Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey hey hay

No. I ain’t what’s his name with “the rest of the story.” It’s me with the rest of my neighbor’s hay tale. I guess I told about them having dangerously made a great big combustible pile out of hay. That wasn’t where the problem stemmed to grow from. First our country newbie bought himself several loads of hay from Michigan’s Upper Peninsular. The hay in itself was alright but wrongly wrap tied with bio-gradable twine instead of plastic for selling and hauling let alone shipping long distances. Well the bio-gradable had already started failing before it was loaded upon the first truck. At least a three hundred mile trip from the U.P. to here was nay all that good and tight a ride for that hay. Then when it was delivered already loosening our newbie neighbor and his family cohorts not having a tractor with a properly configured loader, they commenced to push, pull and pry those hay bales of that truck’s trailer loosening the hay bales still more. Then it came to pass they used my hayforks chained onto a tracked loader dozer to take up the hay bales from where they fell piled all that hay so dangerously. Here’s where we came along hoping to save the man’s purchase. This is essential in a place hay happens to be at an absence premium these days. While the hay bales mat be properly set in rows upon the good earth these days, the bales having loosened so badly they at least need their tops covered, with some eight or ten foot widths visqueen, to shed some of the elements if is to be good a year and hopefully some from now.
A side note here, talking large round bales! Small leafed hay from alfalfa does not necessarily wrap and tie tight enough to last more than one winter. 50/50 hay, half alfalfa/ half grass, will wrap some better the grass mixed in to keep this hay more like a couple years. Now, purely baled grass hay rolled up and tired acting like a thatched English roof will keep for four/five years. I’ve fed some that was eight years old, the cattle preferring it to the newer stuff. Some years we produce some tastier stuff than others, I‘d scientifically guess. This is the rest of the Newbie hay’s story.
Paul Harvey, you ain’t got nothing‘ on me anymore. (grin)
Made therapy. I do like those girls magic hands. From there home for change of hats. Hitting the road with an empty wagon it was one of them around the block day’s, two elevators for more shelled corn and weight slips. Had lunch and putting on another hat I went about utilizing the recent rain and snow’s, the earth moistened just enough I took the Ford tractor with the back blade set at about 45 degree angle to slice and move once stubborn earth to fill some nasty two year old ruts in the hay yard. Point is I want to unload the hay wagons myself rather than the ruts unloading those same wagons by means of uneven rocking and rolling spilling their super moist or dried green loads.
While I more or less took it easy packing ice packs on so sensitive areas, Bro’ was searching, researching some’s very interesting parts.
The Senior Center bus picked Frieda up this morning taking her in for a jewelry making party(?) or jewelry making instruction. I later got the impression Frieda would rather have taken her own kitchen drawer tools with her to use than those of her instructor. Hile the instructors tools were junk, Frieda’s were merely cheap.
With grand thoughts of taking the 4-180 to the shop tomorrow maybe delayed a day or two my having to clear a space directly across the drive from the shop. Son of a gun. Just where am I going to put that stuff. That’s right, precious stuff. It ain’t junk yet.
Now I’ve got to fill out the/a Nielsen radio diary. BGKC.

A late nite admonition of my character development:
Way back when we were on the farm, Mom insisted I treasure a good nights sleep over anything else I might do. Thankfully she hadn’t thought to include my future’s adventures a friend and loving her when the night was under a full moon, to be certain I got to sleep. Now, if the big guy upstairs had wanted me up there in bed every night by nine o’clock, women would not have been allowed man to invent the eleven o’clock news.
3-30-o9 Life Stinks
Where was this at?
Just remembered the worst stink of them all. We had two mower-conditioners at that time one was self propelled. Riding that one trouble was usually spotted before gotten into and afforded some avoidance reaction time. The second MC was tractor driven tagged somewhat to the side and behind the tractor. It happened one time this machine caught up with and amputated the legs off a skunk. The skunk then taken thru the crusher and deposited in the windrow left behind. Three days later the skunk was unseen baled and remained hidden until well after winter had set in. The stinkin' bale had aired out in the field and between being moved from field, loaded snd unloaded from moving hay wagons that bale was lost. The varmint wasn't discovered until mid winter when that bale had been set on its side to be peeled and fed out over several days to barned critters. By that time the odder was lite and thought that of that varmint kind having perhaps passed through the barn or barnyard. Imagine unwrapping the unknowned baled occupancy the skunk exposed was a total surprise. Slow dried marginally sealed in the bale, what was left was in rather good shape for identification and autopsy. Wonder of wonder, Little hay was lost. While it had never become a coffee-table center piece it was still a good topic of discussion over coffee for some weeks.
What the Hell…….
…….is going on around here?????????
Twice in one sitting I’ve had to log in here to say anything. This is annoying as Hell. Is this something to discourage comments? For months I have moseyed in and out of here with out these annoying shake downs. What! Somebody knows I been packing heat yesterday to send a grand old lady off to promised greener pastures. Am I upset? Damed right I am!!!!!!
:angry: Why don't ya bring on the X-ray. Bring on the radar. Bring on the fluoroscope. Bring on the pat down. Bring on the third Degree. Bring on the CIA’s water board.
This is the second time this year! When and where is it going to stop?
Fernan (the grouch)
On skunks
I actually like and enjoy skunks. Just for a little misty odor they take a bad rap. I've no idea why so many people would rather put up with bugs than the friendly services of an adorable neighborhood skunk. I've caught several in a live trap. I am even on a first name basis with a couple of them. Gosh they eat ants (red and fire included), termites, roaches, and the grubs what attract gophers to rip up lawns. I've been sprayed only once. That one animal was to immature to understand my wanting to help rather than hurt it. I had to leave my boots outside for a week or two over that one. They are a riot to watch, waddling their way along. These misunderstood wilderness citizens with a family are a hoot, paw out front the kits follow mama in single file. Trick is to move slowly and quietly around them until they've become used to one of you. (smiles)
Her Mostess has threatened me with leaving me three nights running. Each time I’d have had to call the girls to head them off coming over if I had only remembered some numbers and called them in the first place.
What it is, she’s been scheduled and rescheduled for a sleep lab monitoring. This to see if her C-Pak needs upgrading and/or she needs to go on oxygen during days. Problem has been irregular blood pressure even using medication.
I’ve noticed over the recent weekend most people just don't know how to drive ... I call these people "Everybody But Me."
I was alright when I went to bed last night. Honestly!
Myself a sound sleeper, sometime during the night my arm likely hanging out over the side of our bed I suspect Her Mostess walked on my hand going both ways the can’s can, and I never heard a solitary thing!
I don’t know where yesterday went. I wrote tidbits about this and that, duplicating some thoughts here. I also spent a lot of time iceing myself down, down my back and neck. I should keep in the fresh vegetable department. BGKC.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have seen light showers, it is 37* out right now, may see sn0w, nothing is popping out, no trees blooming, lawn looks like an arid desert....... Here’s where I hope mother nature doesn't carry her wet-weather systems any too deep. I's got to get on the fields for picking up after winter's wind falls.
For Toni…..
Donna has suggested I visit your blogg. I like your writing, especially the lady in the mumu and her smelling fragrance bottle. That stuff happens to set me off. It was the second trait the lack of such smelly substances the girl didn't use. But by the time I got to her third attraction, she was a good conversationalist, listener, and a delight to fight with, I was a goner. Been so over 50yrs. Enough this, although I include a bit of this in my own blogg. As for smells, I tend to draft an odder best described as "Ode Do Moo" commonly found around about a cow farm. So stop by and see me and the ladies sometime. Oh, and bring your own cup coffee. I find that elixir of life rather hard to pour thru the net.
It's been fun. ….should she drop by! (I got-a keep this entry as I made reference to my old battle axe. Something I’ll most likely forget to do anymore this day. Oh, that young lady’s first impression upon my mind, She sure was pretty. That trait was enough interest to me I had to check her out.)
An Addendum:
I thought Toni’s journal rather short, my soon running out of reading. Leaving the puter where it was I got up, put the ice packs back in the freezer for use again, visited the library, washed hands and an instant oatmeal breakfast was coming out of the microwave. Getting back to the puter there had come up on Toni’s Blogg a whole mountain of additional reading come up. I’s impressed. She’s a very talented impressionist with a pencil.
I’ve got to come/go back to Toni’s place again. Thanks Donna. You’re right-on again.
It was and it wasn’t an easy day. I had put a lady down and unceremoniously buried her. Now, we weren’t all that close but each one of these ladies host a personality as different from another as any two legged friend and acutance I know. She was an interesting lass. While she may have shied away from my patting her, she was an easy lady to tend to on the chutes. I’ll miss her.
A friend of ours learning farming the hard way has finally accepted my word for the wrongful way they had stored their hay. So today we got to it/at it and took the pile down and set the big round bales I straight lines with about six to twelve inches between the bales length wise and a foot and a half width-wise.
The bales thoughtlessly piled five wide at the bass with four bales, three bales going up in stepped tiers was a bad way to have treated all that hay. As I had written we took the pile down for two reasons. The hay piled as it was, was catching and holding all the rain and snow water to either cause the hay to rot in that pile or become wet enough to generate heat and become a combustible fire balled disaster. He’s one more suggestion he might follow. Pickup some 8’ X 100’ visqueen to top cover those moved bales. Every bale we’d moved had lost its bio-gradable twine wrapping to hold them together. The bales loosened are an open mess to still catch rain water. It’s my idea cover only the top of those reset bales leaving the bottoms open for ventilation. Tired, I think I’m beginning to talk in circles upon this subject. If I get the attention of those handling the hay wrong maybe more hay may be saved in the future rather than lost or wasted.
Getting on with it I accomplished nothing else; although, the weather was spirited enough I enjoyed the sharp edges of the elements presented; rain, wind, sleet, snow, making things slippery. One of life’s little joys was I coming home, coming in and bending my bare derriere to the blessed warmth of the living-room’s woodstove. BGKC.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I’m going…..

….to watch the weather turn to crap now that I’m finished with JD for as far as I can go without battery boxes and batteries. Now I’ve the time weather predictions call for rain and/or snow covering our area tonight and tomorrow. This a bummer. I have to sit brother my being ready with a hand when he needs it. Meanwhile my preliminary field work’s about to be fowled up. The more immediate need now is rolling up all the fences out back and making fix more fences down the road. Uninterrupted the Cushman and I may pickup six miles and some wire out here in two days, Well, almost! Chip always in a panic to get out back in the fall manages to cut a wire costing me a quart mile wire or more and this was a new one to replace the one he’d cut the year before that. (groan) It‘ll most likely be a waste of my time but I‘ll be going out there using the Cushman only for a ride and a haulster to carry my hand wire winding tools out there and back. Let me see if I can come up with a loaded WANT list to keep him on the road for a day or two, better yet, three day minimum and out of my hair: barrel motor oil, five gallon anti freeze, tractor batteries, JD battery boxes. And, then there’s the loading the right driver on my favorite Ollie out here.
392 looked like she was going to make it up today. I looked after her needs. And went to work taking care the whole herd’s needs. Then called Tom to see if he wanted to see the grain grinding operation. He did. After all I had to do to become ready Tom rode along. When we had finished I bought him lunch. And, after that we worked in shop, on tractor, sparkplug cleaner. Through shear determination upon my part putting new friend Tom to continue working on the Champion Sparkplug cleaner-tester until I got it right and working. }:^))
In all reality it was Tom’s continued efforts in total that he finally found what had gone wrong with that contrary machine some months back to have made it useless ever since. Sure’s nice having it working again to clean plugs and evaluative them.
Coming home tonight it was no good. 392 hadn’t made it up and it appears there’s no use kidding our selves. Come morning I’ve got to put her out of her misery. This I’m the heavy again. Then bury her. BGKC.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

early to.… early to….

Yesterday’s evening finished by 7:00 PM I managed a wanted bedding early. While her Mostess didn’t go to sleep right away she didn’t bother me a bit. I was out like a light for the count to sleep quite soundly. Consequently I awake much earlier than’s been my usual this last couple weeks. Sure hope this a sure first sign I’ll get my body schedule back on my mind’s wanted tract.
Sure been a good deal of Alzheimer’s disease coverage on radio and TV the last few days. I’ve even written a small piece some of my experiences with the dreaded continuous nightmare hosted by so many innocents. It even bothers me. Why is it I can so easily remember apples and oranges while failing to remember an inanimate wrench and its what for?
I’ve even written a few words upon my limited observations and experiences.
The radio broadcasts are urging the American voters to contact there DC legislators to back more funding for Alzheimer’s research. Now, that’s a bit of pork I might remember to vote for.
Now think about this. While so many folk are wishing a hurried arrival of Spring remember the blood sucking Vampire mosquitoes are not far behind.
Backing three day’s up we’ve been promised rain everyone of them. So far we’ve had a mere dampening yesterday morning at about sunrise and another this morning after sunrise
All this recent talk about Alzheimer’s has got me worried looking at myself my own doings? For instance just this morning the hay wagon a flat tire. I put bottled air it to get it down the road. Then I heard it his at me. Not very nice thing for tire to do m,y about to fix it. Here’s where I’ve become worried, to start the fix I removed the wheel from inside that wagon’s flat tire. Something just doesn’t seem right about that?
I got in some afternoon time in on the JD. I figured out the wiring and hooked up all the freed ends to bare terminals. Now if it don’t work right, it’ll be somebody’s elses fault forletting me do it!
"Bigamy is having one wife/husband too many. Monogamy is the same." BGKC.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Alzheimer's Observations

….and my take on it. Personally I think it a good idea to have a solid support group behind the principle sentinel. I believe it a good idea the troubled person should be introduced to as many the potential varied overseers, so that occasionally the sentinal may have an evening or day or two off.
I’ve watched over such troubled people knowing me, not knowing me. As I had tried helping a woman enjoy her evening I had foregone m research so that she may enjoy here’s. What a job this was. Her husband didn’t know me, more truthfully he had ever seen me before in his life. First line of a rest, the sentinel needs people who may help her out who look familiar to the troubled individual. Remembering names is no biggy, but recognizing faces friendly is a big help.
I’ve set with troubled individuals who knew my face and carried on many a fruitful conversation. Often times I could get the person I was watching talk over a subject of discussion. Always fun. Usually the troubled individual telling the story gets their needle suck in a scratch as if being played like a phonograph record. At these times I mentally bumped that individual’s mind and let them carry forth the rest of the story. These times I sure gleamed some many a secret brought out of the cobwebs forgotten in older closets. (several smiles here)
Worried about my own mind, experiencing short time memory, I’ve had myself examined twice in recent years. And I’ve managed to remember the apples and oranges each time. So I’ve been evaluated as being of sound mind. Whew.
One more additional bit of information. Upon an autopsy, Alzheimer’s patients have been found to have large amounts of aluminum attached to their brain’s cerebral cortex. Having learned this our house hold has cooked only in cast iron or stainless steal. We’ve also cut using those grooming products what also contain aluminum powders.
Here it is, I’m no expert or learned individual to make any scientific assumptions, but I may talk about my first lay person observations. Perhaps more another day?
My unemployment's benefits? More work!
Now, in a different vain……….
Gosh, from where do they all come?

All manner the unemployed stopping by asking, seeking farm laboring jobs.

What makes us look so wealthy. My 1980 pickup with the full flow through the body year round air conditioning, a couple tractors 40 years and more old.
Their offer's and suggestions: I can clean your barn, I can help make hay, thus far.
I've offered nailing back down the sidings on out building and painting them. No takers to anything what might be aerial.

How can so many people out of work be so job selective?
There has been some sort of a fowl up with one of my medications, two really, one not only mine. Bottom line I’m missing one I’d supposedly even signed for. I don’t remember. Frieda got one prescription wrongful dosages. These problems have taken place over the last few days. Insurance kicking in I should experience another refill tomorrow. Okay, so we’re both all set. Only I’ll continue to watch for my supposed missing prescription bottle. This will continue to bug me.
When I finally got to the JD what fought me last night for a couple hours refusing to go together did so without much of a hitch this morning. And I continued adding more and more parts to the gargantuan chunk of iron. That is I’ve less and less leftovers to worry about.
Getting down to adding fluids and hooking up the wiring the last couple pieces (wiring clamps) will likely be revealed as to where they should go.
4:00/4:30 PM The head-aching strikes took after me again. My wanting to come home, my brother could find more last minute chores for me to share in. Check all the lots for food stuffs in front of the animals; gather up his trash from the shop, outside the shop and in his garage putting it all out for morning‘s pickup.
Chores should be finished by 7:00 PM the rest of the evening’s mine, including the miserable headache I ain’t been asked to share with anyone. But the position remains open. Any volunteers?

3-25-o9 Today

3-24-o9 Yesterday
Holy Shyit, I must have had a busier day than I realized yesterday (24th), waking up three hours later than normal. What’d I do? Good question. Morning, I was to physical therapy, primary care giver Doc George for cortisone shot in my shoulder for bursitis. That took all morning and then some. Afternoon, I had managed a full dance card. I belatedly had my lunch, headed for shop to work on JD. Near accomplished nothing, only I’ve got to take some exterior components apart today put even more exterior components together for multi control installations (crap). Had to leave early needing an extra large load, and earlier hopeful to have carried the last firewood I’ll need in for the season. Going about normal routine to feed the ladies, the loader mast on the 1850 diesel half fell off. Luckily neighbor, and by chance unemployed helper with him, I enlisted some assistance to lift and refasten the wayward implement back onto the tractor. Cost? A shared promised beer with them after I had safely loaded up that load of wood backed up to my well planned brand new last summer’s deck. (he he)
Either over or behind the beer my neighbor’s helper is an unemployed carpenter. The times trying in Michigan he had to sell his car to make his couple months housing payments. Still having his pickup, the transmission took a dump this last week. Now wasn’t that just peachy wonderful. From my own past experiences the first of April is when seasonal construction work/employment breaks. He’s walking. Thinking about his predicament, having been there, I’ve had given me in recent years an engine and (get this) a working transmission. I gave him the transmission out of my pickup, I had had offered for sale right up until a lot of assholes offered to take it away for next to nothing a year ago last Spring for the scarp metal glut scrambling at that time.
My poor pickup must have been destined to furnish organs so another truck might go on living the good mechanical life. His insistence on repaying me in some manner, I suggested I could use some help replacing both my narrow front entry doors with the wider three footers. Crazy individual wanted to start tomorrow. “Now, wait a minute,” I told him, “Get your truck going again first. Besides that my indoor wood pile is in the way to change those two door units.” So in another day or so an unemployed mechanic friend of his will help this carpenter with his transmission as soon as he’s completed fixing still another car in his garage for someone else. It’s becoming a real bitch most folks trying to keep it together around here these days. Now I’ve got a question? How the Hell do these Michigan people pay our taxes with all this bartering and trading what’s going on just trying to survive? What, we pay them in left over nuts and bolts, potato peelings, and/or the bones we’ve eatened the hamburger off the bones? What the buck, these people ain’t got the coin for even UPSing their trash payments to the treasuries. It were 8:30 after dark I finished carrying in our firewood. BGKC.

Monday, March 23, 2009

3-23-o9 Monday Blas

First thing this morning right in there with the sorting and taking my morning medications…. With pad and pencil in hands I was at a loss to write my daily note (my do list) to myself so’s I don’t forget what all gotta to do. Well what want to do without that once in a recent lifetime box of nourishing frosted, glazed, chocolated, cream and custard filled rolls beside me. Ohhh, How I’m suffering emotionally, hysterically within myself, another such event is another wholesome (my idea) lifetime away without them. (sigh)…….
It all reminds me……
…..the first time I couldn't get on the internet.
Helpdesk: "Are you sure you used the right password?"
Me: "Yes I'm sure. I had seen someone else do it."
Helpdesk: "Can you tell me what the password is?"
Me: "Five stars."
Then there was one of them earlier time‘s….
…..Helpdesk: "What antivirus program do you use?"
Me: "Netscape."
Helpdesk: "That's not an antivirus program."
Me: "Oh, sorry...Internet Explorer."
That wasn’t the worst of it…..
…..Helpdesk: "How may I help you?"
Me: "I'm writing my first e-mail."
Helpdesk: "OK, and, what seems to be the problem?"
Me: "Well, I have the letter 'a', but how do I get the circle around it?"
Inquired this AM about hair cut. And it was approved. All I had to do was sit still for it. It’d take awhile, my favorite barber having to take a couple sit down breathers.
Everything was going just fine; until, a car had pulled into the yard. This caused us to do some mad scrambling. I in my nightshirt trying desperately to put on my bibs whilst trying to stuff my first garment in them with me. My barber had to find a skirt and blouse. Funny, I should remember we used to do these same things in less just a few years back. Coming to our door was a traveling Doctor and nurse the home bound. They gathered and took down Frieda’s vital information. Made arrangements for an in home EEG (I’d guess he’d said). And they were on their way. We returned to our my hair cut, without reducing our formal wear. I hope it was all as good for Frieda as it was for me. Well, the hair cut reminded me about our doing things together in a lot less just-a few glorious years ago. No having to shake short hairs out of clothing a simple brushing each other off was so much simpler and easier on the laundry.
The morning having so much influence being eatened up by circumstance I almost celebrated lunch late. Grocery delivery right on time I enjoyed a baloney sandwich before reconsidering shop time. I still had my beard to have trimmed. There was no remaindering the good old days. (sigh)
Best part of the morning’s whole ordeal Her Mostess let me use the inside shower. I didn’t have to wait for a rain to shower under an eve, and that’d be under a valley eve were the gathered rain water’s off two meeting roofs makes a good outdoor shower under a domesticated over head water fall.
Once I got into the shop I had a fair afternoon’s work accomplished upon the JD. That was right up until some minutes after 4:00 o’clock. That’s when I did my usual daily becoming brain dead moment. Confusion sets in and keeping tract what I’m doing become’s most difficult. Decidedly ready to come home my brother can find more ways to waste my time. I already needed a load of hay loaded out, then have my own chores to do, and tonight’s the night I nearly have to gift wrap our trash to get it carried away tomorrow morning. Finally home, medications taken, an hour’s wait before I may sup, I’ve got an hour and a half to do what’s required of me here. Gosh I sure hate being rushed.
AND, oh the JD may be ready for start up, warm up for retorquing down the head bolts for a second time, in two/three days.
This my day I’m ready to call in the evening’s last twilight. BGKC.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3-22-o9 Busy tired

3-21-o9 Busy tired part one
Tired I am. Cushman's off the hoists and running. JD's closer to put together everyday. In late last night had time enough to catch-up one meal, them it was a whole lot of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's
This reading enough for a Sunday morning?
I was up well before first light. Had my pad, pencil, and a box of donuts beside me as I started my day’s to do list. I had even managed to do it, finish it and more besides. I’d filled out my dance card to the fullest. Likely the worst part of morning’s eventual throw away list, them’s donuts were belly filling the absolutely tasty delicious. Tasting ooh so good they was everything denied me for my heart, lungs, and liver survival list. But what a Hell of a way to go. There’s only one thing what might be better BUT for lack of use that hope is gone forever. (sniff)
What a busy day I had yesterday. I slept nine hours for it! Shouldn’t happen to a dog. Finished up Cushman first with some TLC. Even the brakes are working, better than new now. Relatively easy machine to work on. See’s little real street use. Not over exposed to fertilizers, winter and summer salts. Machine’s almost as clean as it was assembled seven years ago.
Showed my winter shop warmed mechanic a couple small stands of timber he may cut for his next winter’s firewood. The drive out also showed me where I may start seasonably taking up the electric fence wires every chane I Get over the next month. It also helps if the April rains are light enough this job isn’t washed out with them.
Frieda’s suffered some disappointment. Daughter’s surprise illness kept both women home.
I had even managed to plow out or is that plow in a number of leftover winter/spring mud ruts through the barnyard. Needed this and some more hay-yard ground leveling for the movement of hay harvests in later this haying season.
All three manifolds either finally here and or all in the same place, I fit them to the JD and each other. That was a weighty assembling. Then, saved torque-ing them down this morning. Last night it was no time to start fowling up the works.
Yeah, it was a long day doing these things and more.
3-22-o9 Busy tired part two
Hell of a morning here. Got to uninterruptedly work on JD the whole of the morning. Accomplished one three part whooppee, two ah ha’s, and only one opp’s. These things accomplished I broke for lunch while I were ahead of the JD”s assembly game.
After dinner I was coasting free adding this and that part to looming JD mass. That was right up until I’m cell phoned. Somebody down the way needed air. AIR? “The garden cart’s tires are flat. Can you air them so’s the kids can handle the cart easier?” What was I to do. Somebody needing air? I help! Well, At least I wasn’t yet accused of being full of hot air. (grin) I put in a couple more hours on the JD until I started loosing my ability to maintain constructive attention to what it I had been doing all day I had to call it quits. Started chores, seeing a couple loco boy scouts out picking up canned goods for a food drive, before I had finished them a couple hours later. Oh, how’d I no they was loco boys? I know their parents. (he, he, he)
The worst part about this whole JD assembly routine, about the time I finish this project we’ll be blessed with four days April showers. Rain, good stuff rightly timed to be well appreciated. Oh well, there’s always plenty else to do on a farm. It’s present outdoors when I’m stuck inside, conversely when it starts raining I’ll be stuck inside, watching my field opportunity’s drown in the rain. BGKC.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

Oddly enough I awoke to some animal rightists trying to put a hog producer out of business on the telly this AM. Getting the tail end they had originally had him arrested and charged with ten counts animal cruelty. Judge dismissed six counts. He was tried on four counts and convicted improper transporting of swine and put on probation for a year and had to have animal treatment learning (or councilling?). This was in Ohio I think? I've got to find the show again and watch it from the beginning. A HBO production, I wonder who's side HBO is on?

Signs of Spring?
Paula has the loveliest picture of two rattle snakes doing a mating dance.
Donna’s Secret has developed an attachment to a black protein molasses tub.
The loop has made a couple short appearances.
Mel back on line is becoming more and more like her old self, crazy. I love that girl.
Kelly’s got a legitimate rant. Tell it like it is girl!
I liked the guy’s the their green outfits. Either that or I’m wearing the wrong sun glasses.
And hoping Alice has gotten her dishes done in time for Spring so’s she can start dirtying them for Summer.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!” as Gommer Pyle used to say. Ugly brought (though empty) the ground feed wagon in, up, and over the lower driveway without the assistance of four wheel drive in any range.
Grain ground I worked on Cushman for a while. Jug’s been rethreaded with a heli-coil. Now hoping it stays put and does its spark plug holding work for me. Now, while it is in shop whole buggy needs going over. Oil change, grease job, the brakes taken up, and I’ll leave the buggy out for a soft rain water wash job. Brought home a heavy load of hay. Ladies are happier on the drier ground the pasture change over. I’ve got to find some time to plow in a bunch of out back. Grounds may be dry enough for The Cushman and I to wind wire. Shall see! BGKC.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunny Day

Seen the physical therapists, and headed for the shop. I broke down a couple more tires. Had looked up what’d take to fix Cushman. Most economical way to go Helli-coil the jug for new sparkplug threads. Darn it, no cylinder heads. The jugs and heads are each one piece. Additional options; Pull engine work on it turned up side down or remove right side exhaust system and whatever else I may to make some sort of an unobstructed pathway to the damaged area. So, started cleaning up what I could about the JD’s shop work area without loosing any its parts. Took a side trip back to fixing one tire before making like an experienced floor sweeper picking up potential wheel chalks before moving gantry. The gantry moved positioned for new use. It was time to think about lunch. Running the road twice first putting the ushman towed the first two miles and run in on it’s own one remaining cylinder. Getting home for lunch I asked Frieda whatever happened to the Cushman. I almost had her but for cracking under her scrutinizing eye. All she said was, “It’s missing.“ Nope she never even saw the Cushman go. I asked her if she’d seen the two surly looking characters who’d taken it. Nope, she didn’t see nothing, not even when one of the characters just happened looked just like me. };^))
In my travels I saw a couple items of interest. First one a do it yourself DNA kit. Now, don’t this just about beat all. I suggested my checking Frieda’s kids. It didn’t go over with Herr Clink? Donno why?
Another thing of interest four or five days ago, the Drug store had several pint sized insulated water bottles. During thes last few days all what’s left are a couple quart bottles.
These insulated cover bottles are available at Rite-Aid, CVC, Walgreen, and just possibly at your favorite independent drug store. Better hurry. They won’t last the Spring rush.
This all there is this go around. One never knows when one may see somethings of interest where. Hope you’ve enjoyed the information and may it serve you all to your best advantages.
Her Mostess suggests this a shameful picture. Her Mostess suggests this a shameful picture. She’s saying it’ll serve me right if it refuses to start and run for me tomorrow when I’ve made fix it’s wee problem.
Okay, you’ve seen The Cushman in a most embarrassing attitude. You don’t like the side view, let it show you its back side.
The aluminum jug’s sparkplug hole threads stripped out, I’ve decided to hoist the machine up to one side to work on it from under neither. One bolt I had tail pipe and muffler removed. It may be a close work space but I’m sure I can handle it.
It’s going to get an oil change, complete lube job, linkages oiled, and brakes dually adjusted. The Cushman won’t know how to behave after all this TLC.
Irish Humor
Paddy and Mick are walking down a street in London. Paddy happens to look in one of the shop windows and sees a sign that catches his eye.
The sign said: "Suits £5.00 each, Shirts £2.00 each, Trousers £2.50 per pair".
Paddy says to his pal, "Mick, look! We could buy a whole lot of dose, and when we get back to Ireland we could make a fookin' fortune. Now when we go into the shop, you be quiet, OK? Just let me do all the talking, cause if they hear our accent, they might not be nice to us. I'll speak in my best English accent."
"Roight y'are, Paddy, I'll keep me mouth shut, so I will," replies Mick.
They go in and Paddy says, "I'll take 50 suits at £5.00 each, 100 shirts at £2.00 each and 50 pairs of trousers at £2.50 each. I'll back up my van and..."
The owner of the shop interrupts. "You're from Ireland, aren't you?"
"Well... yes," says a surprised Paddy. "How der hell d' y' know dat?"
The owner replied, "This is a dry cleaners."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I’m late…..

…….I’m late, got no time to wait, no hello’s, no goodbyes, I’m late for the day‘s grand tea party. Got so very much to do. I must stay focused what’s required first and in order.
More than plenty to do today I started earlier than the usual. Having to go down to the barn to fee the cats anyway, brought me a piece of cardboard up to the house where I had abandoned the Cushman last night. It was one of them get down and get under situation’s. The right hand cylinder not running up to par I had decided to replace its spark plug for a fresh one. The old sparkplug assembly coming out nicely was about as far as the replacement was going to go. Trying as I may I could no way restart the renewed spark plug assembly. Unable to see what was going on after several attempts I gave it up until I’d have an eighteen millimeter tap. Using the Cell I found on available. Bro’ already headed that way with an already long wish list he could just as well bring me back the tap.
Meanwhile, I performed an over do burial service. Then added the hay forks to the backhoe’s material bucket to venture out into no man’s land to bring in all the hay rings burying themselves in the mud. Poor Ford darn near lost itself in combinations of deep draft sludge-mud or maybe some finely mixed slip and slid slurry, and some tire grabbing uneatened tough waste hay stalks buried enough making wheel chucks found when driven onto/into. The drivers loosing traction I drove the loader about in that mud with the digger boom fully extended for added weight leverage. The broken hay ring is in the farm yard. The original rings on the inner side the near west pasture the recently repaired ring joining them. Needing more tools and for Cushman I went for them. I also needed another set of machinery keys needing them so I may hay the ladies. Getting back it was lunch time to get out of the way. Then it was closing gates shuttling hay. The ladies looking over my shoulders, it were a good time to check this pasture’s fence. Down in two places, broken in another, and a blown down dead old elm tree I didn’t need on the fence. So it was turn the wire off, splice the broken wire, run the Ford over the fence for a strategic lift point for a balanced dead tree loaded to be taken away, tighten the fences closing up the downed spots in the wires, and turn it all back on. My wires were hot. Then it was back to the Cushman to discover the engine head’s sparkplug threads were stripped out. This was just hunky-dory. In no help readily available and had to pick up and pack up Cushman’s tools. No real esay way to move it it sits abandoned another night right where it remains. Shazbot!!! Terry’s been hitting the hops, bro’s phone don’t answer, and Keith’s failed to call me back. It isn’t until now I remember Handy could have helped me move Cushman to the shop where I may install a helli-coil for new sparkplug threads. It’s all alright. When I came in for supper, I was dragging arse. Just which cheek was the lowest I’ll have to take another’s word for it. Supper? Just Liver and onions as I like! Just what I’m denied having! Just what I ate for the sheer pleasurable Hell of it. I haven’t been celibate all my life either. BGKC!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty’s Day

That is what today is or so my colleen having informed me, a-wearing the green.
Didn't remember whether I had used them all up but one. Still, I wonder if I could still get away with one more of those six pairs of pliers could cover it?
Later: (he he he he he he) Getting back from Physical Therapy I tried that pliers gag on you know who, “One of them six packaged pliers is your St Patty’s gift.”
Her Mostess laughed, telling me, “You aren’t going to get away with that excuse for our Anniversary.”
I’d guess I’ve been told what‘s expected of me true.
I don’t know whether I’ve gotten anything worthwhile done today or not? Started out in physical therapy back and neck reeling over from some unexplainable muscle spasm’s. They just an aching for a pretty therapist’s hand’s to soothing my fevered back. Fevered isn’t far off the fevered truth. An icepack or two had kept me company for most the last four days, I didn‘t deny them their wishes this morning.
Up until this morning laying one ice pack at a time into a folded towel I managed to lower over my back until I had lowered to the just right place (level), then I leaned back on it. Did the twice all in one sitting lowering two towels at once yesterday. I have got to report those ice packs relieved those back pains and softened the tightened muscles. The muscles relived of an inflammation’s their pains weren’t telegraphed to my brain. Now that I’m hopefully getting some where with my body’s history.
My moving my ladies onto drier pasture didn’t work out today. I did move WD 45 and AC hay rake out of same pasture. Hauled primary hay wagon to yonder hay yard out of ways here. Fixed spare second wagon tire, using it I delivered two more hay wagons to yonder hay-yard. Getting a ride I brought
Loader-backhoe home. Also lost all my machinery keys. Dumb me, should have taken them out of ignition for the drive. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a proper set that’ll work equally and better as well next batch. The sorting is the biggest pain!
Getting late I got nothing else done. It was time to slack off. So set about loading up the Cushman what I had used running the road over the in betweens. No keys seen going either way coming or going. I’ll try the Cushman tomorrow with new spark plugs. Sure acts like it needs them. While the Cushman was out I loaded it with wood for in the house. The lawn handled it well. 8:30 PM I finished my day, my wondering where it had went. BGKC.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Short and sweet

Eight almost to eight makes for a long day. Made some eat strides putting JD together. Biggest time consuming part is cleaning and degreasing Parts adjacent the yet unpainted clean engine block. The ida is when the weather warmth permits Ill prime and paint the block. So I want all the adjacent parts clean for positive catching over spray that is going to fall off because I hadn’t cleaned th dirt and grease off things.
Ho boy, I think I’m tired. I’m sure I’ve repeated myself and I’m not going to either care nor change a word.
I got Bro’s repaired hay ring out of shop, loaded on hay wagon, and brought home. Mud’s so damned deep out there if I should get this hay ring a-field, the broken one can stay until summer for all I care. On another front, I feel as if I’ve been prematurely drawn into the so called busy season?
I hauled hay, unloaded it, and fed my ladies. Feeding them I noticed four ladies are bagging. Calving is about to start here.
And, if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Ice packs are almost my constant companion. If I come in with a back ache for lunch I put ice on it. I’ve put ice on various places my back aches even twice in an evening, like last night. My theory is if I can eliminate muscle inflammation at it’s beginning I’m going to deny myself another headache. I think it is working.
Been wanting to bring firewood in for last two days. I haven’t made it yet. Farm yard has dried just enough the Ford Tractor with back-blade is coming home tomorrow, as if I ain’t a thing to do? I asked for it. Suffer dummy.
So this journal entry is short, thus sweeting it. Tired or otherwise bushed I’m leaving out the boredom. So, if there’re any objectors about, let them pucker up. BGKC.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Me! Forget?

Sure glad a good number of first-rate folks remembered Frieda's Birthday. I missed it. However, she asked for some money to go out with the girls. I hopefully gave her enough for that/them, plus some extra for shopping. My coming home a couple hours late for lunch she was as happy as a lark. I guess her shopping money lasted as long as she did. Anyway, it seems she had had enough cash to just last long enough for myself to come home to a prepared lunch. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
It was a good thing I had managed to talk myself out of remembering her birthdays years ago as I was not present that day when and I where she were born. I was a much faster thinker in them days!
Spent day working on JD. Both ends are now bolted together. Now I can spend my JD time on tidying up all the loose ends. Worked on the JD until my back ached. Did some far end chores and come home to put ice on my back. I managed the ice, and then there’s the time it takes to patently wait for it to work reducing the muscle inflammation. My plan was to ask the Cushman out as it’s lighter than Ugly and move some wood into the house. The hour of ice ate up my wood gathering time. Then Frieda brought up supper. Had to stay and eat her supper she fixed to keep her happy before I tending my ladies. The sun creeping down over the horizon left me little time to hay the ladies. Sure glad it was a sunny clear skied day. The evening’s twilight lasted beautifully throughout my achieved end to my chores. BGKC.
3-14-o9 busy day
Tom and I finished up Ford tractor. Tom had followed me my taking Ford back to main farm yard. Tom let me take him home. It was more than time to do lunch.
Returning home Frieda had returned from her BIRTHDAY party. The very same Birthday I had forgotten. Sheeesh, hordes of people across the I-net remembered her Birthday. The most amazing fact came to light out of all her Birthday wishes. Though she’s been bossing me around for over half a century she only celebrating her twenty first birthday. The E-net never lying she’s proof miracles seen to exist.
More Later. BGKC.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This’s where I was doing what I did yesterday. Yup! Worked on Ford Loader-Backhoe replacing water pump. A nice young chap helped me named Tom. He was a time saver and big help, specially when I was either rolling one or sipping coffee, or both. That was one Bulldurm and a whole quart Thermos full.
And posted some pics on the Home Board, and I retired late.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No time for wrenching

Up, dressed, four slices oat bread toasted, I was out the door for therapy. Getting back two hours later I was on the road again transporting empty hay wagon to yonder hay-yard, picked up empty feed wagon and headed for the elevator. Supplements loaded, I’m tipped for my tractor wiring efforts of a couple weeks ago. No point arguing with the merchant I pocketed the cash. Then the merchant told me Larry was working on a pickup‘s wiring. The man has a diabolical mind. While I’m Thimking, “Oh No!” I figured I might better taks a look see into the Elevator’s repair shop. Poor Larry intimidated by any single piece of wire simply wired between two terminals is a challenge. “Sorry Larry?” I just had to think it. Taking a look from above I too couldn’t ferret out the proper dead wire in a bundle of six. Yup, Larry had a head scratcher alright. Pocking around with a light testing probe thingy finding nothing I had to get down and slid under the truck. I found a wire loosely hanging with what looked like no apparent reason. Light testing it it was the missing right turn signal wire Larry had been looking for all day. Where it went from there, I had no idea, but trying to think of a good place to put it I alternatively suggested replace a non functioning wire on the female plug assembly. Then suggested, “Keep everything loose until you’ve hook on the trailer and checked the lights. If they’re all working correctly close everything up when you’re satisfied with the operation of the lights. Now, I’m waiting for an early tomorrow morning call. This activity shot at least a half hour my days valuable time having so much to do for myself.
Home, tractor started, I set up the ginding machinery. Then got at it. Almost finished with the goind the tractor sputters and dies. Snaggle flassher! Well it has done this before having just done it again. Tractor battery to old/too week to roll the engine over it was time to take a crunchied earth walk down to the barn and bring up the brand new charger starting box, carrying more than wheeling it through thr insistent rutted rolled tract squished ridges. Hooked up on a cord I had to lay out, thankfully the mechanical beast started. I finished the drind then had to deliver it. When I was all done, tractor and grinder put away, everything else I had gotten out went on truck for closer unloading down at the barn later. I still had the ground feed to deliver and hay to load and bring back for feeding my ladies today and tomorrow. Tonight’s work was finished unloading the pickup truck. I was after seven my getting in before the fire. A fire that while it warmed my outside, a good supper of hamburger steak, gray to enjoy over mashed potatoes flanked by a vegetable mix peas, beans, and corn warmed my insides. A welcomed fire it is this evening to draw the chill out of my ageing bones. BGKC.
To sleepy to edit this, I wish all a good night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I brought a Sweetheart home

This no laughing manner, and did it without any objections from my first bride. I’ll bet my first bride think’s she’s got it figured, “With another female in the house he’ll at long last do some leaving me alone.” No time this early in my latest loving relationship to clearly describe my new adventures, I promise more news at e-lemon PM journal entry.
For now, hope all you folks out there….Hell….wish all you guys as much fun as I’m looking forward to today, tonight, tomorrow…….
Arizona and Utah ain’t got nothing on ol’ lucky me.
Sun’s trying to shine. We’ve winds trying to blow the farm away. I’m informed I need to grind today. Yeah sure! When it’ll come to chores what’ll or rather how much hay shall I give the ladies later today? They’ve been standing under my bedroom window on the lee side of the house and the lower barn most of the day.
Frieda’s loosening up she’ll be ready in no time for her stationary Bike this Spring. As always taken an interest in her welfare I’ve also managed to pick-up a rowing machine for her Summer’s use. One great thing about these machines she can hop on one in the morning, go all day and I’ll know where she’ll be come sundown. Wish I could write the same thing if she should take up walking four miles a day. She could go walking a whole month and I’d have no idea where she be at.
I’m within four inches having both ends of the JD together. I’m right where I want to add a couple/three/four/five parts on the water pump, add the alternator, and block before I close up the gap. Then developed an instant pet peeve. “Snaggle fraggle!” This isn’t what I was thinking but it’s what I said. “Snaggle fraggle!” I’ve got a bunch more parts to clean and degrease and I not only started sneezing my fool nose but it also started running like a runaway freight train. “Snaggle fraggle!” Coffee break deserved or not I took one.
Inside the home front my two females aren’t, what shall I say, communicating well. While one has tried talking to the other, the first’s words are falling on the second’s deaf ears. I’m guessing all our individual pieces will take some time fitting together to make a harmonious relationship between the three of us under one roof. The old one having un-relinquished her seniority, and a younger one rather stylish and hot to trot, I’m afraid between them they’re going to wear me out. Gosh I love them both, I think. I had no thoughts about the younger one out right replacing the old one. I saw it as the younger more vigorous female a needed help to my first bride. Oh my, this is just one of the crosses a natural born husband must bear. May the Saint’s preserve me?
Back to the shop I cleaned more parts without the threat of more sneezes and a continued running nose. These two discomforts clearly unmanageable trying to keep one’s hands in petroleum cleaning spirits. I did this menial work until I had found help for the feeding my ladies. Their appetites somewhat interrupted by ducking behind varied farm structures out the high freezing winds. I needed the help managing the hay feeder rings. The tractor useless trying to lift the rings without destroying the yet uneatened fodder I wanted to set the new bale on top of that uneatened fodder. Keith helping me, we got the feeding done in good stead.
I’s pooped an hour before sundown having putt in a good day. Tomorrow’s going to be even busier day. Have to grind for one thing. BGKC.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a Lover’s-memory-Lane

An answer to the question “ What's the Furthest you Drove for...love?”
Courting women in Chicago, Lansing Mi., Detroit area I didn't have time for going fishing some weekends, while I was chasing women. The most diabolical female was the one what wore a basic little black dress in Navy Blue, she living only six blocks (1/2 mile) away. While my worms had been saved a classic drowning I didn't fair as well being repeatedly vamped. I never stood a chance once she had set her cap.
It'll be 51 tears this June 5th it were love at first sight. A six hour date June 8th sealed out fates. Would I do it all over again? Damned right I would. Would I change anything? Yes! I'd shorten the courtship by five months, a couple weeks and have married her that first week and saved a lot of not necessarily wasted time. It was as I’ve been trying to admit to her lately, “All I wanted was your body!” To wit, she laughs her arse off these days.
Today’s activities included the usual massage at the therapist’s clinic, had coffee, moved gas Ollie to the other end to pull loaded hay wagons out of yonder hay yard. Had lunch, worked on JD. Found need a new part for between both manifolds for heat exchanger and a lot of new bolts. Progress is slow but it is coming along. Helped Bro’ do his chores, he loaded hay wagon, I used gasser to pull the up for truck’s taking over. Aired tires and brought the load home. Used new battery charger engine jumping box to start, Ollie, I’m using for feeding here. I shall assume a new six volt battery is ordered. Unloaded wagon in my driveway. What a mess I am making grinding out of my sod.
Game playing….
As a Lad, I played cars and trucks in a sand box, cow boys and Indians in the vineyards and orchards, and war in the barnyards. I had no interest in dolls.....until.....(blush crimson-red blush)one day my bride had gotten rid of our children, approached me at my work in the shop, wordlessly took my hand lead, and me into our home and the more intimate bedroom.
Here she turned to face me, she asked, “Did you play with dolls as a child?”
“Why no?” I seriously answered, “I was an outdoor kid. Played in the sand, cowboys, soldier, and saw the world from on my bicyle when I was a kid. Macho stuff.”
Then just as seriously as I had ever scene her before over decisions shared, she asked, “How would you like to play Doll’s with me?”
What the? Had she gone off her rocker? “What do you mean, dolls.” I mentally groped. “Have you been shopping for enough stuff, you and I are going to entertain a dolls tea party?” She had to be off her rocker. It took a while before it hit me, “Where’s the kids?”
“They’re with your mother. Didn’t you see me leave and my return?”
Might be I were getting a little perturbed. “Hell no. I wasn’t watching you. I’ve been busy trying to get So and So’s cabinets built. Now what is all this about?”
And still just as straight faced as she’d been all along, “How would you like to play doll’s now? I’ll be your doll. You’ll undress me and redress me as you’d like to see me.”
To this I came out with a long sigh and a naughty word that rhymed with “Spit.” I guess I’d been so busy I hadn’t been taking care of my brides more intimate needs. So I looked at her rather dumb-founded I finally dawned on me I needn’t bother a guess. What the Hell was I supposed to do with her. This wasn’t late evening kids a-bed, firelight and candles, with some sofa teasingly slow undressing. This was broad daylight, a time we hadn’t explored since our honeymoon days. Ohh me, and ohh how?
My bride standing before me, kind-a innocent like looking up into my eyes, she whispers, “Well?”
Not exactly knowing where to start in the middle of the afternoon I knew one thing what’d work for me. I kissed her. I kissed her hard! Oh Lord she had a way of making her kissing convincing, even better her kissing me back she had an exclusive way of shaking my apple tree which proved I had this instant fixation for continued encouragement of the afternoon’s determined fruit picker I immediately set about lightening her urban wear for weighing her down with country wear the blouse sort of sheer plus a couple lingerie modifications down under. Ah ha! Then I suggested we go for a drive to which she tried back-peddling. “Uh uh uh,” I voiced it’s your game and you instructed redress you as I wanted you. You didn’t tell me I couldn’t take my doll with me outside. Outside I showed her to the car. Once she was in the car I took us for the usual tourist drive around town taking both beaches having to cross the swing bridge over the river twice, and back home. He he he, I liked her worrying about someone seeing her. She looked alright to me, and what I saw I wasn’t going to go out of my way showing her off either. Interestingly enough we didn’t play the doll game anytime any to soon. Home we worked out our passion’s play before having to dress all over again to go to grandmom’s to pickup our children. It had been a good day still getting even better when brought I out a couple candles to light a encore performance. This was the end of our day leaning on midnight. BGKC,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice snow here

The true hot and bothering Nudist’s warm Spring I like to know isn’t here yet. Just the same, somebody else brought up the subject I needed for some thing to coment upon.
February is cabin fevered suicide month. I read that piece about only a week for an uppered 5% increase heart attack week. Damn.
I'm suffering Heart, Lung, and Liver disease not to to to heavily mention the dreaded OldTimes Disease. Been told more than once when I die I'll never know it for I'll be dead before I hit the ground. So, what the Hell, besides he medications I still take a few precautions. I've drastically lowered my cholesterol eating oats of some sort for breakfast 99% of the time, be it Oat bread toast, nuked rolled Oats wit raisins and honey under canned milk, and any Generic cold Oat cereal drowned in ½% milk. Was only an occasional big meat eater so there’s been nothing missed there. It takes me two day’s to eat a nuked popcorn treat. I’ve reduced my green vegetables intake. Yet lather everything with real city butter. (country Jersey cow butter is closer to like eating instant cheese.) I eat more true fish fillets when I can find them. And, most of all keep busy.
I’m trying my best to drive needlessly less for the publics safety. I’ve made a few modification in my diet and eating habits to more comfortably live out my destiny. I’m not the least bit worried about dieing. I didn’t ask to be given the gift of life, while I’ve done my best to live it to the fullest, I shan’t dwell about it’s ending. If somebody were to add up all of my life’s adventures‘, careers and accomplishments they’d likely total 125 Years. I’ve made two reasonable fortunes and lost them both. I’m still living moderately well. I’ve no regrets anywhere within my lifetime, having always done my best at whatever undertaking I pursued at the time. I can ask no more. With but one true love in my life it has been one Hell of an adventure. I’ve but one reservation. I need to hang around long enough to take care of my bride, as I had promised her on our wedding day.
Out of he house I moseyed over to finish the tractor work on spreading the wood chips. Near afternoon had to stop for gas. Getting back and fueled the tractor. By this time all the morning’s new fallen snow was gone, it as well the tractor’s starter. So its home for the field tools box. It was s’ghetti and meat balls for lunch.
Getting back to the tractor we surmised it wasn’t the starter but rather the starter solenoid. Replaced it, made good chip moving time until that stuck solenoid runaway starter sound came back. Balderdash! Evidently it wasn’t the solenoid. Checking the whole engine over we found the water pump pulley rocking rather interestingly up and down. We’ve finally found the noisy culprit. The water pump bearing was shot. Guess I’ll tage the old solenoid good and add it to the Ford’s shop pigeon hole. Ford parked out of the way, I headed home. I had my chores to do. Looking at my clock, this daylight saving time is a bunch of crap I’ve got to contend with until I’ve manage to change my body clock. It would not hurt my feelings if daylight saving’s time was appealed. BGKC.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I like about MUD…….

……..it’s the day it’s all dried up and turned into dust!
I tried, I went for that extra hour yesterday. But alas I fell far short the goal. A nasty bit of providence nailed me hard half way up my back with a muscle spasm. As much as the Doctors are now working on solutions to block those body nerves telegraphing pains over exertions, mis-alignments, fractures (heaven forbid), old fractures, strains, pulled something's, worn out ball joints, and given spurs for kicking ass arthritic pains. I had needed an ice pack. An hour later the pain had gone.
Well as it was I apologetically excused myself from my JD put together tasking. Lawd, I can't say I've ever seen a machine with a longer face. Maybe today I'll apply that last part to the front of that machines heart (the engine). I'll draw the two halves together. That'll surely give that old machine a well deserved face lift.
I moved wood chips most my day. While I were there I got soft rain water wet then drid off on the tractor. Having dripped dry full circle I had had enough. The mud getting deeper and just getting to that lovable consistency to suck a boot or two right off your limbs. The mud’ll have it all together sure in another day or two.
Whew! I thought I had lost a set of home-made equipment keys. Coming back home running my fingers through my poorest tux, I found them. Whew!
As long as I was home I might just as well have done my chores. Took me more than a whole hour slogging through the muds, and the muds haven’t even begun to reach their deepest best. Another note this hay yard will be emptied tomorrow. Then I’ll be trucking either daily or every other day. Fun-fun-fun here. Meanwhile near exhausted dragging extra mud about on my boots I was winded and done for the day and not feeling the least bit bad about calling it a day.
Son-of-a-gun, I’ve got to go do some shopping for Her Mostess in the dungeon’s freezer. Hmm, I better be getting off and on before it gets to dark to see inside those cold stone walls. While I walked those stone walls I set about catching up three loads laundry. And out of the freezer I picked out near everything what was on Frieda’s shopping list. Shy one item, I think we will survive.
Holy moley, almost for got a new discover over our specks (her’s and mine). Late last night out of desperation and just for the absolute plain Hell of it, I slipped Frieda’s reading glasses. They were wonderful. Just freaking wonderful. They needed cleaning, put them back on, and enjoyed looking out through them. OMG, I could see my computer monitor much clearer than I can remember when. Brought the subject of the with Frieda this morning. She come to digging all her reading glasses out and let my choose the pair that best suited my living room vision.
Here’s one for you. Daughter wants get a Miniature Schnauzer dog
or Rat Terrier dog. She’s got a house cat who’ll sit by a mouse hole all day waiting for the mouse to come out so’s she can catch and play with it. Then when she tires of the mouse she lets go live for next time, to play with it again. The Schnauzer or Rat Terrier to catch the mice and do them in. Animals are funny. BGKC.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

She’s feeling her oats

Up and around more and more these advancing days of Spring Frieda’s feeling’s better she's re-found her recently gifted stash of organized spices. Now, having said this, some of our meals coming out of our kitchen are a mite over seasoned. Some things have lost that old original tastes and flavors I’ve spent all my advancing years having become used to. But not all has been lost, for her renewed energy and for her own country styled home cookin’, I’ve been playing some tuneful notes paying tribute to her fine cooking with some numbers of musical pharts. Gladly, the old gray mare isn’t done yet.
Four hours into JD assembly I got one of them nagging indescribable back pains. Closest I can explain it might have been a muscle knotting up along side a vertebra. If it’s a numbered vertebra, I likely couldn’t have counted that low. For the pain I decided if it might be one of them back pains messing with my head, consequently I bowed out of the shop coming home to put ice on the offending backache area.
Walking in, I’m met with a couple surprises. One Frieda had our daughter take her to a hair dresser. (Note: I didn’t call it a beauty parlor!) Good golly all mighty, the old woman looked like a scalped foreigner who’d gottened lost and too shy to be seen out in our part of the world. The other surprise she’s started polishing the furniture. Where will it all end. Will she stay the course. She’s already started a Honey Do List. Dadnabit, she’s busy and just as exciting today as she was a couple life times ago. She’s something to watch. Reminds me of Mom. The girl who had married dear ol’ Dad.
Driving home a second time I was enjoying the most delightful daydream I could only have wished would come true.
Ah, I could still dream on all I liked her butt,…err…,but I knew it wouldn’t happen as it had over some thirty/forty decades before.
During last night’s chores I snapped this picture of some seventy/eighty geese having stopped in our closest water hole (wet land area) to rest for the night.
This morning heading out to the barn I was walking on solidly frozen mud. Looking around the corner of the barn the geese were all out sitting still or motionless in the ponds water. Wanting to get a closer looked I walked through the ladies domain. When I stepped over the yonder electric fence wire geese the length and width that pond started sounding their warnings, “Intruder” or “Look out.” Then there was, s pond’s waters. From were I stood I could see the poor birds plight. They’d have surely hurt themselves had I tried to help each and everyone of them individually. Then to my amazement all those geese flapping their wings as one together with such determination the lifted off the water hole taking the ponds frozen surface with them. They flew with such tenacity they cleared the trees flying out of sight. BGKC.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day’s good

Had a good day for myself yesterday; no headaches, plenty to do, more to do today and tomorrow. Temperatures warming up I can take my Winter tux off, and best of all work in the shop without gloves. And, looked for a repeated same for today.
Holly Smokem’s! Melanie is back! Just had to tell ya’s!
Made my trip around the section picking up a load shelled corn on the Sixguy’s east side, sped nonstop across the south side, wheelled in and over the scales of the elevator on the west side. Got called in to share in Pizza for the helpful deeds I’d done Larry on the case loader a couple weeks ago. Then rolled on home the north side of the same block. Ugly only managed to bring the loaded wagon in the drive and lost traction. Had to use the gas Ollie to park the wagon. Even an over tired tractor with tires loaded was no match for todays wet drive out here. The load had squiggled, slipped, skidded and I saw in wonderment the loaded grain wagon drift across my lawn cutting the dandiest double set of ruts in my lawn I haven’t seen before.
Halleluiah! I got in some afternoon shop time, my time split all over the place. Managed to lash the first half the JD’s valves compression on number one cylinder. Put together a needed heavy duty battery charger for use myself around here. It’s been two years since the last one went you in smoke I’ve near been without one. Managed a couple other tasks, their escaping my mind as I write??? Still only just managed to get in before dark.
Supper was good but I didn’t like it. Best was a candied apple. For evening snacking Frieda mixed me the cocktail strong enough to water a grown man’s eyes. Sweet and sour, her dashing a bit of this and that together and calling it a drink. Plus nuked some popcorn. Sheesh, these small bags are more than I can handle any more, and I can remember when I could put away a dishpan full all by myself. BGKC.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Waking late was a heck of a way to start the day, especially when I’m one of the patrons near opening the physical therapy clinic. My not paying attention to this morning’s clock’s shyness I had to heave to my carcass in somewhat a bit of a hurry. I was on the road so quickly had even finished dressing when I entered the clinic door.
A-side from all I needed to do. When lunch was delivered, therein my lunchbox was a small vessel of some unidentified smelly substance. Frieda suggested we trade. Yuk! Telling her, “I didn't trust it and she should pass. Regardless when I turned away for an interesting scene on the telly, Frieda had eaten it. When out of a passing bit of interest in it's questionable substance to me, I asked her, "What was it?" She oddly looked at me this way and that, speaking, "Why it was...uh...err...I don't know what it was?" I find there's nothing as sound or reassuring as a definitive answer to any smelly sitsheation.
Had another one of them grinding days. That finished I took care the Ladies. Grabbed a bunch of bucketed leftovers from the ramp’s construction and loaded them on Ugly for the shop. Put boo-co bunches of stuff away at shop, I gave Bro’ a hand with his efforts fix a mangled hay ring. Was such a pretty day in the mid to upper fifty’s I didn’t come in until 6:00 PM. It sure was one fast day. BGKC.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loosing it…..

This what is what I get or it got me for reading one my favorite internet ladies. They innocently raise my ire,…..madness.
I'm immediately ticked off when I can't make a purchase without a credit card. I tried it one time accepting a free card. I got a statement $57.00 processing fee. I tried calling them getting run around in electronic circles never getting a live person to talk to. I ignored bill until an actual person called dunning me. Trying to explain courteously my position not wanting a free card I had to pay for twice I totally lost it. I clearly voiced my refusal to pay anything for a tricked service I had no longer wanted within the three days my getting the bill. Before I was through with the low-life woman I promised a law suit through my local court, if I was ever bothered again. Finely, I was never to hear from them again.
Damn it, I mad all over again. These practices I'm sure from this experience has helped get a whole lot of people, going along with the flow, have rode into so much financial trouble.
Dad-gum-it, She’s done it to me again.
Quoting her, “We didn't eat cactus like the cattle do but we did eat a little bit of everything else. Have you ever watched people at a buffet? We were lined up like cattle filling our plate to the brim.”
This has reminded me having taken the kids with me on fishing camp-outs. Besides the fish we’d caught and ate I foraged around for other things: mushrooms, lambs quarter, clover, watercress, cattail parts, sassafras, nuts, and more. Missed trying pine nuts, crayfish. Have indulged for myself eating ants and grasshoppers. All these things yummy if properly prepared. Have also eaten frog legs; although, these are Frieda’s specialty knowing where to catch, then fix them. Getting back to camp-outs, it was fun fixing these thing and then talking the kids into trying them. Slow at first, momentum picked-up once their appetites had been wetted. Best part, coming home, kids telling mom, “Wow, Mom, Dad’s a good cook.” My secret, I waited until they were hungry before feeding them. Woiked every time.
A quiet day. Had four hard bouts with the damnable lightening striking headaches again. Took oxygen each the four times total as the University Hospital had directed.
I other corners around here Frieda’s busier and busier sorting more and more bags old clothes we‘ve out grown. She even cut me up an old summer dress for handkerchiefs. While that dress wasn’t my color way back when I could find them hankies hard explaining if I should need to pull one out for a runny nose. Meanwhile, Frieda’s been energetic as Hell ever sense my stopping by the Dollar Store picking up some purrty oven mittens and dishtowels.
Late this afternoon Frieda’s near celebrating the return of her favorite physical therapist, Rika. He’s going to be teaching (showing) Frieda some new exercises to stretch and lengthen her atillies tendon to eliminate (ease) the pain behind (in) her arthritic heals. While he was here I took another quick flight around the house. It felt good coming back in for a landing, I’ve got to tell. Rika was impressed, though he also reminded me to use it in moderation for all my ailments. My headaches seem to have eased up some since. Likely coincidental. BGKC.

3-3-o9 I’ve been reminded

A Texas inspired story.
I don’t know how many time I‘ve seen a cow nursing two or three calves only one her own. Relaxing for a few moments I’ve watched all those calves tap out the mother of one the three. Then as if they had talked it over, one might have said, “Lets go over to my mom and see what she’s got.” And, I’ve watched this happen more times than I may count.
Interestingly enough, those same three calves will have been born all about the same time. Celebrating their lives high-tailing it in circles around their mommas they’ll also have bonded and remain close friends (buddies) all their lives. Buddied long enough they shan’t forget each other even separated. Upon being put together they, no matter the age, jump up and down, do a couple leaps of happiness, Charge one another striking each other with their heads simultaneously finishing rubbing their head up and down against the other’s neck. They can sure put on a show.
Oh, That mama cow, her calf two months old, she’ll have a face of contentment and in a few days will be open to the herd bull’s three days romancing. And, then I’ll see scenes of wanton attention and a moment later an “Leave me alone” attitude.
Let a child (on it’s own) enter (more than once) into a cow filled pasture, let me go looking for that missing child, I’ve seen those cows gather around that same child all the cattles face’s out, to protect that child. I’ve had to let the cows identify me while I also sweet talk them to let me in. Astounding, quite astounding. A mob buffalo stance’s if I’ve ever seen them. Hilarious in the end.
Oh yeah, I’ve gone looking for a missing cow ot calf or both an have gotten that, “What’s wrong with you?” look! Animals are so entertaining.
Tuesday mornin.....
....them east coast cold lovers have piled snow so high, they've managed to push back Michigan's 40 some * weather a couple days. :-(
Mud's been delayed. :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009

what works

I’m going to write about a couple challenges and what works for me.
Having the Michigan crud for far to long I applied a generic brand of Vicks vapor rub on the soles of my feet and covering them with clean white socks last night. I read about this procedure on the Kountry Board.
Feeling some better this morning I am going to try it again tonight.
The baby sitter.
Many many years ago having contracted to build a set od beach stairs down a 200’ lake bluff I could not hire and keep another carpenter regardless his social affiliations they’d either quit after the first day or outright refuse the work, and this was during the first thirty-two steps and a landing.
In desperation I put two my sons and a high school aged neighbor girl to work helping me. They were the best. Most importantly as the project crawled down the side of that bluff through all manner of vegetation: trees, bushes, and dune grasses, the kids never complained. Working goals the kids liked the work whenever we met one, especially if it got us home early.
Well It came to pass one after noon coming home early I dropped my boys off first. The girl an comely thing well worth any healthy male’s attention waited for me whilw I stepped inside the house for a moment.
Frieda asked me, “Who’s that outside?”
Oh Lawd, Frieda had given me portal to walk into her mind. I answered her, “She’s my baby sitter?” I had Frieda! And, I had her good.
“You don’t need a baby sitter as young and pretty as she is. You take her home right now!”
Later that same day’s evening, I was well rewarded. Myself, having thought fast, I had brought my Lover back to me. That evening’s evening wear suggestive the rewards were granted before fire light under candle light lasting a late evening long. Uh ugh!
Here he is as promised, a head shot of spats.
Took this picture while I had to check out all the bulls in their pens. They now get four months of heavy nutritional building up for another summer’s work ahead of them again July first.
Did my chores, fueled some cans, and loaded Ugly with some firewood for the house. High today 14*. Felt like zero below to me out in twenty MPH north winds. And tried to bring wood in before dark. I almost made it. This is what I got for doing nothing all morning long.
Outside save for a couple short warm-ups, my sore throat is back again. Still have to finish unloading Ugly. I have a medical appointment first thing tomorrow morning. BGKC.

3-2-o9 More tire talk

There has been talk lately over handling country tractor tires. I’m going to make a few suggestions here as to care and handling the heavier tractor drivers. Yesterday I had made a written mistake suggesting using Rim Gard on the rims of all tire mountings. Sorry about that. No animosity towards Rim Gard makers or sellers, I should have suggested a tire and rim lubricant liking this from Gempler. Rema-tire-mounting lubricant. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/rema-tire-mounting-162457-thm.jpg
Another handy product from Gempler is this bead breaker they sell. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/tire-bead-breaker-145883-thm.jpg It’s use is well worth the price saved paying somebody else to fix two tractor drivers. I did at least four tires season last and seven year the before. And, I’m 72 yrs. That’s a lot of lustrums.
A couple of these longer tire irons are required. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/long-stock-curved-G65298-thm.jpg
Two of these are handier than one for really stubborn rusted on tire beads. A driving iron. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/driving-iron-product-6B-thm.jpg
A good rubber headed bead breaking hammer, what looks something like this, comes in handy as well. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/short-handled-bead-T11D.jpg
This item that requires extreme careful use, not always required, so’s not to puncture the inner tube. I use it sometimes use it for prying the tire bead away from an upright tire I may be taking off a rusty rim. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/yhst-43884400236338_2041_127448258.jpg DascoPro 17" Long 90 Degree Claw Ripping Bar 232. Please note: an older ripping bar with all the edges worn round and smooth is more safely used upon any projects the parts wanted saved.
One last item required is a good heavy duty ten tone hydraulic jack, along with enough solid chunks of wood blocking to hold the rear end of the tractor up twice, some of the pieces of assorted 1”x4“, 1 ½”, 2’, etcetera-etcetra and 4”x4”. I like a supply of 6”x6”’s and/or 8”x8”for use under a jack to an axel. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/FMGruber/Machinery%20Etc/93376-t.gif
Word of extreme caution: for something I’ve seen done!!! I do it occasionally, naughty me!!!! Using unsafe concrete cement blocks use a piece of plywood between any two concrete surfaces that may otherwise set together. A single stone between two cement blocks may cause one or both to crush and/or shatter to break and crumble apart. Note. Never never-ever use a concrete block on it’s edge for it can easily crumble sideways.
I hope these words are of some help to anyone working on a farm tractor‘s driving tire.

Tire Talk

3-1-o9 Loaded tires make a farm tractor safer.
How old was your tractor when the wheels had rusted out?
Nothing lasts forever. A WD45 50 years old, its rims rusted out. So what they had lasted fifty years. Fixed they likely last longer than I will. Same goes for the rims rusting out on an 1850 Oliver had lasted 42 years, like wise new rims will last longer than I.
Replacing rims repaint them two coats. And I use generous amounts of Rim Gard making lubricating tires and inner tubes to the rims what later let the tires come off much easier for a repair.
For safeties sake fill them with calcium chloride solution one pound salt to each gallon water.
Proper care dictates how long your rims last. Fix leaks when they accrue. Most our tire repairs involve use of new inner tubes. The WD45 got new inner tubes for it’s old tires on new rims. The Ollie is getting new 38” wheels and rims, for new tires, inner tubes, and the tires loaded.
It takes less fuel, fewer hours working crops than without. I want to keep my traction in sand, on wet ground, in mud and snow, plus lower center of gravity running up and down hills. Loaded tires also counter balance tractor loaders.
If tires last 40-50 years, That’s a good run. We’ve had an even older 1939 Allis Chalmers “C” with still old rims that was still running strong holding up it’s rear-end until the day it were sold, year before last.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February’s gone

Midmorning urinal contribution.
And I’m watching a striptease show on cable, “The Night They Raided Minsky’s.” What fun!
Hot damned it is cold this morning. 0* at sunrise. Not much better than that midmorning my coming in from two hour’s chores. (brrr) Fingers got so cold they felt as though were going to fall off. Taking my gloves of over the woodstove I was happy to see them still there.
Not yet noon.
March has come in with a few stiff breezes. “Tis a cold way to go flying your kite upon getting in trouble with the little woman and then fulfilling her suggestion.
Today I laid low. To low likely I need to bring in more firewood. The exercise would likely been good for me as Ugly’s unloaded, my putting out the two tubs protein supplements while doing chores. I’m so tired. This is it. BGKC.