Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dreary day

Headache continues. Got soaked to the skin twice this morning skidding logs and feeding livestock. Sure glad my worst tux had not been put in the trash. As wet as I had gotten we have had some good rains this morning.
Trying to do as simple an act as washing dishes I couldn’t stand up to the sink steadily enough to even look like I knew what I was doing. Sure could have used a hungry dog.
Making it an over all slow day, I voted my absentee ballot, filled out some state paper work, paid bills, found nobody on net to talk with. Talk about a slow day! It was as if my mind was being read without my typing a single word and nobody wanted to read them, let alone barb them.
My head in such turmoil I basically left computer alone rather than chancing screwing something up. Listened instead to lightening storm passing us while the sun shined. Weird!
Shorthorn country safe from me I spent most my time sitting on that area where my thought my brain was. “Go, sit on it and think about what you did wrong?” she’d had said so many times. BGKC.


Alice said...

Gotta hand it to you, Fern; even with a headache you come up with a funny....."could've used a dog". Hope you find some help with those headaches...........alice

Shelly said...

Hi Fernan. Thanks for leaving me your link. It's very nice to meet you. Sorry you are having so many headaches. My brother has headaches alot but then again, he is a headache. :)~