Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Been a good day.... par two

One more little retrospect, or a efficiency report upon my chore boots. Wearing them last night I’m delighted to report they didn’t leak one drop of rain water. They either held or contained every raindrop what filled them running off the shop’s eve’s onto my hat, shoulders, down the inside my bibs to fill them boots. The test was a success. No auxiliary time was lost nor wasted during the time I had my hands inside that electrical housed fence charger house.
Short a dozen tines Tom and I almost managed to finish repairs upon the IH hay rake, otherwise it is greased, the follower bars re-curved or tuned up, say.
The plows have been cleaned, painted, and put away. The 2150 now has the disc-harrow behind it and behind that a spring toothed drag. When the new exhaust pipe gets here in the morning and installed the 2150 will be good to go. Then I’ll be looking to get out a hay baler. Have no idea when I’ll use it. Day’s so cold the mown hay isn’t drying. And the freaked weatherman’s
Is no help suggesting more rain Thursday ands all this was to be a dry baling. Bah!
Frieda wanting only the best for her new pet, I picked up something with wholesome grains, real beef, plus accented with vitamins and vegetables. Supper was good tonight and having let my digestive juices do their thing I’ve developed the strangest urge over the last hour or so to scratch behind my ear with my foot. I’m worried as to what has gottened into me. BGKC.

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