Sunday, June 7, 2009

Got to get it done

Woke and started day as becoming the usual. Resting back against an ice bag.
Cruised E-net some. Answered some, got some to go. Also need get to woik. What’ll I do? I need good dose Ice, what the “H.” Time for another cup coffee. There just isn’t nothing like being totally organized.
When do I start haying? Normally or this year? Personally I like to get at it two-three weeks before memorial day. Few years back made difference what weather forecasts predicted us drying time. Five-six days usually and still raking. Since we’ve gotten haylage baler need two days, cut and wilt.
This year……. Two tractors totally down, two more down with locked up clutch on denigrated crankshaft pilot bearing. Another with blown driver inner tube, we’re way behind do to rain, wet fields and last minute easy(?) repairs. BAH!
Two downed tractors ready to go next year we’ll hopefully be in better shape, for the shapes we’re in. {:^(
Oh, Memorial Day is (has been) the traditional Lower Michigan kick off weekend for hay making’s start around here. I (we’ve) (myself particularly) have been known to cheat on that date. Once I showed‘em how to put up 60 ton dry one year and followed with 80 ton dry the following year before Memorial Day.
Spent my morning until 1:15 PM finishing up the Rotary-Mower. Lunch out of the way by 2:00 PM, I was out and out the farmyard driveway. I was on my way to put another tractor in the field. So it be between 2:00 and 8:00 pm’s allowing two hours traveling time between four hayfields, Moving over those fields mowing at an 8-mph speed’s cutting 12’ swaths I dropped a lot of hay today in much less than four hours time. Ho boy, This much grass down will keep me busy for a couple more days. If I ain’t pooped, I’m going to be. BGKC.

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