Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day June’s rain

Gale Storm came to TV at just the right time/same time what needs some explanation.. Through the eight grade I had no use for girls, the stinking smelly things, mouths and ears clustered around the school house door when the weren’t jumping rope or doing one-z’s, two-z‘s, whole bit jacks. Their faces getting all made up liking auditioning clowns, chattering whispers here and there acting as if they weren‘t peeking when a real kid ran by.., a real boy. All ways this until one fateful day.
August summer morning, a couple friends of mine from another rural country school system came riding by one morning just as I had finished morning chores which included cow milking, feeding and watering. I was hollered at to bike with them. Like myself they had the last summer vacation days some what free to do as they pleased. I could go for that. With Mom’s permission I was off before she could change her mind. I didn’t ask if she were sure. I waited for no second opinion. I was off.
Skipping the 7 mile one way SE jaunt to Bangor and back. I’ll get right into the two mile jaunt westward down into a bend in the Black River. There, no suits, we went skinny dipping. Our being first some girls surprised us our staying in the water until…. The girls had decided to join us, only if us guys turned our backs while they had entered the river’s water hole. This was another one them rural school house mob’s I got to play with that day. Some introductions went courteously around the circle three boys/four girls quietly enough. That was right up until one of us had slapped a girl on the back, “YOU ARE IT!” In that river’s frothing water’s surface out of it at one moment or another there wasn’t anything of biological interest between the sexes that hadn’t been seen that afternoon.
That same last summer’s week into Labor day I had seen some many sides of girls I hadn’t seen before. All of a sudden Girls had my interest.
A couple real worldly girls to catch my interest was TV’s Gale Storm and the naughty magazines of enlightenment’s Betty Page between their pages. Those girls were the standards by way we surveyed the girls we were to date and chase until we knew no better.
There’re some folks so psychic on the boards I frequent every day it often becomes scary….. They make comments as if they’d read my mind as through I’d been ESPeed upon.
While it rained I got us both to our next medical appointments. One of the techs hearing Ugly’s motor coming down the road was at the door meeting us. “Oh, you’ve brought your Frieda with you?” she’d said.
It is nice being remembered. Inside before presenting any paper work I got in all the hugging I could gleam. I passed on Darrel as he likely hadn’t shaved his legs. Frieda right behind me hadn’t followed suit, the hussy enjoyed Darrel‘s attention. To each her own I guess!
Shortly after lunch I wound up taking Handy over to the Crossroads for his mother’s latest medications. In other travels seeing unattended hay fields I made inquiries. Now I’m caught up in a couple wait and sees. By the time I got to the shop Ugly was in its third day progressing running worse. It was definitely missing on one cylinder. The sparkplug cleaner repaired I saw nothing wrong in removals inspection, plugs cleaned, and tested under mirrored pressure their sure firing ability.
My removing the second plug wire I had found my missed fired sparkplug cause was do to a broken wire. Bringing my square bucketed plug wire savings I went through but a few in a first bucket to find me a serviceable replacement. The originally broken wire plus two more non workers all hit the trash together. Ugly’s once again firing on all eight tonight.
Given specific instructions as how to drill a couple holes I reneged when I thought I found a flaw in the instructions. It was only a moment’s decision not to bother myself with this work so late in the afternoon. No hay on the other end I could go get some. Home, I took on an Ollie, hooked a couple wagons on behind and was off.
Weather threatening again I didn’t let it bother me. I finally had a mission I could handle. I could load up and haul away a coupe/three embarrassments I had made yesterday. One bad bale was the hot bale from a couple days ago. Another was one I had rolled so large there wasn’t room in the bale chamber to even tie it. And three more bales were as the twine had either run out or broke. I like broke better. Nothing had happen what was my fault that way….. The last one, there was nothing wrong with it.
Low and behold today’s hay’s count was surprising as all my getting it counted right. I had rolled 40 5’+ x 4’ hay bales yesterday. That field’s yield was even greater than I had first thought, maybe more than 32 ton.
Some interesting bits of news come to me yesterday’s goings-on around about my field trials. Tom reported they’d been well showered shortly after I left for my baling. It was also reported while I was in working in my hay field less than a mile north of me the earth and things were drenched. I seem to have drawn a good hand from Mother nature’s unannounced assistance.
It has been another great day. While I may have accomplished little I had tried negotiating a coo. Can’t wait to hear how my efforts had turned out. BGKC.

Monday, June 29, 2009

6-29-o9 Hay & Rain

6-29-o9 Hay & Rain
Hurricane season's here. Normally I watch gulf storm pressures coming up the Missississsisssippi valley to mix with western influences for my make hay weather guideinces. My heaviest cut thus far this year down, one more raking I could well have bare stemmed rope, my dried hay baling this cut could very well get me slapped via a Canadian backhanded wet low pressure system before it's up?
Again, body covered, covered and ready to go
Holy Mackram, Tom’s called and has gotten my Ryobi (Crapoli) fixed and loaded with a steel blade I may start logging bull-thistle on some slower rainy days.
I also need to handily repair my 1 ½ gallon garden sprayer. I wonder if I could make it back packer convenient for spraying tree and brush stumps as well as weeds?
I think up any more shyit I’m going to develop an incurable headache.
Bro' running through Montrose hit rain. told me about it getting back at 11:45AM. 12:00Noon I'm on tractor. First bale checked 14, 15, 18%'s. Finished by 3:00PM. Had to drop two gears most the field. Had run low-low a couple tight bulked up corners. One rain drop half way across the field encouraged my resolve. another bale tested 15.1% and lower. I had them made. Rolled 33 bales questimating 22 3/4 tons by time they will have dried. Whew, thankfully the current baleing's done.
Home for late 3ish lunch I offer to share a half can that fruit dessert with her, I couldn’t remember name of. Crazy woman laughed. I didn’t think it were at all that funny. So, she starts running down list: pineapple, fruit cocktail,…….. “No, no, no!” interrupted her, “Apricots!”
For crying out-load!!!! I get no respect?
Does a hearse with a corpse legal in the car pool lane?
Enough fun for one day, I’m signing out. BGKC.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


(Stopped by Donna’s digs cause something she’d said. So bare with the next few words. Going back re-reading them I found them to good to let go. So, I’m including them in my journal.)
I'll be off topic likely... So be it... I ever get totally organized I'll be in some real trouble then.
See you've more company, Pic of additional bovine, big boarders looks to me and still growing. They'll add a bit more color to the pastures sure. Enjoy.
(Some talk about one my bloody images.)
Frieda's calling me all manner of names these Summer day's. The "Sheik of Ara Bee" most recently for all the get-ups I' wearing avoiding the sun's rays.
My bloody hand and wrist just another Shorthorn country hazard putting the bulls pen back together again a couple days ago. No snags, having to take brown jersey glove off, got just a few scraps on some rusty wire re-fixing it to a corner fence post.
(Donna’s Question?)
“Does Doc know?”
“Yes. I've shown him some my older more aged original scabs.” Just shows how, in-spite all our efforts, farming continues to run in the red for a lot of us.
Day’s start had one weeping look to it looking back at. Dawn’s light was brighter than mid morning’s, so I cooled my heals taking no great pleasure in moving to fast. My down the road hay had to have been ruined sure. I know-ed it without even looking. About an hour later the sun coming out I thought I‘d better get out survey the damage. The deck was wet, a pair gloves laid out over night were just a mite damp.
Wheeling left out the driveway I went Otisville for my medication. Then headed west to see Tom with a couple questions like, “Get sparkplug cleaner fixed?” Was said, “It had couple grains sand stuck in valve.” Other question, “Did you get the lawn trimmer fixed?” “Not yet.” he replied, “I’ll look at this afternoon.” Them’s was it answered and out of the way about time his Cathy come driven in the yard. I asked her she’d plant my flower plants for half of them? “Sure!” she’d said. Sure as I’m anything but a dirty old man she likely stop by with her own shovel when I ain’t home, I’ll assuredly missing any chance at so visual estrogen fortifying.
On my way home I stopped, looked at my hay. What a miserably wet looking mess I had there. Leaves on the trees turning over, bones I ain’t ever learned the names of hurt from inside my hide.
I come home, demanded a cold baloney sandwich and glad lucky that was all I got. Looked up the net here and west yonder, ain’t seeing nothing looking like rain, I ate and hit the road right out the drive taking to go slow poking’ racking that hay field. Home by 3:30 I got to kill two and half hours. Unload some of Ugly‘s load. Slip baler by ladies before they wised up to me, check twine, oil chains, come in looking innocent like and write some this. And sweat out the weather.
5:00PM I headed out to bale the ten acres on the corner. Yeah Right. I rolled the first bale, checked it for moisture content and gave up baling until another day.
On way home I slicker-ed by a neighbor’s house rather than hurry home. Thought was I get Home I wouldn’t be going back seeing R.D. The man is near blind. He’s an appointment for cataract surgery the 23rd this coming month. I encouraged him his vision’s quest. I’ll be thinking of him all that day marking it on my calendar.
I seem to be repeating myself. Just the same give this some thought.
Our Oliver tractors would likely been all junked, put in the clapper, and melted down long before now for more foreign made goods. So, knock foreign enterprise if it suits you but be advised, for instance, our Oliver’s wouldn’t/couldn’t continue their useful use’s if it weren’t for the Chinese picking-up making the very parts we need to keep these Oliver’s running and moving. There are more aftermarket parts available for all makes and models of what was once American made.
It’s evening again, time to say good night. Wear a smile and you’ll put a smile on another’s heart. BGKC.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


…and catalogs, and don’t forget telephone books. If it ain’t been stuffed in or hung on my mail box it’s been thrown in my driveway. Almost everyday I get another fist full of catalogs: music, movie, gardening; in CD, DVD, tape booklet like advertisements. What is this: Critics Choice, Choice-Choice, Tasters Choice, Masters Choices, and the lists go on…Burpee seeds, burped seeds even maybe?

And then there’s the things I forgot to mention to keep my journal up to date? There were two of them! Now, I can’t remember either of them? Oh well, I think?
Ah, This might have been one of things I wanted to remember, posting this bloody picture right hand. I opened up all these new leaks working on the bulls pen. While I eventually quit dripping and washed up I had eventual gotten to much sun on my ears their developing some uncomfortable scab over the tops my ears.
Tonight’s hay baling I once more wore the pillow case laid over my head then in turn tied down with my hat’s laces under my chin. Plus wore them hot heavy handed jersey gloves.
Dumb setting in, I’ve simply got to call it a night. Good nite: John, Paula, Sid, Donna, Alias plus whomever else has been crazy enough to look in.
Wear a smile making your Hearts happy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dog sickhighatwist needed

I admit, I hadn’t exactly been overly fond Frieda’s hound dog, Holly in this adventurous beginning.
A four yr old doxy dog was hand delivered by her mistress from a kennel dog atmosphere to mine Frieda. Admittedly we all got of on a rocky start. Poor Holly frightened out of her mind had no idea what was a happening to her whole life had been up-heaveled. Because she was a kennel bitch she’d just been neutered to protect her from any more life threatening developments before her original Mistress had hopefully given Holly away to a good home.
The 2nd day Holly bit me my having merely laid a friendly hand on her. Later that same day she ran away. I’d put the word out. Got phone calls, I followed up until She had gotten herself corner by a couple bad dogs. Then she bit me the 2nd, 3rd, 4th times all at once while sheeee was seeeeeking my protection from those BIG bad dogs. Ever since she’s more or less been tolerating me.
However, This very AM whilst I were in my bed making ZZZZZZZZZZ’s to have them interrupted with such a commotion, the telephone falling off the wall, the duffus Holly came to me seeking once more my protection. Here’s where the rub comes in, she’s done so without biting me. Me thinks she needs her head examined. She’s no longer the bitch she was the first day she had started her moving in. When I say moving in, I’m not writing about her material things: her traveling house, her blanky, her stuffed toy bear, nor food and water dishes. I’m writing of matters of the heart. Since gifted: a new collar, an ID dingle dangle, a couple leashes, a stake and wire lead: she’s decidedly here to stay.
On Micheal Jackson: Wacko Jacko wouldn’t have gotten that nick name if he hadn’t tried to change his look. The original look I respected for a man and artist he was, who’d had earned with his hard worked made music. But when he started making himself over into something (a bodied image) he wasn’t I felt as though he were trying to spoof my intelligence.
On Farrar Faucet:
She had the biggest hair. Her hair was liking a lace doily framing her face. Her figure wasn’t bad either. She was almost as pretty as the real life maid I had for real sitting beside me all these years. However I enjoyed her athletic prowess on Charlie’s Angels, when I did catch it. She was a Wow!
I’ve got me one colossal pet-pive! I’ve developed something of a skin condition whilst I’m on the cussed blood thinner coumadin. I bleed like a stuck pig from four wounds my right hand and wrist this morning. I let them bleed rather than immediately seal them, then went and washed using my bottle of soap handily stashed by the water hydrant. For just such purposes everyday. That’s everyday whether I’ve bleed or not. I often wash my hands several times a day to get rid of that cussed dirty grimy oily feeling what comes over my paws a many a day I work the shop.
Today as they did the other day the 4H cretins used my soap to wash their livestock. Today they finished it off. What the heck is this. When I need my soap I want it. Plus they behaved as if I were in their way for their use my wash rack. It ain’t only the weather what has me steaming….
To let the kids use the wash rack I devoted my time to earth moving, earth grading, loaded another hay wagon, brushhoged the farm lot enough in the hollow to get to and repair the leaking water fountain. I had rearranging my work load to accommodate the thoughtless cretins. I’m pissed.
Getting back to shop I spotted hay load, thru a bunch of trash into bags for next week’s trash pickup. Brushed away the 148 JD loader, inspected the implement’s hydraulic couplings to see if they’re workable. The primary ones are okay and usable.
Solution to my keeping my soap on hand? Hide it! Bull Sh!t.
5:30 PM, I’m heat and labored beat. Might add I’d also hit my wall. Enough is enough. With Tom’s help We’ll mount that old front end loader on the rebuilt 4020 JD tomorrow morning. Less chance for mistakes when wide-eyed, muscled fresh, sprier for quicker moves, particularly fresher/quicker minded.
I’m loosing it if I haven’t already. Time I stop dribbling my words. BGKC.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sposed to rain….

….with sever thunderstorms in the forecast. Other than the sever weather warnings I could use a weathering day off. Don’t mean there’s nothing to do. One of the first things needing doing around here for an all to soon field activity requires the fixing and/or making of electric fence posts for dividing up the now mowed pastures.
It’s about time I talk the ladies out of the hay yard. They’ve done a good job cleaning it up for me; but, now I need that area for their winter stores. Next bit of pasture they’s going to like. Lots of tender grasses and legumes. They’s going to wear smiles for a few days at least.
Machinery line up.
Here I am. Your man of action.
After these…

Looking for a breather from the Michigan Heat wave I brought out the Cushman for my day’s work horse of choice. Ha! I get to other end Bro needs hay. What’d he do with the hay I delivered last night. Then he tells me wrong. He needs dry hay. What’s he do with it, feeds it to his girls. I’ve got a hot bale here to go… I’ll see to it he’ll get it tomorrow. I fix.
So, it were back home I’m was to go, hay wagon in tow behind Cushman. That drive should have gotten a couple raised eyebrow takes. Idée biddy Cushman Dwarfed, towing monstrous wagon.
Spent most my day around the shop doing a bit of this, a bit of that. Got onto working over my salt feeder at long last. I hopefully want to find one missing washer to finish the project lid on the salt dispenser tomorrow. Next trick will be getting it on Ugly for home’s return. Meanwhile, I managed to return the Ford digger back home which seems next to impossible to anyone else with the exception of myself. Glad it is finally home. Perhaps, just perhaps I may finish the grading the lower drive way before dropping the back blade for the bush-hawg. Don’t knoa what it is? Suddenly exhaustion id taking over what’s left my good senses. BGKC.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If haying got any easier…

I adopted this wet lands haying idea 11 years ago before Memorial day weekend. Bro’ destined to be in hospital for months over leg loss I had to hold this operation together until He could come back. At that time the problem was getting the haying a jump start to get all the hay in within the season, accounting for all the expected breakdowns what come along with farming. Neither of us was backup to the other for some four years at that time. I was it. Time management was my key to keeping this operation upon an even forward going keel.
What I had done, getting reasonably good weather reports for required drying times early into the season I started making hay up to three weeks ahead of all (allele) my Michigan neighbors even those cutting and blowing haylage into silos. The hay downed I had just completed rebuilding my beloved AC hay rake. What an allied machine. I’ve yet to see anything what might even think it could come close to its astounding flexibility. Slower maybe than newer machines but still a wonder in its own mechanical right.
Fields Spring wet those days, I found that AC rake logically teamed with the WD45 AC tractor. I could lift the windrowed hay just up off the wet ground were it laid, put it up on edge for full flow air circulating thru those on edged windrows. The windrows on edge didn’t lay or flop over upon the very ground what was wet I wanted to avoid the last pass. 11yrs ago I had 60 tons hay up before Memorial day. 10yrs ago I had done even better having 80 tons hay rolled and readied for the next winter’s feeding.
Might I add those earlier starts had me using the 1400 Hesston mower-conditioner in the windrowing mode. Life saver mode if ever one on wet ground. The crops cut the ground between the windrow could openly dry. That ground dried I had a place to just tip my windrows up on a dry edged strips of dried ground.
Those years after Memorial day I had to put the broadcaster on the Hesston. Going for three days drying time was a miracle those two seasons. I never saw a sure fired fourth hay drying day in a row. I was so long in the tractor saddle calluses on my arse gave me that taller look.
Here it is mid to latening June and I’ve gone back to those pre-Memorial day practices of old. Yes fans, History does repeat itself in a away.
If haying got any easier… …all the fun would be taken out of it! {;^))_
Sum of a gun… I had to drop three gears to cut the hayfield in an adjacent township this morning. Winter seeding that field winter before last Mr. Roger‘s clover seed, holy cows those seeds have magically turned into mini Jack red clover blossomed stalks. So tough I had to, that’s right, I had to drop three Oliver gears to repeatedly mow my way over that field a line cut again and again. Wonder of wonders the clover seeding‘s growth is generating nitrogen into the soil what miraculously feeds the grasses (orchard, timothy, brome, quack, crab, and others the nitrogen they all needs to grow lush and deep (higher than a 34 x18.4 tractor driver tire).
Tractor over heating I took it to Mr. Roger’s elevator service department for a good cooling off. It was Mr. Roger’s seed causing me all the tough cutting after all anyway. And I told him when I saw him. ….I get no respect…. The man laughed at me. Offered me his air hose to blow off my hay seed and water at the fountain to wet my pipes.
Raked hay from under a hard top, mowed hay from under a window and door-less tractor cap. Late this afternoon I’ll be going under more serious coverage my neck getting sunburned raw. The coverage may help me protect my good looks from so many ladies havin’ taken to following me around lately.
Taken a quick squint at my latest PB subscription, there weren’t nothing within its pages what matched the likes I saw coming out of the super market yesterday. Whew. First time I’ve ever had a PB magazine lay around for five days and never freshened.
Five acres raked, ten acres cut, a cold lunch, a couple iced teas another four to six acres to cut dependent upon when I hit water, and the first five acres baled made for me a full day. Had help bringing up equipment, loading out dry pasturage for other end.
Caught up for a moment I tied enlisting a hand with movin’ in my new chair in, my old chair out. Impatient I was, I drug the old one on its side through the door ways. Having worked out a method for moving a chair through the doorways I reversed the process bringing in the new one. It were a good time to I test the material the new chair was made of. Tough enough nowhere did the new chair leave a mark on the wood work nor household floor. The chair in, my sitting in it, the old one could sit a few moments before I wrestle it out to the road. It was tea time again, anyway. I mustn’t miss my tea.
Saw deer yesterday, even more dear today. Had a doe not only cross my path, but it stood and walked in circles watching me, and jumped two fawn what had the sense to run. The first one was a real gas running so hard it plowed its snout against the ground every few yards. Poor thing couldn’t even keep its sea legs and we’re no where near a sea. The second on one to big for fawn, grass so deep I had assumed. It were likely another doe.
Baby daughter had foot surgery for cist removal. She’s to be off work six weeks ain’t got much in house to eat. Got to be her blond hair she ain’t totally organized. Dead on my feet I gave her a close half gallon ice-cream for her supper. She’s got to be thirty something and ain’t got this looking/planning ahead figured out yet? Kids!?!?!?!?
Myself in during the twilight zone, I don’t care if I make sense. I’m good well done for the day, and bushed for it. BGKC.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

*Dort Highway

*Dort Highway or State road M54 cutting through near east side Flint. The Northeast three/four mile corridor is lined both sides the road with junkyards, scrap recyclers, auto wreakers, auto part recyclers, anything/every thing to do with old tired iron whether it be rolling or steadfastly supporting.
What’s the challenge? Hopefully making the trip over that road passing all these scrappers without picking an of a variety of intrusive tire let downs. I’ve fixed more then my share flat tires over the years.

Another Summer day?

And the beat goes on. I’ve got to be in two places at the same time, this morning. Whooppee! So much fir planning ahead. So it helps helping to keep a well organized schedule, being right on the ball, keeping all what I must do right on the ball. It helps when I wake up a couple hours well past my usual time. One of the first things I got to do is get rid of them balls. Things is falling off rolling out of control. OH BALLS! A little shout is a big help right about here.
Gosh, I slept like a log last night I stirred for absolutely no reason once I laid my head down last night. Not even a water haul. “OKAY!” I’m vertical I tell myself. I’ve got to get off this keyboard. It’s become an addiction. But darn it, It’s fun seeing myself in print even if I’m the only one seeing it. That’s it…I got to get off and on, particularly get it organized………….
Enslaved to the weather and all it allows I’m a mere servant to what’s got to be done at any time or moment. Two tractors needed incidental attention yesterday Just when I wanted to mount up and go, go , go! The 4010JD had a head light falling out it‘s shell. How the single screw what held it all together had ever gotten loose is beyond me, I had a wicked bad time getting it to turn tightening up as it was supposed to hold the whole of the assembly together. Even a single drop of oil off the end of a dipstick would have been a help, but I fought it rather than do it the easy way. A true American male thing, for sure….. I was already mounted upon the 1850 Ollie what I was on trying to stay ahead of the hay baler when the pre-air-cleaner air-cleaner was falling apart right before my eyes, the lid hopping around a top up on the stack it’s supposedly bolted to. Up the farmyard, the truck, and the tool box, I could have field screwed it back together saving the field’s side-trip. But what the heck, parked along side Ugly I used channel locking pliers to tighten down that knurled knobs last turn. I had hay to bake. I wasn’t playing with the likes of that knob. O Lawd forgive me……my mind has slipped back a many a year when playing with a particular pair of knobs was a real daylight treat if’en I had managed to corner them a-field when my space might have been invaded with a cool tea carrying erogenous zone. OMG, those were some pleasurable days I had thought would never end…. (sniff) She don’t bring me cool tea’s refreshment a-field anymore. (sniff sniff)
Up awhile now I’m feeing good. No back nor head aches. Frieda isn’t feeling good. She a dental appointment at same time this AM. I’m expected for loading out cattle culls for livestock exchange. Fun, fun, fun!
I set Frieda on Dentist’s step, that’ll teach him leaving his step out over night. Came back for loading cow. Everything well in hand I was in time to drive safari cart back to garage. Kids left key on and cart’s battery was dead needing charge. I got delegated to take care of in place battery charge.
Picking up Frieda throwing all caution to the winds and heroically taking up the challenge to drive Dort Highway* partway into the city for Frieda’s shopping itinery. First stop was the Salvation Army Store. While they couldn’t do anything for my soul I wildly spent $15.00 on a replacement recliner for myself. A beautiful chair looking at it, sitting it, looking underneath it, it was manufactured out of genuine lumber. Not that pitiful board blindly they use these days.
Next stop she handed me my her shop lifting list: dog food. paw noted cat food, onions, bananas, cereal, baby wipes (I don’t ask), milk, ice-cream, butter (forgotten), fish and chips (forgotten), and other stuff.
Next to last theoretic stop Jo Ann’s notions department store. A piece high density foam rubber something costing $35.00 (ouch). That was more than the chair I’ll use it in. Last stop retrace drive back to Salvation Army store for my chair. Ugly so loaded down I threw rocking recliner on top the loaded heap just as if we had Aunt Edna with us. Only it wasn’t raining. With sunny skies overhead They’d have even made Granny Klamppet happy.
Absolutely last stop going home was the Crossroads super market for milk ice-cream and peas (peas forgotten), me candy, no more Frieda’s beer. Gotta economize. Thgought I’d back into paking space so’s Frieda could watch the comings and goings the front door. The very next comings was a something like an 1991 model coming out taking off her daddy’s dress shirt. My eyes strained seeing naught but a tiny-winy little bit of a bikini I wonder only for a moment if her father knew how she gone grocery store shopping. Blu-bidy-blup-bub-bon-endy-bloop! Myy mind will never be the same………
Opps made one more drive-in/right-back-out the Loopy Acres Estates to show Frieda Sparky’s Tiki Bar. Didn’t even wait to see time Tiki Bar Hostesses next rain dancing performance. I had four packages black cherry ice-cream to put in freezer.
Passed on lunch I thought I’d dump later. A quart and half milk would have to do me. All I wanted then was water to pack a-long for my baling more hay. ………Later……..
I almost caught up all the baling until my Ollie, sputtered twice and quit for lack f fuel. Nice. I needed to tote me out of here about as far away from the house on the property I could get. It was a half mile empty handed walk just one-way. I could get real lazy if I had to personally tote fuel back out there on foot.
What a menesing lot of field traffic to contend with. Deer watching form the north side the fields. More deer excitedly dashing from the southeast towards the northwest. Never disd see what startled the second bunch flagging their passing and eventual exiting the scene. Sadly I squished a tortoise seeing it to late to avoid it. The last five acres still waiting baling two bales testing high moisture content must be fed out right away. That last five acres the heaviest cut tu date may all the next two days to dry for round baled keeping.
Lastly I made drugstore scene to keep Clink happy. She’s got her antibiotic medications and returns to dentist one morning.
Shucks; I’ve just been hit by tired. BGKC.

6-22-o9 Summer’s here

My first full day Summer I sit with my derriere hanging over what cushions I sit on, until I can figure out a way into the heart of the city.
Trying to figure this life out….How is it I should be enjoying the pluses of senior citizen status, I got to do it working around so many negatives.
Hey, hey ,hey, I been given new source of foam rubber cushioning this side if Flint. A place I’ll even be comfortable driving to when I’ve a well rested rainy day to go. My butt’s comfort may just be looking up.
Ho boy, what a day. Just got started my grind and found I was out of shelled corn. Balderdash! Means going to another elevator having already been to one for fixings and this trip’ll make it three trips to an elevator in one day before I‘ve finished going around the block. Having to cut the grind short, lunch time the Sixguy’s likely to dinner. I lunched also before going for more shelled corn. The corn supply parked in the yard I put off grinding right away as while I lunched the weird arsed weather guessers are predicting rain before the evening’s out, and I got over fifty acres the stuff laid down. Bummer. I took to raking what I could logically handle baling this evening after I’ve gone back and finished grinding feed.
Sure glad I’m a retarded farmer. What other profession could I attempt to look laid back trying to fool the public into thinking I don’t do nothing impotent all day.
Sheesh, the hay raking had it’s stinking moment every time I came close to raking my crop in the same general field area. I Couldn’t understand it. I had changed my socks only this morning for clean ones right after filtering my coffee. Four rounds total I finally saw the source of the decaying flesh. The mower had fricasseed a bunch of wild turkey pullets still in their velvet down. Shame too, they was already growed to individual sandwiches size. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Holy smokes, I got in so late last night I neglected to finish this urinal entry. TOUGH! Be it right or wrong here it is. It’s it! BGKC.

PS: Summer's here. Easy living? Bull Shit!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


A couple days ago whilst I was over to the Crossroads, between girls, I shopped for a new chill-able water bottle insert for my insulated water bottle pack. So I moseyed up and down the water isle. Gosh almighty I had no idea there were so many ways water could be bottled and labeled. A ways down upon a small portion of shelving amongst the hundreds bottles of watered mountain, spring, most to ashamed to even offer a source but labeled with fancy names who’s could a body choose. Ignoring fancy named labels having tried any impossible number of configured bottles what made no sense to me. I just wanted a simple bottle what simply filled an insulating wrapper. The wrapper was a well designed idea. Al the frapping bottles on the shelves, seemingly not one of them turned me on let alone was going to serve my purpose. That was until I spotted one seemly a gloriously shaped simple father of all streamlined bottles. It had of all names the one I drink their caffeine free products from, Faygo. A nice straight sided vessel with a simple label of brand and with a clear liquid inside I assumed was a black cherry flavored tinted water. Gosh, I was glad I had finally found something close. It were even close enough I took it to checkout. Son of a hitch, it was a whole dollar for the bottle of water plus a dine deposit. Holy-jumping-gee-horse-a-fat, with recycled roadside bottles filled with extra deep flavored swamp waters I could make a black market fortune selling genuinely country flavored waters. How many cases toenail poisoning do you want?
Home, I put my precious find in the refrigerator. Already a packaged water product it was ready to go. Yesterday, Taking to field to mow I grabbed a Root-beer and my precious new water bottle. A-field the root-beer was consumed first. A bit later I to a swig my Faygo water. What the crap? It was terrible. By the gods in heaven what was this throat biting crap. I’ve consumed smoother bourbon over the years. I couldn’t drink this crap for refreshment. I headed for the barn and something real, genuine country fresh sparkling 10,000 year old thawed glacier well water. I asked Frieda to try it. She didn’t like it either. Myself remounted, off to mow another fifteen acres, Frieda poured the bottle out over some flowering plants, rinsed and refilled the bottle with honest thirst quenching cool freshening well water. I haven’t yet looked to see whether the flowers have survived.
Slept good last night. Woke up to pain waiting for me. Hol’em smok’ems. Not exactly new, but different than the most recent usual. Between the low pressured weather and the occasional sitting it down wrong I continued to enjoy a few more ass bittened headaches.
For a Father’s Day activity enjoyment we run my ladies through the chutes. Wormed them, some got shots, and all got new fly tags in their ears. What the heck. Somebody aught to be gifted something. The ladies they got theirs. (hehehe) Two calves were ID-ed, tattooed, and tagged.
Done with the ladies for the moment I had to fix fence they busted. Whoopee, I needed something important to do. Then went on to fuel Ollie on the mowing machine, loaded hay for Bro’s girls, hayed some ladies in sickbay, had my lunch and cut five more acres hay this afternoon. Checked out Mike’s race car building/repair shop. His kid’s home from college making a Comaro ready for racing weekend after next. He (John) had it about ready to go and Dad (Mike) hit’s him with the kid’s need to rebuild the rear end for a sloppy pinion gear. There were four cars in shop: The kid’s, one being partially put together for client, another new car coming well along sitting in the wings and the start of still another new car on a shop dolly. It’s a busy place.
Back home I did my chores. Had supper and listened on the phone all the stuff I gotta do tomorrow. Have gotten three calls from my kids, three more calls from three grandsons.
I’ve run out of words. BGKC.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

6-20-o9 Evening Addition

Since turning to my 74th year I been feeling rather tired. So much so I been unable to even keep up my journal. So, the other day while Frieda was down the hall getting her x-rays taken I told Doc my tiresome complaint; in the strictest confidence of course. “I’m tireder than you know, Doc.”
"I know that farm is keeping you more than healthily busy enough. You been up to something I don’t know about?" Doc asked.
Closing the cubical door to the hall way I replied, "Well, Doc, When I went over to the crossroads for gasoline Wednesday I picked up a 20-year-old secretary, went to her place, and nailed her three times. Thursday, I picked up a 19-year-old waitress at the diner, discreetly followed her home and made love four times. Friday, I went out back with my granddaughter's 18-year-old just recently graduated friend and we ended up making it on the Cushman’s seat. Saturday, 21-year-old twins over at the elevator lured me into a motel down by the interstate..."
"That's astonishing!" interrupted the doctor. "I hope you took proper precautions."
I proudly replied, "I sure did! I gave 'em all a phony name!"
What a wet morning come daylight. Rained most the night leaving us more standing rain water.
Checking some fences after last night’s storm all seemed copasetic. We got the EzGo going again having no idea what’s going on. Some gas line replaced two fuel pumps, a hidden fuel filter found and found clear, the carburetor opened and blown out everything reassembled, the EzGo is running again, having no idea the original cause for failure to do so for a couple days. Maybe it just wanted a day off?
Regardless all the rain I took to higher ground to see what I could mow for hay. Had a couple tense moments but didn’t bury either the tractor nor mower. The machines and I threw a lot of water around, drifted machines no more than a couple times, stalled tractor twice, hit some water to deep just managing to slog thru. All in all I managed to cut some false rice, imagined seaweed, and underwater kelp. Water holes not near old enough I missed any chance at Cattails or Lilly Pads. Either went by or through some waterlogged areas the farm today worthy tags like Frog Hollow, Turtle Cultch, Tortoise Crossing’s, Deer Rapids, and Fernan’s cheeky creek.
All in all this afternoon on into evening I put 5 ½ hrs in on the Ollie saddle averaging about 7/mph. I figure I roughly cut about 43 acres hay as wet as everything is I imagine I’ll have to rake what I’ve cut today putting it up on edge day after tomorrow on drier ground between the present soggy windrows. Gonna be fun, fun, fun. It shouldn’t take me no more than twice as long to bale what I had cut today. Wednesday’s going to be a long day.
‘Twas good getting in this evening. I thinks I’ve had a full enough day. BGKC.

6-20-o9 3:00 AM

Up earlier than that really. Pain wakened again. And, I’ve got the wonders: why wakened three nights so close together, have all these wakenings been within one week?, Is the milk I drink my extracurricular spur building agent making my joints unreachably ache?, and whatever else I can’t quite put a finger on. Relief is impossibly finding the right restful body attitude for continued sleep. Force to waken I seek out the icepack, a towel, a couple extra pillows for positioning the cold just rightly so against my lower spine. It tends to work but not quite. I windup I my chair regardless a-sitting a pillow just right so my tail’s unsupported and re-resting against the relocated cold pack. AND, TV sucks. So, I’m writing this, and perhaps catching-up a few days ignored journaling.
A delightful note in my mailbox today from the Whitehouse thanking me for my written interests I had sent the President. I never expected this. Been suggested I open and join in the President’s Blogg site. I surely can’t deny I’m impressed, acknowledged for my thoughts. Yup, I’m impressed. Frieda says don’t loose it. Truthfully, the return address on the envelope is more impressive than the notes contents written by a communication secretary. But, I’ll gloat a wee bit anyway. For I feel even a tired old man’s been made to feel important. Now, if only I can find a newer hat that fits. (smiles for proud pride)
Perhaps more later. I feel like laying back down.

6-19-o9 pain.

I’m all fouled up.
Pain has wakened me again.
Duffus Della (cat) has honeyed up to me this morning’s predawn AM figure eighting my ankles as I presumably rest my case in the library. What is with a john? Anyone sitting upon the throne is an easy mark, a captured audience, a sure thing scratch behind an ear, a scratch upon the top of the hips sweet spot, for a cat. Animals?
What I do today? Sorely liked my aches and pains after previous day’s Doc’s office visit. Finally got out after morning chores, and brunch for some JD parts painting (again).
Bro’s wagon bearings didn’t fit. This little fact is making for a genuine pain in the neck. NOS parts (new old parts) shipped from all over the country is a reminder what it was like keeping an Oliver going just a few years ago. Thankfully the Chinese stepped up to the merchandizing plate and are after-market making just bout anything/everything unavailable and continued needed to keep a lot of older tractors working for their farm keeps. Now if and when they’ve taken up making the bearings/seals required to keep lesser implements rolling there’ll be a bunch of us lined up taking advantage their products. Sure beats letting an otherwise good old machine die for the lack of a part.
That poor wagons going to have NOS parts shipped to us from at least four/five states. A reminder, for the pure in heart what’ll we (you) do when the NOS part’s are depleted????? BGKC.

6-18-o9 Sunny

Oh Happy Day….. The sun is shining. Primarily putting time in shop filling oil bottles from bulk.
Golly whiz, We’d gotten over four inches rain the last couple days. Not to much standing water. However we’d gotten a good many potential mud holes to bury a pickup truck a-field anyplace a fool should think of venturing.
Called Doc and got my 1st biannual scheduled along with Frieda’s appointment. My going, I carried in all my paraphernalia med box, gloves, wide brimmed laundered floppy hat, my peculiarly shaped seat cushion. The seat cushion stirred some inquiring stares. When Doc got to me We had quite a discussion. I got the usual PB, a blood letting, the standard requested specimen (my doing it without the aid of a bull), an EKG, x-rays my cute butt, and the scare of my life the x-ray tech hinted move upon me. Wouldn’t been so bad really. She were a pretty gal. But, I hardly remember the old rules of engagement. Herself between me and the door, no window escape route I was mortally trapped. ‘Tas all Herr Clink’s fault sending me off alone with this this this siren. Whew?!?!?!? Two brunets and a blond hovering over me I wasn’t right until I had gotten back home. Oh and what’d Doc come up with but something called Coccyx? I been raided by a bunch of Russians? My sleeping through the whole ordeal. What it amounted to was my tail bone had been doubly damaged bent two ways and loaded with arthritic spurs. Then given a physical therapy prescription to-wit I see no sense in. Okay I’ll try it once/twice maybe. Personally I see it a waste of time. Now I could just get me one of them ultra sound muscle relaxant thingy’s I might be a much happier camper.
I’m so tired I can’t finish this. And I want to write more, cover Della’s appearance, painting more parts, thinking cutting hay. BGKC.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6-17-o9 A post Birthday extra

What didn’t I do….
……I had asked? (I)
“You haven’t taken me skinny dipping.” She’d told me, with the straightest of faces, as if I had intentionally deprived her of a must world shaking experience.
“Anything else?” (II) I asked, expecting a whole long list of shortcomings upon my part keeping our relationship tuned up, polished, and enduring; but, no that was it. What the way she proclaimed it I had no idea it would be my one and only shortcoming. I had expected more, A whole list. I was opening the door so to speak she could let the flood waters of my inadequacies to spill forth. I had asked for it, she could have let me have it laying all my faults upon me.
“No.” she’d said, “That’s it. You never took me skinny dipping.”
“Was that either before or after we were married?” (III) I asked, testing my prowess. Yeah, I did that. I asked that dumb assed question.
“It wouldn’t have made any difference?” (IV) I just had to ask when I should have known better.
She answered me with a bit of a lilt in her voice, “No!”
That was it.? Just “No?” No more than a she‘d said. A “No?” I had thought to myself.
I asked it, I had to know question. “You mean it wouldn’t have made any difference? (V) You’ve just wanted me to take you skinny dipping, even before we’re married?” (VI)
“I trusted you.” She admitted. She had trusted me. I don’t know whether that was good or bad. What kind of a reputation was that? I was trustworthy? A Boy Scout? A gentleman? Where was all the raging testosterone? Sheesh, over the years she’s told me I was the only male she’d ever been afraid of and she’d trusted me. Oh my Gosh, alone, I had set man’s caveman persona back 10,000 years. Will the gender of my species forgive me? Have I asked to many questions.
I was never a good drinker. Like holding it I mean. And I’ve already almost opened over a six-pack full of questions. I don’t think I can take another honest answer to another my opposite adolescent questions. I’ve already gotten back more than I wanted to know. What an age in life to get shot down, not that it’d ever fly again?????????
PS: I looked up adolescent’s antonym and didn’t like the choices. What a Hell of a way to start my seventy-forth day. Hmm? Dad had always said, “Any day you’ve learned something’s a day you’ve lived!” She’s trusted me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dad had always said the day I came into the world my mom had let the entire Detroit community I was on my way. Even during those moments immediately hours before my arrival she had shouted at the top of her lungs my dads complete linage. It’s only been recent years researching my family history I’ve wondered if she had gotten all the way back to Herkimer county up the Mohawk Valley or even further back to the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock. Gosh I had never thought I’d have seen the beginning of my 74th year. Miricals never seem to cease.
Frieda’s assessment of my varied pains common denominator I’ve got to simply find a few minutes time to make me-self my own pain relieving device. It could be so simple I could have been sitting upon it days, maybe even months ago? The shop holds the material and tools for the first construction steps to make the assured primary component.
If I find relief in Frieda’s designated solution I’ll seek out Genie’s assistance prettying it up with some fashionable upholstery. Should it work for me I’ll wonder how it is a similar device off the internet could by the wildest imagination cost upwards in excesses well over a hundred dollars.
Hmm, I know I’ve material for one. I’m already wondering what material for a second one would cost. I’m thinking one for home another either for Ugly or on the go?
Was good eating for me today. Hmm? Homemade chili dogs for lunch, a rare treat. She has got to want something. Oh boy, stuffed green peppers for supper, a favorite sure. Ooh Oh? This is gonna cost something’. I feel it in my bones. And it did. Frieda attended a yard sale down the road. Fortunately she didn’t have any money so I know I was saved a bundle. Bundle? Yeah sure, when I did finally get back home I was instructed to go up the road, pay for and pick-up her Mostesses yard-sale layaways. I‘m telling ya‘s, A husband can‘t win the first step into the next year’s start without it costing him. It just isn’t fair.
Darn it, setting seed this AM. Baling hay on three fields some distances apart. Mm mind forgetting materials for my back’s pain elimination materials, and a couple more matters. Mine and body totally exhausted I’ll post this and go to bed. BGKC.
PS: Any more comments from me will have to wait. I’m wasted.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Holly is really settling in and becoming a family member. Della for the first time this AM didn’t take of in a blur for the basement when her and I encountered each other. We seem to be making progress. Slowly but progress. She’s already getting along with Holly. Am I weird being two legged rather than four? Animals can be as funny as people.
Do this……
The next time you look at yourself in the mirror say, "I'm 20 percent better-looking than I think. " It's true. And here's the reason. While you're just looking at your appearance, others see your charisma, intellect, kindness, -- whatever makes you, you.
Author unknown
Reluctantly went to town to make Ugly saving de-fine-ly legal for another year. As much as I paid for Ugly’s trailing dog licenses renewal the moneys paid should have also treated it to a Tetanus Immunization shot protecting me from poke and scratch infections.
Damn, damn, damn, Frieda’s put together all the medical treatments trials and errors with what either fosters or dejects the assorted pains and their my mind’s stricken ends.
Stupid did/stupid does
After I had made Ugly all legal and proper for anoter six months I walked all the way next door the state secretary’s office and picked up a few things: food for cats, treats for Holly and myself, and a couple backed goods. The stupid did was opening some extremely heavily sugar coated day-old donuts, they were a bargain, and ate four (½) of them during my drive home. The stupid does them sweets generated the nastiest eye watering head ache I hadn’t intentionally done to myself in a long time. Blood pressure uncomfortably elevated, I’m paying heavily for my sweet tooth chomping way coming home.
Getting home I had a lunch simple enough only I had come to not feeling so good. Head throbbing around about a hatband ride line. Checking Blood Pressure it had climbed into the neighborhoods of 198 over 98 averages for the next four/five hours.
All I really managed all afternoon was grain grinding and that was late afternoon. I’d have left my day at that only Bro’ needed a can of gas, a quart ATF, and a new fuel filter for the 1850 Ollie he was broadcast seeding with. Having him taken care of I stopped by Loop’s for some power tool instruction, had a beer what set well calming me down relaxing my body’s systems.
Pork chops and strawberry short cake for supper the day cheated still closed with a forgiven end. BGKC.

PS: Catch-up day for me dragging one field seed, baling the two fields I was rained off couple days ago, and bale my broken in six one mile perimeter passes here. Gonna be a full day. Thursday both of us must see Doc. Summer is such fun Where does it go when were having fun?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today 5:00 PM afternoon

Been watching wildlife around here last three days. They’s all messed up. Turkeys dancing dances of adore fore their fair ladies adore. Had to stop Ugly for deer so confused they could not make up their minds which way they’re coming or going, up or down the road. Raccoons again are trying to take over the barn. I’ve only got one trap of four. Seems varmints are coming in the two legged varieties. I’d like to find an non injuring bear trap that’ll hold and cuff any individual making off with said live traps while forgetting from where they’d been borrowed and forgotten returned, plus light flashing lights, sounding alarms and whistles when the culprits are caught.
Finally got away from the whole farm complex-whatever for lunch. In the middle lunch Handy calls for a ride over to the crossroads. That was alright, Frieda’s had a list also, she asked for what we were out of Oat bread and low fat milk, plus fig bars, Allergy pills, hot dogs and buns, flour, cornmeal, and a Purina something chow. 2:00 PM after lunch I was on my way to the furthest satellite hay field we harvest. The wheat hay and the low field raked I was back home at 5:00 PM. Quarter after I was off with the baler. The wheat hay baled, I ha a durn good start on the high field. Into the second field rain threatens. A few moments it was more than threatening. I was getting a good soaking. Haying done at 7:30 PM for another day or so, on-a-count of rain. Balderdash!!!!!!! Home by 8:00 PM. Go to do my chores and some smart-a$$ has let my sickbay ladies out. Have also been informed tomorrow I grind.
Today and day before yesterday I mad’em smoke free. I don’t want to discus yesterday. BGKC.

6-14-o9 What days…..

Nights are’t much better? My back pain followed me to bed. There’s no more relief.
And yesterday was a real gas Promply in the house at 8:30 PM mindlessly I skipped the ice back on my back. I’m paying for it this morning,….pain, pain, and agony. My back fels like it were on fire leaning against the pack. What kind of a payback time do I call this one?
To atart with I had my goals yesterday: prpare WD5 and ford spring tooth drag togther for dragging in the sudex seed, Finish hayrake repairs now rest of last tines are here, bring home for turning the JD 4010 into a hay raking tractor, use the JD, and quite possibly bale hay lateer in the day. We’d had a slight rain shower just at day break to also contend with. It’d been nothing had I been able to gotten old Deagon Breath out there for some drying time. ` What near ruined my day was taking care of little brother: unhook drag from disc, “I’ve run out of fuel,” I knew it was going to happen as I was lining up more fuel cans in my mind. He calls me as I’m finishing Frieda’s luncheon omelet, pan fried tators, apple sauce, milk and coffee. And he calls me again and again. Darn it, I had to find more empty cans as I had filled the last four diesel cans with diesel contaminated gasoline. Found four in various places, filled delivered, poured, and 2150 Hercules engine fuel system primed for started. Getting back to shop for WD45 expected service-tuned, I’m celled, “Some disc blades are bend and hanging up. Bring some wrenches for straightening them out.” Whooppee?”
I had just come from the field. When’ll I get to WD45 again? Will I even rake hay today? Disc blades straightened with a torque amplifier (cheater) on a crescent and monkey wrenches I had straightened the discs as well as could be expected and was off for another return engagement to the shop’s yard. This time I managed to mount the WD45, take my chances not hitting anything I’d rather have avoided. I baked through the tall grasses to have magically find and have lined the mating connecting points without peril. The parking brake refusing to hold an anxious WD45 wanting to go It was an off in gear, in neutral out of gear running for the hydraulics (a real pain in the ass) to implement this tractor upon a grade. The top link stubborn had to wait until the whole contrivance was unjungled and sitting clear the environment it were in. Finally Delicately resuited with the aid of a three pound hammer and fuelled I parked it to one side. About then I’s celled again….. “Can you reattach the drag to the disc, while I get something to eat.” Marvelous, I’s off to the field again. Luckily Barry was there for help (Tom’s step son). Things well lined up I put Barry’s earlier efforts take things apart right. Backed the disc tongue into the drag drawbar. Then helped Barry get the last half inch for the connecting hitch pin. We put the disc wings out and bolted them in place. As Barry and I finished indentured parts Bro’ came wheeling up to take up the real work. ;) About here I had to go home for rattlers. An hour’s wait before supper I did my chores getting them out of way, took chance on celling daughter for ride to shop. I got her and more, neighbor Loopy of Loopy acres at the wheel daughter riding shotgun, as I was duo-ly escorted to my last task of the day. I brought the 4010 JG home to hook the hay rake upon. At 8:30 PM I entered my home for my free time. My free time mode lasted long enough for my supper’s consumption and a free fall into bed. I’d felt better this morning had I only had put on ice.
Is this to early for BGKC.

Friday, June 12, 2009

cranked up

I think most folks know Frieda had finally gotten her dog of choice, a doxy, Holly. Just this morning Frieda thought there was something wrong with her Holly and asked me to look at her. So I picked Holly up, an exercise she detests. Holly fidgeting in my hands, I looked her over. Obviously I frowned as I told Frieda, “I’m just going to have to put her down.” :-(
To this Frieda asked, “Is she hopelessly sick?” :-|
“No!” said I, “She’s just to danged squigglingly heavy!”
Beautiful morning. Ran across varmint caught in what it’d been doing last night.
It’d be a gift to Demeatrius for his Black and Tan hounds. Almost a shame I had to ruin it with farm play. First thing out of the chute the second baler plopped a tire right off the rim my hitting the road. Deciding to get it safely off the road on a hill top I pulled the whole rig right into Mr. Got Rocks driveway. From there I strolled down hill to the shop. Loaded truck with menial repair tools enough to get the job started. To look like I cared about his lawn I happen to have cardboard piece I weighted down under tractor. Then I commenced to remove offending tire. Taking it back to shop that thirty year old tubeless tire just got an inner-tube today. There! Getting back site of my morning misfortune I exchanged a few words with Mrs. Got Rocks. She’s still worthy a couple extra looks. Lucky the old man who had gotten her to keep him young at heart. Oh yeah, I did put the inflated tire back on baler and removed everything indicating I’d been there back to shop.
Trying my best to get started upon the afternoon, Bro’ managed to keep dinking me around until he almost made sure the afternoon was lost.
When I did get away I was looking foreward to supper and what had I done? I’d neglected to refill my pill bottle. Supper was late tonight. Some kind of Garfield un-recommended all vegetable lasagna. I had hoped it taste better than it sounded?
Going a-field with an 1850 with haylage baler I did manage to put up a dozen bales off a field where I had expected less. Was volunteer grass following last fall’s sudex harvest. I’ll take it.
Celebration time:
We’re great grand parents again, a boy this time to even up the ranks, that’s one girl and two boys.
Ho boy, I’m loosing it. Have got to lie down. BGKC while I make some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6-11th-o9’s Continuation.part two

It’s evening and my mind has gone blank. That invisible 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM wall I hit everyday continues its nagging reminder I‘m supposed to be done. It isn’t easy continuing. This act requires my sitting down and focusing my mind on one thing, one problem, one project, so’s the next hour or hours are productive. These hour’s are often filled with tidying shop of all those projects we’ve finished; that’s rather than foul up or pull some stupid mistake.
Unhooked hooked up implements on/off all day long. Prepared WD45 for setting seed planting tomorrow. That was fun. Had to drop draw-bar and lift three point ito position for change over.
Under morning’s light had to bring in cow and pink-eyed calf. That was fun. Cussed calf got out and we had to go get her a second time. Because that calf’s behavior I had to keep the whole sick bay lot locked up all day.
Frieda’s has either complained or complemented me understanding her dog better than herself, and she spends all the time with the doux-mutt. Della the cat still hasn’t warmed up to me. Me, talk to the animals? I don’t think so. BGKC.

6-11-o9 So behind

I owe myself an apology failing to even write of me! If this is my busy season I must be in it. Getting machines out, servicing same, seeing it going a-field, myself using half of it the day’s have become longer. Throw in tending my ladies, one of them in the wrong place. The wires going dead Frieda backing into one. No need to worry. I didn’t feel a thing. Finding a calf needing some blue spray for flies, Fixing fence; a couple insulators missing, some tangled wires, some mysteriously lowered retightened insulators(?????) (some skullduggery going on???), Equipment repair, Finding the fence failure a broken circuit completing gate handle, otherwise I been living it up soaking up the Sun under my wide brimmed floppy hat and hand covering brown cotton jersey gloves. Notice I threw the descriptive word “jersey” in there to display my sense of continued higher classed choices in my Shorthorn country wardrobe choices.
Feeling bad missing my favorite private haunts checking in on only two the more public joints I openly favor. Serves them right for letting me in in those joints in the first place.
Heavens to murgatroid I’ve missed the opened wide garage door to check out the offered side boarded coffee and brownies. One sheepishly thing remembered from what I read to tired to comprehend or remember I like the pictures Cliff’s discerning choice in the new to himself Ollie tractor.
I remembered Alias’s birthday, it’s so close to mine, and he’s such a close net friend I’ve more than enjoyed his cyber company. Besides it not everybody who’s house hold has allowed me to run my ladies in their kitchen.
For my yesterday’s contribution. BGKC.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Been a good day.... par two

One more little retrospect, or a efficiency report upon my chore boots. Wearing them last night I’m delighted to report they didn’t leak one drop of rain water. They either held or contained every raindrop what filled them running off the shop’s eve’s onto my hat, shoulders, down the inside my bibs to fill them boots. The test was a success. No auxiliary time was lost nor wasted during the time I had my hands inside that electrical housed fence charger house.
Short a dozen tines Tom and I almost managed to finish repairs upon the IH hay rake, otherwise it is greased, the follower bars re-curved or tuned up, say.
The plows have been cleaned, painted, and put away. The 2150 now has the disc-harrow behind it and behind that a spring toothed drag. When the new exhaust pipe gets here in the morning and installed the 2150 will be good to go. Then I’ll be looking to get out a hay baler. Have no idea when I’ll use it. Day’s so cold the mown hay isn’t drying. And the freaked weatherman’s
Is no help suggesting more rain Thursday ands all this was to be a dry baling. Bah!
Frieda wanting only the best for her new pet, I picked up something with wholesome grains, real beef, plus accented with vitamins and vegetables. Supper was good tonight and having let my digestive juices do their thing I’ve developed the strangest urge over the last hour or so to scratch behind my ear with my foot. I’m worried as to what has gottened into me. BGKC.

Hello everybody…. part one

Speaking for yesterday beyond my last journal entry.
Frieda and I send along our many thanks for thinking of us with all the well wishes. Truth be told June 5th 1958 when Frieda had opened her door to me and my being, she has told me, She was frightened , for she knew at that moment we were to spend our lives together.
Herself a dedicated Tomboy, in an instant, she liked being a girl. I can’t tell how glad I’ve been over that.
June 8th 1958 our first official date we spent 6 hours together. That evening when I had had left her on her door step I felt loneliness for the first time in my life. A few hours later, slow for my then height and age, it took me a bit longer to know, realize the same thing. We spoke our wedding vows each of us giving ourselves’ each to the other for ever more December 8th 1958.
Oddly enough June 8th 1958 is seated deeper, more vividly in my mind. It was the day we were truly blessed to find a true love to share.
Something I’ve never understood in her mind? How could I have been such a frightening individual with whom she never-ever ever felt safer with? She’s also told me That when she had let me take her hand that night I introduced myself, she knew she was at home. Women simply boggle my mind. God Bless them. 51 years and I still haven’t figured her out. I swear she hasn’t let me to know anymore about her than she’ll let me know……….

PS: Gathering for the ladies in the morning's rains, preparing for the ladies pallets in the afternoon's sunshine, having to re-contain the bulls the evening hours into dark of night, I'd stolen mere moments to say hello and thank you here this morning. May thee all be blessed, everyone.
What a finish to a day I had last night. The bulls having gotten out, caught and contained I got there in time to take over bull pen repairs. That was fun. While I was fixing fence I daren’t turn my back on’em. Like little boys they tried their mischievous sneaking by me to be on the outside several times. The worst part was replacing a totally destroyed cattle panel and that’s ordinarily tough stuff. It turn out replacing that cattle panel was the easiest part. Thankfully Keith had rounded up those two bad boys, had them watched by Jake (son) and Josh (nephew) while he sorted out the hot wires. That part of the job was the worst. First off somebody had pulled the fence charger’s plug. When we got around to plugging it back in I failed to work. We rechecked fence hot wires again and again. No go. Then it was to changing the chargers. Lucky me I got that chore and where did I have to stand to do it? Right under the shop’s eve in standing water with torrents of rain plus all the drainages off the building’s roof right down over my head shoulders and filling boots. The boots were at their working best. No leaks, no water was lost, not a drop. Five chargers later fence was working over having checked, rechecked, replaced, recycled chargers until we found one working. The evening’s more restful entertainment was in the form of dancing flashes of light dancing across the skies followed by the crescendo of thunder rumbling and rolling through the descending rains under that same darkening sky.
Myself well soaked (missing soap bubbles) and repeatedly rinsed I came out of my clothing near squeaky clean needing only toweling to make myself comfortable. Comfortable I finished journal entry. That was that and went to bed. Sleep came easily. Yup, my boots are water tight, they didn’t loose a single drop all evening.
Today’s Shorthorn country entertainment: clean up damage fence site; clean, paint, park plows; change over to disc to work plowed fields; take, fix, replace missing bar tines, grease and oil the International hay rake. I save my AC rake for near exclusive alfalfa raking. I could sure us Tom’s help today.
This is it for my morning journal contribution. I’ve got to get it together and out of here. Oh boy, I get to dress all clean from way down under this Morning. Wee!

Monday, June 8, 2009

‘Twas a Dark Day…

Present day
One After my cutting down likely sixty acres hay yesterday to a weatherman’s report sprinkles ending by noon and next five days fair weather. I want to put a price on his head!!!!!!!!! Then looking again at what has happened having been delivered an inch of rain last night and another quarter inch this aftewrnoon, When that hay’s baled and put away it’ll be the cleanest I’ll have ever started putting up first any season since I started haying 63 years ago.
A day of long long-ago
On this date 51 years ago I had arranged a picnic date with a very lovely young lady. I had decided before I had picked her up we were going to go window shopping. No time to waste sitting idly anywhere letting another media entertain us. I wanted to know of what kind of stuff this lady possessed and was made of, dreams, ambitions, goals, and argumentative smarts.
Riding beside me she was mute the first half hour, our drive up the coast to see what kind of entertainment the village of Saugatuck had to offer. First stop I helped her out of the car reversing my having helped her in earlier. The overcast sky emitting liquid sunshine I took her hand beautifully fitting within my own. Together we dashed away dodging rain drops onto the first stop’s porch. This place was one of the high priced mercantile junk shop tourist traps other wise known as a antique shop.
Inside there were all manner of old things older than our combined ages. Old chairs hanging on the walls as if we had walked into a shaker home. Children’s old sleds and wagons. Bureaus dressers and an ardmore, a pie safe, end tables plus other wooden and wicker seating furniture. Towards the back of the shop there even set a buggy and cutter. In the center of the there were a couple sinks, one of them made of china including a pedestal. It was beautiful. Next to it was a marble toped sink assembly what could use a cabinet of its own.
Myself taking a particular interest in this old piece of Americana, Frieda asked me, “What‘s your interest in that dirty old sink thingy?”
I answered, “I’d like one like for use in a home I’d build for my family someday.”
She stated, “I’ll enjoy spending a lifetime watching you shave over such a sink.”
Now just where had that come from? Did she realize what she’d said?
Through my mind one word described her mind, “Nuts.” How she decide that already? I had only introduced myself to her four evenings prior. She was nuts. Another 5 ½ hours talking eating talking walking eventually dropping her off, I had wondered from where the rain had come from? Two more dates that evening when I had walked into my mother’s home along about 2:00 AM, Mom wanted to know where I had been all day. Coming form I knew not where, I blurted out, “I been out with my future Mrs.’s today. Mom in turn accused me, “Your nuts!”. Exactly six months more heavy discussions over the what’s and wherefores of a marriage contract from that very day on we’d said our vows to be married for ever more Dec. 8th.
Today’s activities involved my dropping Handy off at Doc’s office. Next it was my day’s way for traveling about the neighborhood to re-supply my shelled corn supplies my having to grind today. Just as timely as never imagined possible Handy was ready to come home a just about the same time I had the next steps beginnings coming together. Still making deals we split for our individual lunches. Lunch out of way I picked up empty feed wagon made second day’s stop by the elevator for supplements, and then Handy. His help he handled the weighty lifting I need avoid, to avoid those debilitating lightening headaches. Grind done, feed wagon spotted some hap hazard shop time trying to cut some glass, we just managed to save one possible piece out of three. That glass sheet to old, to brittle, it broke so many ways, I’ll take what I can get (salvage) for a new glass for the sandblasting cabinet window.
Late enough looking like more rain we all closed shop and I took Handy over to the crossroads for some his shopping and medications. Me, I found a couple half price sales in the produce department. This of course right after I had tried talking a young lady out in the rain if she’d share rain coat. She neither said yes or no. I at least got a pretty smile.
I don’t remember supper. I don’t even remember what I had. Wasn’t really finished when I was called out. Somebody had pulled the fence charger plug for the bull pens and they’d been out for a strol. Keith had them back in. I was needed for fixing the fences. Fence repairs were easy enough. The fence charger was something else, failing to work. We’d gone through all the chargers on the shelf before we found one old reprobate that worked. I was odd how all those chargers were checked out while Bro’ and Keith kibitzed from the shop’s sheltering walls and roof while I got to stand out in the pouring down rains. Especially those waters what had rinsed off the roof before running down my neck and filling my boots. It was a grand two hours. Slickest shower I’ve ever had without the soap.
There’s more than one way to clean up farming. BGKC.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Got to get it done

Woke and started day as becoming the usual. Resting back against an ice bag.
Cruised E-net some. Answered some, got some to go. Also need get to woik. What’ll I do? I need good dose Ice, what the “H.” Time for another cup coffee. There just isn’t nothing like being totally organized.
When do I start haying? Normally or this year? Personally I like to get at it two-three weeks before memorial day. Few years back made difference what weather forecasts predicted us drying time. Five-six days usually and still raking. Since we’ve gotten haylage baler need two days, cut and wilt.
This year……. Two tractors totally down, two more down with locked up clutch on denigrated crankshaft pilot bearing. Another with blown driver inner tube, we’re way behind do to rain, wet fields and last minute easy(?) repairs. BAH!
Two downed tractors ready to go next year we’ll hopefully be in better shape, for the shapes we’re in. {:^(
Oh, Memorial Day is (has been) the traditional Lower Michigan kick off weekend for hay making’s start around here. I (we’ve) (myself particularly) have been known to cheat on that date. Once I showed‘em how to put up 60 ton dry one year and followed with 80 ton dry the following year before Memorial Day.
Spent my morning until 1:15 PM finishing up the Rotary-Mower. Lunch out of the way by 2:00 PM, I was out and out the farmyard driveway. I was on my way to put another tractor in the field. So it be between 2:00 and 8:00 pm’s allowing two hours traveling time between four hayfields, Moving over those fields mowing at an 8-mph speed’s cutting 12’ swaths I dropped a lot of hay today in much less than four hours time. Ho boy, This much grass down will keep me busy for a couple more days. If I ain’t pooped, I’m going to be. BGKC.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

To much…….

Living under the same roof with Frieda has had it's good and bad effects upon our relationship. Right now we're on the verge of breaking up. There's only so much punishment a relationship like ours may endure. That's it, it's time to reconsider if we can continue this putting up with each other. Any longer?
I do the dumb stuff and she laughs. “I get no respect.”
Like yesterday, I came home, stepped down from Ugly truck, Saw a four footed Lady watching me, I took a stance, looked her squarely in the eyes and spoke to her. She answered me back. Frieda witnessed this conversational exchange. and as usual she laughed, while spouting something like, "You and your talking to the animals?"
Well maybe not. She's been rather easy and economical to entertain. Our doing things together has always been the grandest entertainment hoot. I can't begin to tell the many ways Frieda's unselfishly entertained me, even at so called work. Most of those are stories for my great great-grandchildren many years from here, to know we were devoted lover's in private the world had never seen.
Arrggghhhh.......I can't take any more this! Time for subject change.
It’s a wonder I’ve gotten anything done today. Truth is I haven’t gotten a thing done all day. Tom took 2150 and plows for three mile drive to plow a satellite field for a hay planting. He’d lost the plows twice on the road over. Bro’ had called Keith for 7/16” bolts, Keith brought to me a hand full of ½” bolts what I had thought it be a trick stuffing them in a smaller hole. Going through our stock I found a 7/16” 5 and 8 grade assortment including double nuts for the lot for a finality a-fixing plow to tractor. Then they didn’t need them. Chip’s been keeping me busy off and on all day kibitzing his woodshed’s back wall replacement. Bro’ even comes back to take me away from my rotary-mower attentions for use to help with his chores. Fiddle faddle! Umpteen interruptions I’ve still got threes turtles needing blade attentions and the machines total grease and lube job and checking come morning before its totally prepared for haying. Scattered rain showers predicted for our area tonight and I may still get in some grass cutting tomorrow afternoon. Starting day after tomorrow were supposed to have four nice days. BGKC.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I had a great day

BOTH of us had a great day today. Holly chewed through her leash Frieda had used ti tie her dog out. When loose Holly came straight to her mistress. I’ve been noted to do the same thing.
Gosh I woke up without a headache. My back a bit sore I put an ice pack behind me to lean on.
I got out early. Did what I had to do here and hit the road with more gathered up grease guns. I got the 1850 greased. The JD starter back (fixed at no charge) The JD finally started with a complete fuel change. Smoked for a little while just had to show us it couldn’t stand to use any upper lube in its brand new overhaul.
Three TLC-ed tractors sitting outside the shop door before lunch, The 1st one’s (2150) ready to go plow come morning. A second one’s (1850) hooked on the rotary-mower. The R-M needing a lube, skid-plates changed, and knives sharpened it should be ready to come afternoon. Wow… Two tractor’s prepared and ready for the field! This could mean we could actually get back to farming the in real sandbox way; and, before the 4th July at that!!!!! Whoopee! BGKC.
PS: I don’t mean to be mad, I’m just disgusted!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"A" Good day……

…….for a change. Hell of a good day. It weren’t anything short of a grand day. My headaches were little ones, light ones, easy ones to take. So busy today I enjoyed every minute of it free the black dragoned miseries.
I (we) finally got everything together today. Even got to wash and wipe some tools off this afternoon for putting away. Trying to grease the 1850 Ollie I couldn’t find a coherent grease gun what fit the zerks to put that grease in all the places what needed the slippery stuff.
Everything appearing hunky-dory excepting for the grease gun, well almost everything, the JD wont start and stay running. Just because there was a cup of diesel or so in all the fuel can’s I emptied the JD gasoline into somebody figured I were the oil in the gas what prevented the JD to keep running. So I started siphoning. The fuel replaced Jd still refused to start. This time the starter perhaps weakened over the years Bro’ took it in for rebuild. To fill out the afternoon we topped off the other driver with blast fluid. To late in the day to start anything circumstances just may have set us back a jolt. The two year old right front driver on the 2150 appears to be leaking air. Just a knowing that tire’s holding Korean made inner tube I’m already thinking the worst. Just a few days ago I had one of them Korean inner tube’s in and out of another smaller wagon’s spare tire three times before I found that manufacture’s defect air leak. It’s an, “Oh no. not again?”
Coming in late this evening supper sure tasted good and went down well. Such a pretty day all away around after the last 24 hours. What is it? Every time I think I’m about caught up, and coming to a corner just an itching to turn it, I run dab-nab straight into another detour sign.
I knew it. I knew it! I should have read that detour sign some 50 years, 11 months, 20 days or 10 days from now, I’d still been a celebrating this man’s freedom that day……. Butt, that is another dark evening's story coming around again. };^)) BGKC.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A two-fer show

Saw two simultaneous free admission shows on my way home last night. A way’s back in a field off my left, driving past on my way home, I saw two images of ongoing life. The closer scene to me involved some large black birds they were busy eating upon some thing they’d had to have found dead their pulling and jumping about trying to tear it apart between them. They looked like corn kernels on a hot kitchen range cook top trying to pop.
The second scene further back in the same field involved a tom turkey his tail fanned out his feathers all puffed and huffed out was busily doing a dance for the attentions of a couple hens. Wow, I got the benefits of two shows fer the price of one ignition key turned off. BGKC.

bad & good.for the day

My morning’s start was all pain. For myself I had 2 ½ head aches running simultaneously. Now that some feelings to mess up anybody’s mind. Frieda’s foot feeling some better with the spur pads I got for her shoes.
Early lunch I near had to eat my dinner with a scoop shovel. I had the shakes so bad I couldn’t eat peas as I couldn’t keep them on my fork. Some squash I tried eating my hand shaking so bad the forks tines merely managed to strain the orange stuff back onto my plate. Stabbing the meat I got that eaten just fine. Used a table spoon I finely conquered everything else.
Finely went to shop. I could put tools away if nothing else, so I figured. Feeling so rough I had to find Tom. With Tom’s help (my helping Tom) (my taking a fist full of pain relievers) we finished the Ollie making a couple changes in the running of heater hoses. The fluids where topped off. The cab lifted and reset. The clutch linkage taken up an inch. Muffler bolted tight. The side panels packed with foam around radiator were bolted tight. The OLLIE’S DONE!
And, just as I predicted, leaving the Perkins’s engine to prime itself the engine had started without hesitation.
Took to helping Bro’ finish adding fluid to 2150 tire. The TRACTOR TIRE’S DONE!
Bro’s steps he’s made for the JD are the worst he’s ever made. I don’t think he’s tried them. I’ve got both my legs and they’s a disaster waiting to cause a man injury mountain climbing on and off that tractor. It’s odd, all those steps be had patterned after my originals are easy walking (Note: I didn’t say climbing).
Marvelously I finished my day in much better shape and feeling that I had with the morning’s start. Oh shucks, I forgot to water some plants. BGKC.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

finishing something

A note: If my title no makes sense I had chosen it to cover whatever I may be into this particular day. Sometimes it works out as predicted more often a situation may arise to redirect all my efforts making my title a lie. Well maybe? So cut me some slack for good intentions……
Frieda’s gotten her doxy dog to walk and can’t walk. Seeing Doc yesterday she’s so many spurs attaching themselves (grown) on her foot bones they feel like knives (particularly her heal) when she walks. I don’t doubt but what her left foot will follow. Thoughts include silicone pads in her shoes. I’ve only just this morning suggested she wear sandals taking the pressure off her foot’s heal. Then visualizing her hopping and skipping about should I take her for a walk in next Winter’s snows. (hehehehe) The devil made me think it. (hehehehe) I can’t help it visualizing the scenes.
In my morning’s travels delivering papers to Doc’s office, he in pursuit the unscrupulous who pray on senior citizen health shady care needs for barely legal bogus Medicare payments. Good Luck Doc. Next stop drug store. Down the street I picked up more my own meds. While I was at it I went by good old Doctor Scholl’s hung up foot care begged board emporium where I found a pair of silicon filled spur pain relieving shoe inserts. It continues to tick me off, the staggered prescription refills when we’ve so many miles to cover in the country to pick them up.
Halleluiah! I’ve finished finish-painting the last batch of JD parts. I came real close to finishing the 1850 Ollie assembly with Tom’s exclusive wrenching help. The bicycle chain was the worst part to put together in the whole reassembly process. The Ollie could have been finished sooner had I not been plagued with continued (two way) headaches. Bummer. Ollie only needs sheet metal bolted up, a gallon or less coolant, likely a gallon hydraulic fluid, the cab settled in and bolted down, clutch adjusted, and a last walk around.
This it, the pain has moved into my eyes. I need some sleep to escape my pins. Hmmm, Frieda doesn’t even bother me. BGKC.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st already

Where has the time gone? Ah, never mind. But admittedly my body and mind simply can’t keep up with the earth’s rotation anymore. So admittedly this kind of talk will get me no where and how care out side what’s housing my soul while I live. Hey!
Getting to my day in Shorthorn country the Ladies were still right where I had left them and their master minds to figure it out evening last. No good to them by myself I drove over for Tom’s help. Getting back jaus as before the ladies ignored me, although there was nothing lacking in their voices. I called to them to no avail, so Tom joined me in giving the ladies an unwanted driven push several not going easily. Dummies. They must have gotten double dosages just for this day alone. Cows in barn-yard gate closed, Drove us on Cushman straight through the mob, my starting calling to them once we were half way through them. “Come boss, come boss!” This I carried on with a great amount of zeal as I was bovinely called a liar, a disinterested soul, a meany, uninterested, stingy, uncaring, un-Ethel-I-cal and the list could very well go on. A half mile I encouraged the reluctant entourage to follow. Distrustful I even had to drive into the field and walk back and forth the line they knew was supposed to, yet had only been there. 10,ooo Volts is quite a jolt. Why the calves like it is beyond me. The ladies are in grass higher than the folded windshield on the Cushman. AND THEN, one would think all this tall green grass delivery was all their ideas singularly alone. Sheesh!
Spent most of the day reassembling the 1850 Ollie in the shop enough to refuel the fuel tank to turn the tank valve on for the free flow of diesel to trickle through the fuel’s plumbing….. By tomorrow’s afternoon the engine shall have prep rimed itself without any help from me. Classic fuel system for the 354 Perkins diesel letting the engine self prime over night.
Lets see, have to set the grill back on tub, lower cab and fasten down, finish paint the parts I had primed yesterday, put back in the tractors PTO and hydraulic drive shaft, and top off with the engine hood.
I write anymore I’ll complain of aches and pains. They continued on as if asked in. I did no such thing.
Frieda made it to Doc’s office this after noon. Her feet pictured x-rayed she’s wearing so many spurs in her feet coming and going, it’s no wonder she’s such a wild ride. BGKC.