Saturday, July 28, 2012

7-28-2012 Was busier

Finnallllly, we got us selves a near new looking Amana* washing machine. Moved some of those six yard truck loads of county road gravel around over the lower drive way. When fuel read low I got in a nap. Before supper along about 7:00 evening cool time spent another hour’n’half finishing the rough grading. Lower drive way looking better all the time. Had thought a little careful exertion upon my part would be good for me. Then while I napped Fillip had Terry help him carry the washing machine down into the basement. Between other chores Fillip’s been frightening the two week old laundry ever since. Autographed and sold another story book today. Every sale helps. *Amana washing machine likely made by Maytag. That was before Maytag left the USA. “Rainbows.” Fernan


Paula said...

How much are your books and postage? Hope you do well with selling them.

Fernan said...

$17.99 internet book stores. $15.00 from my post includes. Thanks for asking.
book website coming soon.

Paula said...

Thanks Fernan. I would like to order one of the books. Am I understanding right-- $15.00 postage included if I order from you? Let me know the address to send check to and I will tell you address to send book too. I'm anxious to read what an old online friend wrote. Whoops I should say longtime online friend. lol