Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3-30-o9 Life Stinks
Where was this at?
Just remembered the worst stink of them all. We had two mower-conditioners at that time one was self propelled. Riding that one trouble was usually spotted before gotten into and afforded some avoidance reaction time. The second MC was tractor driven tagged somewhat to the side and behind the tractor. It happened one time this machine caught up with and amputated the legs off a skunk. The skunk then taken thru the crusher and deposited in the windrow left behind. Three days later the skunk was unseen baled and remained hidden until well after winter had set in. The stinkin' bale had aired out in the field and between being moved from field, loaded snd unloaded from moving hay wagons that bale was lost. The varmint wasn't discovered until mid winter when that bale had been set on its side to be peeled and fed out over several days to barned critters. By that time the odder was lite and thought that of that varmint kind having perhaps passed through the barn or barnyard. Imagine unwrapping the unknowned baled occupancy the skunk exposed was a total surprise. Slow dried marginally sealed in the bale, what was left was in rather good shape for identification and autopsy. Wonder of wonder, Little hay was lost. While it had never become a coffee-table center piece it was still a good topic of discussion over coffee for some weeks.
What the Hell…….
…….is going on around here?????????
Twice in one sitting I’ve had to log in here to say anything. This is annoying as Hell. Is this something to discourage comments? For months I have moseyed in and out of here with out these annoying shake downs. What! Somebody knows I been packing heat yesterday to send a grand old lady off to promised greener pastures. Am I upset? Damed right I am!!!!!!
:angry: Why don't ya bring on the X-ray. Bring on the radar. Bring on the fluoroscope. Bring on the pat down. Bring on the third Degree. Bring on the CIA’s water board.
This is the second time this year! When and where is it going to stop?
Fernan (the grouch)
On skunks
I actually like and enjoy skunks. Just for a little misty odor they take a bad rap. I've no idea why so many people would rather put up with bugs than the friendly services of an adorable neighborhood skunk. I've caught several in a live trap. I am even on a first name basis with a couple of them. Gosh they eat ants (red and fire included), termites, roaches, and the grubs what attract gophers to rip up lawns. I've been sprayed only once. That one animal was to immature to understand my wanting to help rather than hurt it. I had to leave my boots outside for a week or two over that one. They are a riot to watch, waddling their way along. These misunderstood wilderness citizens with a family are a hoot, paw out front the kits follow mama in single file. Trick is to move slowly and quietly around them until they've become used to one of you. (smiles)
Her Mostess has threatened me with leaving me three nights running. Each time I’d have had to call the girls to head them off coming over if I had only remembered some numbers and called them in the first place.
What it is, she’s been scheduled and rescheduled for a sleep lab monitoring. This to see if her C-Pak needs upgrading and/or she needs to go on oxygen during days. Problem has been irregular blood pressure even using medication.
I’ve noticed over the recent weekend most people just don't know how to drive ... I call these people "Everybody But Me."
I was alright when I went to bed last night. Honestly!
Myself a sound sleeper, sometime during the night my arm likely hanging out over the side of our bed I suspect Her Mostess walked on my hand going both ways the can’s can, and I never heard a solitary thing!
I don’t know where yesterday went. I wrote tidbits about this and that, duplicating some thoughts here. I also spent a lot of time iceing myself down, down my back and neck. I should keep in the fresh vegetable department. BGKC.


Donna said...

Well... you're fresh, that's for sure.

Now that I think about it, it's been years, I think, since I've heard "fresh" used to describe a flirtatious man.

Paula said...

Oh now that I'm here I forgot what I was going to comment. Oh well have a nice day.