Friday, October 17, 2008

She’s come Home

Hot dam, the house is a right like home again. Got Frieda out of the hostile structure some where’s around 3:00 PM. No side trips she wanted straight home. Having her riding beside me I knew there was no more getting rid of her. (grin) She’s saying the pain’s about the same, but remains encouraged her knee will feel better.
Feeling feisty she’s talking about embroidering some her white under garments. “UH?” I wondered, “Embroidered undergarments?” Before I could ask, she volunteered, “I’ll be using white thread putting the words of warning, “If you can read this your to close!” on’em in brail.”
“Now just what does she mean by that?” scratching what hair I’ve got left on top my noggin????
Frieda settled into the house my running wasn’t over. She had prescriptions to fill. So, it was off to see my favorite mid-block Otisville drug dealer. My walking in I waved a hearty “Oh, happy day!” and the tone for this pharmacy visit was set. Brought up was my week’s bout with the lightening pains. The pharmacist wanted the drug. Luckily I had my meds with me havin’ taken them with to this morning. He made notes. He also described the procedure’s I’ll use my giving Frieda her two weeks worth of shots. Simple enough I’d guess. Only I see it being easier if Frieda will moo when I administer medication‘s shot.
She’s happier in her own surroundings. I’m happier knowing she’s safe. All’s good in tonight’s Shorthorn country. BGKC.


Donna said...

Welcome home, Frieda.

loopymamain06 said...

Donna Stole My Words................Welcome Home Frieda........hang in there kiddo
hugs from loopymama

Kelly said...

I am so glad to hear you got her home and things are getting back to normal. Frieda, like Donna says, Welcome Home. :) Love, Kelly

Paula said...

There is no place like home. Glad you're there Frieda and hope the pain completely goes away soon then you can chase Fernan with that skillet. Paula