Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gorgeous Day

Lawd, I can’t remember when days couldn’t be any prettier than this or Herr Clink. About 44* supposed to top out at 50*. Snow continues melt and we’ve no water run off to speak of. The earth pretty well blanketed with the snow the ground under it can’t be all that frosty. The earth is soaking it up. So warm outside I wore only one extra shirt over my bibs this AM.
Shop time (it’s lunch time and I’m trying to remember what I did this morning, all of it important I’m sure?) cut out some steering arm blanks for quadra-bike, emptied three partial five gal cans waste oil into wood stove fire starter bottles, I mixed/made-up some four pails salt for the ladies delivering one of them on the spot, cleaned 4020JD spark-plugs for another day’s reuse. Dug out some extra spark plugs to have on hand for a couple tractors used here. Seeing an odd part laying around doing nothing I appropriated its use for another tractor fender clamp on the rear view mirror assembly still in need a couple tabs welded on in just two right places for a pair leading fender anchorages. Helped Bro’ with his morning chores. I’ll do mine closer to this evening. Now, its time to get back at it…..
Afternoon’s entertainment included rounding up more two quart bottles for household fire starting fluid or more exact waste oil receiving’s. I gift wrapped the shop trash for tomorrow’s pick up. The a..holes took three his trash tubs two weeks ago. I’m thinking if they ever do it again to me I’ll send them a bill, repeatedly if necessary, and if they don’t respond I’ll take them to small claims court.
Got to write it, the bulls romancing the ladies are starting to show some full belly’s. Only ten more weeks and I’m starting my countdown. Perhaps I should start a pool? Gosh, only ten weeks away, I’ve got time to buy me a ticket everyday. He-he, Myself the only ticket buyer I can’t loose.

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Paula said...

Give those "trash picker uppers" hell Fernan.