Friday, July 27, 2012

7-26-2012 The Saints preserved me……

On waking this AM, a glass of water in my hand for taking my medications I sat down to do just that, sort and drown my meds. OMG, looking down at that lower area my chest what first starts to slip away I notice three warts I hadn’t ever seen before. Starting to worry now, remembering I had maybe kissed Frieda more than the customary twice of late, and remembering she’d called me her Prince a number of times over the years, I started to wonder if I’d over done it? Was I supposedly changing back into a Frog only slightly missing the mark, slipping instead into something else? Oh Gloorry be! I instinctively started to pick at them and found them to be three hard dried drops of chocolate what had dripped off an ice-cream cone I had eaten late last night. Thanking the Saints preserving me I’m was not changing into a toad!!!! “Rainbows.” Fernan

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