Friday, March 6, 2009

Day’s good

Had a good day for myself yesterday; no headaches, plenty to do, more to do today and tomorrow. Temperatures warming up I can take my Winter tux off, and best of all work in the shop without gloves. And, looked for a repeated same for today.
Holly Smokem’s! Melanie is back! Just had to tell ya’s!
Made my trip around the section picking up a load shelled corn on the Sixguy’s east side, sped nonstop across the south side, wheelled in and over the scales of the elevator on the west side. Got called in to share in Pizza for the helpful deeds I’d done Larry on the case loader a couple weeks ago. Then rolled on home the north side of the same block. Ugly only managed to bring the loaded wagon in the drive and lost traction. Had to use the gas Ollie to park the wagon. Even an over tired tractor with tires loaded was no match for todays wet drive out here. The load had squiggled, slipped, skidded and I saw in wonderment the loaded grain wagon drift across my lawn cutting the dandiest double set of ruts in my lawn I haven’t seen before.
Halleluiah! I got in some afternoon shop time, my time split all over the place. Managed to lash the first half the JD’s valves compression on number one cylinder. Put together a needed heavy duty battery charger for use myself around here. It’s been two years since the last one went you in smoke I’ve near been without one. Managed a couple other tasks, their escaping my mind as I write??? Still only just managed to get in before dark.
Supper was good but I didn’t like it. Best was a candied apple. For evening snacking Frieda mixed me the cocktail strong enough to water a grown man’s eyes. Sweet and sour, her dashing a bit of this and that together and calling it a drink. Plus nuked some popcorn. Sheesh, these small bags are more than I can handle any more, and I can remember when I could put away a dishpan full all by myself. BGKC.


Paula said...

If supper was good then why didn't you like it???

Mel said...

Wow, Fern I missed the mention before. And where's the thoughts you posted about health and wellness? I'm all interested in your take on this.