Thursday, June 4, 2009

"A" Good day……

…….for a change. Hell of a good day. It weren’t anything short of a grand day. My headaches were little ones, light ones, easy ones to take. So busy today I enjoyed every minute of it free the black dragoned miseries.
I (we) finally got everything together today. Even got to wash and wipe some tools off this afternoon for putting away. Trying to grease the 1850 Ollie I couldn’t find a coherent grease gun what fit the zerks to put that grease in all the places what needed the slippery stuff.
Everything appearing hunky-dory excepting for the grease gun, well almost everything, the JD wont start and stay running. Just because there was a cup of diesel or so in all the fuel can’s I emptied the JD gasoline into somebody figured I were the oil in the gas what prevented the JD to keep running. So I started siphoning. The fuel replaced Jd still refused to start. This time the starter perhaps weakened over the years Bro’ took it in for rebuild. To fill out the afternoon we topped off the other driver with blast fluid. To late in the day to start anything circumstances just may have set us back a jolt. The two year old right front driver on the 2150 appears to be leaking air. Just a knowing that tire’s holding Korean made inner tube I’m already thinking the worst. Just a few days ago I had one of them Korean inner tube’s in and out of another smaller wagon’s spare tire three times before I found that manufacture’s defect air leak. It’s an, “Oh no. not again?”
Coming in late this evening supper sure tasted good and went down well. Such a pretty day all away around after the last 24 hours. What is it? Every time I think I’m about caught up, and coming to a corner just an itching to turn it, I run dab-nab straight into another detour sign.
I knew it. I knew it! I should have read that detour sign some 50 years, 11 months, 20 days or 10 days from now, I’d still been a celebrating this man’s freedom that day……. Butt, that is another dark evening's story coming around again. };^)) BGKC.

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