Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sposed to rain….

….with sever thunderstorms in the forecast. Other than the sever weather warnings I could use a weathering day off. Don’t mean there’s nothing to do. One of the first things needing doing around here for an all to soon field activity requires the fixing and/or making of electric fence posts for dividing up the now mowed pastures.
It’s about time I talk the ladies out of the hay yard. They’ve done a good job cleaning it up for me; but, now I need that area for their winter stores. Next bit of pasture they’s going to like. Lots of tender grasses and legumes. They’s going to wear smiles for a few days at least.
Machinery line up.
Here I am. Your man of action.
After these…

Looking for a breather from the Michigan Heat wave I brought out the Cushman for my day’s work horse of choice. Ha! I get to other end Bro needs hay. What’d he do with the hay I delivered last night. Then he tells me wrong. He needs dry hay. What’s he do with it, feeds it to his girls. I’ve got a hot bale here to go… I’ll see to it he’ll get it tomorrow. I fix.
So, it were back home I’m was to go, hay wagon in tow behind Cushman. That drive should have gotten a couple raised eyebrow takes. Idée biddy Cushman Dwarfed, towing monstrous wagon.
Spent most my day around the shop doing a bit of this, a bit of that. Got onto working over my salt feeder at long last. I hopefully want to find one missing washer to finish the project lid on the salt dispenser tomorrow. Next trick will be getting it on Ugly for home’s return. Meanwhile, I managed to return the Ford digger back home which seems next to impossible to anyone else with the exception of myself. Glad it is finally home. Perhaps, just perhaps I may finish the grading the lower drive way before dropping the back blade for the bush-hawg. Don’t knoa what it is? Suddenly exhaustion id taking over what’s left my good senses. BGKC.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning old Friend. I guess you know by now I'm deadlined waiting for repairs to my rear wheels. Right now I'm running on flats using a set of drag poles like a travois. Only in the upright position.

I should have taken care of it during the winter months but I laid off thinking I could make do for one more summer. Well, now I'm finding out what my thinking has wrought.

If I don't do anything and stay off my feet, it doesn't hurt all that much. But, yesterday, I went out and tried to work and today I'm paying for it.

Be good old buddy and I'll catch you later.......gfp