Thursday, June 11, 2009

6-11th-o9’s Continuation.part two

It’s evening and my mind has gone blank. That invisible 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM wall I hit everyday continues its nagging reminder I‘m supposed to be done. It isn’t easy continuing. This act requires my sitting down and focusing my mind on one thing, one problem, one project, so’s the next hour or hours are productive. These hour’s are often filled with tidying shop of all those projects we’ve finished; that’s rather than foul up or pull some stupid mistake.
Unhooked hooked up implements on/off all day long. Prepared WD45 for setting seed planting tomorrow. That was fun. Had to drop draw-bar and lift three point ito position for change over.
Under morning’s light had to bring in cow and pink-eyed calf. That was fun. Cussed calf got out and we had to go get her a second time. Because that calf’s behavior I had to keep the whole sick bay lot locked up all day.
Frieda’s has either complained or complemented me understanding her dog better than herself, and she spends all the time with the doux-mutt. Della the cat still hasn’t warmed up to me. Me, talk to the animals? I don’t think so. BGKC.

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