Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello everybody…. part one

Speaking for yesterday beyond my last journal entry.
Frieda and I send along our many thanks for thinking of us with all the well wishes. Truth be told June 5th 1958 when Frieda had opened her door to me and my being, she has told me, She was frightened , for she knew at that moment we were to spend our lives together.
Herself a dedicated Tomboy, in an instant, she liked being a girl. I can’t tell how glad I’ve been over that.
June 8th 1958 our first official date we spent 6 hours together. That evening when I had had left her on her door step I felt loneliness for the first time in my life. A few hours later, slow for my then height and age, it took me a bit longer to know, realize the same thing. We spoke our wedding vows each of us giving ourselves’ each to the other for ever more December 8th 1958.
Oddly enough June 8th 1958 is seated deeper, more vividly in my mind. It was the day we were truly blessed to find a true love to share.
Something I’ve never understood in her mind? How could I have been such a frightening individual with whom she never-ever ever felt safer with? She’s also told me That when she had let me take her hand that night I introduced myself, she knew she was at home. Women simply boggle my mind. God Bless them. 51 years and I still haven’t figured her out. I swear she hasn’t let me to know anymore about her than she’ll let me know……….

PS: Gathering for the ladies in the morning's rains, preparing for the ladies pallets in the afternoon's sunshine, having to re-contain the bulls the evening hours into dark of night, I'd stolen mere moments to say hello and thank you here this morning. May thee all be blessed, everyone.
What a finish to a day I had last night. The bulls having gotten out, caught and contained I got there in time to take over bull pen repairs. That was fun. While I was fixing fence I daren’t turn my back on’em. Like little boys they tried their mischievous sneaking by me to be on the outside several times. The worst part was replacing a totally destroyed cattle panel and that’s ordinarily tough stuff. It turn out replacing that cattle panel was the easiest part. Thankfully Keith had rounded up those two bad boys, had them watched by Jake (son) and Josh (nephew) while he sorted out the hot wires. That part of the job was the worst. First off somebody had pulled the fence charger’s plug. When we got around to plugging it back in I failed to work. We rechecked fence hot wires again and again. No go. Then it was to changing the chargers. Lucky me I got that chore and where did I have to stand to do it? Right under the shop’s eve in standing water with torrents of rain plus all the drainages off the building’s roof right down over my head shoulders and filling boots. The boots were at their working best. No leaks, no water was lost, not a drop. Five chargers later fence was working over having checked, rechecked, replaced, recycled chargers until we found one working. The evening’s more restful entertainment was in the form of dancing flashes of light dancing across the skies followed by the crescendo of thunder rumbling and rolling through the descending rains under that same darkening sky.
Myself well soaked (missing soap bubbles) and repeatedly rinsed I came out of my clothing near squeaky clean needing only toweling to make myself comfortable. Comfortable I finished journal entry. That was that and went to bed. Sleep came easily. Yup, my boots are water tight, they didn’t loose a single drop all evening.
Today’s Shorthorn country entertainment: clean up damage fence site; clean, paint, park plows; change over to disc to work plowed fields; take, fix, replace missing bar tines, grease and oil the International hay rake. I save my AC rake for near exclusive alfalfa raking. I could sure us Tom’s help today.
This is it for my morning journal contribution. I’ve got to get it together and out of here. Oh boy, I get to dress all clean from way down under this Morning. Wee!

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