Friday, June 5, 2009

I had a great day

BOTH of us had a great day today. Holly chewed through her leash Frieda had used ti tie her dog out. When loose Holly came straight to her mistress. I’ve been noted to do the same thing.
Gosh I woke up without a headache. My back a bit sore I put an ice pack behind me to lean on.
I got out early. Did what I had to do here and hit the road with more gathered up grease guns. I got the 1850 greased. The JD starter back (fixed at no charge) The JD finally started with a complete fuel change. Smoked for a little while just had to show us it couldn’t stand to use any upper lube in its brand new overhaul.
Three TLC-ed tractors sitting outside the shop door before lunch, The 1st one’s (2150) ready to go plow come morning. A second one’s (1850) hooked on the rotary-mower. The R-M needing a lube, skid-plates changed, and knives sharpened it should be ready to come afternoon. Wow… Two tractor’s prepared and ready for the field! This could mean we could actually get back to farming the in real sandbox way; and, before the 4th July at that!!!!! Whoopee! BGKC.
PS: I don’t mean to be mad, I’m just disgusted!

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Anonymous said...

Fernan, you gots tomorrow and a wake up before the celebration. Unless, you figure to splurge onna Sunday meal at the Ritz.

Be sure and shuck yer tuxs and put on clean socks. And, make sure you sit in the no-smoking section. Also, keep your ribald comment about the sexy waitresses to yourself. There's no reason to embarrass your nuptial queen.