Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Maple syrup
The following mixture as I make it for my Frieda and myself her gout and our arthritis’s for a congenial all day sip.
A dash of raw apple cider vinegar
A dash of cherry juice
Some ginger powder
Top off wit Cream soda
Pour into a tall pint mason jar the first two vinegar and cherry dashes, shake in a half dozen shakes ginger powder, stir well, and top glass off with cream soda. Stir once more, sip through out the day and cover to keep, if you’ve got them, the cussed box-elder bugs out of your brew.
Now wondering if I shall add either a dill pickle slice or a stuffed olive making it a genuinely tall high class cocktail?
If it were the later I could more’r’less suggest we’ve started our happy hour earlier.
Hello Maple Syrup
Setting the scene. Kitty-corner our (my) two room school there was Mr. Clark’s Mill. Powering the mill, during that time my family lived but two miles away, he had sitting inside his mill housed a (to me) a gigantic steam engine that had in its young years had travel about this area with a separator threshed grains (potential straw) for their grains (seeds). Mr. Clark’s milling schedule: M-W-F he sawed logs into lumber. T-T-S he grown grain. Saturdays were special to me as dad would occasionally fill a couple gunny sacks with ear corn and we’d go to the mill. One sack for chicken feed the corn was taken off the cob and the kernels cracked. The second sack (or two for the two cows) was ground into meal including the cob. While the corn was being processed I thoroughly examined that old traction engine to the fullest during sums of those years.
Now getting down to the nitty-gritty it be about this time of year all the maple trees lining the roads leading into Lacota Michigan were tapped with hollow wooden notched pegs with numerous pails hanging from those pegs notches. What a sight, big trees big enough to fill two or three or four pails. Those pails emptied about every other day (so many of them) were taken to Mr. Clark's mill where they were all poured into a very large steel sparkling clean watering tank with a pipe plumbed several turns from end to end fed steam off the traction engines boiler, six days a week, from inside the building. The trees tapped, steam rising off that tank, while we weren’t supposed to, some of us taking turns would think we were sneakily crossing that main county roads intersection to check on the yearly maple syrup boil. The sights, sound, and scents, intrigued our noses. It was a grand place to be all of us reminded Spring was not far away.
Outside we have had more wet snow spattering over might. I say spattering as it wasn’t dry snow flacks nor luscious wet rain drops, but rather something in between. It is slippery out there. While surfaces don’t look like rain polished surfaces they’re a greasy slip and slid slippery accident waiting to happen. It wont be a fit day for walking. A body must drive or ride to safely get anywhere.
Taking dumpy truck wheels off I found the offending wheel grabbing part I wrestled the wrench until the bolts submitted my twisting them off and out. Calling parts outlet there might have been a new one on the shelf. Asking Anne for a ride she took me to Otisville. It was the wrong part, the correct one will not only be in tomorrow it’ll be delivered.
The sun off in the SW skies the afternoon turning evening a chill filled the air upon my return. Was time for my rattlers anyway, then pick-up , put tools away, call it a day, and take another sip.
Of-course I had some help taking the truck apart, properly supervised and all. Sweetheart was right there the whole distance my laying on my back in the water and snow her conscientiously sitting on my chest so’s I didn’t slip or slid away.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toting firewood time

Household wood very low, the wood hauler beside the wood pile I’ve filled it half full before I’m winded enough I had to come in to sit a spell. Sheesh! I don’t know why it take my twice as long to this as I used to much mover twice as fast only a decade or two ago.
Gosh we must have gotten at least 8” snow this time around my being able to only measure the nearer true snow fall on the white tote bags I had originally put over the wood pile. Whatever else the snow had landed on has been melting down at different rates dependent on the items mass and held heat from the sun, There, I pass this info along if anybody else interested may imagine what I mean. 20 minutes sitting time I must finish loading wood hauler, move it, backing it up to the deck. Then it’ll be lunch time when I’m satisfied with this morning’s efforts.
Lunch time 1:00 PM all I got to do is unload wood haul backed up to deck into the house. Wished I had an easier means to do this last chore. Rat now, I’m hungry. “What’s for dinner, Frieda?” I got back, “Go make it yourself!” So, I commenced to forage for myself. While she’s telling me, “I’m dizzy.” Hello Daisy, I’ve known that for years.
Afternoon has seen my toting wood into house. I wanted to have that done early evening Weatherman talked rain today, this evening and tonight. To keep it as dry as I had loaded it I had covered the load with a tired tarp. I suppose as Mother nature had seen me prepared I’ve been left alone under dry conditions. I got help of sorts. Sweetheart (cat), sitting atop a deck post a-side my walk way, had been supervising me given me a swat when I slowed down or a pat on the back when I was doing the stepping correctly. (hehe)
Taken my last sit down break my lower back is complaining it is being worked to hard, my left shoulder is aching on as if it were housing a case of bursitis, and my lungs can only keep up the paces for so long, my running out of air I have to sit to catch-up my wind ever so often. Writing this I had only four more arm loads to go, then it’d be supper planning time. Yup, that’s right she said it again, “You have to make tour own.”
I ask, “Whatever happened to “The Little Red Hen?” I liked it that-a-way syndrome! (grin)
And lest I forget. I finished my evening watching the Australian movie Oscar awards show.


Been asked, “How many tractors?…” So, I’ll list them with an explanation here and there as to why and what for. The year models and acquisitions I’m afraid my memory is seriously short, so I’ll start out with the first, some but not all somewhat in a loosely chronological order.
First, was the WD45 so it has some historic value to the farm. Once upon a time this tractor needing a rebuild it was fitted with a 54hp(?) block for the original 44hp block. Tire slippage followed. The tries checked rather badly they were a upgraded a good size larger and fluid filled. The second time was shortly after Ray had been drawn through the forage chopper taking his right leg up to his hip. Because he could no longer mount that tractor he wanted to get rid of it, selling it. It is a tough sort capable pulling a 3 bottom 14” plow without any effort. It’ll turn a mill requiring 55hp with matching gusto. And that very tractor is my favorite unsticker meself, or doing for me pulling what a 4x4 couldn’t do through all the seasonal mud and snow seasons. One drawback, That tractor is an over powered machine capable of easily rolling back over without a proper precaution. Driving it with the left foot close to the clutch pedal for quick emergency use.
Second, was the tractor coming to the farm with his second life. He was often tease for a while, “He married her after he had seen her tractor.”
Third and forth, these were 90hp class tractors the first one an 1850 Oliver gas shortly followed by the a 4020 JD gasser. Both were good buy’s.
Fifth, I managed a trade for a turbo-ed Leland-72 diesel. This Tractor was put on a grinder-mixer having been used on it practically ever sense. This trade proved so economical our touting that Leland could run on one can diesel fuel all winter long (an exaggeration).
Sixth, here came the 4010d JD in an a-fore mentioned WD45 trade off. That was a mistake. That tractor was in such poor shape for what we’d put a fortune into some iron what should have gone straight to the clapper. (salvage yard)
Seventh, Ray acquired an 2150 Oliver diesel. (smiles) It was purchased for its pulling power handling 5-18 bottom plows, or 14’ disk teamed with a 20’ spring toothed drag. We’ve been looking for a bigger disc ever since. Now I’m not sure of anything chronological I may write from here on tractor wise.
Eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh; were brought and brought into the FoxFire Farm machinery line up when one day after Bro’s convalesce he decided to purchase some more efficient implements; namely aside entry Skid-steer, a rotary-mower-conditioner and a silage baler (I call it Haylage). It was about that time I suggested we needed another 90 hp tractor or two. Reason, Ray’s inability to put tractors and implements together, all these tasks were put up to me. My age distancing me from my more vigorous abilities to move quickly out of the way of a machines slip and fall I wanted these extra tractors. I wanted the freedom to leave a tractor and implement together for the season. Change offs for storage or a tractors need for repair was a far more welcome change then swapping implements twice/thrice times a day. Each one of them a purchased bargain the masses having no idea their true value, use, ahead of their time design make them really great buys. Add to their economy these machine’s are easily worked on by a couple handicappers with a mobile shop crane fitted with two chain-fall’s. Parts availability is an over night shipment away. Only a phone call away, rather than motoring distances. And, while US manufactures have stopped making essential parts there is a china-man half way around the world taking up those very tasks. All four of them came to us demanding some serious TLC. I might add if we were to sell them all, their combined sales receipts would seriously fall short of buying even one new tractor. Tires usually last 20yrs and more. The batteries last on an average five/six years or more with a now and then exception the one in the Leland lasting some 11yrs before required replacement. These are the most major yearly out lays in the lots upkeeps, my having forgotten until now fixing leaks. And once they’ve had a repair that part of the tractor in good stead is capable of lasting for years more useful service even when Shorthorn country has moved on and the FoxFire Farm is gone. Crap, I’ve lost count the number?
Opps, almost forgot, we've acquired a White 4-180 periodically receiving some TLC to put it to work.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

no causes today

So I’ll open with the simple home life stuff Like exchanging a kiss with my love, fixed me-self one of my latest cocktail recipe’s with a slight modification. Some know my recipe: a glug of raw apple cider vinegar, another glug cherry juice, and topped off with (here’s the change from true ginger ail) a cream soda to help lighten the awful taste I was about to experience. As I have foretold, one sip the brew curled my toes. Argh! I must remember Canada Dry Ginger Ail when next I shop.
Dressing for the day, eager to move my lazy ass out of the house deciding I’ve things to do and if they’s to get doe its up to me to figure some alternative ways. I was almost prepared to go when I noticed my shoes had remained untied, and commented, “Some idiot putting my shoes on had forgotten to tie them.” Then Her Mostess had the unmitigated nerve to laugh at me. I should have known I’d always be this way ever since our first date over a half a century ago. The woman has no feelings.
Escaping the house and mounted upon the WD45 with trailer in tow for the shop, I was after some tools. Returning home my field tools plus a lot of other useful stuff; and, it were lunch time the frozen by ache of my left hand’s fingers (a carpentry hazard winter working taking nails out of an apron pocket). Coming into the house I patted Her Mostess upon her arse in passing to take care of one more husbandly duty. Keeps her happy don’t you know? More later……
Home by 2:00 PM back outside 3:00 PM. Fun, fun, fun the snow forecast for today had really gotten with it my trying to accomplish something on the Dumpy truck. It is was fun digging the snow out from around my chosen work area. The weather’s tricky existence like every time I laid a wrench down for five minutes it disappeared under the continuously thickening blank of falling snow. Now if that weren’t enough, walking around this place had gotten tricky. The new snow mounting up covering the slippery spots, assorted ruts, made for me some interesting fancy stepping to keep my dignity upright. Then when I was ready to get into it, I wondered if I was working on the proper part of the truck. It was break time, chores to do here and in the hollow, it was quitting time plus dark was going to be early this evening. How much snow have we gotten? I’d guess we’ve gotten around about four inches the new stuff this afternoon. It certainly is pretty all the trees trimmed out in snow’s white icing liking that on a wedding cake.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Darn Computer

Just wrote a dissertation over my recent absence one my favorite boards, here. Then it went galloping off into cyber space before I could post it. Taking my headache and neck pain problems to Doc I’ve had about all the tests: EKG, MRI, CAT-SCAN and another Machine they put me run me through. Have been poked, pricked, and drained for enough blood to paint the barn red. My only relief has been in an extra long tube sock filled with 3#’s polished rice (I eat the better tasting brown rice) nuked 2.5 minutes, either wrapped about the front of my throat laying down, or wrapped about my neck’s back supported upon a whoopee cushion when I‘m seated in my recliner.
Suggested initial cause of pain and dizziness caused by worn and missing cartilage between three vertebra, plus some nasty looking spurs on the rest of them my entire spine arthritis and osteoarthritis making claims and complaints on my nerves.
The pills take the edge off the pain. No escape they’s more pains I have to live with trying to ignore them. So, it looks like my remaining bad days are going to be dussies.
It wasn’t a big day around here. I feel abandoned. Bro’ chose to ignore me and Tom didn’t have time. Looks like it’ll have me cold drive tomorrow on the WD45. I’ve two more Chevy trucks sitting out here need a little attention. I go get my field tools a couple extra wrenches, a jack, and my kind of shovel, I’ll have the Dumpy truck running Monday. Parts sitting on its seat, I may even have the Ugly truck running over the weekend. Today I play some solitaire, worked at trying to scrape, peel, and wipe some crud off the kitchen range. It’s coming. I’ve no idea how many years we’ve had it, has got to be at least 45 years.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


“If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”
On my way over to the parts store Calico’s engine had a little knock in it. To make he trip count for a whole lot of running I included stops by the supermarket and drugstore. I made it as far as the drugstore the knock having increased. I felt it no good going any further. Tom coming confirmed my suspicions as he picked me up. Leaving Calico we picked up the JD parts. The laws and weather the way it is I’ll need a wreaker to take it to the shop. So once more I am without wheels. Ugly needs something before it’ll run? Dumpy truck needs left front brake caliper replacement. Perhaps the Cushman loaded with fire wood may just have to substitute for temporary-temporary transportation. Nuts! That is if I can get it to run. It doesn’t particularly like cold weather.
Well, on the good side, The 4020JD has all new ignition parts in it. Had to borrow neighbor’s wrenches to do get it done, for my field toolbox had gotten left behind at the drugstore.
Removed snow ice and ice water of this gravity box’s cover-tarp. Had thought I could bring Calico home with the same tow bar I had used on Dumpy truck last Fall? So brother Ray towed me to the shop on a tow strap, country roads almost all the way. Lucked out without a cop in sight. Now that it is there, that’s a good place to unload it, and I’ll bring my field tool box home. In a couple days I’ll pull the engine and see what it’ll take to make fix.
My plate so full I might better put the quadra-bike up until next winter. (double darn it)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Presently -4* here. Winter isn’t softening yet.
Yesterdays traveled, congested, roadways I’ve written about in last urinal entry.
My Internet cyber travels, a Charter Cable employee (I assume is half way around the world, by his accent) was helpful giving me the ‘puter manufacturer’s phone number. I called, the other end of the line more or less told me, “Tough luck, your warranty had run out a long time ago.” Okay!
Stopping by library, between the attractive lady patron sitting next to me and the pretty young librarian leaning over my shoulder. I gleamed enough info to get me ‘putor savvy enough I made some remarkable head way bringing the cussed machine back up to some more snuff.
As far as the pretty dark eyed, dark hair, fair skinned, miss was concerned; if I had brought her home, Herr Clink would’ve made me take her back. (sigh)
It is so cold:
It is so cold, -4*, the wood-stove needed the dungeon dragon’s help.
It is so cold, I can sit my ass upon the wood-stove and no want-a move.
It is so cold, I had to give my wood-stove an oil shot to loosen up the flame.
Nearing noon remembered and ordered new ignition parts for 4020JD coming in tomorrow. That’s alright. As cold as it is I don’t even want to put the new battery into the WD45. (Brr)
So cold this morning did I make it a lazy day? I goofed off some, played some solitaire, ate good, and almost napped in my chair.
I finally braved the cold and going out the wind was still making the day feel warmer than I had anticipated. I changed the battery in the WD45 without problems. Found in the house my light weight battery charger under my barnyard tux. So coming back in I looked into it. Both wires, power and charging) were farad (say) at the interment’s case. Sure glad Frieda had finally gotten some tools in the house. I used them taking the wire some apart but not completely. I cheated as I was home, not in the shop with trays and trays of electrical parts, wire ends. Having to shovel a foot of snow out from behind calico’s cab I uncovered my field tool box for electrical plastic tape. The wires well tapped I squeezed grumbled and cussed under my breath stuffing those plastic rubber grommet things back into the cabin nets back. Was sure glad I had supplied Frieda with her own kitchen drawer full tools. I used them today. Is she in line for a tool box. Heck no! I know what’d happen next. Fancy packaging those tools would make them to easily toted right on out of the house by you know who, ME! The ladies and cats are well fed. I managed to easily start the WD45 and move its attached wood hauler back around the house parking it adjacent the wood pile. Will need more wood in the house a couple more days.
Looking at the news the world looks like it’s about to fall apart. Earthquakes, governments toppling, unemployment, the rich getting richer, tyrants ordering people killed, pirates freely sailing upon the high seas, uncooperative wars, and people running for their lives. Makes one sleep easier does it?
For fun, I down loaded more text files to CD-RW’s for safe keeping before rebuilding computers use.
Latest weather news a new for this day record low has been recorded for Flint, -11*. Forecast calling it below zero again tomorrow’s morning.
Oh Lawd, Frieda’s made soup out of those beans Texans don’t put in their chili. By tomorrow it could be a routine rooten tooten scented warm day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How do I get rid of aol? I write and write and I remained un-recognized duup and the billing goes on. I’m pissed off to say the least.
After I had shoveled out our trash well packed into a county snow plows snow bank I was ready to go
Was on the road as early as I could get out this morning. Roads slipperier than Hell is hot. My driving 35mph was passed like I were standing still. When they get there, I’ve no idea how they could ever stop? They all had to have been Red Necks.
First stop was Clio Library and slidddding right on passed I kept going. Made it to our principle farm fluids dealer. I gassed Calico truck and picked up 5 gal ATF. Next stop TSC bought battery, cat food, and WD40. Wet to bank and was encouraged to fight these internet crooks. AOL is one of them. I’m ashamed myself caught up in the other one. (That’ll be another story some day.)
Expressway accidents and e-way closures for road deicing e-way traffic was routed through Clio. Wonderful. Traffic so tight I could get into it. Had to drive around a block to get into it. Made my way to nearest supermarket getting my nervous can on an off beat road. Shopped again. Took to back roads for Mt Morris Library. Library busy I was only allowed half hour’s use; but I learned enough to get back on I-net. Home I put into practice what I learned at Library. Got my E-ails up and working. Now all I need is the time to wade through them. I been off line some my traveled I-way travels for some six weeks. I also finally got a required adobe reader down loaded so I may down load a couple lost software packages for this computer. Me no whiz at this stuff it’ll take me a-while to reconfigure this electronic machine. But I’m getting there if not learned its by accident. Oh heaven bless me.
It was a Hell of an on the road day. Accidents everywhere. E-way closed averages about every 30 miles (I’m guessing) to rollovers, special deicer applications and stalled trucks on hills. What messes. I’ve never been so happy to get home. Shakened and rattled I gave up on the rest of the day. For this selfish act it is supposed to be colder tomorrow (0* temp at dawn). #020JD needs another set spark plugs, rotor and cap. WD45 needs today’s purchased battery. I’ll have cold hands tomorrow and Frieda (aka Herr Clink) no long lets me warm them in those places I once got away with that fun.
Thinking myself in the house for good I finally had to get up and get out. Headed across the road to bring little Ford out for drive way entrance clean up.
In today’s news: Our local weather endangered roads; Christchurch; New Zealand earth quack, Omar Maddog Kadaffy’s at it again; and the boating bible missionary couples have been mortally wounded by pirates before a USA frigate could save them. What is this Earth coming to?

Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn’t do it

Morning words:
But then again maybe I did? They said they's be snow. I got into taking all the precautions. Getting it done before the onset. A lot of good it did me. I forgot to bring my snow-shoveling shovel in with me last night. Dam, dam, dam, I’ve got to shovel my way out of our house this morning, and no shovel. I’ll either have to wade or swim out to Calico to retrieve it and then shovel my way back in.
Thimking ahead, I put our trash out yesterday to get a jump on it a day early. Now I have to dig it out also. I don’t thimk this snow is the sweep-able kind. The chore tractor (tractor chosen) in the close lawn way, must be moved back to the wood pile. I expect I’ll have to get into sometime again all too soon.
I called neighbor where snow pushing tractor is stored inside. “Unlock the doors.“ We share my tractor, his shed, during the snow season’s. That machine inside starts and steers easier.
Had to say good-bye to my favorite pint sized china tea cup. A crack down it’s side, for some time, I had just barely bumped it on our cast iron kitchen sink. While that little bump didn’t finish that cup off with a grand shattering event it did start leaking my precious brewed tea cup away. (sniff sniff)
Latest official word on our present 8:00 AM snow we’ve gotten 11” and more of the Winter blanketing stuff. About 10 more minutes I’ll be out there taking it easy for my old ticker. Gonna be a lot of tea breaks taken today!
Evening words:
For second outing, I had come in from the first on cold to the bone at 11:00 AM. While I was in it was thought I might just as well have lunch. Afterward my chair had developed the darnedest vibrating and it didn’t have vibrator built into it. It were I shivering. Frieda through a blanket over me before everything I had eatened turned into a souring sick to the belly milkshake. I must have snoozed a good couple hours. Best part when I woke I was back in the pink. Dressed and finished my snow plowing and re-put the tractor back in Terry’s closed lean-to.
The WD45 standing in the front yard like a proud monument to days gone by. There it sits to remain until I replace the battery having gone south do to an internally dead short. Crazy battery was a new unwarranted scrap yard $12.00 find that has lasted four-maybe-five years.
SO, the roads should be plowed and in good shape tomorrow. Then I’ll be taking the back roads into Clio town for a new battery, five gallons ATF, and cat food, I like my evening munchies. :^)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change of Scene

Was a lot of bare ground out there when I stepped out over my threshold. But not to look a gifted weather man in the mouth I use six Winter hours tidying some around here. Like doing all the necessities (chores) first. The preliminary’s out of the way, hay fed out here and the yard in the hollow. I got my ash loaded up and out oh here dumping about seven buckets of them over a poor piece of ground badly in need of lime if it is ever going to even grow grass. On my way back home I picked up some trash lost in the hay-yard. All that picked up eventually did the proper gift wrapping for the up and coming trash day. I replaced a gate handle. About the worst part of my day came upon me when Herr Clink had decided I was making soup for lunch. I open about a half a dozen cans consisting of chicken and vegetables in a pot. A pot full she had me stir it real good. When it was thought I had stirred it enough, Her Mostess had me fill a bowl and nuke it for about three minutes and I had my lunch. Good home made soup? These activities like I had suggested kept me busy for a good portion of the day. Working up an uncomfortable sweat I come in for a fresh piping hot cot of tea. It was while I was a sipping at it we were under beautifully snow shower heaven sent snow, thick and heavy enough visibility was cut down to less than a 100 feet. The tees trimmed in white lace it’s a scenic view regardless which way you’re looking.
Got a promise I had made my neighbor for a pr tire chains I had given him when I only had an un-approximate location. The snows melted away day before yesterday those wheels with tires and chains on them revealed I loaded them up and delivered them. Darn it, he could have at least broken the tires down before giving me my rims back. Ever question the value of a honest neighbor?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Day

Okay, now that I’ve titled this page, I hope it is; but, It is not looking good. I woke up to see the clock and misunderstood it’s message. The shy bugger hold its hands over its tell tale lying face I saw those hands as meaning 5:30 AM a grand time for waking up. So I rise a little bit just sitting on the edge of my bed. Minding my own business an urge comes over me, I mustn’t/can’t ignore, an act of nature…… I had a mother who had loved take care of my first few years of life until she insisted I quit doing it in a diaper she must have gotten tired of laundry washing every day. She had insisted I give up the first act. Then for my reward she took me to a place where I was supposed to get along with a lot of other kids my age, and do what an insistent big old lady was to try and tell me what I must do. She wanted me to learn all these some 27 images put up around the top of the walls and the sounds they were to mean. All I ever got for my trails and errors was seat on a hardwood bench across the hall from the principles office. Opps, excuse me, I’m getting away from my intended written words this very morning. ..….I had to move to make another movement to avoid sitting in a mess I have taken to disliking these last passing fourteen lustrums.
Meanwhile, Having wakened, assumed another urge to stay Up figure I must eat something for a tummy satisfier in order to go back to sleep, especially after waking up to a lie. I extracted an orange from the refrigerator for an early morning snack and settled in to write these ridiculous words. Oh me, what will I ever come to? It was about here I tended the hungry woodstove who’s mouth when ever I allow it to open needs some thing to satisfy it’s needs of controlled fire from the depths of Hell. Feed that appetite I ventured out into the foyer/woodshed. Seeing light streaming in from outside this small room’s door I looked out to see a gloriously full moon a bit south and a little to the west. It was pretty as I looked up towards the lighted darkness of the heavens before returning to this ridicules key board. I say ridicules as in meaning it is no piano for making music.
After setting down these odd balled words the orange is beginning to work its magic. I must lay myself down and let the sandman dust my eyes into closed sleep. Yes, yes, I must lie down and make some z’s. Sleep tight everyone…zzzzzzzzzzzz’s
If anyone can interpret what I have just previously written please interpret my meaning’s in another light, daylight perhaps? When all the words have been translated please to send them back to me in layman’s terms. It is rather then the moonlight I had shun for fear of moon-burns for I had no moon-screen’s protection to save me from its crazying rays.
About time to turn in. Yawning widely I’ve got to retire it soon. I had been to the elevator brought an empty gravity box home, grown grain, and spot the loaded wagon.
Made myself a couple Canadian ham sandwitches.
Oh in another Spring preparedness ways I’ve ordered a gallon of wild honey from a local Bee man at $32.00/gallon. I consider that a bargain. I wish I had some right now……..

Friday, February 18, 2011


Bore boring day yesterday. Wrote something for an implement forum, filled more oil bottles for fuel starters (goin-a save some them filled bottles for greasy machine parts washing fluid and implement chain oils) attended funeral, started our laundry, and that was about it.
Now for today have made a few plans. Whether they’re carried out will be another story. These last few days have been gorgeous. Rains have missed us passing south and north of us. I’m happy we’ve been spared flooding, yet at the present rate it is going I may be missing the snow soon. The snow is much more comfortable handling than the mud’s I know are coming. If the mud’s last no long than last year Spring and Fall’ offering totaled less than a combine month. The lack of mud makes following the ladies Spring calving so much easier to handle with out slogging through mud’s as much as a foot deep. We’ll see? Later
It’s later, lunch eatened and settling in for a couple minutes relaxation. (ha ha) Stepping out my door this morning full of rural enthusiasm I hit my ramp with a lilt in my step, I was on my way. Gosh I’d seen 80% of our snow gone, the ladies spread out all over their present pasture leaving their hay in the rings. I got them a bale for the feeder ring they had eaten down the furthest. Then picked another up another bale for busy ladies each of them with a calf at foot down the road. From there our having made prior shop time arrangements to fix choke on 4020JD we were off. Admittedly about off all the time, both of us, we found nothing wrong with the choke. It was working properly so we checked the fluids. Skeptical the engine was running right I opened the distributor. On closer inspection under a sunny sky we found a whole lot wrong with distributor cap. Tom found an older one on the shelf what looked better. Taking turns messing with it we cleaned it and put it on the tractor. That helped. While we were at the shop we figured out a way to mount a SMV (slow moving vehicle sign) on the back of the JD tractor. Even if it’s wrong that tractor has one on it, now. Starting the tractor my watching the stack belching black smoke, we leaned it out some. Hey, it were running cleaner all the time. A couple more adjustments and the engine continued to run better all the time. The tractor better prepared to move more hay we broke for lunch. Not yet sure what I’ll do this afternoon. One thing sure whatever it is it’ll either be right or wrong.
Went back to the shop. I tried finding something to do, honestly! And gave up. Getting to muddy to poke around out side. Really don’t have the time to start something else. So….., I stooped to working on those same quadra-bike steering parts, I had started the other day, drilling more holes. Dumping cans I found useable nuts and bolts for the un-available tie rod ends I must fashion and make. Tried my hand at more sand blasting the jack shaft. Will likely prove to have been a futile effort; but, can hand dress with a file the shaft all the remaining unfelt and unseen (to the naked eye) any remaining burs.
Hey, hey, hey; I finally found all my computer’s, copier-printer’s, and camera either restore and/or operating discs. Yea-ba-daba-do! Now, I’ve got to down load all my story and journal documents to CD-RW discs. Aught to keep me busy for a few nights. Now, that I have everything needed to repair this ‘putor I could sure use an 8 year old boy to put all the provided hardware, software, and printed ware together.
Oh yeah, I got every thing done I had wanted and then some.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gorgeous Day

Lawd, I can’t remember when days couldn’t be any prettier than this or Herr Clink. About 44* supposed to top out at 50*. Snow continues melt and we’ve no water run off to speak of. The earth pretty well blanketed with the snow the ground under it can’t be all that frosty. The earth is soaking it up. So warm outside I wore only one extra shirt over my bibs this AM.
Shop time (it’s lunch time and I’m trying to remember what I did this morning, all of it important I’m sure?) cut out some steering arm blanks for quadra-bike, emptied three partial five gal cans waste oil into wood stove fire starter bottles, I mixed/made-up some four pails salt for the ladies delivering one of them on the spot, cleaned 4020JD spark-plugs for another day’s reuse. Dug out some extra spark plugs to have on hand for a couple tractors used here. Seeing an odd part laying around doing nothing I appropriated its use for another tractor fender clamp on the rear view mirror assembly still in need a couple tabs welded on in just two right places for a pair leading fender anchorages. Helped Bro’ with his morning chores. I’ll do mine closer to this evening. Now, its time to get back at it…..
Afternoon’s entertainment included rounding up more two quart bottles for household fire starting fluid or more exact waste oil receiving’s. I gift wrapped the shop trash for tomorrow’s pick up. The a..holes took three his trash tubs two weeks ago. I’m thinking if they ever do it again to me I’ll send them a bill, repeatedly if necessary, and if they don’t respond I’ll take them to small claims court.
Got to write it, the bulls romancing the ladies are starting to show some full belly’s. Only ten more weeks and I’m starting my countdown. Perhaps I should start a pool? Gosh, only ten weeks away, I’ve got time to buy me a ticket everyday. He-he, Myself the only ticket buyer I can’t loose.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Day

How about this? I’ve gotten the second half of the encrusted kitchen floor pealed off the lying linoleum under it scrubbed some. Once more in a couple days it’ll be cleaner yet. I’m thinking cleaning shop sitting my derrière on a chair in front of kitchen stove. I managed to take the first layer off some of the range. That range should keep me busy for a couple days.
However, if the weather warms tomorrow I’ve got all manner of shop work to get on.
Either the ladies are off their feed or Tom snuck in and gave them a bale while getting one needed down the road. His communication skills may need a little work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Been out, done taken a bale down to the farm in the hollow. The packed snows on the road and drives melted down just enough making for some tight surfaces, I’ve found it safer riding than walking slipping and sliding out of control. I might say while I’ve gained weight that weight has added any extra amount of padding in the more sensitive areas, the (my) cheeks down under.
4020JD started right up this morning without one iota’s hesitation. Why it even happily run the road in eighth gear. My ladies having busied themselves hiding all the hay I had given them last night. Later today they’ll take an interest in what I’ll offer this night’s perusal. That is just one of my many jobs, keeping all the ladies in my neighborhood happy.
Temperature 39* before I left the house this morning with a forecast high of 37* for today I went sans tux I figured I’d be warm enough. Why not, as I been enjoying all the balmy weather we’ve had over the last few days. However, I didn’t figure upon the chilly breezes attacking my person blowing across the open fields when I left the shelter of the farmyard building all breaking the wind three out of four directions. By the time I had returned and entered the house for a much needed hot tea warm-up the goose bumps so numerous upon my lower limbs those goose bumps had filled out my pant legs.
I gave Her Mostess my Valentine gift this morning. It didn’t take her more than an a couple hours to fathom the full significance of the flavored gesture. Her Holiday gift was a suggested need upon her part wanting some lip gloss product for her chapped lips. My going a bit further in the strawberry flavoring goes back to our second New Year’s Eve. A square dancing dance party that New Year’s. It happened when that evening at the stroke of midnight everybody hugging and kissing all the ways around one of my encounters involved a strawberry lipstick kiss. Frieda had gotten the biggest charge that evening out of making a second round after the fact looking for the wearer of that tasty romantic treat…. I never found her, the lady with the tasty lips. So for the last fifty years she has continued to take it upon her self to remember, and remind me about all my roving amongst all the ladies a second sampling all their kisses. One of the better part’s of my quest I wasn’t denied a second lip smacking helping around the entire dance floor. It was an interesting evening Frieda has never forgotten.
I don’t know what this is? I’ve just learned another friend of mine has died this last Saturday. Only 68 years old. He’d been one of the largest dairy farmers in the county up until about two decades ago until his wife ran away with the hired hand. Since then, lonesome, he’d taken up with a questionable young lady creating another family for himself before she run off leaving him and his last child alone. He leaves behind three children by via two women. I’m hoping a daughter by his earlier marriage will take his youngest son (a half brother) under her wing until he comes of age. When the dairy faded away his ex-wife barely left him with his parents original homestead, he become a wild game producer raising a couple deer breeds, elk, bison, and other wild animals. People came from near and far to see his wild animals. He was a good man and had suffered diabetes this last decade and some. May he be granted peace and his youngest son keeping to the proper path. Having a ride I’m planning to make the visitation.
I got into it today. I did a first serious scrub half the kitchen floor. I started out submerging that half under roughly a quarter inch of water to loosen packed crud up. Then ate a couple cookies with some drunken tomato juice. By gum, I get it all cleaned this time I’ve got make some serious linoleum repair patches and cover the doorway edges with metal sills.
Rite Aid drug store called, “Frieda’s prescription is ready until……” I told Frieda if we got up early tomorrow morning, getting her off on an early start, she should be able to walk it back home before dark. I do like being helpful. I mean, like for instance getting her up and out right after sunup.
That is if I can get her up and out after all the skating we’ve been watching this evening?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old friends

Some losses were harder than others, all of them took time. Although it may get tough when memories now and then raise their weary heads. An old friend Dave I had given up on passed away last week. I had to pay my last respects to him, his family’s loss. I’m reminded all the good times we had once had for a number of years until he decided to turn his back on me.
I’ve lost a friend, a man and he weren’t alone and not only of the human world. I remember an Airedale dog (Groucho). It was tough. He had been challenged and rufsto back down taking on a three dog pack, killing them all making his way home a day later, all ripped and torn just to say good bye. We found him dead on his mat the net morning.
Groucho an animal wasn’t alone, for as my growing into adulthood our(my) married household has been adopted by a many a cat some of them getting under our skins. We remember them often and I’ve been sorely amiss writing about them, particularly two of them a one A Judjy Poo and her daughter Who Bear.
There was Alphonso a wholey wooly dog I had brought home form a summer kids camp, their policy, destroy all the Spring found shelter dogs each Fall when the camping season had come to an end. He was a something else sharp trickster. Another animal whom needs memorially written about.
When the children were still home all of us growing daily somebody brought a ginni-pig home. As it would turn that silly animal choose me his buddy, a long remembered honor I shan’t forget.
It has been said cows make perfect the perfect animals to keep in as much as they’re of independent minds never sucking up to their owners. Yeah sure! Whoever thought that one up wasn’t an open hearted soul, perhaps more like a hard hearted sorry soul. In tne cow herd out here to whom I refer to as ladies, I’ve know three of these as (a loosely used term) pets, who’d come to me with a called out name. Critters who’d display their likingness for me in their bovine ways.
Bottom line I do believe a many an animal has a soul in one manner or another. I can say this, watching offspring running, jumping, playing, in celebrations of lives given them. I’ve also watched animals grieve lost one’s their own kind. And, how about dogs grieving the loss of a master or mistress.
It is getting on to afternoon. Hopefully I’ve fixed the 4020JD ignition first this morning. Points looked worn and un-burned. I scrapped all the passing terminals, whipped off and out what I could the distributor’s internal parts, gave it an internal squirt of WD45 to dry (or keep dry) the distributor’s innards, started the engine and it didn’t bark back at me not even once.
The wood hauler sitting beside the firewood pile I threw on a 2/3’s load. Lucky me, most the load’s made up of bits and pieces. They’s going to be a pistol to neatly pile in the house even in the re-designated foyer into woodshed.
OMG, shame-shame on me.. I like to near forgot the ladies feeding essentials. Mounting the 4020JD, hitting the starter button it’s engine come to life without so much as an instant’s choking (literally), and away we were, without no snap, crackle, nor pop. Passing the ladies I heard not a single solitary word of discontent in my behavior. Such a forgiving lot of ladies I was forgiven likewise without word. Hmmm, That could be bad, couldn’t it?
Temps as high or higher than 44* the snow pack is tightening up even more and I’m hoping this does no become a problem. I consider it fortunate this 4020JD had come with a mechanically operated differential lock. It was a very handy accessory in today’s melting snows.
Taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather I brought in this morning’s loaded wood. Whew, all the wood carried in the house is stocked higher today than it has been thus far this Winter’s heating season.
The sun’s going down and I’m watching Valentine movies with Her Mostess.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The harder we fall

Woke up thinking about a serious friend of my brother’s. Oh I knew him also but those two are a couple never say die characters. Well, as it is I learned he’s selling out all his farming equipment, I mean I didn’t give it much thought when he had another production auction sale last fall as he’s had a production sale every two/three years (as he called them, particularly a couple he’d almost sold out completely, saving a couple/three good old girls each time) as long as I’ve known him. Maybe I’ll turn this into his story and his wife’s as well, as much of it as I think I know. What few details I know go together something like this.
This Mark and his girl Jenny scarcely out of high school he gets a notion he wants to go to Alaska. As far back as I remember there was an oil boom in Michigan away back when and I’m imagining he had gotten a job in Michigan’s oil fields about that time when Michigan’s oil exploring were beginning to wane. Wildcaters must have punched a hole in this state‘s every square mile. Near as I figure he being a good worker he was invited to go along. That had to have been about 65 years ago. So it was likely even before he had his bag packed he had told Jenny she/they had to get married if she were going along. Likely not even of age but old enough no one could tell them what not they could do, they tied the knot and were off.
Both of them in Alaska long enough to learn something of the oil business and a family expansion on the way they came back home to the genuinely farm country they grew up in. With the money he’d made they made a down payment on a farm out on some of Michigan’s flatter lands. The farm falling short supporting them this man not one to walk around a challenge put what money they had left with borrowed money into another piece of property and went into the wholesale oil business with a couple storage tanks and a truck supplying gasoline stations around the farm’s immediate area. What ever he talked over with Jenny, if it were called that, before he bought some registered Shorthorns for simpler farm tasks while at the same time handling his gas and oil deliveries both business’s grew at the same time. Jenny did the office, paper, and accounting while Mark flexed his muscles between the farm and oil business’s building for them a comfortable estate filled with kids and more challenges. Mark either became the one or one of many Michigan’s premier registered Shorthorn breeder’s and cattleman.
This has to be a difficult time for these people their out living some their kids. Mark has had many bouts with the cancers, his outliving the odds including living with but half of one lung the las maybe twenty years. That had to have been about the time they absolved the oil business’s as well as merging their accumulated filling stations to a bigger outfit. Not a man to be kept down he reestablished his Shorthorn herd again and again. He/they loved these animals. Through all their trials and tribulations including Jenny’s bouts with some serious illnesses Mark’s last fight is with prostrate cancer. It is only a matter of time now.
The 84 years old I’m delighted I’ve known such a man, woman, married pair who’ve never give up against the odds given them. When these two find peace, they’ll have set some, standard’s, examples earning it.
I lift my tea cup to both Mark and Jenny, the never say die remarkable lives they’re still living. Bless them both for showing some of us how it’s done.
Going on Noon. I been outside, plugged in the 4-180 for an after dinner hopeful start, gassed the 4010 with three five gallon cans (upper body muscle development), been to elevator for supplements, and did the day’s chores this end our road. Going to be fun, fun, fun, this afternoon, getting plugged in tractor and grain grind equipment out in the snow. But, have got to get that grain supply wagon out of the lower drive first so’s to grind.
Have had lunch and visited Facebook approving a whole list of folks as i-net friends. I even invited them to look me up here. I should imagine there’ll be a whole lot of abandonment’s coming or going any moment or if they stay it out some will be later…. Hey, I gotta go…. Later.
It’s later.. Two and a half hours or so later.
Temps at 27* I climbed aboard the 4-1810 ant it started right up in only in only three or four revolutions. As if it had been sitting the sun on a Miami beach. Running I let it run while I rolled up 200 feet power cord and wrestled the charger back down into the barn. Had to bring empty box home. By time I got back the 4-180 had quit smoking blue. Tom assisting he pinned the full box to the 4-180 my backing it down to it. That tractor didn’t so much as spin a wheel crushing three foot snow drifts, the plowed and packed snow banks, as if they never existed. Well, the grain’s ground and everything almost put away. The 4020 isn’t running worth a hoot. Replacing the spark plugs did little for it. Going to check the distributor in a few moments after it has cooled down. My hope, a shot of WD40 will make fix the distributor. I’ll see. Rat now, it’s afternoon tea time without shortbreads. Anyone for a gingersnap?

Friday, February 11, 2011

‘Taws a Fair Day

Up late, both of us one foot hopping about the house on one foot trying our bests to get our pants before our ride got here. The ride arrived won, we slowly lost. I got my rattlers down and that was it. Oh the ride was for A medical appointment for Frieda’s knee. On the way our ride’s driver took the express way her radio on. Coming across the air waves an auto accident had been reported dead ahead. I suggested we get off the E-way the next exist She ignored me and we got got up in that accident backed up a traffic jam for three-quarter’s an hour.
Getting to Frieda’s appointment Doc’s happy with her knee. And, it is understood Frieda’s to come in again in another twelve months: and, this is the way it’ll for the rest of her days.
On the way home we managed to go shopping. I secretly managed to get what’s her name a Valentine gift. After I’ve given it to her in a couple days I’ve got to write how it all turns out. This gift should take her all the a way back to our second New Years Eve party. Darn near filled the shopping cart shopping Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Wow, did we find the bargains. We hit it right this time for our few needs. Knowing Spring’s not far away I loaded up on canned pop three extra sized cases of pop’s for $7.00. I’ll be on daily happy camper when I mount my afternoon’s haying tractors, with a half gallon iced water and a cool half pint pop. Gosh Lipton Tea was even cheaper than the generic store brand. I do like my tea; and, even enjoy this extra super Super-Market over Wally World. Such a friendly store, even the patron’s help patrons answering taking care of asked questions. It’s like getting together with near long lost cousins at an impromptu family reunion.
Ready for a couple ouch's? Gasoline is $3.20/gal for the cheap stuff here. Reported corn harvest shortages are pushing per bushel corn prices up again. Anything using corn is going to cost us more over the next few months. I‘m seeing my Cushman’s as becoming more economical transportation all the time. Have got to figure out how to enclose one of them for winter running. Next how does on put a block heater on an OMC engine? An oil or crankcase heater? Hey, I might have an idea here?
I’ve been on the internet looking for and scribing advertisements looking for tractor SGM heater parts. I managed to finely get out a shovel our wood pile out. I even carried in a big armload supposedly too green box-elder fire wood, cut roughly and it burned a delightfully warm glow.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Co-cold morning.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.
“It looks cold outside.” she speculated
I told her it was. “It’s 0* out there.”
“My windows are frosted over this morning. Very pretty.” she had said.
“Did you enjoy your shower last night?” she had asked.
“You weren’t in there very long.” she had observed.
“And,” I told her, “When I finished my hot shower, I didn’t have the courage to run outside and roll in the snow either.”
Then she showed me, telling me, “I’m keeping my prescriptions in this.” still dark the only light in the room behind my ‘puter in here, my inability to see what she was referring to from this end our bowling ally liken only big room, I answered, “Yes, Dear.”
Chilly, did the chores this morning. The weather cold enough running the roads between these two closest farms with the 4020 JD to hay the critters the tractor hadn’t managed to get up to operating temperature. Brr!
Bro’ driving we paid our respects to Dave (in death) and his family.
Getting back I assisted Bro’ doing his chores and roughly had an hour to work on my Quadrabike parts.
Sawing away un-needed ends the frame shafts for the jackshaft assembly the processed actions came off without a hitch. Shafts trimmed, center punched, jigged two ways I bore four holes. Luckily two of the holes in the parts correctly finished up on most useful ends. I’d say I lucked out finding the centers/drillings that’ll eventually work in final assembly.
Frieda continues to make hints she’s expecting gifts for Valentine’s Day. She even gone thus far as to even what she wants. If I should succeed finding her last request as I’d like find to my specifications, that gift could turn into a chuckling good old tale….., for my book anyway.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An opening learning
I can’t remember whether I’ve ever written my journal in this manner or not before. So here goes.
Running into a couple adequately qualified old geezers; one remarked he was eating his meals using both hands holding a single table spoon. The other gentleman found by using small amounts of honey om his spoon this was the only way he could his peas upon spoon. This his only way to eat them. All said, all us laughing, and all done some of us are finding ways to stave off starvation, saying to Hell with proper table manners. When hungry we’ll find ways to keep on shoveling it in.
Ignoring every truth I’ve written up until now I was about to take on the kitchen floor. I swear I’ve run plum into a psycho-so-automatic condition the likes of this. Let any unpleasant task come up before me, my knee about went out. Then trying to figure out I’m going to do with all the stuff sitting around (in way) I gave up.
I was earlier making better headway outdoors when the 4-180 White almost started. There I was leaning heavily on the ignition switch the engine hitting any number of cylinders, My thinking it was going, I let go the key and it rolled but a couple times and quit. Trying the ignition again the batteries were dead cold flat out of any remaining energy. The HD battery charger’s on it for three/four more hours again. It could be Friday before the weather warms enough before the 4-180 will start for me. Nuts! I say this for projected weather forecast is predicting -2* for tonight. Argh! This a whole lot of headway I’m not making.
Spent some time in the shop this afternoon enough to use the sand blasting cabinet to clean some quadrabike parts for mike’s welding. Welded I’ll be sawing the axis ends off, find centers, and counter-bore them for stubbing in the jack shaft ends for solid weldings.
Okay thinking some on that kitchen floor I decided I had better at last find a way to clear it. One of the boys supposedly bringing another m son’s up for a two week working stay I packed about six fourty some pound weight boxes with food stuffs he can take back home with him. I don’t know where they all come from, only Frieda has decided she ain’t cooken like she used to. Cans of vegetables covering the box bottoms, spaghetti packed on top with oat meal, dried beans of sum ample varieties, cheese and sauces. When he’s got his boys this stuff will help him feed them. Where it all come from? Frieda’s shopping lists. I fill’em, she lets the stuff sit in accumulating bags topping each other as well as may be expected to let us walk by. Okay, I’ve managed to clear the most the kitchen floor and got all this stuff piling up in the dinning area if I remember where it is? Oh, never mind me, I get to eat at six, and a half hour later I can watch Mike weld me some quadrabike parts, and then turn the charger off for another night.
As I keep hopping roaming subject to subject and right back again I can see the filthy kitchen floor. All my bottled fruit juices, pops, beers, and wines lined up in the hall some of them re-occupying their respective empty places in the frig, I done good. One bag of trash is gift wrapped and outside for next weeks pick up. All that’s left is a bag tators, cat dishes and sand box, A couple milk crates for supporting open feed sacks living their lives out as handy throwaway trash cans. Standing by waiting attention is the mop bucket. Good Gosh Golly LeRoy, I’ve been making headway. I’ve even stuffed three Frieda’s library book bags in the mail box for book returns.
I’ve supped, seen Mike and he’s welded my parts. Now all I got-a do is do some fancy sawing, center punching and drilling four holes.
Well, this has to be enough of this. I’ve got to hit the hay early this night. I want to pay my last last respects to a once upon a time old friend. He’ll be missed some. It’s a bitter end when a man loses his health and his sensibilities along with it at the same time. They‘d be no use my saying he should have taken care of himself, unless my words should be a mindful truth for others falling ill, to take heed and live the gift of live only once given them. Such a waste, he denied himself listening to his friends and those who had loved him.
Here’s wish for all those with the good sense…….

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel Good

Honestly, “I feel Good” witch I’m saying isn’t a medical statement. Its been a winter break in this winter’s cold temps. I was outdoors a good 80% of my good time. And, I did it all sans winter tux. And, I mean without a winter tux going out so far as even sans long winter woven long handled underwear. I ain’t going to have any metallic snap closures rusting shut on me by this Spring. I’m filled with mixed emotion in using the very coming of warm temperatures. Is this our belated January thaw coming? What shall I do with it. Take for instance should I hand shovel the snow drift covering our wood pile out. There’s not as much snow covering it as there was last Wednesday. I moved a lot of that snow away with the tractor yesterday as I could with the tractor. It may well be a good time to top off the wood piles I’ve stacked in this house. What I don’t want to do is tie up the wood hauler if we should see such a thaw I could. The other concern will center around and under the shop apron where the first snows never letting up have covered and frozen down all the junk and scrap plus all the un-handled tires not yet completely trashed for roadside pick up?
I think I got it? At least for today! I’d better go and bring in some more shelled corn while all the ways to bring a five (net) ton load home before the weather turns tiger again. What all I do today I’ll enjoy my hard weathered broken winter time doing it, even all the up coming days, may they even be few.
Oh lawd! I just looked. It’s only 2* outside. Whatever I do today I start it tux out doing it! (grin)
Leaving the house in high hopes I found shelled corn was available today coming right back home for the wagon which of course needed the snow cleaned off. Using the 4020 JD I was off and running with an empty wagon to return home with it shelled corn loaded. Okay so I was off and running. Even having never shutting the engine off I had driven it two and a half miles before I could shift it up into the top eighth gear on a paved road. Turning back down my, this very morning plowed, road bogging the tractor down I shifted the tractor back down a gear. Oh well! It gets better now. Turning into my lower drive I never made it over the top of the drive. Tractor with six tons in tow is now embarrassingly stuck in the middle of the bottom drive’s snow. So I Bring a power cord up from the barn and plugg the 4010JD into it for a hopeful start in a couple hours. What the heck, it were an exact good time to break for lunch.
May I suggest if you want a rather different taste treat, try eating some Oreo cookies with a last evening’s left over flattening beer.
Today didn’t close being an exceptionally inspiring one. The twelve thousand pound grain wagon has taken up residency in the lower drive having refused to follow the tractor up over the hum to take up the usual place to properly sit out here the other side the upper driveway. No one around to either help me push or pull it any further I checked out the 4-180 White. The batteries dead I found me enough power cord to take the HD battery charger out there for an at least four hour charge. It’ll be dark when nect with a flash light I’ll try and find the tractor in the dark to take the charger off. The cleaned rod laying on Calico’s dash I think I’ll see if every thing what needs to go on it will fit. I also need to find us a ride for Frieda’s next medical appointment.
It was a comfortable outdoor working day. Only activity to wear me down was negotiating the snow banks and drifts on foot.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I can’t decide

I can’t decide whether my life is turning into either an up 'r down hill struggle in my current pursuit of gracefully aging living my life style. I woke up to Uma Thurman playing a mom in a Movie TV broadcast "Motherhood." I presently can’t makeup my mind whether she’s influencing me the right or wrong way the manner in which I set my everyday’s boring life’s adventure’s in word’s written to paper (computer, blogg, etc; take your choice) for family discovery after my passing. Her role almost had me missing living a city neighborhood high-rise surrounded with people living under-over me, either side of me, or across the hall, anyone of them peeking in my open door for the simplicity of seeing inside my home’s internal physical mess. If it weren’t for my physical aging, mounting mental issues I’d have no excuses for the way my life style is either falling apart or piling up around me. Examples: I need to scrub floors around here, the wife aging faster than me, I dread the thought of getting down to the floor’s level one time which’ll be near impossible for I’ve things to move out of the way, to work around, pickup, and no place to put this trash. Witch reminds me today’s my trash day, my having to gift wrap it or the thoughtless trash buzzards lusting after and take my assumed my eight dollar trash tubs for through-aways. Argh! None of the city crowding about me I’m still feeling trapped; for examples it’s been up hill both ways between me and everywhere I need to go this last snowed cold week. Engines refusing as well as taking turns at it to force me to re-channel my efforts to get it done what it needs whether they’ll start in a timely manner or make me work around and/or out my problems. Take for instance I can’t find the paper work or program discs to get this electronic marvel properly working right again. Sitting just ahead of me, I’ve brought the big heavy-duty battery charger/booster into the house out of the cold hopefully saving it against last week’s cold and my dragging the so called making a farmer’s life easier country device. I dread taking it alone back down to the barn’s storage sheltering for I had moved or removed snow everywhere so it had seemed, only I had missed that which had drifted over knee deep right in front of the service door. Take for instance I need to gather up what only seems to be a mountainous pile of used hay bale plastic. Lawd, help me I got to get some of this done today. Shovel only for a few minutes what seemed like it took me a week to move only three days last week’s snow. Get this HD BC/B out of the way back down to the barn. Dig out of the snow all that trash wrap today and gift wrap it for trash day.
Oh crap, it’s pill taking time. I need a fresh tea to wash the assorted sorted rattlers down. Tea, marvelous stuff on of my more recently found discovered pleasures in life. Lawd, give me strength to enjoy another day’s entirety. Yeah, I know I perhaps made a couple flaky decisions to build a quadrabike, rebuild or rather resurrect another Cushman, buy a dump truck nobody around here sees the value in having to make my life easier. Here I o off on another tangent if I don’t cut it off right now. Bye! For a few hours.
Okay, I’m back for a few. The fire had gotten so low I had let it die this morning. The stove was getting there needing a good ash cleaning, so! Flipping the lights on, looking I see we’d gotten a refreshing two inches on new snow. I like new (light two inches) snow everyday keeping the trees dressed, the fields fresh, my summer junk covered and forgotten. Oh darn, I’ve got to go get me an empty ash bucket. Hmm, what to do? I’m not really ready to get dressed just yet. The push broom handy I shoved me a path through the deck’s snow to where I thought I had not only parked but also covered them with a tub. Then bare footing it right out on the deck I approached my tub, carefully tilted the eight inch piled high snow cover off, there they were, two empty ash buckets. Minutes later I had the ashes bucketed, the bucket warm, I set it upon the stove to radiate the warmth of its contents while I laid a new fire. Mailbox contributed trash paper fixings some pieces of wood cribbed upon the bared bricks, a dash of crankcase oil, and a match, walla I got me a new fire. Finishing the cold leftover tea I had made for myself last night I reseated myself right here. It ain’t daylight yet. All the time I was patty footing it over the ice and snow I remembered my beloved and heartily missed mother-in-law. Visiting us one West Michigan shore Winter day, she had remarked to her daughter (my wife), “I don’t ever want to here from you your children are or have grown up crazy after what I have just witnessed!” I had no idea what she was talking about as I was only hearing the last of her remark my returning to the house. I had worn only but denim cut-offs, run bare footed out to the mailbox and back through eight inches fresh snow. Seemed the usual for me, while in my mind the poor old dear had to have been slipping off HER rocker.
She been gone for some time and the only man Frieda has told me she’d never seen decked for my having put my hand on her knee. I’ve never quite understood that remark for whenever the time I was next to her mother enjoying her company she’d had always put her hand right on top of mine. What was so odd about that? I had never squeezed her mother’s knee like I had Herr Clink’s own. (smiles)(grins) Life was good even back then.
Frieda’s up and roaming around and I might just as well set this aside while I’ve found an available parking space. Unlike the city, I’ve more room to park in the country. (haha)
Had Hell of a good day finally walking in at 6:00 PM on the dot. Out of house at 9:00AM. It’s winter, I’m allowed. Spent time in shop cleaning a bike part, the shop moved my Cushman to make more room for a couple other projects we’ll likely fight over which on will be addressed first. Oh, just love some family fun now and then. (hehehe)
Hand dug up an electric fence buried in a snow drift. Took care most of an accumulated bale wrap stuffing a half a wood hauler load out for road side trash pick up tomorrow. This move required moving to good use the WD45 so’s I could get back to my last two cord firewood. Looks like I may have to some cutting before this heat season’s over. That’s alright, I like firewood at my own pace. I got myself plenty to do tomorrow. Need to re-supply our shelled corn before a forecasted weekend thaw. I’d rather drive on dry snow tomorrow rather than on water laddened ice later in the week.
A bit of bad news this evening, ex-son-in-law was found dead in his home last night. Only 57 yrs old he’d been a good man up until just recently. A diabetic he refused to take care of himself. Having lost both limbs to his illness he’s no longer hurting physically, mentally, or emotionally. The man has found peace or peace has over come him. I’ll continue to miss him, his having turned his back on me and my family some time ago.
Having to make unavailable steering parts for the quadra-bike I was surprised I had found the steering geometry methods and instructions on the E-net as easily as I had today.
Between moving snow, BS over the neighbor’s fence, so to speak, went shopping for about five item and came home with a shopping cart full. It’s been a long time since I had run into the sales I had hit today to bring so much home for so little. For instance $5.00 pies for $2.00 each, $7.50 pizzas for $3.00 each, $3.80 oat bread loaves at $1.00 each, and more. Milk was even on sale. No bargains on $7.60 a bucket ice-cream. Yup, all’n’all, it has been a very good day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Was a super day today. I slipped on up to mikes and worked on my Quadra-cycle. Got-a tell ya I had me a supper time. It has been so long since I had paid any attention to it it almost seems criminal I should find my enjoyment my spare time making or rebuilding something.
I suppose there’d be those who’d suggest I had participated in a treasonable act, give little more than making a deposit in the warm castles Library. I’d always found myself unfulfilled having wasted the time I could have done something worthwhile, constructive, or lasting. Watching sports for hours sitting transfixed to a boob tube under a hypnotic trace and sucking suds one ain’t but going to pee away sooner than later watching so called civilized gladiators, beat the hell out of each over a quarter having been lost in a stupid toss. These guys beating, bruising, punishing each other over possession of a hog hide had never made any sense to me. Then we’re supposed to feel sorry for these so caused crippled up athletes before their times. This game makes absolutely no sense to me. Watching these gridiron gladiators makes about as much sense as playing Canasta.
Now, give me a bicycle race, skaters, a golf game competing with yourself. Maybe if you’re a sitting on your dead arse all day individual (leave me out) an athletic event he’s competing only with himself causing not another a battered pain. If we have to have civilized social games make them something the likes of cribbage or players knowing their financial limits reading their cards, playing the odds, and reading their social table companions mannerisms for the win. These were my playing fields of play win or loose, poker or better yet no money down cribbage.
You’ll already know I’ve had a great day, playing with my Quadra-cycle. I tuned two crankshafts readied to weld for the bike‘s common jackshaft and more or less have set in my mind the pair steering bell-cranks I must make. Weather’s warmed up considerable, the cows are off their feed, the fire’s burning bright and warm upon hearth, and falling snow is melting on contact. Why I can even see some the steel or shingles upon the roofs. I’m daily being reminded Valentine’s Day is coming up, and those reminders include today just before and after a short afternoon snooze.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday already (question)

Kept busier than the Winter usual I feel as if I’ve been freezing my ass of in July. Morning until after dark everyday this last month, the most difficult part off all of it has been fitting all the pieces of my life together. Moving snow these last three days has been more daily time consuming than making Summer’s hay. Load, digging the loaded hay wagon out of the snow drift. Digging the shelled corn wagon out of the same snow to grinding grain. It has been tractor this ‘n’ tractor that Getting them started first then slugging them through snow drifts. Come Monday will be putting one on the road for hauling home some shelled corn.
Today I rested, wrote some, carried in the firewood in less than half the time it would have taken me last night. watched a flick with Her Mostess, Shared some quality time with her. This afternoon had to run into Otisville for Frieda’s script. Roads are still a mess. Still ice and snow covered salt is working with mixed benefits. Get your wheels caught in a rut and the plowed ridges on the roads take over the steering, scary. Need to go shopping. Roads continue to remain a bit scary to me. I’ll be going no further than Otisville or the crossroads over the next few days.
A couple observations. Should any Alaskans visit Texas this last week it ought to be just like home. Texas has had snow this year. It also looks like Super Bowl Sunday won’t be all that a profitable game show this year? The playing field stadium is under snow and has some physical damage must be addressed,
Between exhaustion and pain, it’s going to take me a few days to get back into the grove. Seems I’ll be sleeping with the nuked old socked rice.

Friday, February 4, 2011


AWOL. My blogg has been without me in any case. I’ve either been pushing, pulling, moving it aside or shoveling snow. To the last three days just so’s we can move hay and grind feed. The first time three days back I gave up on snow removal then, my tracks filling as fast as I was making them. Well, it all had to be done regardless.
Finally put another load wood on the hauler. Cussed WD45’s behavior is just about one notch from being stellar. It’ll start and run as nice and sweet as any new machine just naturally behave. Then it acts like it’s decided to take a day off and refuse to start for absolutely no rhyme or reason. Then start up beautifully the next couple days. The Ford with the back bade on it wouldn’t start without its distributor cap wiped out and the terminals scraped. I could well be plowing snow tomorrow and in want for firewood tomorrow if it weren’t for a couple neighbors bringing their machines over and helping us and out. Out, I the sense if had to we can.
One of the tires on the wood haul’s leaking air and Calico needs a spare for its own. When comes the Spring thaw comes I had better be watching for another 16” Chevy 6 bolt hole rim, that’d work on both.
I’ve just taken my afternoon rattlers. Thinking maybe one more force effort I can have that wood into the house I didn’t have covered with an opened tote (a bag that’ll hold roughly about 1 ton or 2000 #’s crop seed).
Supper’s smelling good and I figure I’ve got about 15 minutes day light what’s better making my efforts safer when I’m seeing at my daylight best. Then I think I’ll be looking for a good movie to snooze through before going to bed.
Gosh the ladies look so fate and extra health wearing their fur coats around the clock just as if to say I’m a sissy. I didn’t speak to them all day. Ain’t seen hide nor hair Tas (calico kitten) since she’s unexpectedly moved down to the barn…uh…er…with an added bit of effort upon my part……
……Well, the wood hauler is over half emptied. What snow should fall upon it over night, if any, that wood will essentially remain dry, of little wetting it significance.
I was totally surprised as tightly as I had this last wood pile end with two totes. Those winds we had the other day had blown the snow clear though the wood piles. But the snow being dry it’ll either fall or shake right off easily each piece I threw on the hauler. If we have any more snow over night it won’t mater as chilly as our fine air is about us. Looking for morning.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February already

Glad February is here. The shortest month of the year means Spring is all the closer. Got-a tell you, there are days even I like some of my whacky thinking.
Woke up at proper time, stayed in my cocoon wrap until furnace’s running way-way to long finally got me out of bed. Plenty of wood coals, all I needed do was throw some wood in its open mouth to warm it up. It just keeps on burning the wood pile stocks, I must replenish next summer.
I’ve got a terrible admition to make. Sort-a glad Chip has had to cut way back on his wood chopping for his health’s reason. Personally, I enjoy cutting down, cutting up only a tree or two at a time keeping it me an easier controlled time to pick up clean up the downed tree’s area. First woods taken care of fields and yards, fence lines, and windbreaks windfalls. Again, any extras one at a time. Sides, I like cleaning up trees already downed in the wood lots. If a dead tree’s standing, Chip thought he had to cut it down. Me, my thinking, its dry firewood standing upright in dry storage. I’d like to see my biggest wood lot cleaned up and a couple trails cut through it for drives for easier total access wood cutting, romantic lanes, and hunting ranges. Final clean up, repair fences and let the ladies help me clean it up in their own manner.
Up an hour, heating stove fed firewood, my water glass filled and rattlers sorted, morning batched.
Glory be, peace and tranquility has returned once more to my happy castle. Della our senior cat is also much happier and doing her jobs, mousing and offer just the right amount of comforting to the aged. Kitten Tas refusing direction, and one more scratch to many she was gone yesterday. I put her in the barn before Herr Clink threw her arse out in the cold snow alone.
…(morning’s coverage)…
I fed the ladies, heavily loaded a hay wagon, and failed to bring more fire wood in. The WD45 and the 1850g both refused to start. The WD45 for moving wood pile backed up to the deck and the Ollie to move it out the coming blizzard’s way for moving snow. Them messed with this goofy computer, finally deciphering a couple discs secrets, a couple computer operating programs.
Got to hit the hay
1-31-2011 Been Busy Bee
TV Wedder channel says it it’s Monday. TV also says 32 states under a new storm watch. We’re about to get a predicted whole one inch of new storm snow today/tonight. Supposed to either have or receive 10-12 inches snow by Wednesday. When I’ve gotten my shoes on, and I don’t want to put my shoes on, I’ll do the laundry I told the big boss. She needn’t have cheered! She ain’t Dallas Cow Girl cheer leader stock anymore!!!!!!! LOL
Didn’t write nothing for yesterday, so here it is. Drove down to Bro’s got stuck in his driveway. Shoveled my way out and came back home. Checked out mountains of CD-R’s. Some, Gladly about all of real interest hsd saved all my writings. Read some, even enjoying myself. Unreal some the hot/cold, sweet/sour, funny/tearful. I enjoyed some good laughs. All that she yet came out of me? Good bunch of farm pictures. Sheesh, those pictures brought back some memories, some stories, some events, a lot of them covering many interests.
I called in my scrips yesterday, Frieda refused to answer me then. This morning she decides she needs hers called in. Why, oh why, couldn’t she have answered me my question covering her needs. I think I’d better be finding her one them $19.95 up to $39.95 (allowing for some inflation) hearing aids. Patents running out on a lot of them things, The western Pacific rim is make and marketing hearing aids in every rag catalog what gets stuffed in our mail box.
We’re waking up to zero temps this morning. Weather man talking a lots of snow this week. Some stiffening or would that be freshening breezes/winds by tomorrow night. That could mean some serious snow drifting our roads, driveways, and the hay yard. I might better take some compass readings off the deck positioning the firewood piles for future references to refuel our heating needs. Could be Thursday I may be plowing snow once more. I’d better see if I may move one old Ollie out of a targeted area for snow pilling. I’d better also inventory milk supplies if we must hunker down for a few days. The snows we got yesterday have stuck to everything making it a Holiday Greeting card in every direction a person may look. Some merchants heavily advertising snowmobile deals suckering all the dumb-assed buyers they can con. I might better mark our location in that Old World Atlas I found the other day.
Oh and one more thing, Tas (the abandoned calico kitten I brought in form the wood pile givening me a hard time yesterday. Me smarter, Me supporter this household, Me bigger after her trying to boss me and over take over the house, I grabbed her by the nap of her neck and walked her down and threw her butt into the barn. Let her try and boss those seven veterans around down there. If she survives her new ordeal, she’ll be one tough future mama breeder for more barn cats. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.
~~~(Morning written-more this evening!)~~~
Oops…..Morning after again. Well I didn’t finish anything yesterday: picked up medications before expected snow storm moves in, half the laundry’s done, still got-a lot-a CD’s to check, forgot to check oils in Calico and JD loader. Did top JD’s fuel off and brought empty hay wagon home, the troops leaving that with a flat tire on it. They’s so good to me, making sure I always got some of the fixings to do. LMAO.
All for now. Date change and I’ve got another day to get further behind.