Sunday, March 22, 2009

3-22-o9 Busy tired

3-21-o9 Busy tired part one
Tired I am. Cushman's off the hoists and running. JD's closer to put together everyday. In late last night had time enough to catch-up one meal, them it was a whole lot of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's
This reading enough for a Sunday morning?
I was up well before first light. Had my pad, pencil, and a box of donuts beside me as I started my day’s to do list. I had even managed to do it, finish it and more besides. I’d filled out my dance card to the fullest. Likely the worst part of morning’s eventual throw away list, them’s donuts were belly filling the absolutely tasty delicious. Tasting ooh so good they was everything denied me for my heart, lungs, and liver survival list. But what a Hell of a way to go. There’s only one thing what might be better BUT for lack of use that hope is gone forever. (sniff)
What a busy day I had yesterday. I slept nine hours for it! Shouldn’t happen to a dog. Finished up Cushman first with some TLC. Even the brakes are working, better than new now. Relatively easy machine to work on. See’s little real street use. Not over exposed to fertilizers, winter and summer salts. Machine’s almost as clean as it was assembled seven years ago.
Showed my winter shop warmed mechanic a couple small stands of timber he may cut for his next winter’s firewood. The drive out also showed me where I may start seasonably taking up the electric fence wires every chane I Get over the next month. It also helps if the April rains are light enough this job isn’t washed out with them.
Frieda’s suffered some disappointment. Daughter’s surprise illness kept both women home.
I had even managed to plow out or is that plow in a number of leftover winter/spring mud ruts through the barnyard. Needed this and some more hay-yard ground leveling for the movement of hay harvests in later this haying season.
All three manifolds either finally here and or all in the same place, I fit them to the JD and each other. That was a weighty assembling. Then, saved torque-ing them down this morning. Last night it was no time to start fowling up the works.
Yeah, it was a long day doing these things and more.
3-22-o9 Busy tired part two
Hell of a morning here. Got to uninterruptedly work on JD the whole of the morning. Accomplished one three part whooppee, two ah ha’s, and only one opp’s. These things accomplished I broke for lunch while I were ahead of the JD”s assembly game.
After dinner I was coasting free adding this and that part to looming JD mass. That was right up until I’m cell phoned. Somebody down the way needed air. AIR? “The garden cart’s tires are flat. Can you air them so’s the kids can handle the cart easier?” What was I to do. Somebody needing air? I help! Well, At least I wasn’t yet accused of being full of hot air. (grin) I put in a couple more hours on the JD until I started loosing my ability to maintain constructive attention to what it I had been doing all day I had to call it quits. Started chores, seeing a couple loco boy scouts out picking up canned goods for a food drive, before I had finished them a couple hours later. Oh, how’d I no they was loco boys? I know their parents. (he, he, he)
The worst part about this whole JD assembly routine, about the time I finish this project we’ll be blessed with four days April showers. Rain, good stuff rightly timed to be well appreciated. Oh well, there’s always plenty else to do on a farm. It’s present outdoors when I’m stuck inside, conversely when it starts raining I’ll be stuck inside, watching my field opportunity’s drown in the rain. BGKC.

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