Monday, March 2, 2009

what works

I’m going to write about a couple challenges and what works for me.
Having the Michigan crud for far to long I applied a generic brand of Vicks vapor rub on the soles of my feet and covering them with clean white socks last night. I read about this procedure on the Kountry Board.
Feeling some better this morning I am going to try it again tonight.
The baby sitter.
Many many years ago having contracted to build a set od beach stairs down a 200’ lake bluff I could not hire and keep another carpenter regardless his social affiliations they’d either quit after the first day or outright refuse the work, and this was during the first thirty-two steps and a landing.
In desperation I put two my sons and a high school aged neighbor girl to work helping me. They were the best. Most importantly as the project crawled down the side of that bluff through all manner of vegetation: trees, bushes, and dune grasses, the kids never complained. Working goals the kids liked the work whenever we met one, especially if it got us home early.
Well It came to pass one after noon coming home early I dropped my boys off first. The girl an comely thing well worth any healthy male’s attention waited for me whilw I stepped inside the house for a moment.
Frieda asked me, “Who’s that outside?”
Oh Lawd, Frieda had given me portal to walk into her mind. I answered her, “She’s my baby sitter?” I had Frieda! And, I had her good.
“You don’t need a baby sitter as young and pretty as she is. You take her home right now!”
Later that same day’s evening, I was well rewarded. Myself, having thought fast, I had brought my Lover back to me. That evening’s evening wear suggestive the rewards were granted before fire light under candle light lasting a late evening long. Uh ugh!
Here he is as promised, a head shot of spats.
Took this picture while I had to check out all the bulls in their pens. They now get four months of heavy nutritional building up for another summer’s work ahead of them again July first.
Did my chores, fueled some cans, and loaded Ugly with some firewood for the house. High today 14*. Felt like zero below to me out in twenty MPH north winds. And tried to bring wood in before dark. I almost made it. This is what I got for doing nothing all morning long.
Outside save for a couple short warm-ups, my sore throat is back again. Still have to finish unloading Ugly. I have a medical appointment first thing tomorrow morning. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Spats is quite a looker.