Friday, October 17, 2008

Now that She’s home

Now our country life can start getting back to normal. Chip all day’s wood cutting, he hauled in a pickup load of white oak firewood as we got home. It’ll be well seasoned for next winter’s need.
Sadly, down the road, another home has been foreclosed on in the neighborhood. Both having had jobs lost. I know not her expertise. He was an auto worker. Lacking any real skills he’d started a Summer’s lawn care business (with a new ZTM), a Fall’s cut and seasoned firewood sales and delivery (new chainsaw and splitter) , a Winter’s driveway snow plowing specialist (a newer 4x4 truck and plow), and a Spring’s yard clean up service. He couldn’t make enough. Luckily there are no children caught up in that household’s economic strife.
Was near dark Chip helping me hay the ladies. What a bunch of Lady(?) complainers. They wanted some more of that freshly baled green hay. Maybe tomorrow or the next day? Meanwhile, its all back to a normal day’s procedural farming tomorrow. Only question, will there be enough day?
AND IMPORTANTLY, I thank you ladies for your mindful support over my e-net troubles. Perhaps one snowed in full day this winter I’ll try it the Journal re-fix again.
The traffic well handled today, I’m happy with my motored efforts. I can be proud. G-nite. BGKC.

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