Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 dirty AM

4:30 Am and I’m wide awake for an hour. I‘ve slept four hours up until that waking hour. I’m staring at the boob tube for lack of something better to do. Oh, I had gotten up, made a water haul for my own relieved comfort and threw another log on the fire for our home’s comfort. I couldn’t stand laying there doing nothing, nothing in the way of sleep coming back to me, which is highly unusual. So I get up and put these few useless words down, the last sentence or two written under the duress of a hair splitting headache were in anchored even the roots of my hair are carrying the pain to the outer ends of each and every hair. I be damned if the tears coming to my eyes don’t do a thing to wash away the physical pain plaguing such a simple act as just to sit-up to type these words there effort changing from a moment of boredom into moments of anxiousness I don’t know will last how long. I’m guessing it’s a good time for some heavy pain killers. I’ve got seven choices in pain reliever’s. There’s one, big and pink, instruction’s says take three times a day. That’s dumb! There’s no hole in it for a string attachment, for jerking back the first two times?
When a field had dried enough we could get on it we started seeding it. That was the easy part. We’d opted for the Herd broadcasting seeder using the Brillion for cultipacking only. Two problems cropped up. First the drive belt was going to fail before the day was through. Secondly the impellor had loosened slipping on it’s driving shaft. Now the Herd seeder is keeping the baler company tonight needing fix at morning’s first light. Farming is so much fun! I don’t know why more people don’t try it? “:^)
I finished my chores well after dark tonight having to run a mile our road twice to bring home some fresh baled hay for the ladies. The tractor slower I didn’t find myself driving faster than I could handle it after dark (or in the dark). Whew!!!
How about this? I’ve successfully made comments accepted on two blogg sites other than my own. Celebration time is here!!!!! I’m pouring me glass of milk and gonna cream cheese some unsalted snacker crackers still hungry after supper. BGKC.


Paula said...

Nice to see a comment from you. Sometime when I type a different color it doesn't show up at all and I have to do it all over again. Some day I'll change the back ground just for you.

loopymamain06 said...

water and wheat crackers....fern
but no one listens to me anyway