Sunday, October 5, 2008

I lost some........

I lost some…….
……..words of my written thoughts, for today, most likely saving some of my readers the anguish in trying to figure out what it was I hadn’t said. You’ve all been Blessed!
I thought I had posted an entry here earlier in the day. Hmmm, Seems somewhere along the way it has become lost......including what I assume I had also saved it in one of my document files. So here's trying it again. Shall we see what happens?
If I seem to be making less and less sense, it maybe I took my time hitting that inevitable wall later into the day like I’ve done just a few moments ago.
Seeing as what I had written earlier’s gone I’ll start over again. For openers I emptied one happy Cushman the fence fixens it had been toting around and around all Summer long. Happy to be shed that old load it enthusiastically joined me in moving firewood from the lazily heaped up firewood pile to the house for stacking in the woodshed (formally known as a foyer). Now wasn’t that interesting? Piling the new firewood inside required my cleaning out the place to put it. I consolidated several cardboard boxes, sorted out some junk. (junk to valuable to throw away, I’ll get to sort it all out again someday. (smile) It surely don‘t hurt to look ahead). (grin)
Along about noon EDLST the troops showed up and we sorted most of the calves out and away from their mothers. Oh, there’s so much voiced woe around here this afternoon that’ll last for four days to a week long. What gets me, these ladies just seem to know where I sleep and unashamedly often serenade under our windows us all night long. It’s not necessarily the most pleasant mooosic I repeatedly listen to for near a whole week year after year. Cows and calves meeting new horizons I moved on to lunch and getting into my new journal place. Then went to work shop time cleaning JD engine parts until I wanted to come home, but got caught up in radio tagging some cows.
Youngest daughter was next door Bro’s cooking for Chip. Slidding over there for a few minutes they looked as they were enjoying each other’s company. I only stayed as long as it took me to drink daughter’s coffee.
Home, I took my rattlers late. Plus I still had to finish tying down the tarp’s corners over the last shelled corn load. The tarp drawn tight over that wagon load without a pitched cover, I parked that wagon lengthwise on a good side hill slope for stretched tarp’s easier drainage. Lastly I managed to cover the heaped woodpile without falling off that Mata-horn. Half of it aught to stay dry most of the winter.
This it for Shorthorn country I’ve got to retire for the night. BGKC.


Donna said...

I swear, you wear me out just reading your activities.

I'm glad you didn't let the move to Blogspot intimidate you.

Alice said...

You finally made it. I didn't think you'd give it up :)....alice

loopymamain06 said...

Good job get an atta boy!

Mel said...

WOOHOO! This rocks. Now I don't need to go through six kinds of hell remembering my AOL password just to comment (a hit-or-miss proposition, believe ME.)!
While I respect everybody's sadness at J-Land's closing, I have to say it is a positive change for my selfish ass.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made the move Fern. Hope it doesn't take too long for you to get settled in.


Johns Test said...

Congrats Fern..I knewd ya coulds do it...

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I agree with Donna, I don't know where you get your energy!