Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-31-2012 better yet

Yup, I’m better yet. Maybe slowly but surely regaining my strength. Not letting anything press me when I awoke a bit ago, I laid there, comfortable in my skin having gloriously enjoyed slowly waken up without even the slightest need to run through the house for any need. Whoopee! This economy burying my household just as seriously as some other in worse shape than ours I had finally gotten to the last of entities who had owed me for to long. Things are looking up again. Had to pick up some fencing supplies; so, while I was at it I stopped by the UPS store. It was on my way. Priced the shipping costs my books. SOaB! I was thinking! I must have been out of my mind? Domestic mailing rates: 1st glass mail no particular fancy or protecting packaging USMail about a $1.50. 1st class mail in protective packaging $2.50. USM mail book rates crazy!!! 1#* class package UPS shipping no bargain what ever. Over the seas mail rates: 1st class USMail minimal but sturdy enough packaging protection, $9.50 + postal $1.98 envelope. Regardless packaging UPS over seas 1# standard packaging, packaging of any kind, $91.00, period. It’s my guess anything I may mail to western Pacific areas will either go via snail mail or stuffed in a bottle. So many medical appointments dumped on us recently one was canceled without our knowing it yesterday. Frieda has one today 35 miles the other side of Flint. These getting to those far side city medical appointments the energy costs bury us financially. As much as farm fuel costs the farm fuels goes one Hell of a lot further. Somethin’ ain’t right at all! It ain’t right at all!! Golden years…er…BullShit!!! Nuts! Need to feed myself, and get out with my yesterday purchased number 9 wire and work on putting some cattle panel fencing together in the catch pens. Out here. “Rainbows.” Fernan *# = pound.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

7-28-2012 Was busier

Finnallllly, we got us selves a near new looking Amana* washing machine. Moved some of those six yard truck loads of county road gravel around over the lower drive way. When fuel read low I got in a nap. Before supper along about 7:00 evening cool time spent another hour’n’half finishing the rough grading. Lower drive way looking better all the time. Had thought a little careful exertion upon my part would be good for me. Then while I napped Fillip had Terry help him carry the washing machine down into the basement. Between other chores Fillip’s been frightening the two week old laundry ever since. Autographed and sold another story book today. Every sale helps. *Amana washing machine likely made by Maytag. That was before Maytag left the USA. “Rainbows.” Fernan

Friday, July 27, 2012

7-26-2012 The Saints preserved me……

On waking this AM, a glass of water in my hand for taking my medications I sat down to do just that, sort and drown my meds. OMG, looking down at that lower area my chest what first starts to slip away I notice three warts I hadn’t ever seen before. Starting to worry now, remembering I had maybe kissed Frieda more than the customary twice of late, and remembering she’d called me her Prince a number of times over the years, I started to wonder if I’d over done it? Was I supposedly changing back into a Frog only slightly missing the mark, slipping instead into something else? Oh Gloorry be! I instinctively started to pick at them and found them to be three hard dried drops of chocolate what had dripped off an ice-cream cone I had eaten late last night. Thanking the Saints preserving me I’m was not changing into a toad!!!! “Rainbows.” Fernan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7-25-2012 Chances are….

I can best open this urinal contribution with another renewed crappy old situation. The GD Medical professionals are….err….have been practicing with my life again. My medicine bag is damned near only a former shadow of itself. Spending five whole hrs with my primary care giver, day ’fore yesterday, in it was found three blood thinners, two heart stimulates, and two pain relievers. And its all pissing me off. Now, It is imperative I remain absolutely calm. No excitement or stress to raise my blood pressure. Doc has me on valium, a drug that could easily relax me soul right out or off of this earth. Damn it every doctor I see writes me another prescription what’s been insisted I’m to take. It’s this kind of medical practicing what’s got me body so fouled up I’m terribly close to the edge of loosing my life and/or sight. It’s the very same old crap I was subjected to several years ago what had my thinking I was going out of my uncontrollable mind and behavior. That was a tie of lightening striking pains. Absent mindedness. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going? Now I sit quietly by unable to delve into osme of the most meager of activities, replacing our washing machine, the shopping and the inability to move either the old one out or a new one in. I want to launch my children’s story book. It’s a good door to door seller, under the present circumstances II can’t do. It’s taken hours to write this. So, imaging my mental turmoil trying to build my self a free website. Money’s in the household are extremely tight. Okay, I hope I may have most of it said. Sheesh.., If I manage to live through this, another ordeal I think I’ll be taking all my future medical needs out in the woods in search of a caldron stirring witch. At least there I should have a better earthly idea what the spells and concoctions have in store for me. So, I ask for some blessing regardless their conceptions, intentions, or origins. Meanwhile I wish heavenly “Rainbows.” upon all my worthy neighbors. Fernan

Monday, July 23, 2012

7-23-2012 Red Eyed…..

…..I had to see Doc. Feeling low, tired, anxious, nervous, unsteady, uneasy, unsteady, unable to complete a thought or a sentence. This wasn’t only this morning it was Saturday also only worse. I shied away from driving, power tools, machinery, and tractors. Long about 2:00 PM everyday I’ve laid down and slept the afternoon’s and night’s thought to around 7:00 AM each new day. Unable to take much more my having to see Doc, Doc seeing me, he commented, “Your eyes look terrible.“ I told him, “You should see them from my side!” He had his Attila The Hun tech run me through her ordinary everyday mill; as she usually does, the old crank again blamed me for her having to work so hard: BP, EKG, blood draws, and a specimen I couldn’t fulfill. The ordinary routine checking my meds, dumb assed questions, my being accused as uncooperative. The x-ray skipped this time I was subjected to a long list of sicktricktic questions, “What you feeling? Unhappy?, Confused? Suicidal?” plus some badgered if my answers were slow coming! “No!” I told her I wasn’t suicidal!!! But was feeling as if I didn’t care whether I lived any longer….. When I as an individual am feeling as I am I could care less if she went out and kissed a moving semi-truck’s headlight! Plus another blood draw! So much blood drawn I was beginning to wonder if I’d have enough left to get back home on? By’n’by Doc got into my medicine box. I had brought it with me. Recently seeing all the Doctors I’d seen in recent months, weeks, and days; Doc counted three blood thinners and two heart nitrate stimulators. Doc appalled took away enough medications, my medicine box was near close to only half full for my return trip home. I should be feeling better in another three to four days, should I survive. It ticks me off every physician who sees me insists I must take his or her’s prescription in addition to whatever I’m already taking. Ain’t they thinking? They kill off this goosed individual it’ll lessen the reaping their gold coin form of my shelling out golden years? Tired, home, and ready for another lay me down to sleep…... Fernan

Thursday, July 19, 2012

7-18-2012 Another Duh

From what I had posted for yesterday my activities were grossly under mentioned. For instance I had tried to sell my book to a couple a tight utility workers. My cows were observed coming out two gates just as if they had been invited, Fillip and I heading them off. Gather up, sternly spoken too, and regrouped inside their proper barnyard area, we fixed the gates. I can’t say I blame them their exodus. Their pasture short Fillip and I immediately moved to check and open to them a properly selected bit of better pasturage under my personal direction. Took awhile. Resetting the electrical connections, replacing missing insulators, and just generally inspecting the area to keep them honest within. Then after setting the ladies loose it was nearing time to be moving on. I had met with a road construction crew boss and made an arrangements with him to dump their roadway over-burden on this farm’s lower driveway. I gave them two farm drive options, I guess they choose this one for ease of in and out. It’s good stuff mostly gravel and stone. ( yeah!!!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have wakened late this morning. Our weather is a welcomed drizzling rain hovering over us. While it isn’t delivering the all the rain we desperately need, at this moment in time, we’ll accept what we can get. I’ve got a to long a list of supposed to do’s. Need to make a grain run, need to complete yesterday’s in completed fence repair, need to get back to that fence we hadn’t put up day’fore’yesterday. The cool airs moving over us this AM are easy to take Cool enough we’ve turned the air-conditioner off. Well most of this is an addendum to last night’s journal contribution. So now I’d better get onto this day. Time or some artery scrubbing oat cereal. Then head out and do something at make up some of all the time I had set watching the AC as if it were broadcasting the best air wave broadcasts in days. Jellybeans Fernan

7-17-2012 Weather’s cooled off

With the sweltering heat of the past few days easing some I;ve been trying to get back into it. Only I’m still either wearing  or winding down without enjoying he truly satisfying labors of putting in a good day.

Because we’d had some rain with promised more I took to lazily starting my day willing to listen to a few more dedicated old pharts. The stiffs bellied up to the Crossroads Connie Island coffee round table were to tight to shell out for the book. My turning in to my neighborhood seed and elevator on my way back was a good turn indeed. The crew and the proprietor there bought the books and took more to park in a close center stage place on his business counter. Another stop, no sales, but lots of advice. Advice alone doesn’t reimburse the piggybank. Then it was getting back into what I should have ben doing. Some delayed farm chores. A couple immature bulls had gotten out and took out a fence. Welp, Fillip and I did a temporary repair to it. Today we’ve got to make solidly stronger today right after we load down the Cushman with what we need to fix two fences. It looks like a long day today. Ain’t going to be a day for either peddling nor selling a tragedy. (Grin)

Getting in last, supper it was, and bed immediately followed. I’d no idea what had so completely tired or warn me out? That bed sure felt good, laying down alone eased away some intruding backaches.

A few graham crackers with a glass milk should put me right for the rest of the night
Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to do wit book?

Frieda’s finally been given more mobility with a standby supply of carry-able oxygen bottles, and then particularly after Fillip came up with a more comfortable strap system to tote over her shoulder. So now she‘s a happy camper holding down her swing under our front yard‘s maple tree..


Now der book:
My 1st shipment of “Santa’s Reindeer Hay” books arrived yesterday. And so as I had paid to do my own book publishing I'm responsible for the broader promotional aspects of getting my book noticed and sold.

Been reading all I can on the info’ highway to come to one colossal understanding…. “I have no idea what all this free media is trying to tell me?” Web site offers, which one is the best for me? Web site designing, how do I do that? Or, simply hitting the road, simply ignored for oppressing energy costs. 2nd bottom line I have to save or include any in person promotional pursuits with other farm business motoring runs. The animals come first!

So for now, I read and re-read , and hopefully hope some of these confusing details I’ve been reading will surely sort themselves out in my mind. For the immediate moment this web site business is pressing upon my mind do I publish a product price and my personal location to take mail orders. One thing sure, I could sure use some funds of any-kind to get my book out to the public.  Then comes to mind, “Do I need a state tax license? Nuts! More paper work!?!?


Oh crap! I’ve got to do something about getting us a laundry washing machine today, get the last of my medications getting together the full case of them for a needed daily medication prescription adjustments. Then there’s been all this blessed heat I’ve simultaneously endured/avoided. I’ve got to hit the road today, and that would be upon the only thing closely resembling a vehicle with AC is the Cushman and that’s as long as I keep it moving!


For now. Be Good Kind and Careful.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7-14-2012 Got lots excuses…..

….been up and down ….in and out of it…..feeling good and feeling low.  One thing sure the relentless heat isn’t helping me one-way or another. I seem or feel thirsty all the time. Seems to be no end to my thirst regardless the water amounts I consume. I don’t know?

How’s about some fun stuff…? Had some grand children pay us a visit a couple weeks ago. Spied my great grandson slipping around the side of the house to the outside edge of the lawn to wee-wee. I joined him. We do live in the country, after all, and pretty much out of sight the maddening crowds. So, we let it go. Well he commenced to let his go, putting out a high flying stream traveling some three to four feet out in front of him. Myself on the other hand, having to look down making sure my shoes were spread so’s I didn’t get my own feet wet. Yup, I stood next to a fountain of youth…!!!

We all made a great big package deal seeing our family doctor, all of us at once in one colossal visit. Frieda had an shortness of breath difficulty of breathing episode right there in the Doc‘s office. Her need for a portable oxygen system was right then and there finally taken care of.
Fillip’s lists medical needs were attended to, cause of illnesses, required medications, RX for chiropractic care.
I was looked after requiring my meds updated. Got chewed out by his office’s Attila the Hun. Made more Reindeer Hay conquests. And in leaving the witch had still left my med requirements two more for a total week’s screw-up going near without some my meds. She claims to be over worked. I some times wonder if I don’t get more done sitting down than she does rushing around.
Frieda’s additional oxy bottles had been finally delivered.

The haying continues to go on. The heat continues to beat me down. When feeling rung out I quits and wind-up snoozing. A modern waste of time as I see it. Finishing my days feeling totally un fulfilled. Bummer!!!

Worked hours in the shop have gone undone on the cause of excessive heat.  It has even been to hot to cut fire wood.

Fillip along with neighbor Terry mounted us an air conditioner in one of our windows. Pushing on 95+* outdoor’s the machine’s hour’s operation is holding the temps down to a shade under 80* indoor‘s. I can live with that, particularly while it’s still a shock going either in’r’out through these portaled doors.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Thing’r’another

I’m home after an worrisome adventures in the hands of the wizards at the end of the horsportal’s yellow brick road. Evening last happily looking forward to a second night’s long blissful sleep it was not to be. Nuts, it would seem I’m to be struck by another malady in wit I’ve had not even some short introductory introductions. Last night they seemingly lasted forever? Usually when I feel some out of the ordinary going on within my body, I lay down and that feeling has normally gone away. But, not this evening last.
Last night my legs got to uncontrollably jumping around, the left one radically, the right limb trying to keep up. I hadn’t even approached or started to dreaming naughty thoughts and was continuing my uncontrollable wildly running even in a horizontal positioning. What the  blankity blank-blank is happening with in me? Have I mysteriously contracted an involuntary restless leg syndrome. I had rolled to my right and left innumerable times in an effort to shake off the phenomena. My memory lapsed I know not when I’ve no idea when that exercise had stopped; however, I was so relieved when I had waken to find I had some blessed restful sleep after having run in place for at least some three hours.
In our travels to try catching up over my personal down time we hit the road, I’ve got more meds to take, made it to town making it my choice what kind of a walker I wanted. Also picking up an ordered new tire. On the road going and coming noticed an army like numbers of squirrels already collecting nuts for this up coming’s next winter. As for me I readily stooped to some unmentionable means to protect my valuables.
New tire aboard the Ugly truck we removed ourselves to the shade and our rural method’s of air conditioning a tire fixing workplace, a couple liberated furnace squirrel cage blowers from a couple defuncted furnaces.
A couple often summer oriented old furnace fans can sure make a big difference perspiration wise keeping a hard woiking guy drier. Okay, to the meat of these lines… The new tire‘s mounted while at the same time most of Ugly‘s tires had also been rotated also.  To finish up the tire replacement we checked them all air the lot of them 10%aiir pressured over manufacturers specs. This does two things: (1) helps improve gas mileage, (2) helps the tires wear evenly rather than the outside edges first.
Ugly rolling again, we’re called, so picked up pop-up trailer on way home for guests use over the weekend. Heaven help me avoid disappointment.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7-4-2012 July 4th

I regret to report that in some quarters of my most immediate home’s neighborhood, the seriousness of my eminent momentarily passing was grossly exaggerated. But here I sit within the confines my home dear home doubly celebrating the 4th July with my bride and a strong son.
Sunday morning started for me with my uncontrollable stumbling about the house running into an open standing door (ouch). It followed more stumbling into cabinets another door jamb twice, both going’n’coming.  When I had managed to return to my bed I laid there ever so fearful to close even one eye; I was so completely discombobulated.  Shortly thereafter the household brimming with activity  ‘cept yours truly Herr Clink gave me an ultimatum, Either call your brother or 911.”So it was Bro’ us’en together taking the yellow brick road that eventually found me incarcerated for 3days. ‘N’ It took that long to get a cup’a’joe unfit for drinken!
The rumor I had been sent to the hospital’s burn unit wasn’t exaggerated. Obviously my rep going before me, myself to hot to handle, I was housed where the staff had had that extra fire fighting training. All I can stuttering relate about this area is it was exceedingly environmentally rich in live scenery.  Take for instance the two drop dead gorgeous PT women. Insistent on taking me out into the hall, which by the way has a somewhat of an oval hall, one ahead of me I couldn’t catch, one behind me with a prod I couldn’t get away from. On our return to my by then imagined stable, I had to ask them, “What do you girls think I am?  A retarded Chippendale?”
My head and neck looked into by every means available to modern medicine. Several times after several medical individuals looked at these awesome pictures I was assured there was nothing there. My family even agreeing. (I get no respect!)
On dismissal, I’ve had a minor TCI (minor stroke), been give three more drugs to take, must report in for PT (what? To walk around? I can do that here looking at my (HoHum) ladies!), and a script for a wheel fitted walker.
It is sure not a good thing to take a grandpaw to town any to often……
So, here I am, “Home sweet home” basking in the light of my Wife and her love. “Tis surer, ‘tis good to be home.
Thanks for all the good thoughts