Friday, February 25, 2011

Darn Computer

Just wrote a dissertation over my recent absence one my favorite boards, here. Then it went galloping off into cyber space before I could post it. Taking my headache and neck pain problems to Doc I’ve had about all the tests: EKG, MRI, CAT-SCAN and another Machine they put me run me through. Have been poked, pricked, and drained for enough blood to paint the barn red. My only relief has been in an extra long tube sock filled with 3#’s polished rice (I eat the better tasting brown rice) nuked 2.5 minutes, either wrapped about the front of my throat laying down, or wrapped about my neck’s back supported upon a whoopee cushion when I‘m seated in my recliner.
Suggested initial cause of pain and dizziness caused by worn and missing cartilage between three vertebra, plus some nasty looking spurs on the rest of them my entire spine arthritis and osteoarthritis making claims and complaints on my nerves.
The pills take the edge off the pain. No escape they’s more pains I have to live with trying to ignore them. So, it looks like my remaining bad days are going to be dussies.
It wasn’t a big day around here. I feel abandoned. Bro’ chose to ignore me and Tom didn’t have time. Looks like it’ll have me cold drive tomorrow on the WD45. I’ve two more Chevy trucks sitting out here need a little attention. I go get my field tools a couple extra wrenches, a jack, and my kind of shovel, I’ll have the Dumpy truck running Monday. Parts sitting on its seat, I may even have the Ugly truck running over the weekend. Today I play some solitaire, worked at trying to scrape, peel, and wipe some crud off the kitchen range. It’s coming. I’ve no idea how many years we’ve had it, has got to be at least 45 years.

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