Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday already (question)

Kept busier than the Winter usual I feel as if I’ve been freezing my ass of in July. Morning until after dark everyday this last month, the most difficult part off all of it has been fitting all the pieces of my life together. Moving snow these last three days has been more daily time consuming than making Summer’s hay. Load, digging the loaded hay wagon out of the snow drift. Digging the shelled corn wagon out of the same snow to grinding grain. It has been tractor this ‘n’ tractor that Getting them started first then slugging them through snow drifts. Come Monday will be putting one on the road for hauling home some shelled corn.
Today I rested, wrote some, carried in the firewood in less than half the time it would have taken me last night. watched a flick with Her Mostess, Shared some quality time with her. This afternoon had to run into Otisville for Frieda’s script. Roads are still a mess. Still ice and snow covered salt is working with mixed benefits. Get your wheels caught in a rut and the plowed ridges on the roads take over the steering, scary. Need to go shopping. Roads continue to remain a bit scary to me. I’ll be going no further than Otisville or the crossroads over the next few days.
A couple observations. Should any Alaskans visit Texas this last week it ought to be just like home. Texas has had snow this year. It also looks like Super Bowl Sunday won’t be all that a profitable game show this year? The playing field stadium is under snow and has some physical damage must be addressed,
Between exhaustion and pain, it’s going to take me a few days to get back into the grove. Seems I’ll be sleeping with the nuked old socked rice.

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