Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How do I get rid of aol? I write and write and I remained un-recognized duup and the billing goes on. I’m pissed off to say the least.
After I had shoveled out our trash well packed into a county snow plows snow bank I was ready to go
Was on the road as early as I could get out this morning. Roads slipperier than Hell is hot. My driving 35mph was passed like I were standing still. When they get there, I’ve no idea how they could ever stop? They all had to have been Red Necks.
First stop was Clio Library and slidddding right on passed I kept going. Made it to our principle farm fluids dealer. I gassed Calico truck and picked up 5 gal ATF. Next stop TSC bought battery, cat food, and WD40. Wet to bank and was encouraged to fight these internet crooks. AOL is one of them. I’m ashamed myself caught up in the other one. (That’ll be another story some day.)
Expressway accidents and e-way closures for road deicing e-way traffic was routed through Clio. Wonderful. Traffic so tight I could get into it. Had to drive around a block to get into it. Made my way to nearest supermarket getting my nervous can on an off beat road. Shopped again. Took to back roads for Mt Morris Library. Library busy I was only allowed half hour’s use; but I learned enough to get back on I-net. Home I put into practice what I learned at Library. Got my E-ails up and working. Now all I need is the time to wade through them. I been off line some my traveled I-way travels for some six weeks. I also finally got a required adobe reader down loaded so I may down load a couple lost software packages for this computer. Me no whiz at this stuff it’ll take me a-while to reconfigure this electronic machine. But I’m getting there if not learned its by accident. Oh heaven bless me.
It was a Hell of an on the road day. Accidents everywhere. E-way closed averages about every 30 miles (I’m guessing) to rollovers, special deicer applications and stalled trucks on hills. What messes. I’ve never been so happy to get home. Shakened and rattled I gave up on the rest of the day. For this selfish act it is supposed to be colder tomorrow (0* temp at dawn). #020JD needs another set spark plugs, rotor and cap. WD45 needs today’s purchased battery. I’ll have cold hands tomorrow and Frieda (aka Herr Clink) no long lets me warm them in those places I once got away with that fun.
Thinking myself in the house for good I finally had to get up and get out. Headed across the road to bring little Ford out for drive way entrance clean up.
In today’s news: Our local weather endangered roads; Christchurch; New Zealand earth quack, Omar Maddog Kadaffy’s at it again; and the boating bible missionary couples have been mortally wounded by pirates before a USA frigate could save them. What is this Earth coming to?


Donna said...

Talk to the credit card company that's paying the bill; I'll bet they can stop it.

Paula said...

The weatherman is saying it will be 80 degrees here tomorrow after being cool today.

Fernan said...

I talked to bank today. A have to do a couple things on a couple accounts for them first. They want to put a stop to this kind of crooked (shyster) behavior.