at top shelf row of Preparation-H boxed products. Thankfully a store’s young lady came along and assisted me; Or, I might never have gotten out of that store? My second stop was right down the same mall’s fronting walk where I picked up those items selling for upwards to 40% off the supermarket’s prices. By the time I got back into Chip's wheels I was feeling like a thirty year old cross-eyed bull long over due for greener flower ladened pastures.
Getting home well past lunch, we ate heartily. By the time my head had come under some seeing straight management, a couple hours. I did my chores and fixed that cussed fence I had mentioned earlier. For supper, Frieda allowed me one scoop cherry ice-cream. That’s not very many cherries……. BGKC.
Now for a “Believe It Or Not?”
Getting Frieda where she had to be was easy enough and wanting to show my appreciation for her mettle standing up to all her pain the last few weeks and months I thought she deserved some kind of a reward.
JCPenney’s only a couple city blocks way from her Doctor appointments I managed to talk Skip into taking me over to the Valley Mall on Miller Road. Once there I made-up an excuse I just needed a few minutes to pick up a couple tools for the shop. The two of them swallowing my excuse I went inside and headed I knew not where. An information counter was handily just inside my stepping up to it asking for some gift ideas. I’m telling you, business has got to be so bad that information lady ordered me up my own personal associate clerk just to assist me. There was some whispering between the lady directed toward the young lady, before the young lady suggested I follow her. That wasn’t hard to do, what that swing and sway I hadn’t seen at home for a while wasn‘t hard to either follow or keep an eye on.
We stopped by a perfume counter where the clerk showed me a real nice three bottle set really nice perfumes costing $159.00. "Whoa! That's a lot of money," I moaned. "Maybe something that's just a little bit less nice?" So, from the other side her island, she showed me a four miniature bottled set cologne costing $79.00. "That's still too much fancy money," he complained. "Can’t you show me something really cheap?" So my personal guide took me further into the store, up the escalator, a short walk into an area of home accessories. Here she whisper into another associate’s ear, and this associate showed me a plainly unframed $9.98 mirror! And said, “This has got to be the cheapest thing you’ll ever see!”
Who? Me?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What’ll I do

“What’ll I do?” I’s a question I shall wait out the day for an answer. A medicine confiscated, one ditched at least temporarily, and still one more modified, what’ll I do? I’d like to get away from here if I could get a ride during these enjoined trying times our individual body’s healing. I’d so like to find that special gift for my sweet thing. Maybe later?
My head is screwed on so tight I don’t think even in this season of goblins and ghouls a wicked wrench could even loosen it up for immoral thoughts. I just plainly hurts. I’m on my fourth pain medication change, and I’ve a feeling it’s working even less than the one I quit yesterday? I don’t know?
I might have a little more cooperation with the so called sunny weather we’re SUPPOSED to have had today scheduled to last the next six days. HAH! It’s cold, rainy, sleet, more rain, snow, and even rainy. What kind of a recipe is this from Mother Nature for a sun brightened day? Bah!
Staggering around the house as if in a drunken stupor. (I only looked at the Southern Comfort bottle. I didn’t partake) Frieda’s visiting nurse looking at me, sternly said, “You mustn’t drive tomorrow” Making a couple calls I found Chip more than willing to take us where we need to go to keep Frieda‘s doctors appointments. ‘Tis so nice the two physicians she needs to see are in the same facility at the same time and fuel saving us an extra trip. This sort of cooperation could spoil me.
On the home front I held tight the basement railing my ups and downs doing laundry. I missed keeping a chat date with a Maryland gentleman. I owe him an apology. I wrote this, “I've been feeling a bit more than just a little off center. Walking and talking a straight line today hasn't been easy. I wish I had had that bourbon I feel as though I had drunken to have gotten this hangover pain. Doing tonight's chores the hay-rings felt as though they weighed more than twice as much I remembered from last night. I'm even beginning to hurt all over.
'Till later.
Went for ride with Bro’ looking for a feed wagon this afternoon I had seen some months ago. Thinking I remembered seeing where it was at when it were ‘for sale’ I’ve presumably lost it in my memory. Traveling two roads I plainly didn’t see the surroundings I remembered the wagon had been seen sitting in. We returned more than doubly empty handed. We returned myself embarrassed I hadn’t written down the item and place where I had seen it. This another lesson learned. Today wasn’t wasted, my learning something even if it were from my own stupidity.
Returning home as long as I was outside I did my chores. Checking fuel I’d do them this afternoon on vapors. I’ve got o haul fuel tomorrow sure. Also hope weather breaks for making more hay, even if it’s only for immediate feeding.
Having postponed lunch to go for ride with Bro’ I fixed my lunch on my return. I was starved. Eating I should have felt better. Only today’s medication isn’t strong enough if taken by prescription instructions. I had to lean on it. My head in a vice is no way to live. Now I know what a migraine is. It has got to be a mind and spirit destroyer. If another poor soul is plagued with such an illness may God grant that person peace understanding and forbearance. BGKC.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Most important…..

……Best thing I did today was see my family Doctor. He checked out my nose throat and ears. He had his girls take my BP more than once too: taken lying down, sitting and standing. My PB is to low. He then went through my charts and my medicine box that I had smartly taken with me. Looking at this’n’that and one-thing’n’another, he’d said, “OMG! You’re suffering a drug over dosing.” He immediately took away two medication telling me to save one and never to take the other again. He’d cut the dosage of another medication in half. My asking, “How long before I may expect to start feeling right again?” He told me some more, “It’ll at least take a week before you feel better. Meanwhile, I want you calling me every three days telling me how you feel. I’ll be making some more adjustments then, We can’t do it all at once.”
Damn, I got so much to do around here. Weather’s supposed to improve raising temperatures. I’ve got baler to fix, parts to paint, hay to mow and bale. I’ve fed my ladies already, I haven’t finished mailing things, I need to get Tuesday’s trash out, and fuel a couple tractors. What I want to know is, “How do all these little tasks pile up?” And I see Chip’s out back cutting more wood. Chip figures they’re still a couple hundred more ash trees dead or dying out there. What a shame, such beautiful trees. Bright side, they’re are a number of American elms coming up. Seems the Dutch Elm disease hasn’t gotten them all, just as I know where there’s still one healthy looking Ash tree standing between Bro’s and Chip’s homes; plus, there’s remark an remarkable Elm of good size hanging in there in Bro’s yard. Miracles still happen if we just take the time to look around us for them.
On rodent control
Easiest way to keep mice out of the house are mothballs. Late Summer/early Fall, about the time you're closing your windows anyway, spread a couple three boxes mothballs (even come pine scented) along the foundation walls. Frieda says 4" apart. They keep the mice out and no cats are second hand poisoned. And I know every year these 150 ye old stone and foundation walls still have unprotected some holes in them I haven't found. I know no mouse is crossing those moth balls, I smell, to chew nor mess in my house.
Before lunch I fed the ladies so’s they’d be off my back until morning. Came in heated up lunch. I gave Frieda another shot still unable to get even one moo out of her again this day. She can be a stubborn one. After lunch I got our trash out. Five big bags full this week. Finished posting our mail. Then put in four or five lively hours passing my afternoon away sitting on my arse. BGKC.
*An answer to someone's question worth saving.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dreary day

Headache continues. Got soaked to the skin twice this morning skidding logs and feeding livestock. Sure glad my worst tux had not been put in the trash. As wet as I had gotten we have had some good rains this morning.
Trying to do as simple an act as washing dishes I couldn’t stand up to the sink steadily enough to even look like I knew what I was doing. Sure could have used a hungry dog.
Making it an over all slow day, I voted my absentee ballot, filled out some state paper work, paid bills, found nobody on net to talk with. Talk about a slow day! It was as if my mind was being read without my typing a single word and nobody wanted to read them, let alone barb them.
My head in such turmoil I basically left computer alone rather than chancing screwing something up. Listened instead to lightening storm passing us while the sun shined. Weird!
Shorthorn country safe from me I spent most my time sitting on that area where my thought my brain was. “Go, sit on it and think about what you did wrong?” she’d had said so many times. BGKC.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Squaw Winter

Weather guessers tending to agree next four days forecasts include rain, wind, rain, sticky snow and snow flurries. These conditions shall bring down our Autumn color. Then we's supposed to see a nicely warmer Indian Summer.
Sure could use a few warm days to paint some JD parts.
Maybe I'll be seeing some of you through the smoke of burning leaves in a couple drier days.
(Not mine. I compost. Even have a couple city cousins spreading their leaves on our fields for humus‘s addition.)
In answer to burning question…..
"Who talks the most?"
It seams the female of any species manages to get in the last word. That's the way I've seen it in my happy home or happy pasture, and when it's one or all's talking to me pasturely, collectively them's ladies talk the most my sensitive ears have ever herd!
While marketing having given Handy a lift last night, I’ve thought about the prices I had paid last night. Chocolate covered coconut Mounds bars gone up a buck/12oz bag, milk had come down about two bits/gallon in price, cat food had gone up a whole $2.40/18 pound bag in one week , while Tylenol had remained the same at last month‘s price. The way prices continue to climb and bounce around on the essentials I’m wondering if I had not better look for more inexpensive late evening snacks to go with my milk?
What would you suggest?
A friend of mine had a school problem child. The kid’s also on medication I suspect is to calm him down for hypertension (or whatever it’s called?), maybe for attention deficit disorder, or being hyper active. All of these most likely solved with letting the child out into fresh air and exercising (play) the devil out of him (or her).
The kids school and/or home work rewards him with either “A’s” or “F’s” indicating to me the child is bored silly and resentful doing work unchallenging in his mind. He blows up at his teachers disrupting the classes refusing to do this school work “Crap” as he calls it. Then he gets detention for disrespect his teachers and failure to turn in his home work. Which all this seems ridiculous to me.
I suspect this child has an extremely high IQ-ed kid. He should be tested for an IQ fact of the matter. And placed in classes more challenging to his mind. I’ve suggested to the parent to go to school and try making some deals with the boy’s teachers. Try establishing rewards for his good works. Library passes maybe. Perhaps participation in an extracurricular activity. I neglected to add maybe the child could stand seeing a school councilor. A student advocate on his (the child’s) side.
My middle daughter who I’ve written of supposedly knowing Jennifer Grandholm (Mi gov) Whenever she had a problem in school she’d just get up, walk to the school office, tell them she had an appointment with Mr. McNeal, was shown into his office unquestioned, and was soon joined by the big fellow. This was a deal Mr. McNeal had with the superintendent of schools, the school principles and teachers. Any child asking for him was un-hindered in any way. He saw everybody who had ever asked to see him. He was FANTASTIC. He headed off more problems, solved more problems, and stood between any student and the educated establishment. He was his own disciple to all the children. I don’t know all what education he had? He must have had some; school teacher, school councilor, pastor of our local Methodist Church. All this had to have been filled with some good doses of child physiology 101. Oh, He had a house filled with children his own. He was a good commonsense man.
Stopped to read son Far’s blogg, if he’d written anything since last week. He too is having his problems with Google and a new blogg site.
If it helps any Far, your present site wouldn’t let me leave a response. So, hang in there. Google may straighten up your site all on their own for you.
I got so mad one evening I stuck with it until I found their grip site. I wrote my discouragements piece and within 24 hours they had helped me reenter all my pertinent information. It still took me a few days to work my way through the maze. Be comforted, you are not alone. While I may not have saved all my old words to the new site, I’ve managed to save everything I’ve written since 2004 on cd’s.
Thing’s will look up.
I hope you went to doctor recommended bone cracker.
Dad (who’s been there, done that) knows all the feelings and pain.
I put in some big hours at the shop. About 15 minutes tot-total taking off a second (way to sloppy) drive chain needing a whole couple links taken out. The fix I’ll either be a half link and the master link OR just the master link. I’ll see next time I get to belly up to the fix tomorrow or the next day.
Happily Bro’ took me away from all this high tech fixing things and we went tool shopping. No longer having to explain my tool purchases with Her Mostess, I could let my testosterone run wild. The main jist of the tool trip was seeking an air operated 4” hand grinder. Disappointed in it at first when we got to the other side of the Harbor Freight mercantile we found all the necessary grinding, cut off, standard wire and wire cup wheels, plus the adapters for various attachments to make the tool much more versatile. We made a purchase and bought a whole lot more: a couple hose valves, some screwdriver bits for power drills, a siphon pump for emptying various tanks, in general stuff we use for if we had it, and a couple gravity wagon tarps. We easily blew a “C” note. Getting back I was blessed with chores both ends of the road.
My ladies are a bit put-out with me. I had given them some second cutting alfalfa hay going some years old I had purchased out of a barn a couple years ago. I figured I might better give it to them while the givened still had some good in it. What’s bothering them is the crust what needs taken off. They get through that the heart’ll be good eating.
Ho boy, I need’s me some supper. Bean soup tonight. It was hot. This mama don't cook cold. BGKC.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Pressures

This day’s pressure’s (morning’s thoughts)
Slept like a log. Still have headache. Switched pain medication morning last. It helped take edge off. This third medication try should be of some help for headache pressures over next two/three days. Have got to call doc asking MRA and blood test results are back, pressure Doc.
Rain pressure leaning on me(us). Pressure’s on to get seeder fix at first light and finish field planting and cultipacking before evening. At this moment hoping this don’t take me into tractor driving after dark.
I slept so soundly I let the fire go out. And, ol’dragon breath has been no help. (smiles)
Out early again had to run for a 1/8” allen socket for on allen screw’s loosening. The 17 minute job only took two hours three minutes.
I managed to finish seeding the field just in time for some sprinkles. Running out of time Bro’ took to using the drag to set in the seed. We hadn’t time for the preferred cultipacker. The 2150 Ollie plus did the job three times as quickly as the Ford and cultipacker would have. Field done the thought of it left behind for the moment it started teasing rain when I pulled into my home yard. Headache pain medication was only a few steps away. Sitting it out inside my nice warm little house I called Doc’s office looking for some inspirational help. Talked to Stef. She said all my test results were back with nothing found wrong. Doc’ll see me Monday AM or PM, my choice. Meanly while, my mind has been little settled for an answer to this throb throbbing headache. So I ate another lunch. Another lunch? This activity certainly isn’t going to do much for my keeping a boyish figure. I’d guess it was time to go do chores. And put Herd Seeder inside under cover and feed the ladies. On my way to temporarily park the remaining seed I come on Handy walking the road in the rain. He’d walked to neighbor’s for a ride, his phone out. I picked him up. Dropping the wagon putting seeder in shop We were on our way. I needed a few things anyway and needed excuse to go the crossroads. Handy’s meds were that excuse.
Without a shopping list I managed to remember a whole lot of the things Her Mostess had said we needed. Handy taken care of, home at last, ladies fed, settled in, I got called for not bringing somebody else’s coffee home…., “You could have called me!” she had said. Balls, I can’t remember everything. I’m pooped! BGKC.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 dirty AM

4:30 Am and I’m wide awake for an hour. I‘ve slept four hours up until that waking hour. I’m staring at the boob tube for lack of something better to do. Oh, I had gotten up, made a water haul for my own relieved comfort and threw another log on the fire for our home’s comfort. I couldn’t stand laying there doing nothing, nothing in the way of sleep coming back to me, which is highly unusual. So I get up and put these few useless words down, the last sentence or two written under the duress of a hair splitting headache were in anchored even the roots of my hair are carrying the pain to the outer ends of each and every hair. I be damned if the tears coming to my eyes don’t do a thing to wash away the physical pain plaguing such a simple act as just to sit-up to type these words there effort changing from a moment of boredom into moments of anxiousness I don’t know will last how long. I’m guessing it’s a good time for some heavy pain killers. I’ve got seven choices in pain reliever’s. There’s one, big and pink, instruction’s says take three times a day. That’s dumb! There’s no hole in it for a string attachment, for jerking back the first two times?
When a field had dried enough we could get on it we started seeding it. That was the easy part. We’d opted for the Herd broadcasting seeder using the Brillion for cultipacking only. Two problems cropped up. First the drive belt was going to fail before the day was through. Secondly the impellor had loosened slipping on it’s driving shaft. Now the Herd seeder is keeping the baler company tonight needing fix at morning’s first light. Farming is so much fun! I don’t know why more people don’t try it? “:^)
I finished my chores well after dark tonight having to run a mile our road twice to bring home some fresh baled hay for the ladies. The tractor slower I didn’t find myself driving faster than I could handle it after dark (or in the dark). Whew!!!
How about this? I’ve successfully made comments accepted on two blogg sites other than my own. Celebration time is here!!!!! I’m pouring me glass of milk and gonna cream cheese some unsalted snacker crackers still hungry after supper. BGKC.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sun’s shinning

Sun’s shinning some is more like it.
Temps down in the low twenty’s have near trickily given the landscape a looking of snowed on in the predawn’s light.
I slept 11 hours last night. Took Frieda half the night to settle into a good sleep.
Running late for myself, it’s going to take me longer to put a leash on my headache.
A sign of the times. I seem to be hearing more and more folks tightening their fuel usage belts. I’m hearing chainsaws coming to my ears from in every direction in whatever field I may happen to take a work break. And this is also week days.
Divorce rates are going up since so many family incomes have flown out so many windows. It was during a couple trying times our union strengthened. Could be we started out with a much better foundation than some. We joined hands knowing there could be, would be, days like these.
Oh Pleasing Tan Lines
My monthly PB issue has finally arrived six days latter than the usual. Has the pony express started hiring part time help during these trying times?
Sitting upon the edge of my bed this AM, my head reminded me it was still with me. Getting up, facing the day, I’ve been slow motion personified all day. Any sudden movements flashed returning miserable pains through my head. In no hurry to do anything I managed to help Bro’ ove a concrete feed bunk. I wish it were set where it’d do the most good rather than beside the driveway. Took apart and replaced a tire for use on the Brillion seeder. That was fun. An more than enough time had passed I was ready for lunch.
I raked the last of the mowed hay this afternoon and baled it. There was thoughts one of might mow some more. That idea was quickly set aside with the mention of four days rain starting day after tomorrow.
I’m about to wish Squaw Winter would get here and over with so’s I(we) can enjoy a couple nice weeks of Indian Summer. It’s my wish and I can wish it as I like! So there!
Handy’s filled me a couple super large tubs with kindling wood. These are pieces left over from his handcrafted planter chairs and benches, and bird houses. Saves me whacking up kindling down in the barn until the snow flies.

I can and often do thoroughly enjoy the snooty stuck up places. I've shared a many a test in communicative skills with an enterprise's manager over how I've been ill treated.
These forays into dealing with an ill mannered clerk or waiter person may well stem from my having failed changing my going to town fedora. Well, maybe my entire Shorthorn country comfortable wardrobe. I’ve often been seen dressed under a floppy hat in my slightly crease greased bib overalls, rolled up flannel shirt sleeves, white socks, offal polished-urine rinsed barnyard leather boots.
The better, nicer the waiter/waitress the bigger the rewarded tip. The better I’ve been taken care of at an equipment dealer’s, the more apt I return.
I‘s got to be forgiven this one! (Halleluiah! The stucky-up our spit don’t shrink bass-turds only waiting upon the well-heeled customers first. Town-line equipment has gone out of bussyness. LMAO Couldn‘t have happened to a greedier bunch of jerks. I had mentioned my feeling a first time. After the second going back encounter I never went back again. Fishing for millions they had let the bread and butter nickels and dimes slip through their dollar grubbing mitts.)
Genuine hardware stores not fussy expect to see any my neighbors as well dressed as myself, even if the super store has it I support my loco hardware store first. It’s good business (inclusive parts and service).
A one time shunned appliance store visitation upon my part going badly I exchanged some proper customer-clerk conduct ideals with the store manager. The next time I walked in, either my picture had been put up on their restroom walls or they were hurting for customers to serve, I was near trampled by three clerks. It’s been that way ever since including Joe Customer’s entrance either before or after me. This store has become one of my favorites.
I don’t think a person’s apparel should be considered an indication an individual’s character or wealth. When I leave the farms on occasion the trips may not be planned (say for an instant parts run), and circumstances may see me making more stops then originally planned. It’s well mannered personal what bring well pleased good time professing customers back. I like to think I’m welcomed and wanted back. I’m oddly funny that way.
And did I finish the baling? Shucks no. The cussed baler threw a drive chain making me work on baler on into the twilight time and still not finished. Humph, I had just enough twilight home to finish my chores. Oh, how I like my early evenings. (Grin) Shucks, I’ve still got to wait an hour for supper. Oh woe is my hungry tummy. BGKC.

PS: Frieda’s hurting but healing, crabbing and bitching through the whole process. It’s alright though, I wouldn’t have taken her for a life’s partner if I hadn’t enjoyed all her facets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I saw the dawn…

…..early out this AM, I assumingly saw the sun come-up, theoretically. Gray skies covering the landscapes, there was no increasing the bright yellow line to the east followed by the big yellow ball of fire‘s lofty station crossing our day‘s skies. It turned into a beautiful day.
The early morning occasion? All parties concerned over the blind heifer’s future finally agreed to letting her last act be that of filling the freezer. It totally be unkind to make her a cow kept in a boxed captivity to bear and nurse a calf. This was a more fitting and human end to her indignity on this earth. I know the younger troops regardless their promises her final care would eventually befall me. Concerted care for wouldn’t be fair to the keeping the rest of the herd. Good Bye sweet baby, may thee see green cow pastures in your heaven’s sent.
I spent my morning slowly hoping on and off the Ford tractor loading the wood-hauler trailer with field stones. Why for was I picking roks, it may be asked? When I seed this field the cult packer seeder won’t push the larger stones down. Those stone press down they less likely become entangled with either mowing machine next spring when time comes to making wheat grass hay. Turned into haylage it’ll be cut and wrapped to be feed out last for next winter’s feed. Why last? For some unknown reason wheat grass fed to animals causes them to loose their winter furs….. Thus feeding wheat hay is a very timely undertaking, what must be fed out before the first of August.
This afternoon I dared roll two bales hay for the ladies. Still more hay to bale I stopped while I figured I was ahead. Hopefully this cutting will dry enough for easier baling even for haylage. I’ll sure not dry enough for dry balling anymore this year.
On the painful fronts we both had our times. Frieda complained so of leg pain she was near ready to have me transport her to hospiyal. Luckily for us her Nurse had a premonition coming by telling her Mostess to get off her feet and to use the walker to ease the weight leaned on that leg. She’s been doing better during this same afternoon.
As for me, I doubled up to the limit my pain meds as long as I wasn’t seeing anybody medical today. Plus I plainly toughed it out with the over cast skies easing off towards the east.
Last thing today, I’d tried filling the house with firewood. I finished that task with the last of the evening’s twilight. The Cushman I put away with it’s headlights saving any embarrassing bumper pool shots off the machine’s physical being in side the barn. BGKC.

A day late

10-20-o8 Darn headache
My headache returned shortly after getting up. Looking about Frieda was up ahead of me peaceably going back to bed. Checking the weather I suspect the rain’s low pressure system was a contributing factor to my head’s discomfort. It got so bad I had tucked my head carefully where I wouldn’t loose it and drove it over to Doc’s office so’s he might look into it.
My BP taken, another EKG, blood drawn, heart and lungs listened to, my EKG read, my pulse was 47. Doc’s concern prompted him to get me a MRA today! Bless Vicky’s pretty hide, through determination she found me an opening. I had about an hour to get there. Doc’s wanting to make some adjustments in my medication. The MRA appointment at an almost-now situation he hurried me along. We’ll talk my meds another day Doc handing me back my head determining my immediate hurry.
The fence having to be fixed it were done in 15 minutes or less finding three shorts and a downed limb. That had to be some kind of a Shorthorn country record? Bro’ took me as he had to prepay a part order for the log splitters valve handle.
It’s absolutely ridiculous our being able to order hundreds to thousands dollars worth of tractor parts from AG tractor-implement dealers and these puny little small engined dealers have got to have their part’s meager pittance in advance before ordering a part we can’t have for at least a week they should have had but don’t keep in stock.
Well, so much for the five & dime lawn and garden entry-manures, rant!
Have noticed another home foreclosed in my neighborhood. It gets worse, another one is about to be foreclosed on within days.
Missing lunch all I had on my returning home mind was ingesting some Tylenol and lunch. Cold out I was ravenous by the time I got here. Meds down, mail checked, lunch downed, I turned my attention to more laundry. Chores were easy, kindling found in barn, ladies still holding almost two bales hay I was back in post haste. Trying to relax a grip still holds onto my head.
Time for rattlers, only another hour for supper. Maybe more food will ease my headache? If not, bed’s looking good for horizontal relief.
Head pain has got to be the worst, encircling the noggin, blinding the vision, petit mal blackouts, loss of concentration and memory. These symptoms read like mine. They are mine……
My supper eatened, more confusion setting in I reposed yesterday’s urinal entry. So I scratched it this AM. Gonna try this all over again today to cover yesterday’s medical adventures. Know every one was GKC I’m looking foreword to what idiocy I’ll write tonight?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Changes, Hell, for all the good they are why do I feel the consummate loser. Whatever I was thinking when I’d written the last sentence could be beyond my realm of life as I’m seeing from under my aching brow this at that just after my waking moment this morning.
Laying on my blanket I was feeling. What? I don’t know? I had only opened my eyes to see again to the realization I knew I was alive. I laid there not particularly looking at anything, thoughts slowly starting to drift by my open eyes in panoramic form. At the same time I felt comfortably within my own blanketed warmth. Pushing back that blanket the realization the fire was low came to uncomfortably cool to me. Yet by natures demand I had to relieve myself save peeing the bed. On my return, I looked into the stove lifting the one moving handle of the pair. It was cold. Putting a hand on top the stove the top plate was only warm from the heat the brick liner had emitted saving the stove’s touch from being absolutely cold.
Ta Hell with the stove. I closed it up and taking my blanket from my bed I wrapped it about me settling in to my recliner chair opening my mind and heart to the first simplest emotions of the new day. One to sort out and take the medications to assist my living one more day; the other, I’d set down beside my handily positioned word-processer to record ridiculous thoughts I’m sure no one else would be interested in. Still, maybe I’ll live better if I relieve myself of them thoughts (daydreams more like it) by setting them down to print.
My first thought was all about all the Sunday morning years I had wakened to see my colleen’s dark brown wavy hair before my eyes, the distinctive smell of her existence filling my nostrils, my listening to her breathing the most solitary tune I’ve nightly enjoyed listening to, and then the inevitable reaching out to lay a hand on her body’s warmth making sure she was as real as she’d appeared to be. And then the piece de resistance, the phenomenal movement her body’s closing the blankets hollowed space between us making us near as one, that simple act most times totally irreparably magically making us as one.
Wherever did those days go? Some of those simple acts of reassured love’s we’d shared at times awkwardly stolen when to busily surrounded by the pitter patter of little responsibilities. Those were endearing days from wit we looked foreword to the healthful uninterrupted wealthy days we would earn for, yearn for, undivided solitude between us. Days that be our uninterrupted own, days we’d take turns cashing in all our water marked rain checks, days we’d fulfill all those interrupted moments completing the simplest tasks what were left unfinished, and finish tasks dreamed never started. Enough maudlin.
Could be I’m about to loose a cyber friend, but so help my honesty I’ve got to tell it like it is…………….I’ve the feeling I’m tryiung to negotiate a moonless night in the wilderness with a dead flashlight.
Dear Paula:
I can’t make out the print on over half of your postings, the print set against the black back ground. I’m so sorry to offer this complaint especially when I’ve so many internet problems of my own. When I’ve the proper time to read and now’n’then even catchup some of your adventures I feel as though I shall be left out.
Just the same I offer you these hugs (((Paula)))
What a day!
First thing out of my box I had to reprogram Bro’s mind. Catching up with him our shared absenteeism the last couple days, He tells me, “We’re going to work on the JD cab in the shop today.”
A gorgeous day, a day ideally suited to planting a cover crop, a day for tempering the dryness of yesterdays cut hay, a day to work and live it to the fullest outdoors soaking up surpluses of vitamin “D.”
He’s going to waste the day? I pointed out, “I need to make hay.” I added “I could use some help hooking up the implements to the 2150 Ollie. I can’t drive it an pin the implements together at the same time. I can spend some time moving the seeder and seed, If I can get a ride back.” My words said it was time I got out of the way. Practically nothing gets done around but what it isn’t his idea. It was my time to move on. I had preparatory things to do outside like filling fuel cans, loading out a jack and a pry for starters. A few moments later Bro’s come out side telling me we’d better get the cover crops planted. My thinking, “Whoopee!”
Later, while I left bro to working the land I was off to move up the seeder after I had blown out the mice and aired the tires. Delivering it to the field I found I was lucky having made it at all, on an adopted Michelin coming apart tire. The day’s time to short to complete anything, taking baby girl with me we transported the straw and cover to Susan’s house banking her west wall and covering it. Then it was back to the farm for the seed wagon hooked onto the wood haulin’ trailer, this riggin’ driven to my house for lil’ Ford tractor Ford gased out of a can I hit the road. My baby girl, her boy friend and Bro’ eventually catching up to me, we picked up rocks ‘til we had a trailer loaded, and emptied. Getting late I had to get back here if my ladies were to be fed.
Seemingly little done, it still was a very productive Shorthorn country day. It wore me out, particularly the rock picking part. That rock picking intensifying my headache, I’m taking up looking for some dark chocolate covered Tylenol caplets. Finishing my chores I got in well after supper-thirty. BGKC.

10-18-o8 Getting normal

One of the 1st things……
We've been dealing with to many issues in our house to fully worry about voting. Now that Frieda's home and I'm seemingly taking a few days off medically speaking we'll be opening our absent minded ballets and take first look at them in a day or two.
Candidate info so scarce on some local yokels we're going to consult 'puter for some local candidates backgrounds. This'll be a 'puter assisted educating voting 1st for us.
When we've finished punch card chading I suspect I might be seen panhandling for the return postage.
I've managed to get a couple people registered. Now have to see to it they vote.
Now I'm asking ALL my neighbors for their vote. Our country needs everybody's vote.
On the home and farm front, I inherited most of the farm chores in Bro’s production sale’s absence. ‘Twas alright, a little extra communion with the animals has never hurt anyone.
I ground the grain what need be ground. Used some more the Alpaca supplements fortifying the grind corn.
Frieda’s nurse came Saturday bringing with her a home made cake for Frieda. Was yummy upside down pineapple cake. Was good, made right with lots of egg white for cake and frosting.
I’m thinking if I can get on the sweet side this nurse, maybe I can get her to make me a dark double Dutch chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Well, I can lecherously imagine the idear….can’t I?
Sheesh! Chip’s brought me another pickup load of cut and splite fire wood, oak this time. Should be seasoned by next years heating season or economical use.
Then Chip wanted the use of the Ford tractor. Only I wanted to take the bush hog off it first sitting it on some steel rims for an easy hookup next Spring. Three things went wrong. The Ford refused to start(1), I got my headache back(2) and deferred to raking and mowing hay until the headache had at least passed.
The hay raked and hay mowed, my headache having eased, getting back to the Ford I had to close the ignition points a smidgen so they’d make an opening spark. The tractor running I set about sitting the disconnected brush-hog on the aforementioned steel rims. The last pin undone, the mower slid off the rims anyway(3). Balderdash!
The Ford tractor readied to go, there’s no Chip around anymore. (arrggghhhh!)
Looking towards supper, I took my evening meds. Then went out and baled the earlier raked hay and fed it out to the ladies. Delivering it I was near mobbed. They like that stuff more than I, what with all the trouble I’ve had these days as hard as it has been this last week to have finally gotten it baled and fed. Oh well, such is a farmer’s lot now’n’then, even in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

10-18-o8 Some I-net funs

In answer to hunting season recipes.
I used to be nervous and jerky, but I'm not nervous anymore, anymore, anymore......
Over the earlier years, I used to strip the ribs and shanks on all my larger big game kills for jerky. Could never make enough that'd last. Stuff mysteriously disappeared like candy along with School Boy Apples when the children came in from school. Those were our happy days pain free child rearing entertaining experiences..... What lasted for only thirty years.
My answering a projected image offered up by a smart alec cyber friend…..his picturing mine frau in the cattle chute’s head gate for my administered antibiotic shot (medication). (smiles)
Just self examining da "ole coot's mind"
Oh Lawd.....
The head gate image hadn't entered my mind.................yet.
Oh Lawd, grant me mercy.....
....from Her Mostess. The image, I've smarts enough, I'll keep to myself.
Posting a message for a mutual friend to at least one board, I wrote the following:
There are Mermaids in Chesapeake Bay?
[b]Alias is alive and well.
Have had a most pleasant exchange with (our missing in action) Alias. Not only has he been gone fishing (I didn’t ask how far gone?) he’s been without his overly high priced ultra poor cable service for days and days. I suspect he’ll be back ribbing some of us any day since they’ve gone to Direct-TV. In spite of a few losses under cloudy skies this direct service has proved itself more dependable than their discontinued cable.
After talking to George, I’m thinking of looking into Direct-TV myself, price wise. There’s some on the net who’d gladly accept a day off from me anyway. I know, every now and then I need a day off from myself.
Anyway, getting back to the real tone of this message, George and Nancy are in good health despite a few days making faces and scowling at each other.
Here’s my hoping he comes back real soon. I had only just titched on his mermaid fishing experiences.
Fernan [/b]

In answer to the question, “Do you have wind farms in your state?”
[b]I know of at least one wind farm in Michigan's thumb area. It was poorly planed to begin with.
Promises had been made to local home owners in the area the wind farms would scarcely be noticed. Some households are complaining about the propellers shadows passing over their homes (windows) causing some emotional and physiological problems among some household members.
Another problem in the beginning, when the wind mills were up and running there wasn't in place high line feed heavy enough to transmit the generated electrical energy.
There's been little word (as with most news sensationalism) about whether these (rumored maybe) problems have been addressed and corrected.
I know I wouldn't like an insistent shadow passing over my windows.
Now! Would somebody like me to close with something else liking, “Have a nice day.”

Friday, October 17, 2008

She’s come Home

Hot dam, the house is a right like home again. Got Frieda out of the hostile structure some where’s around 3:00 PM. No side trips she wanted straight home. Having her riding beside me I knew there was no more getting rid of her. (grin) She’s saying the pain’s about the same, but remains encouraged her knee will feel better.
Feeling feisty she’s talking about embroidering some her white under garments. “UH?” I wondered, “Embroidered undergarments?” Before I could ask, she volunteered, “I’ll be using white thread putting the words of warning, “If you can read this your to close!” on’em in brail.”
“Now just what does she mean by that?” scratching what hair I’ve got left on top my noggin????
Frieda settled into the house my running wasn’t over. She had prescriptions to fill. So, it was off to see my favorite mid-block Otisville drug dealer. My walking in I waved a hearty “Oh, happy day!” and the tone for this pharmacy visit was set. Brought up was my week’s bout with the lightening pains. The pharmacist wanted the drug. Luckily I had my meds with me havin’ taken them with to this morning. He made notes. He also described the procedure’s I’ll use my giving Frieda her two weeks worth of shots. Simple enough I’d guess. Only I see it being easier if Frieda will moo when I administer medication‘s shot.
She’s happier in her own surroundings. I’m happier knowing she’s safe. All’s good in tonight’s Shorthorn country. BGKC.

Now that She’s home

Now our country life can start getting back to normal. Chip all day’s wood cutting, he hauled in a pickup load of white oak firewood as we got home. It’ll be well seasoned for next winter’s need.
Sadly, down the road, another home has been foreclosed on in the neighborhood. Both having had jobs lost. I know not her expertise. He was an auto worker. Lacking any real skills he’d started a Summer’s lawn care business (with a new ZTM), a Fall’s cut and seasoned firewood sales and delivery (new chainsaw and splitter) , a Winter’s driveway snow plowing specialist (a newer 4x4 truck and plow), and a Spring’s yard clean up service. He couldn’t make enough. Luckily there are no children caught up in that household’s economic strife.
Was near dark Chip helping me hay the ladies. What a bunch of Lady(?) complainers. They wanted some more of that freshly baled green hay. Maybe tomorrow or the next day? Meanwhile, its all back to a normal day’s procedural farming tomorrow. Only question, will there be enough day?
AND IMPORTANTLY, I thank you ladies for your mindful support over my e-net troubles. Perhaps one snowed in full day this winter I’ll try it the Journal re-fix again.
The traffic well handled today, I’m happy with my motored efforts. I can be proud. G-nite. BGKC.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I’m Sick of Google

I’m sick and tired of fighting the continual up hill battle with Google over an account I supposedly already have. Having said account I’m denied use my name I’m already using. My established password is continually wrong. Consequently Google’s continually making sure I’m continually pissed off.
And, what pisses me off, really? I’m denied talking to my cyber friends who also use Google accounts. This being the way it’s going to be by Google, I ain’t fighting it. I’ve already raised Hell with Google and they don’t seem to care whether their service works equally for everyone or not. Obviously they don’t care to fix it.
Sorry folks. I’ve got more important things to do other than trying to chase after Google to fix anything again. If they’d rather I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen? They’re not as friendly what they seem.

Getting easier

Another good night’s sleep. Somebody’s likely asking how that is with Her Mostess away in the hospital. The answers to this question is in our primary Doctor’s care and our continued association with Hurley Hospital. It’s mutual (between Frieda and I) when one of us is in the care of either these care givers we comfortably know the other is in good hands. Thus neither of us need worry about the other whatever the outcome, the care is always the best. I suppose the only way I can describe the feeling’s, “It’s like going home!” This parallels our union, “We’re each other’s rock!” for as long as we’re here.
Slept good last night, right on thru the PBS televised presidential debate, waking late again this AM. While yesterday was a near bust, today’s already (looking?) feeling better. I’m hosting only a slight headache over my eyes. The barometer’s rising, the Sun’s shinning, it’s already looking like a “do it all, do it right” gonna be an alright day.
I’ll be phoning the Mostess saving all my energy and resolve to take on the Flint city’s traffic tomorrow. Rat now I’m pre-hoping I can drive between all my appointments during the off peek (on the hour) traffic. Hope, hope, hope! ((you don't believe me. Check out (time) the traffic patterns for yourselves.))
Oh boy, I may have something to answer for. I haven’t yet old Frieda I’d sub let her Sweetheart’s mousing expertise to her brother-in-law Bro’. This could be just one more thing I’ll have to answer too when she’s come home.
He he he, the laundry’s caught up and I’ve likely gained weight.
In for a lonely lunch, the morning (or day) thus far has been going a “Bing, bing, bing!” As for the lunch? I think I had a chicken of the sea salad, and some broccoli I wasn’t sure I I’m allowed? Not knowing whether I could eat it or should have saved it for a mistletoe substitute? Shucks, I didn’t save it. I’m figuring if I done wrong somebody’ll straighten me out. (grin) Green, it was good while it lasted.
At last, someone in the hostile establishment has put Her Mostess’s phone close enough so’s she can now reach it. Seems I might better watch what I’m doing what with her recent updated capabilities to check on me. (smiles) Was good to hear from her. The smile in her voice was one I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s only the noon hour and they’ve had her up three times. Some talk they may spring her today yet. The physical therapists are well pleased with her limb’s range of motion. Personally, I’d like her to gain a wee bit more strength as she’ll have to walk in our two to-narrow entry doorways.
Taking a headache break. My light morning headache had turned into a real nagger by about 3:00 PM. I finished what had to be done in front of the shop by 4:00 PM so I could come home for a Tylenol three.
Earlier, I managed to pickup 3000 pounds wheat seed, drove it around the block for a weight slip, covered it, fixed floor in livestock trailer, and come home for that pain reliever before I go back out to bale more hay.
I’m hopping the nagging pain will ease up long enough letting me finish feeding the ladies chore’s before my settling in to rest up for tomorrow’s on the go activities. I know’s it’s gonna-be another busy-busy day.
Shorthorn country activities were easy enough on me today my taking them slow enough I never felt the throbbing sneak up on me. (I’d smile if I thought it wouldn’t crack my face) Ho-ho! Hmm, so glad I didn’t have to answer to any small children today as much as that activity pleases me.
For supper, I had two bowls some spicy mystery soup. Was good and welcomed fare after a full day absorbing Fall's fresh air.
Still early by my past performances I’ve plum run out of words to write. “May the Saint’s preserve us!” No word from baby daughter I wont see my honey tonight. She’ll understand, meanwhile, an early bed sure seems most inviting to me. BGKC.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday’s little happenings. I even took notes and misplaced them even too. Just goes to show, I always know what I’m doing even if I’m missing the action. (opossum eating grin here grin) The hostile waiting room was a gas. A pleasant enough place to sit and/or mosey around. Plenty of room for pacers without noticeable traffic jambs. It had plenty of airy windows to look out of, only we were on the forth floor surgical deck,; although, it were a mite low for looking out sitting down. So it was a standing back situation with just as odd looking over an assortment of people sitting in chairs under those windows to look beyond to see outside the Fall’s multi colored changes possessed in the communities tree tops gloriously covered the city‘s landscape.
The room itself was much longer than narrow. The windows looking out on the north side there was an unseen hall running unseen along the outside south wall’s length. Inside that principle wall were centrally located rest rooms, A toy filled play room for children (it wasn’t easy staying out of there, a small conciliation room I saw no one use, and the pink Ladies station (volunteers) at one end. Jutting out from the walls between the north side windows were some cabineted peninsulas of top boxed planters filled either ith either real or rubber plants. I didn’t investigate further nor cared which?
While waiting interested party’s were supposed to keep the pink ladies informed of our individual whereabouts complete with a ridiculously fashioned pager that neither fit a hand nor pocket. But; it were their game. There was a couple computer stations it seemed somebody was always playing solitaire on. When one was seriously used, checking the other, a game players was always willing to give up their game for a legitimate use. Gotta, Bless their pea picking hearts. It were at these times I managed to slip a note unto the E-net every now and then to the acceptable places I could remember.
The room so big…err…long, the pagers so slow to activate every once in awhile a gray lady’d come walking through the room paging some one, working harder and longer at it a neared eared oldster. (my watching this activity, seems, oldster’s are harder of hearing). The oldsters just handily mentioned could always be found, but not unlike myself any one of us could hide (behind a column, under the peninsular-ed planted plants, or behind a magazine or paper) but none of us could run. For the rest of the oldsters; excluding myself of-course, when one of them pagers went off; what I saw were happy men that a tickle me now Elmo pager going off in a pants pocket. Women? Their pagers were always unattainably buried in a traveling hand bag.
My highlight of the whole waiting room experience was happening upon another livestock farmer. Our waiting times was the most quickly passed time our exchanging ideas and information what wasn’t in the books. He was a genuinely bearded brother country gentleman after my own heart.
While it were a waiting day I had broken my night’s fast tin the hostile cafeteria. The whole wheat toast selection went well with the phony eggo’s and indescribable sausages. Wasn’t bad eating having involved stretching my imagination. Funny, food there had always tasted better upstairs rather than facing it head on in person on the ground floor level cafeteria . Yuk, yuk, yuk!
The morning included one interruption after another including my trying to push one of my own in the way of a properly keeping a Loopymom promised ride to the horsepistol.
It started with Ugly needing gasoline, a backtracking to but the bite on a Loopymom for a ride into Flint and back. I’d made a hasty withdrawal from Aunty-M. Hasty because I didn’t want to think on how quickly our money disappears these days. I filled Ugly’s gas tank and stopped by the dinner. From there went to shop and gat caught having to take time to fix fence. That’s always fun, never knowing where the short’ll be found.
A ride back after my taking Ugly home I could finally move a fueled Ollie and baler down the road. Knowing I had a ride waiting I still shamefully tried to roll one last bale along my way home. I made something like twenty feet ove a windrow and had plugged the baler. Shirt fire! That was the end of that, besides Loopy had gotten me on the cell, making my guilt even greater. I took plugged machine home riding Ugly back to Loopy Acres.
The ride into Flint was much more comfortable without myself behind the wheel. I hope the rest rides along with me through all my Friday’s three required stops. Hmm, maybe I can put the bite on Chip? I’ll see? Cardiologist appointment, a pickup stop at Best Buy midway between the Doc stop and Frieda’s hospitable get-a-way. I hate waisting Flint City trips. The more I can timely make cheapens all the stops.
Depending how I look at it, ,its been a simultaneously good and bad day. I woke up warm without Clink’s dragon breath keeping the empty house warm. I managed darn few the tasks I wanted to. It rained me off hay baling. In the afternoon rain I unplugged the baler for it’s next use. I was rained out of picking up bulk wheat seed. Worst of all I was plagued with an all day headache continuance with but a few bouts of repeated painful lightening spikes. I don’t what to take for the pain anymore. It’s likely the bulk of my headache pain is the rainy low pressure weather system doing’s hanging over all my neighbors heads.
Lastly, even under rainy skies Shorthorn country’s fall colors are absolutely vivid as in utterly gorgeous. Ah ha, I’ve finally gotten the wood heating stove making me heat, even without Clinks fire starting dragon’s breath. (I’m smiling now. And this’ll come to an end when Her Mostess is once again looking over my shoulder.) (smiles) I’ve one more day of peaceful bliss. It’s sure going to be great having her home agin where she belongs. (Oh, hush my mouth!) For supper I had spaghetti and meat balls, steamed mixed vegetables, and garlic bread. Tasting good, it couldn’t have been good for me? BGKC.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holy Smokems

I just found out I'm a great grandpa again. 8 lb 12 oz boy 21" tall named Quincy Adams.

And Grand Mom's in Hurley Hospital, room 613, Flint Mi., 48503 I think?

Making grandpa has completely worn me out.

Boss Mom’s new Knee

Morning’s rising came extra early. Bathing, dressing, packing, organizing (Frieda Me) I had everything running clock work smoothly. I know how to get it done when Herr Clink’s not around to explain it.
Dispirit Kountry Life Journal entry
Good morning:
I've just delivered Herr Clink into the hostile establishment for a knee replacement.
I've tried to access my beloved Shorthorn country site while being told it's either pornographic or to explicit for my readers tender eyes. Farm life, animal, tractors, crops, ME one are all to explicit???
I'd appreciate it if someone would stop by the home site and tell them all to get off their duffs. If I can get up early, they can do so also.
I thank you
Google... Fernan's Shorthorn Farm Life.... and judge for yourselves?
Explicit? Livestock farms are naturally explicit!
2nd entry same morning
Blockers for the bigg'en's also. (grin)
Herr Clink's checked into Hurley horsepidal, Flint, Michigan.
Waiting is agonizing, anxious, my BP up and my lightening spikes are back. (curses)
Supposed to have word about 11:00 AM.
This dear's waiting is harder than any other.
Even later I made another contribution once I had remembered the Home I-net addy.
....I finally remembered how to get here.
Just talked to Clink's surgeon a few moments ago. Frieda came through the surgery without any complications. Doc expects her to go home Friday. She'll like that. Meanwhile I'm gonna wait awhile and let her know I'm around before she falls off into a deeper snooze. She'll call it only a nap.
ME, however, I only get two days peace this time.
Hope this makes her happy. she wants to be painlessly on both her limbs for our thrifyest anniversary for at least one slow dance.
PS: I'll tell her you all wished her the best.
Got to add.....
...before I re-membered how to get home I writ a post of despair in the old KL wilder-ness.
Getting closer to home I free better already.
Oh boy! I’ve already forgotten her room number? But, I know the trail. Trying to remember it may be room 617 in the physical therapy ward?
She was doing well when I left. What pain she had was relieved with a ice pack on her knee. I figure she’ll sleep a good deal from 3:00 PM onto morning. Coming home I did no more than what I had to do, unloading a fe groceries, milk for sure, belatedly took care of chores, took an hour for a late late-lunch, unloaded Bro’s truck, swapped van for ugly returned home again. Searched for uncommon actuator parts. I by late afternoon’s diminishing took my rattlers late even stooped to languishingly supper upon a rarer rich delicacy otherwise denied me upon so many of my requests, all to often. I shamelessly devoured WHOLE [i] can of butter beans [/i] ALL [i] by myself [/i]. Ah, such is a reward bachelor-ing the good life every now’n’then. I hope they are bad for me, they sure were good. Shorthorn country has never ever seen me as tired as this in the past. BGKC.
Fernan [/b]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

A new day! Not quite! Although, I slept long and deep feeing good opening my eyes, sitting up brought back the headache and wild electrical spikes. Best parts of this day up to sunrise, I’d had ten hours pain free sleep. Yesterday’s high temps had warmed house enough to have let the woodstove fire go out. A bit of extended summer sure feels good.
A small something extra.
There was a time during the seventy’s when denied food stamp help, when my workman’s comp was cut off. for my family I took to operating outside the law (so to speak). I took up harvesting the Governor’s fish, some small games, and deer. At that same time I used to hang out with a couple game wardens even to writing articles about each of them, the stories published in our local paper.
The first piece-de-resistance came 1971 when meeting the older of the two CO’s on the street one day, his saying to me, “I know you’re poaching. I know you’re not doing it for financial gain, Fernan. I know you’re doing it only to feed your family. However, the law is the law. If I ever catch you, I’m hauling you in.” My answer, “If you ever catch me, Dan, I’ll deserve being caught.” While we remained friends, and knowing he had bigger problem rascals to deal with I figured I’d still better watch my back. M’m! Until he retired and passed away I never saw him again excepting in purely social situations.
The second time, was roughly the same with the second junior CO. One day hanging our fish catch on a tote board, he was walking toward us asking how we‘d done. About that time my number one son poked his head around the corner, asking, “What‘ll I do with the rest of them?” This CO. immediately turned on his heal and walked away giving me no more than a wave of the backside his hand. He didn‘t want to know any more. (smiles) I just shows to go you, a little BS spread over the right places nourishes a healthier lasting rapport. LMAO
What a day? Seven retired ladies taking their places for a last ride were headed for St. Louis. I’m not sure whether I’ve been coming or going. A new actuator has been located just 40 miles off Bro’s driven rounds today. That’ll be the baler’s current fix ‘till the broken one’s fixed for backup.
Laundry? When I anxious to have it done it takes forever. I’ve checked on ground cover seed I can pickup uncertified seed for a gravity boxed wagon load Wednesday. A bundle of totes picked-up this morning are now pre-cut open for covering Bro’s wood pile and the Klapper’s straw banked again her house’s outside thoughtlessly walled water pipes for the winter.
I’ve been warned another county nurse is coming by, to see ME this time. Likely for my vitals to determine if I’m either worth saving or to far gone. It’s getting so’s so many people are taking an interest in my welfare they’re accumulation is starting to get under foot. Any more start showing up, if’en there’s any dangers, It’ll be my getting trampled to death under the masses. And, It wont be coming from the ladies.
A bunch of totes opened up Bro’s Winter firewood woodpile is covered. His getting back with new actuator, I soon had it on baler and working about the same time Bro’ had the damaged one came apart. Now it’s seeing if we can get a slew of itsy bitty ball bearings to reload that worm drive. The end seal is likely standard and easy to replace. Getting on to sun down, late taken rattlers, it was my time to bring the van home. Her Mostess’s wheel chair’s loaded. The old computer’s loaded, for possible down loading my text files (if I should take an extra drive). Now, I‘m waiting for 3:30 AM, her Mostess’s last shower, her Ladyship’s luggage, cpap machine, and final instructions. And wondering how much longer Shorthorn country’s going to remain the same being more and more heavily trampled on. BGKC.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I was looking.....

[b] …….I’d be looking foreword to headache free day today, if I weren’t so wrong in that assumption. Shyit…….! I woke up thinking I was feeling just fine. Took my proverbial walk to the white man’s water hole and returned. The woodstove radiating cold, I opted for reassuming my horizontal position pulling my blanky’s comfort up tight under my beard. Then….., here they come…..,bam, bam, bam…., they cowardly started nailing me while I was down, and defenseless. I might just as well have gotten up, which I did. While I pondered my situation sorting the day’s rattlers I heard two sirens in the distance. It’s a wonder I hadn’t gotten at least three phone calls asking it they were for meant for one of us, asking, “Are you guys right?” It’s no easy task Frieda being the abusing wife and myself the dirty old man of upright society in this otherwise stalwart neighborhood.
Damned it these lightening attacks ain’t taking their physical tolls somewhere else. My forehead and check bones have taken up a dull ache of their own. Luckily(?) my face feels like an over used sadly abused punching bag missing only cauliflower-ed ears. The lucky part, I’m reminded in pain I still have a live face. Saves time looking for my obituary.
Today’s time line
It’s 10:00 AM already, finally dressed for taking carte of the ladies in side yard. Being as where they are they have to be hand fed and watered.
The spikes are back with a near vengeance, even before I went outside, on a pain level eight. Came back in and took another pain relieved. That’d be two different brands in three hours. Am counting on them as not overdosed. Now sitting tight in my chair waiting for the results one-way or another. Why does it have to come down to what needs doing and what I can handle. I still need to repair that Mo-Co fractured hydraulic line. Then move whole combined machine off into the weed/bushes so’s I can collectively rake hay and bale it. I’d like to comfortably finish what I’d started last night, letting alone pressing on trying to do any more for today’s tomorrow. SOB, this so GD aggravating.
Damn, would you believe when I was younger my mother’s Michigan was the center of my universe. I occasionally traveled it’s rivers often paddling against the current. How about hiking in and exploring abandoned/unprotected mine sites in grown over wildernesses wrought with the last of the last known native wolves.
Broadening my landscapes when I vacation/hunted Wyoming I enjoyed hiking/climbing the mountains to visit holy places. Fun’s reward came as finding fossils; seeing unpublished pictograph sites, the art drawn by Indians hundreds of years ago, finding the hole in the wall, taking a drive seeing the tea pot (the Tea Pot Dome named for that rock) before and sadly after it had lost it’s spout, and how about driving eighty/ninety miles per hour going for ice-cream driving under dear jumping over a Mustang car’s hood. And the all time Pièce de résistance the time I made love to my beautiful bride on a mountain top ALTER the next visible mountain top seven miles away peeking through the clouds separating our combined souls from the earth’s civilization below.
Time line 5:00 PM
Since lunch, I’ve raked and baled some hay. The some hay was until the string tiring acuator quit working. I had to bring the whole thing home and dump it feeding out. While I was at I went after the second bale to feed it out as quickly as I could. I’d rolled that one the absolute so loop sided worst I’ve ever imagined I wanted it eatened before it were seen.
The lightening strikes are easing up in intensity and numbers giving way to a growing head encompassing migraine. If there’s anything I’ve been so lucky to have enjoyed it has been the variety I’ve lived my life in through varied loves and pain.
Time line 5:45 PM
Evening rattlers taken, I mounted the tractor to the shop I did go. Tried again the actuator’s workings, then unbolted it remaining froze. Taken apart I did find BB sized like ball bearings rust through and through. What rusted solid mass/mess that worm drive is going to need a fix. As it rests soaking in oil inside the shop tonight it’s only the easy half thus taken apart.
Time line 7:45 PM
Driven home, cows in barn’s side yard hayed again, it supper time for me too. The yard light’s a near full moon, one what was once good for a might hearty spoon.
Supper’s eaten, eye lids tried Short country’s seein’ me tired. I’ll sleep good this night. BGKC.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Had to be today

I titled this entry last night for I’d had high hopes I could get back to resemblance of my normal Shorthorn country routine. I awoke this morning havin’ enjoyed a solid six hours sleep. I laid on my palliate thanking the mysteries of life my feeling well again. Then sitting up, a few moments passing, “Bam, Bam, Bam” them miserable lightening bolt stricks hit me again just north of my left temple. They hurt, unbelievable invisible sensations of a dull knife stabbing me head. It has to be a dull knife for it draws no blood. It’s strange in a child like mind sort-a way for I can’t see the hurt nor watch it’s progress watching a continually naughtily picked away scab be smaller each and every passing day. I can see superficial hurt healing, I can’t see this inviable hurt going away. My eyes drying I don’t know from where the tears keep emerging. I’ve taken the medication prescribed as “Take as needed for pain.” I hate taking pills. There intrusion is about the same as when I was a child my Mom hauled me into town three tines a week for hay fever shots, until I pit my foot down the beginning of my twelfth Summer. I demanded I no longer find myself sleeping away half my Summers. That was my first adolescent revolt. I didn’t (don’t) remember my terrible two’s. It’s likely just as well as I might have tried to top them. That’s one memory lapse what could be a classified as a good thing. Now if I could only remember why I had made such a rash promise I’d take care of her always when her family had emphatically abandoned her for her association (growing relationship) with me.
“Abandoned her for me.” Such a strange an unimaginable scene to come to my mind this morning. It’s liking the thought of worrying over the promise I had made her years ago. How/ who’s going to take care of her should I leave us first? BUT, enough of these morbid thoughts. A new day has dawned and it needs celebrating just as furiously as every sunrise we’ve all readily lived to date.
SOB!!! I was feeling better before I laid down last night. Is this a blessing? Is it a curse? Maybe a punishment? Truthfully there’re gathering just to damned many days I’d like to skip celebrating life. Writing this reminds me watching week old calves having finally gotten or found there legs their taken to either high-tailing circles about their mothers or high-tailing in a mass little cow mob across the pasture in nature’s associating ways of making and bonding with new friends in the process deciding who‘a the leader of their season’s rising new click. Oh yes, watch the animals. They are a deeper miracle’s force in nature than the highest percentage of people have never taken the time to watch, study and enjoy their contributing miracles. The animals will even talk to you if you take the time to learn their languages. Imagining Dr. Doolittle believable has him living.
Lollygagging, I was in no hurry to go outside. Checking on the ladies could wait. I’d seen they still had hay in tier feeders. Yup, they could wait. It was the easier I set the easier the spikes to my left temple area. My morning moratorium was noisily broken by my cell’s aggravating sound demanding I answer it. The troops were outside wanting me to come out and get in the way. It might be alright I figured if I moved slow. Slow moving I did. Getting outside I saw they’d try to catch-up the ladies. How ever they was going about it, It wasn’t working. I slowly moseyed down to the barn, fetched me a couple pails, came back uo to the shelled corn wagon a dipped me two half buckets corn and again moseyed down to barn right on around the east end a-walking through the barnyard. My pied piper pails in my hands the ladies right away took a shinning Saturday morning liking to me and came on a running. I walked no faster, though I wanted to, around the barn at my established pace. Thinking they were about to be run over for those pails contents I kept my slow poking walk. I had found earlier if I hurried it the head aching strikes came oftener and harder. I held my slow poking walk and the ladies seemingly knowing my plight they didn’t seem press me. I could commend them for that. Making my way past the gate that’d be closed behind them I spread the shelled corn out in an assortment of feeders: A couple bathtubs, a super large steel feeder made out of flat cut fuel oil tank once solidly welded together and bolted on two tiers 4x6” timber for a bull’s weigh lifting discouragement and one more small inside used stall feed lighter no bovine bothers to play with it. The majority of the ladies preoccupied with the grain I went around the barn the same way as the first joining the troops backed up behind a few stragglers. Hollering my piece I had them moving for I mince no meaning in the tone of my voice, they moved as I wanted them. I quietly assisted in the manning the head gate so’s the vet could pregnancy check the lot. Out of 77 ladies 6 were found open (without calf). They’s going to St Louis come Monday morning. Gosh Darn it, I’m gonna miss a couple of them.
After a leisurely spell sitting I moved on down the road. First time since the day before yesterday. I was going to start making hay. As lonmg as I sat still on that tractor I mowed some hqay without any more them lightening strikes. That was until the Mo-Co blew a hydraulic line. Nuts! A call for a ride I was taken to where I had parked Ugly earlier. Checking out the shelves and Hydraulic parts cabinet I found the parts for Mo-Co fix. I had time this evening if’en only I hadn’t stopped a couple times. Once to Thank Loopymom know I appreciated her letting Loopydad chauffer me around all day yesterday. The last stop was via a command appearance before her Mostess. I was to come right home for a physical therapist’s visit. What? They still coming for Frieda? They’s a week off. Turns out this gentleman had come to see me. I need physical therapy? The therapist (one) seeing I had been busy all day figured somebody had been misinformed a few of my needs. Leaving he told me a nurse (two) was coming to see me next. SOB, I’m beginning to feel as though the spirits are coming to visit me as the did that misery fellow Scrooge. Boy, somebody’s gotten my life’s story fouled up. I ain’t ever been that miserly. A closet lecher maybe. But I’ve not been stingy, at least with the complements. BGKC.

Some apropos scary October pictures

I’m enjoying a Hurley Hospital hospitality stay for chest pains month’s second post weekend stay this same week.
My head’s examined with via an EEG just a couple days ago and found to have had nothing in it. LOL Doc could have put it differently. LOL.
Next upon Doc George’s insistence I may be examined with an MRA (whatever that is) (a Michigan Revolutionary Army interrogation)?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back To Farmin’?

I’m going to write this entry as the day goes on. That’ll explain all the tents changes.
I laid down early evening last to sleep, to escape pain. Didn’t work. Rather than fuss with ‘puter I cruised the net a bit. That helped. Having little interest in getting involved anywhere it wasn’t long and I was bored silly tired over genuinely insignificant stuff. Then found myself drinking to much water and knowing where that’d lead me, but I did it anyway. To Hell with good sense. Surviving a five day lightening stabbing headache has got to be some kind of an accomplishment.
Another new day
A-woke feeling fair to good. Got about six hours sleep last night with only instant after effects from the last few days my jaw’s hinges have that tired throbbing achy feeling. And that was the first half hour before the lightening bolt pains started coming in again.
Me and my medications aren’t over the hump yet. It seems I’d forgotten to take my usual prescribed evening meds last night. I’m getting the subtle feeling to many doctors in one’s life can jeopardize it. I’m likely be thanking Frieda’s heavenly master when this all over should I survive coming out of this ordeal alive?
Why do I say this? Those damnable lightening pains have caught up with me again. Six hours horizontal and a mere half hour vertical is all the relief I’ve enjoyed these same afore mentioned hours. Seems I’m not over them yet. I be damned if I don’t want to kick somebody’s ass.
Up two hours.
To illustrate what tricks wrongful meds can play with a mind, I just now went out in the kitchen to fix me a cold Rollin’ Oats breakfast, I poured the milk in my bowl leaving no room for the cold cereal. Which goes first?
I showed Frieda what I did and she’s denying she’s laughing her ass off at me???
Curses!!!!! LOL myself.
Looking out my windows;
The hay the ladies had so grievously wanted is for the most part un-eatened. They near stampeded to get up here from out back making demands. Then when the got it, they went pack out on grass. Ever get the urge to put one of them in the freezer? And I’d serve them right.
Being a new day, my eyes imaginably uncrossed I’m reading the papers what came with these last medications. The one steroid antibiotic I don’t think it’ll give me a problem starting it (one a day) this noon. The other is repeatedly warning of drowsiness and promised sleep. I can’t have that. I’ve got to mount up this afternoon sure and mow hay!!!!!!
Picture this: I’m sitting here dipping my spoon into my bowl of milk adding more Oats as I’ve lapped up the room. GD (Gosh Darn), I’m still getting spiked, my beginning to wonder just which 24 hours that wrongful medication will wear off.
Doctor’s calls, five hours after rising:
First called Doc George’s office, report yesterday’s findings. He’s ahead of me. An order for an MRA (not MRI) is in the works. There’s no substitution allowed for last written pain prescription. I’m verbally ordered to take the barbiturate. If I become drowsy or sleepy, there’s no hay making today (period). My only slim pickens option is wait and see effects and use my common sense to judge what I may or may not handle??????
Called cardiologist’s office for next week’s appointment clarification. It had started out for next Wednesday, moved up to Tuesday (Frieda’s operation day) and then postponed (yesterday) until Friday. Thankfully I don’t have to be there all next week only Friday.
The afternoon has come and gone. Had supper and must wait two hours to take meds. Have stayed inside all day. Lightening pains still coming, less often, less severe, but just as menacing as they’ve been the last five days. Laying down o pain. Sitting up some slight discomforts. Just walking around the house brings on the heavy pouts.
Sure’d like to had a ride over to Mason’s lodge for a couple fish dinners. Hating to bother anyone any more than I have to I refrain until I really need one of them. Maybe I can make a mackerel of salmon loaf one of these days. I’m supposed to have fish twice a week. Looking like a ho-hum evening here. BGKC.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Same’o’same headache

Morning’s start, I nosed around a bit: read Newbies, found MCL had been unceremoniously deleted from my browser finding her again under Mel of OR’s blogg. Made the observation below and called it quits to cruising.
Before I forget it. I’m putting my denied message for the pretty lady in Misery here.
Oh! I'm so envious. I'm wishing I could make as attractive header as you've generated here: a Beautiful farm scene across the top and the postage stamp sized picture of yourself. (I applaud you)
Perhaps this winter (sigh), right now saving just what I've got keeps my spare moments busy. (moan)
I'll be talking about you later (smiles).
PS: Google’s done it to me again, denying I exist in either name and password. LMAO.
Back to me……
Slept well all night as I usually do. As long as I’m horizontal, my head’s no problem. The moment I sat up I got it again, The invisibly delivered 2x4 blow laid on me forehead just over left side sort-a between the top of the eye and temple.
I’ve sorted my most essential meds and taken them. Having near a cornucopia selection of pain medications I’ve passed on them until I’ve tried seeing Doc again this morning? Some of the pain has taken up residency in my upper jaw’s hinges.
This much writtened I took to massaging my forehead and pushing I’m assuming what’s maybe collected sinus fluids down along either side my nose. Gosh darn it all, this continuing headache is becoming depressing.
Oh Shit!!! Frieda’s got up putting forth her one of her best Herr Clink’s impersonation’s demanding I get a driver this morning to take me to doc’s office. I should never have mentioned the minuscule black outs.
I’ve dressed, need to get my oat bag on, but taking a breather reading Paula, trying to imagine her in a bikini after she’d mentioned something about “Curves?” Oh! I am so glad there’s about 2300 miles between us. She just might want to kill me for my thoughts! (smiles)
Go girl! We’ve got to keep moving to hold onto our health. You do whatever it takes. Up here I’ve so many Ladies worried about my welfare, they look for me everyday. Committed, I can’t let them down.
Frieda’s brought up Jan-Feb. 1963 jeep accident. I looked alright but sustained some serious skull fractures. Doc told her then I had to have the will to live for survival. I guess I did, for I had promised I’d always be here (there) to take care of her. I seemed to have made it this far. I must have had good reason enough!
My thought, “Maybe I’m screwing my hat on to tight?”
I never though about that accident that had nearly killed me. The hospital had only asked me about surgeries. My head was never operated on. I was merely kept under observation was told my ears’ inner bones would heal in time and I’d eventually over come rattled brained injuries‘. What a time that was I couldn’t walk straight for at least a month, always looking as if I were under the influence.
That was also the time I fell out from the church rethinking was it really a necessary or real part of my life? But that is another story.
Late afternoon - early evening.
5:00 PM, I’m home, Home Sweet Home. Frieda upset to the 8’s she’s on phone looking for me a driver. She’s emphatic I don’t go driving nothing’ anywhere. Only that was after I had used the tractor before she could say no to that. I’ll take even the smallest sneaky little accomplishments. It’s a standard male thing. Anyway, Herr Clink’s gotten on the phone looking for me a driver. Calling Loopymom, she declined on account of pool house construction efforts. Clink having only just hung up, the phone rang, Loopydad had volunteered to take me to Doctor’s office no matter how long it took. “Twas a good thing too. In doc’s office Loopydad knows darn near enough about me as my Clink, offering suggestion, displaying wisdom. My Doctor seeing me shakened and set back by each lightening pain’s strike Doc found me an neurologist for an afternoon appointment. Watching me in the meantime the strikes havin’ become more violent that appointment was moved up to the moment of my arrival at distanced office. Paper work, the informal quiz, waiting, and finally led into a back room where a potential Cancun swimsuit model came in and wired me up to a computerized machine what’d record my brain waves. I even braved telling her, “I’ll give you and hour to stop that.” her smearing some slippery sticky stuff to take connecting a handful of wires to my noggin for my brain’s recording. She asked me, “Why would you do that?” I answered, “It isn’t often I have a pretty young lady like yourself running her fingers through my hair.” She giggled and continued her task. Gooped, tagged, wired, and gauzed to hold me-everything in place she turned the lights down low and had me close my eyes adding “Be quiet.” Then each of us in our chairs I could hear those slender fingers typing information or notes into her computer.
Little happened the first half of the session. I experience a couple small painful lightening strikes. At the beginning of the back half she started talking to me. I conversed with her as quietly as I could and still be heard. We exchanged personal history. I told her about my fifty year ball and chain suffering. She denied my comments for a contented gentleman. For herself she was a bit of a world traveler. She’d actually been to Cancun, almost around the perimeter of the lower 48 states. We exchanged favorite places. She liked the cities and fishing never eating fish (weird girl?), I went for the wide open spaces and wildernesses. She made my noggin checking an easy pleasure.
By and by this doctor re-seen me, asked more questions, by all things one more should have been written. In front of Loopydad, he told us all present he’d found nothing in my head! Treatment, my last prescription from my cardiologist is discontinued. It was putting to many nitrates into my circularity system. I was given two new prescriptions. One for pain (amen). A second, an antibiotic for some questionable (or possible) inflammation in my face for such unusual pain attacks to repeatedly trouble me in the same place.
I’m home, fed, and excused from making hay. I could probably have managed handling a tractor; but, handling a tractor and a hydraulically swinging PTO powered mowing machine could simply be a more difficult matter.
It’s a stay inn night while I continue to suffer the lightening pains for possibly another 24 hours to wear off. Just Ducky! Meanwhile I’m also taking the evening off trying to do anything progressive with this damnable computer and decidedly pain in the arse Google. Every time I try to sign in on Google they tell me I don’t exist. Until I may find there complaint department once again I’ll remain loyal to what words they’ll accept to let me even post my daily journal. So don’t tell me how easy Google is. They’ve already had me change my password three times. No more. I’m done with them. BGKC.