Monday, June 15, 2009


Holly is really settling in and becoming a family member. Della for the first time this AM didn’t take of in a blur for the basement when her and I encountered each other. We seem to be making progress. Slowly but progress. She’s already getting along with Holly. Am I weird being two legged rather than four? Animals can be as funny as people.
Do this……
The next time you look at yourself in the mirror say, "I'm 20 percent better-looking than I think. " It's true. And here's the reason. While you're just looking at your appearance, others see your charisma, intellect, kindness, -- whatever makes you, you.
Author unknown
Reluctantly went to town to make Ugly saving de-fine-ly legal for another year. As much as I paid for Ugly’s trailing dog licenses renewal the moneys paid should have also treated it to a Tetanus Immunization shot protecting me from poke and scratch infections.
Damn, damn, damn, Frieda’s put together all the medical treatments trials and errors with what either fosters or dejects the assorted pains and their my mind’s stricken ends.
Stupid did/stupid does
After I had made Ugly all legal and proper for anoter six months I walked all the way next door the state secretary’s office and picked up a few things: food for cats, treats for Holly and myself, and a couple backed goods. The stupid did was opening some extremely heavily sugar coated day-old donuts, they were a bargain, and ate four (½) of them during my drive home. The stupid does them sweets generated the nastiest eye watering head ache I hadn’t intentionally done to myself in a long time. Blood pressure uncomfortably elevated, I’m paying heavily for my sweet tooth chomping way coming home.
Getting home I had a lunch simple enough only I had come to not feeling so good. Head throbbing around about a hatband ride line. Checking Blood Pressure it had climbed into the neighborhoods of 198 over 98 averages for the next four/five hours.
All I really managed all afternoon was grain grinding and that was late afternoon. I’d have left my day at that only Bro’ needed a can of gas, a quart ATF, and a new fuel filter for the 1850 Ollie he was broadcast seeding with. Having him taken care of I stopped by Loop’s for some power tool instruction, had a beer what set well calming me down relaxing my body’s systems.
Pork chops and strawberry short cake for supper the day cheated still closed with a forgiven end. BGKC.

PS: Catch-up day for me dragging one field seed, baling the two fields I was rained off couple days ago, and bale my broken in six one mile perimeter passes here. Gonna be a full day. Thursday both of us must see Doc. Summer is such fun Where does it go when were having fun?

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fern, you need to slow down! That blood pressure is too high..