Monday, March 2, 2009

Tire Talk

3-1-o9 Loaded tires make a farm tractor safer.
How old was your tractor when the wheels had rusted out?
Nothing lasts forever. A WD45 50 years old, its rims rusted out. So what they had lasted fifty years. Fixed they likely last longer than I will. Same goes for the rims rusting out on an 1850 Oliver had lasted 42 years, like wise new rims will last longer than I.
Replacing rims repaint them two coats. And I use generous amounts of Rim Gard making lubricating tires and inner tubes to the rims what later let the tires come off much easier for a repair.
For safeties sake fill them with calcium chloride solution one pound salt to each gallon water.
Proper care dictates how long your rims last. Fix leaks when they accrue. Most our tire repairs involve use of new inner tubes. The WD45 got new inner tubes for it’s old tires on new rims. The Ollie is getting new 38” wheels and rims, for new tires, inner tubes, and the tires loaded.
It takes less fuel, fewer hours working crops than without. I want to keep my traction in sand, on wet ground, in mud and snow, plus lower center of gravity running up and down hills. Loaded tires also counter balance tractor loaders.
If tires last 40-50 years, That’s a good run. We’ve had an even older 1939 Allis Chalmers “C” with still old rims that was still running strong holding up it’s rear-end until the day it were sold, year before last.

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