Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7-25-2012 Chances are….

I can best open this urinal contribution with another renewed crappy old situation. The GD Medical professionals are….err….have been practicing with my life again. My medicine bag is damned near only a former shadow of itself. Spending five whole hrs with my primary care giver, day ’fore yesterday, in it was found three blood thinners, two heart stimulates, and two pain relievers. And its all pissing me off. Now, It is imperative I remain absolutely calm. No excitement or stress to raise my blood pressure. Doc has me on valium, a drug that could easily relax me soul right out or off of this earth. Damn it every doctor I see writes me another prescription what’s been insisted I’m to take. It’s this kind of medical practicing what’s got me body so fouled up I’m terribly close to the edge of loosing my life and/or sight. It’s the very same old crap I was subjected to several years ago what had my thinking I was going out of my uncontrollable mind and behavior. That was a tie of lightening striking pains. Absent mindedness. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going? Now I sit quietly by unable to delve into osme of the most meager of activities, replacing our washing machine, the shopping and the inability to move either the old one out or a new one in. I want to launch my children’s story book. It’s a good door to door seller, under the present circumstances II can’t do. It’s taken hours to write this. So, imaging my mental turmoil trying to build my self a free website. Money’s in the household are extremely tight. Okay, I hope I may have most of it said. Sheesh.., If I manage to live through this, another ordeal I think I’ll be taking all my future medical needs out in the woods in search of a caldron stirring witch. At least there I should have a better earthly idea what the spells and concoctions have in store for me. So, I ask for some blessing regardless their conceptions, intentions, or origins. Meanwhile I wish heavenly “Rainbows.” upon all my worthy neighbors. Fernan


Paula said...

So sorry you are going through this Fernan. I wish you the best.

Donna said...

We always have to wonder if all those pills are curing us or killing us. Cliff mentions this often, asking, "I wonder what the hell would happen if I just stopped taking all this junk?"